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Found 20 results

  1. Is encountering slower drivers on the road an excuse to do a dangerous overtake? Watch this video and decide for yourself. Watch as the incident unfolds just outside of a school: In the video, we can see that the Transcab Prius is attempting to do an overtake, using the lane with potential oncoming traffic. Super dangerous move. If there actually was oncoming traffic, the head-on collision would certainly have a high chance of fatality, especially considering the speeds that the taxi driver is travelling at. The taxi driver finally overtakes successfully. But at what cost? Crossing a continuous white line could potentially net the taxi driver demerit points. Is it really wise to save that few seconds for demerit points, that can cause a taxi driver his rice bowl? Probably not. We meet angry netizens again. This time, one of them says that it would be better to have his license revoked. Looking at the circumstances, we would be inclined to agree. Yet another angry netizen. But this time he takes the side of the taxi driver, saying that the camcar is road hogging. He even gains the support of 26 other netizens with the number of likes and reacts. Despite the overwhelming support this commenter got, we still believe that the taxi driver's actions was not warranted, especially when it was a in a school zone. In fact not only a school zone, but a school with students with special needs. This just makes the whole situation more dangerous to everyone. So it seems that this case divides opinion. Regardless of what your opinion is of the situation, we advise the utmost caution when driving near school zones, and to be alert for any students whop may be playing near or even on the road. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  2. https://mothership.sg/2022/04/blinked-car-rear-lights-to-thank-driver-for-giving-way/ So hazard lights 2 times is thank you. High beam 2 times is f**k you? 😂 Apparently originated from Japan. Might give it a try.
  3. Here's a case of bad driving judgement gone wrong. Spotted on ROADS.sg facebook page - this red Bentley Continental blocked by a road hogger on CTE towards the City on 18/4/21. The impatient driver overtakes by filtering two lanes to the left but realises that the lane leads off the expressway. In a flash, the driver signals and swerves back to the right and smacks into the innocent bike on the centre lane. Thankfully the cam car managed to catch the Bentley driver in the act. Naturally, all the keyboard warriors waste no youth blaming the Bentley for the accident... https://www.facebook.com/roadssg/videos/142665334476260
  4. Another day, Another Rude Cyclist. We have an AMDK cyclist suka suka riding on the roads again. This video was taken along South Bridge Rd, near Chinatown Complex. It was circulated on a whatsapp group yesterday, featuring a driver and a cyclist trying to figure out who's more to blame. From the video, you can tell that the driver switched lanes because he wanted to overtake the cyclist and turn left. However, upon coming to a turn, he realises it's better to let the cyclist go – but he realises this a little late. His car cuts into the left lane and presumably scares the cyclist. Unsurprisingly, the cyclist brazenly thanks him with a middle-finger before driving off. ezgif-3-6927a2988533.mp4 Firstly, that's a really offensive middle-finger. Secondly, the cyclist should wait for the pedestrian green-light to go straight, since he didn't have any intention to turn left. Thirdly, I can only imagine the rage of the driver. LTA states that while cyclists have the right to ride on the middle of roads, they should "obey all traffic signals and travel in the same direction as the flow of traffic". The cyclist clearly didn't care about the turn-left-only lane he was on. They should also "always ride as close as practicable to the left-hand edge of roads, and allow traffic to overtake you safely". This effectively means that cyclists should give way to faster vehicles. Even though the video doesn't show what happened at the side, judging from his middle-finger, I'm guessing that he was mad that the driver was trying to overtake him. Therefore, this guy clearly had no intention of even letting the traffic overtake him. I get it, the cyclist had a rude shock but that middle-finger is uncalled for. Being at fault but thinking you're right is a personality trait most road cyclists have, especially the ones who end up online. I feel sorry for the cyclist's loved ones – that attitude isn't going to get him very far, literally. Read the road laws for cycling, dude.
  5. When if comes to overtaking, we bet this Honda Civic driver is one of the most skilled drivers on our road if not the most skilled. This happened on Christmas eve at around 11:45pm along Bartley East Rd in the area of Kaki Bukit towards the CTE and we must say we are impressed with the precision of the overtake. As you can see from the clip, the matt-greenish Civic Turbo came out of nowhere and moved across from one lane to the other with not much room to spare, before proceeding to accelerate away briskly. Think you readers can do better? Let us know what you reckon in the comment box below!
