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Found 6 results

  1. That's a really long wall of text, so I'll sum it up for you. The owner of a 2011 Mercedes Viano was denied a HDB Multi-Storey Car Park season parking with the main reason being the excessive weight (more than 2,000kg) of the vehicle. So what does he do? He proceeded to spend some time checking out the various cars parked in HDB MSCP and came up with a short list of cars that weigh more than 2,000kg. If you look at this excerpt from HDB's website regarding the parking restrictions for commercial vehicles (the Mercedes Viano is predominantly used as commercial passenger buses), it is a straightforward rule that commercial vehicles parking in a sheltered car park must not exceed 2,000kg. With the rationale behind it being safety and environmental concerns as well as "efforts to preserve the character and ambience of residential estates"... Hmm, maybe HDB just find the Viano too ugly to be parked in a housing estate? In all seriousness though, this netizen has a point, this issue likely stemmed from outdated regulations. These regulations were probably established back when commercial vehicles weighing more than 2,000kg are agricultural behemoths. Maybe HDB should look into updating its regulations? in the meantime, I suppose this guy should get rid of the Viano and get something else, like one of the cars he mentioned instead?
  2. In my estate, there is a car owner who always hog two Level 1 lots at the MSCP. Apparently, he has 3 cars (with PHV labels), and always keep two of them at the same isolated Level 1 lots. At times, the same two cars remained there for months. Do you have such neighbours in your MSCP? What is your opinion of such drivers? Personally, I think he has too much money to burn, leaving cars to rot in MSCP.
  3. Just want to ask who is using night car wash services from HDB carparks. I would like to find out 1) What is the price you paid per month 2) Do they wash daily 3) Is the service up to your expectation
  4. Hi all (especially those who have encountered this), If you change car but retain your license plate, is it necessary to inform HDB to update your season parking? If the car park is manual, not using electronic gantries. I ask that because I know the parking officers scan the parking label, but not sure if they also check IU. Cos the IU will be different of course. Thanks in advance.
  5. Recently, I read from The Straits Times website that a Housing Board carpark at Bukit Merah estate is partly rented to a car dealer because it was underused. According to the report, the arrangement is the first of its kind and is extremely rare. HDB agreed to do so as the take-up rate for season parking is low there. It is indeed a clever move by HDB to generate income from a under-utilized carpark. Come to think of it, there are also other HDB carparks in Singapore which are underused. An example is the muti-storey carpark above, which is situated along Bedok Reservoir Road. The top level is often left empty, even late in the night. Other than renting to car dealers, the top floor of the carpark can be utilized in other ways. For example, the Residents
  6. Like a Sunday morning ritual, I was heading to the washing bay at the multi-storey carpark next to my block to do my regular car wash. As I step closer to the water dispensing unit, I could feel that the ground was not even, as though there were pieces of stones on it. Looking down, I realized that the cement ground has disintegrated and debris was abundant. Perhaps, the constant dampness of the washing bay has resulted in the above situation over the long run. In the part of the washing bay further away from the water dispensing unit, crack lines have formed on the ground, as though a mild earthquake has taken place. The toilets in most households are laid with ceramic tiles. Toilet is a place which is constant damp as well, and the tiles in my house
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