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  1. Is your CPF enough for retirement? i like one caller said ... since the panel suggests that the onus lies on the cpf holder to manage their finances and be prudence in order to have enough money for retirement then return cpf money to us ... let us manage our own money .... no point to have cpf ... since cpf is not enough for retirement ... lolz anyway, i support cpf scheme which is a national scheme to "force" people to save up but the return generated in cpf is too low to offset the rise of cost of living and not to mention the OA is almost depleted for housing. final vote result
  2. Recently my airwave got three dents on the rear door by some stupid idiot who really don't care by opening the door widely. Thru recommendation send to Lye Design and was impressed with his skills and he eliminate all the dents by using steel rod to massage back in shape. Hee.hee, it's like seeing a doctor you have to call for appointment. Lastly, am fully satisfied with his services.
  3. This is why we should always park properly. We were alerted to someone's posts on his facebook page, showing a BMW X6 XDrive35i badly parked at Jurong Point Shopping Center. Like what the photos show, the netizen who is presumed to be driving the Toyota Altis that is parked beside, barely had space to squeeze into his lot. The large BMW SUV had kind of edged into the page owner's lot causing him to be quite pissed. By parking badly, and of course no thanks to the Altis driver, the BMW owner will be having lots of difficulty getting into his car. So What do you guys think of this? Is it fair to 'punish' the BMW driver who ill-parked? Or do you think the BMW driver had made an honest mistake as it simply wanted to be further away from the lorry beside it?
  4. Need to seek fellow MCFers view on this. I read that Starhub will be terminating the cable TV and migrate to fibre TV in a few years time and in order for fibreTV to work, the TV set and supporting hardwares had to be connected to the termination point (OpenNet) via cables. If my termination point is located at the main door area, does it mean I have to engage technician to relocate the termination point to my living room with drilling thru walls and ugly trunking ? Is it possible for FibreTV to work via WIFI ?
  5. Been driving for 4 years +, no accident, no traffic offence... Suddenly kena 2 red light offence in a row I make no excuses...and learnt a hard lesson (hope bros dont flame me. I already learn from my error... beat 1 more time immediate 2nd suspension!!) Any bro can advice me on what next? 1. After I pay my fine, how long must I wait before I receive suspension letter? 2. What will the suspension letter state? Like, roughly what is the deadline to surrender license? Or is it a fixed date? When will the date be? 3. Upon sign up for DIPS retraining course, can reduce suspension to 1-month right.. then for my case, no accident involved, can reduce to 1 week? Is it confirm can reduce or depend on other factor? Any bro can advice me would be so much appreciated... Also, curious to know what do bros here do with their car when/if kena suspension? If you guys follow my other thread, you will know im buying a new vehicle. Thinking what to do with my vehicle is kena 1month or 3 month suspension... if kena 1 week, i just go overseas a few days, come back the suspension over liao
  6. Raining heavy tonite. Just went out to pick up my daughter from my bro-in-laws place. Came back thinking of dropping wifey & girl within the sheltered area 1st b4 drving to park my car. Saw this car & van parked side by side in the area. The van was just ahead of me probably doing some delivery cos I saw 3 guys carrying some boxes just walking away. Bo pian wife have to take umbrella out & getting a little wet. Another car was also behind mine & he must he as well cos I saw him staring at both the van & car while I was driving off. Was thinking after parking my car, if they are still there I sure take pic of both the car & van! After parking car, van was gone... but car still there. Went back upstairs to take digicam, Came down & managed to snap a couple of pic of the car. Dunno how long already the car been there. This is despite a BIG yellow sign that say something like "No waiting & Parking except for police, ambulance & authorised vehicles only" "fined $400" He could also hv dropped his family off or for whatever reason, I dun think he should be so selfish to hog that place for his own convenience. He was parked there for 20 minutes in the pouring rain.
  7. http://www.changiairport.com/en/passenger-guide/arriving/T1arrivalchanges.html T1 arrival pick-up facility will relocate to Basement 1 of the terminal on 21 February 2018. For those who frequent Changi Airport, go there often to pick up families/relatives/etc, UG drivers, do note the change. Cheers.
  8. Punggol residents finally has a shopping mall of their own....by the end of this year!! It will have a cinema & Fairprice Xtra.
  9. Buy an umbrella u dumb a s s. Feb 24, 2011 No proper rain shelter at Compass Point THE recent wet weather has highlighted that there are no continuous rain shelters at some public places, posing an inconvenience to the elderly as well as parents with young children. An example is the taxi stand in front of Compass Point shopping mall in Sengkang. Can the relevant authorities provide a solution to this problem? Lau Quek Hong
  10. Alway see taxi and cars stopping to alight or pick up passengers. Was wondering if there is any proper alighting point for them instead of kana summon and demerit pts. Town council should built one for the citizen living in the estate using our $$$.Of cos, the bottom line is to not to obstruct traffic like an alighting bay.
  11. Any1 redeem the abalone using the Esso smiles point ?? Worth ??
  12. I have not been to Jurong Point for a while or rather since Jem and West Gate were up. Today, I visit the once busy shopping centre and was not only surprise, I am very disappointed. I writing this in the hope the management will do something or the NEA should. At level 1 atrium, there were many F&B outlets. I was trying to book a table and when they usher me towards the table, I was very shock. The table and those around me were full of houseflies. How on earth could an air conditioned shopping centre be in this condition and no action taken? I do hope this is just today (from the expression of the staff, it seems normal) and they offer me a seat inside the shop instead of the atrium. I still see one or 2 houseflies around but lesser.