  6. Remember the black Volkswagen mk5 Golf GTI that was spotted racing on CTE at night with an Mitsubishi Evo X before causing a van to crash and flip? Here's a recent cum compilation video of the GTI causing havoc on our roads. As you guys can see these are some pretty reckless driving. A big no-no when dashcams are everywhere. And yes how could we forget the ever-increasing number of Facebook pages that shame bad drivers. Naturally, the comments section on SG Road Vigilante's page has its supporters slamming the driver. On a less serious note, the GTI is a pretty good point and shoot car with its fast-acting DSG box and turbo engine eh?
  7. Can we overtake in single carriageway with 1 lane in each direction? (i do that quite often in malaysia B or trunk roads. but how about singapore?) continuous white line in the centre. I know that double white line confirm cannot cross or overtake. 21 Crossing double white lines 22 Crossing road divider Why rule 22? from http://driving-in-singapore.spf.gov.sg/ser...vices/dips.html
  8. If it hasnt already done so, will it ever? Not just in sales figures, but quality and prestige etc??
  9. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...wife_in_jb.html Driver and GF hit pregnant woman, break window cover in quarrel over overtaking STOMPer Ah Boy said his pregnant wife and him were attacked by a fellow Singaporean driver and his female companion in Johor Bahru, just because of an overtaking incident. The STOMPer wrote: "I went to Johor Bahru to pump petrol on Sunday (Oct 2) when a fellow Singaporean driver came out to quarrel with me after I overtook him. "He ended up hitting me but I took it as I had wanted to let the problem just go by. "His girlfriend actually hit my pregnant wife. "As if beating me up is not enough, he broke my window cover and went to complain to the Malaysian authorities. "I felt so ashamed when the mechanics at the Malaysian workshop I went to for repairs laughed my story off because they claimed that Malaysians, no matter how bad, don't beat up their own people." i think maybe is never queue up and knock into people car. thats why people angry
  10. I cant believe that TMJ car is being escorted by one of our Singapore Police vehicles. This vehicle dont even bother to keep to proper lane and used up lane 1 and 2 at only 110km/hour. When people behind wants to overtake to be nearer to TMJ car, a V6 Perdana will simply CUT you in from lane 2 to lane 1 without any signaling. And the stupid siren will go off to ask u to F off from their sight when they approach. Get this clear. This is Singapore, not Johor Malu. How can we waste polis resources on Sultans who is a foreigner and not even a politician.
  11. Recently, witnessed a traffic scene. A sports car was stopping at the slip road that run into a merging lane before the expressway. A TP on bike drove past and riding towards the merging lane. As soon as the TP passed the sports car, the driver has the nerve to overtake the TP at the merging lane. In a flash, the TP overtook him and wave him to stop and the rest of the story is up to our imagination. Have you overtook TP on the expressway before? Is it legal to do so, if TP is driving or riding slowly? Regards,
  12. As was correctly predicted by most MCFers, Toyota has indeed overtaken Honda in sales from Oct. http://www.lta.gov.sg/corp_info/doc/M03-Ca...20by%20make.pdf
  13. Kena 3 corollas family salon model this morning....can never beat/overtake them... Just to share video shot with: 1. HP (N6120, video record mode, 2.0 megapixel) attached with a HP cradle($12-15) on the windshield/dashboard. 2. Date: Morning 24.04.08 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzH5wDW35tw
  14. Jan 5, 2008 Will Honda overtake Toyota? Singaporeans are still buying more Toyotas than any other brand of car. But will it retain its slim lead over Honda much longer? By Christopher Tan ON THE surface, the sales tally of 2007 was nothing out of the ordinary. Toyota retained its pole position (for the fifth year running), the top brands were mostly Japanese and Mercedes-Benz and BMW remained the only luxury marques in the list. All in all, the brands in the Top 10 list were familiar and there was no dark horse. But on closer examination, things may be on the brink of change. For instance, the gap between Honda - the No. 2 - and Toyota was relatively small. Excluding parallel import numbers, only 5,000 or so vehicles separated the two. In recent years, Toyota has long had a five-figure lead over its nearest rival. From this, it is clear Toyota has lost some of its shine. A limited model range (compared with what the parallel importers offer) and the imminent launch of the new Corolla Altis are largely responsible for this. The new Altis - which makes up the bulk of Toyota distributor Borneo Motors' sales - will be available from next month. Borneo will also have the Wish seven-seater this year, five years after parallel importers introduced the model. But will the new models help Toyota pull farther ahead? The jury is still out