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Found 84 results

  1. Whynid

    Using hose in mscp

    wonder how many bros/sis here use hose connected to the paying taps to wash their cars in mscp? saw a guy using a hose @ a mscp near my place, so now thinking of getting a hose & sprayer too. wondering if there's an ideal length for the hose so that the spray of water would be strong enough? also saw stamford tyres lok yang selling this hose that can be neatly rolled up with an assortment of sprayers for $38. is it worth it to get this set or am i better off getting my own combi?
  2. Bought a brand new car and want to avoid door dings? Or perhaps you're a car enthusiast and want to keep your car away from potential busybodies? You can now create your own private parking space even though you don't live in a private estate! Check out this dude in the video below and how he does this...We wonder what this guy drives that gives him the right to have his own special private parking lot. Whichever car that is going to be parked in that lot at 406 Fernvale Road MSCP better be a nice car... Check out the comments people on SG Road Vigilante have to say! 104247240_2999667930147081_5514356786496781035_n.mp4
  3. Sick of getting dings and other minor damages from the doors of cars that are parked beside you? Someone definitely is and reckons he has the perfect solution for this issue. Yup, someone has bought a tent and erected it on the second-highest floor of his estate's Multi-Storey Car Park(MSCP). Situated at Block 146 Rivervale Crescent, someone spotted and reported this unusual sight to Stomp on 8 December, adding on that "It was secured by padlock but there was nothing inside the tent." A sign that said 'Out For Lunch" can also seen inside the bright pink tent. Gone A few days later, the owner of the tent wrote to Stomp and said he was shocked when he found it missing. He then explained that the tent was bought for $500 from China and was there to protect his car from being scratched. "I developed a phobia of carparks after my car was scratched twice at my workplace's carpark," he remarked. His tent was believed to have been removed on the 10 December. Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council (PRPTC) got rid of it as its spokesman claims that it is a security concern.
  4. My car kena hit-and-run while parked stationery at my MSCP two days ago. A kind-hearted uncle who witnessed the act left a note on my windscreen. I proceeded to retrieve a clean video footage of the hit-n-run incident. I proceeded to make a police report and accident claim at my insurer's workshop. The workshop will file a claim against the culprit and told me I will be advised of the next steps in about 7 working days. Anyone with similar experience? Will my claim be successful?
  5. Why the f*%k they chge the MSCP washing bay tap to this kind wan?!? Wan wash car like must buy $696969 worth of hoses n couplings n connectors like that then can wash, somemore reverted back to using coins instead of cash card, damn f*%king brilliant... :angry:
  6. Happened in Thailand few weeks ago. You can never go wrong with buying a Toyota. Toyota 1 Concrete 0.
  7. Not bad hor? Got jet spray and vacuum.. https://m.imgur.com/Z4mQ7aL
  8. 8oo8