  13. http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/man-110-boxes-arrested-not-stopping-tuas-checkpoint Despite being directed to another area for further checks, he continued driving his luxury car past Tuas Checkpoint, sparking a manhunt by the police. They found the man and his 7-series BMW sedan almost two hours later at Pioneer North Road and arrested him.The police officers found more 100 boxes and plastic bags packed in the boot and on the passenger seats. But instead of contraband such as cigarettes or drugs, they contained foodstuff like curry puff and kueh (local pastries).An Immigration & Checkpoints Authority spokesman said yesterday that a 47-year-old Singaporean had arrived at the Tuas Checkpoint from Malaysia at 12.15pm on Tuesday. "The driver was accorded immigration clearance and proceeded to Customs Red Channel to declare the food products he had brought in from Malaysia. Checks were conducted on his vehicle and there were some discrepancies in the quantities declared," the spokesman added. "He was directed to a designated inspection bay for further checks. However, the driver drove off instead." Under the law, those who wish to bring in processed food such as traditional kueh from Malaysia need to apply for a permit with the Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore. The New Paper understands that the suspect had produced a valid import permit, but the quantity of food found in his car did not tally with that stated in the permit. He is suspected to have driven off because he misunderstood the instructions for further checks, TNP has learnt. It is believed he was directed to another area for the checks because the inspection bay was full, but he apparently misread the signal and drove off. Not long after the police tracked down the BMW to Pioneer Road North just after 2pm, a 28-year-old man saw the car surrounded by three police vehicles near Nanyang Technological University. He told Chinese evening daily Shin Min Daily News that the officers were seen carrying boxes of food from the car. A police dog was seen sniffing at about 110 boxes of various shapes and sizes and about 20 bags containing food stacked by the side of the road. Curry puff, packets of nasi lemak and kueh lapis were seen among the stash of food. It was only until three hours later that the boxes of food were loaded back into the car, Shin Min reported. Investigations are ongoing. Kueh distributors here told TNP that it is common to bring in the food items from Malaysia to sell because of the price difference. "In Singapore, most places sell 50 pieces of kueh for $20. In Malaysia, they may sell the same quantity for RM15 (S$5.30) to RM18," said a local distributor who declined to be named. He was surprised that a BMW was used to transport the food items as he had never heard of people using saloon cars for this purpose. "Usually, people use vans because cars are too small to contain all the goods," he said.
  14. Driver caused nine-vehicle pile-up on PIE http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/driver-caused-nine-vehicle-pile-pie-20150604
  15. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/beauty-pageant-winner-makes-tweets-about-how-sporeans-are-ugly-and-that-fat-people This article from asiaone caught my attention lead to STOMP. Kinda shocking how one can be so....dumb.. I cannot find the right word to describe her.. Fame can cause one head to swell (not including the brains) and start rant on such crook words ONLINE... Dun know to brand her gutsy or shit in the brain
  16. Stumbled upon these... and suddenly realized how much had change over the last 15years... loss of national identity and many more Very very emo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePsPXlyW8hM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9X7LKW7WuY
  17. Some entertainment , didn't know Jurong Point now have Mongkok street . summore the girl in cheongsam darn hot , ah lian in black suit also jin hot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgH5mce83P8
  18. no As but i sincerely wish him all the best...
  19. After the implementation of this new ruling, traffic along Bartley road still as tragic. How do TP exercise this "Inconsiderate driving"? Parking along the left lane or dropping student off in the second lane?
  20. What is points? You are awarded points when other members “Praise” your post. You are deducted points when other members “Dislike” your post. Your number of points determine your Rank in the forum. What does the Reaction mean? When you find a post useful, you should give it a "Praise". This will increase the points of the poster. With more points, his rank will increase The inverse is true for the "Dislike" Emoticon. If you find a post offensive, useless, off topic, etc, you should give it a "Dislike". This will decrease the points of the poster. If the poster ends up with negative points, his account may be suspended or fall under moderation. Other Emoticon eg: Angry, Shocked, Sad and Laugh don't affect the points. How do I react to a post? There is a thumb button, when you hover, it will show other reaction, you can choose your preferred reaction What is Power? The Power is the number of points you have left to award or deduct other members. It replenishes every 24 hours. The higher your rank, the more Power you have per day. See below table for the relationship between rank, points and Power. What is the limitation on the Praise/Dislike function? There is a Point spread figure. If your Point spread is 20 meaning that after giving points to user X, you have to give points to 19 other members before you can give points to user X again. As your rank increases, your point spread is reduced. Refer to the table above for the point spread Does number of posts affect rank? The ranking system used to be based on your number of posts. But we have scraped that, and rank is based solely on points. My points is zero? Can I praise or dislike? No, you can only start to praise or dislike when you have 25 points
  21. This was aired yesterday. Drama when the filipino lady cried...... my take is no. this would lead to more entrants of bogus marriages and social issues. I say ship them back to where they came from. your views?
  22. Can we overtake in single carriageway with 1 lane in each direction? (i do that quite often in malaysia B or trunk roads. but how about singapore?) continuous white line in the centre. I know that double white line confirm cannot cross or overtake. 21 Crossing double white lines 22 Crossing road divider Why rule 22? from http://driving-in-singapore.spf.gov.sg/ser...vices/dips.html
  23. Darryn

    Point and Laugh

    Went to JB on Sunday....this sight did my heart good. Mata stopping queue cutters at the top of the bridge. Hahahahah Suffer the ignomy you rude asshats!!
  24. preferably clementi? need to do some car grooming
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