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Found 6 results

  1. Sazali

    SMSA Car Park Rally

    I'm interested to take part in SMSA organized motorsports events...how do I register? Also what are the requirements? Hope someone can give me more information. Thanks...
  2. Here are today's footage on SMSA car park rally held at Changi Aviation Park Road Enjoy the footage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JD3E8VBuu9c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8rQaYtW45s Two more videos coming up..
  3. Obey_my_dog

    Grassroots Autotest 16 August 2015

    16 August 2015 Grassroots autotest at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal Carpark C
  4. Hi everyone, I have an enquiry to make with regards to the above..Have seen a few cars with SMSA decals or stickers. Do we have to be a member to get them or we can buy them and if can buy, where can we get them? Thank you.
  5. whaha any GTi owner interested to participate???? 200m drag event.... wahaha..... GTi still stand a chance to outrun the bigger boys.... lol whahaha....anyone keen?????
  6. Scoobyhigh

    SMSA Dreamcars Asia Rally 27 March

    There will be 3 rounds of Autotests at Kallang Carpark 'B'. There's also a newly introduced event, the Dreamcars SuperSpecial Rally, will be held at Kallang Carpark 'C' as well. A Carpark rally is being planned for later part of this year. The date/venue are as follows;- a) SMSA Autotest Rd1 - Sunday 13 March 05', @ Kallang Carpark 'B' - Entries open from 25 Feb 05 onwards and closed on 8 March 05. b) Dreamcars SuperSpecial Rally Series 2005 - After the success of Dreamcars SuperSpecial held at S'pore Expo in June 2004, the promoter DreamCars Asia (S) Pte Ltd has agreed to run a series of 4 SuperSpecial Rally in 2005. The dates are as follows: i) Round 1 - Sunday 27 March 05 @ Kallang Carpark 'C' ii) Round 2 - Sunday 08 May 05 @ Kallang Carpark 'C' iii) Round 3 - Saturday 2 July 05 at S'pore Expo Carpark 'J' iv) Round 4 - Sunday 03 July at S'pore Expo Carpark 'J' There will be a single car park special stage rally with different sets of SS patterns, A Co-Driver is required to allow for more flexibility in SS planning as well as allowing drivers to concentrate on driving. Entries open from 25 Feb 05 onwards. Entry forms are available on their website, www.dreamcarsasis.com & also at Dreamcars Asia (S) Pte Ltd, 50 Bukit Batok Street 23, #03-08 Midview Building, S(659578), Tel: 64474588 / 63448695. Or SMSA Secretariat, 20 Maxwell Road, #10-18, Maxwell House, S(069113) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ anyone else keen? 1. Scoobyhigh 2. 3.