on this. Meanwhile, Honda is expected to capitalise on this chink in the Toyota armour - temporary or otherwise. It has up to four new models this year: the Accord, Jazz, City and, possibly, the Odyssey. Hence it is not inconceivable that Honda could sneak up on Toyota and steal its crown. For the record, Honda has not had the No. 1 spot since the late 1990s. Elsewhere, the perennial battle between Mercedes-Benz and BMW for supremacy in the luxury segment has resulted in another close race. Excluding parallel import sales, BMW has managed to overtake its archrival again by selling about 100 more cars. While it may not be conceivable now, Audi may be in the running by the end of the decade. The question is whether it will take away more sales from Merc or Beemer. Although it is not in the Top 10 list, Porsche made everyone sit up by garnering 300 new customers last year - a record. This makes it the best-selling luxury sports car brand. Authorised Porsche agent Stuttgart Auto is confident of repeating its sterling performance this year. Other sports car brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Aston Martin also chalked up record sales last year. As usual, the Japanese enjoyed a lion's share of car sales. Hyundai was the only Korean brand to make it to the Top 10 list last year, but its 5,000-plus tally was a shadow of its peak in 2004, when it sold over 13,000 cars. It lost sales largely to Japanese parallel imports, but observers reckon the growing population of Hyundai Sonata taxis on the road may also have diluted its appeal to car buyers. With fewer COEs available this year, the sales race is expected to go on overdrive.
  15. Quick poll to see what is the most popular method. Please also tell us which is the method you prefer if you are the driver being indicated to make way. Personally, I prefer the turn right signal, high beam continuously is just too irritating and not likely to be well received.
  16. Hi, The sale of Civic has propelled Honda forward and within reach to overtake Nissan to be no 2 sale in SG. Wat is your view?
  17. I travelled on ECP fairly frequent usually 80-90 on lane 2. Once I overtook a BMW after travelling behind it for a quite a while (I did not tailgate) as I felt it was travelling a bit slow. The moment I did that, the driver signal right and was in lane 1 behind me even before I got the chance to filter back to lane 2. Very soon it disappeared from sight. Today again something like that happenned except was a Kia rio h/b. The thing was that before I overtook them, they seemed to be quite happy travelling at like 70 on lane 2 ( which is quite slow IMO ). I know aveo is quite a small car but being overtaken by aveo5 so 'lose face' meh? Personally I am not bothered whatever car overtake me , I just maintain my own pace. Is it kiasuism, ego problem or maybe I am just too sensitive Anyway this is just my observation, just share with you guys.
  18. What will you do? Scenario: Imagine you are in a rush.... (e.g. wife's water bag has burst, son fell down the steps, old parent got food poisoning etc.) ...And you are on lane 1 of a local expressway, there is this road hog in front of you merrily doing 90kmh and will continue to stay at the speed till kingdom come. The road in front of the road hog is clear as far as your eye can see (let's say 500m to 800m). There are some slower traffic on lane 2 and 3.
  19. JAPANESE SPORTS CARS OVERTAKE EUROPEAN MODELS HERE J-POP on wheels Call it J-Speed: Hip, sleek and at half the price, Japanese sports models are giving European marques a run for their money By Christopher Tan THEY'RE hip, they're fast and they're hot. Meet the J-pop of cars: sports models from Japan which are feeding a growing fad here. In just a decade, these cars have zoomed ahead of the fast and the furious from Europe, fuelled largely by lower prices. Most cost around $150,000 with certificate of entitlement - half the price of the cheapest Porsche, against which some of them can give a good run for their money. The x-factor -- the fact that it was in the movie X-Men II -- drew Ms Linda Lim to the Mazda RX-8.-- BRYAN VAN DER BEEK Price aside, the larger variety of models has also helped rev up sales, which received a further boost recently when Wolverine in the action movie X-Men II gave cachet to the Mazda RX-8. Said banking executive Linda Lim, 27, who is sharing the car with her lawyer boyfriend: 'I saw it in X-Men II and it's so cool.' Today, more than 1,000 J-sports cars can be found on Singapore roads, exceeding the 900 or so European sports marques such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus and Maserati. It is a significant growth in 10 years, from just two models - the Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi Evolution - to a crop that now includes the Honda Accord Euro R, Honda Integra R, Nissan 350Z, Toyota Celica and, of course, the Mazda RX-8. Each of these cars packs more than 200 horsepower and can easily exceed 200kmh. Related links:
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