    Bangla washing car MSCP

    As above....... Are they legal or illegal? Nowadays they seems to operate in a group and wash cars mostly late in the night. I feel that hiring them to try out for one month, but don't know are they working legally or not? Anyone have experience?
  9. Is parking free at MSCP @ Red Star (Chin Swee) on SUnday? thanks
  10. Hi, My apologies if I have posted in the wrong forum. Was away for the week and left my car parked in the MSCP. When I went and take my car today, I discovered the bumper and boot have quite a lot of white dots (paints spilled from the MSCP wall painting). Apparently, when they paint the carpark, my car was not fully covered. The paints have dried and I am unable to scratch them off. Does anyone have any advice on how to go about in removing the paint? Thank you.
  11. Haiz... wanted to do some wash up. Drove up to car park. Turn the tap...! No water! Guessed got people complain, that's why!. Sillyporeans like to complain.
  12. Today I was exiting from the roof top carpark when I noticed the above scenario. The car was blocking the exit and any SUV or MPV would probably have problems coming out as the space to manoeuvre is limited. The purpose of this thread is not to target at the brand or make but a question which apply to Auto car relying heavily on electronics. As most and more cars relied heavily on it, my understanding that it is still possible to disengage foot/hand brake then put gear to neutral and push the vehicle. Or maybe for this case, it is not advisable as if I am in the same situation, I would push it aside. Appreciate any clarifications on whether one should attempt to push stalled car aside if it is obstructing others. TIA.
  13. On 17th May 2014, a red Perodua Kenari, SGP8137U, reversed quickly and hit my front bumper after he had missed the exit. Luckily, I have 24/7 car camera which allowed me to caught him fleeing the scene. Now is waiting , waiting and still waiting Part 1 - Please watch from 4 mins 10 seconds (please on your speaker and change video quality to 720p or 1080p) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5mw0QHxhCM Part 2 - He left the scene quickly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JwiBcs_dzc
  14. Any bros out there know of any good car wash services in the Everton Park MSCP? Those wash every few days services? Not those bangala or mangkali ones pls....
  15. Just to check if those hdb mscp allow public holiday free parking. Does it mean that I can park for free from this fri to sun?
  16. Today, this was installed at my place. I felt damn happy. somebody finally realised or took solid action agst those inconsiderate... @##@@%#%#@ who cycle past the zebra crossing and the pavement when there are ppl there waiting, etc. If any cyclist knocks over this, then paralysed....well, no comments! There are clear signs that NO cycling allowed, yet..... Thank you TC
  17. Hi, Does anyone know those electricity socket at MSCP with round pin, can I change my polishing machine/extension wire to round pin, plug it into the MSCP socket and use? Will it burn the polishing machine or extension wire?
  18. was in a multi storey carpark at shopping center over the weekend. because of the way the carpark is design, if you want to load and unload your shopping groceries, you have to drive to the end of the level to do so. then after you are done, you have to reverse from the end, bout 4 lots in order to make the right turn to get out of the level. i saw in my rearview mirror a red Lancer at the other end of the level, letting some passengers off. we are talking about at least 10 lots distance here. So i started to do my reverse. the next thing i know, he chiong down the lane and was right behind me, honking at me for reversing. i was like... duh? i was already reversing before your passengers got off your car. So i ended up have to move forward for the bugger to pass before i can do my reverse to get out of the level. i am sure reversing in a carpark to get out of the level is not unique to that one shopping center. if you see some one reversing in the distance, will you let the guy finish his reverse? or chiong in front and insist on right of way?
  19. Dear bros, Just encountered a close shave this evening when driving in my mscp. Fortunately, I was going very slow ~8km/h according to my DVR software, and was alert, if not an accident might have happened. Please drive slowly in mscp and for those who cycle, please dont cycle against traffic flow esp downslope. For parents, kindly watch over your kids especially when they go cycling "just at the void deck". Kids don't know the danger and think it is fun chiong down slopes.... Ignore the date/time stamp. Something wrong with my DVR.
  20. Bluepica

    Hit and run at MSCP

    My housemate's car got hit badly at the car park. The bonett crushed in but luckily didn't hit the radiator. In such circumstances, how to deal with it? Sulk up, move on, or is there some procedure to find the culprit? Thanks.
  21. Hi fellow MCFers, need some advice / feedback from anyone who has installed car roof boxes if there is any problem / restriction encountered going into multi-storey carparks? Seriously considering installing one but think my vehicle height would end up somewhere between 1.9-2.0m depending on how slim the box is. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  22. preferably clementi? need to do some car grooming
  23. Today went to the car, and realised it was not locked. Damn car, driver side was open for last 2 days [sweatdrop] Got a shock and nothing taken from the car. Before you all think otherwise, no, it was not this car OR, I am damn lucky. Cashcard and all intact. Well, teaches me a lesson to alwes check car before walking off. Took forgranted that the comfort access would take care of it... [bounce2]
  24. Came back late on Sat after mid-nite, circle twice MSCP, all fenced off, Top floor with heavy metals barricades / parked within my blk, all cars has been parked since UPgrading last 2 mths, Only my car kenna summoned -$100/ Can some one explain ? A) Summon Opicer likes my car B) Summon Opicer like the way I park my car C) Against Conti Car D) Another Conti car parked in front of mine, ' Bo Tio ' E) My Lucky day F) Buy My Car no. G) Write-in and gve em a @? H) Ignore it !
  25. Darthrevan

    Whose car got burnt at a MSCP?

    Source: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...t_or_arson.html