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Found 105 results

  1. Soya

    Cannot pay full cash liao

    Difficult for T2 in bolehland liao...lol https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/11/08/cutting-down-on-illicit-activity
  2. Anyone know what's the max CPF relief that a Singaporean can get for YA 2012? The information on IRAS website is kinda confusing. So to estimate my YA 2012's CPF relief, i am just using my YA 2011 Notice as a gauge. (i guess my actual CPF relief for YA 2012 shd be higher since my earning is higher yr-on-yr). Also, if our ICT liability is over, that means we are no longer considered as "NSMan" right? Now, trying to bring down my personal income tax bracket, i am pondering if i shd be: 1) SRS: at least i can still withdraw before retirement but subj to 5% penalty and be brought to tax, and can use for investment. Helps if i really need cash all a sudden. 2) CPF top-up (but cant remember gng to which accounts): generally earn higher interest rates, but bane is locked down till retirement. No way out. Any experts out there to advise, or pple who has gone through the same route and have experience to share?
  3. I have a question. It seems the auto top-up works OK if I pass through an ERP when the card value is low. But when I tried to exit a car park gantry, the card doesn't auto top-up and I was stuck up having to swap to a standard cashcard before I can exit. Any idea why? It happened twice so far. Once was at Tanjong Pagar Centre and another at a standard HDB exit gantry. Both have those scan and go type, no need to manual insert. If anybody uses this have some idea what's going on, I would appreciate it if you tell me. Thanks.
  4. http://stomp.straitstimes.com/singapore-seen/fire-at-serangoon-north-flat-owner-and-family-fled-barefoot-10k-cash-in-safe-burnt-to just wondering, why would anyone keep so much cash at home ?? I don't even have $100 at home ...well, maybe in coins ... the other day the gas man came and changed my gas regulator(due outdated) ... $90 ... had to ask him to come back another day after paying for the gas tank only ... my wallet also have lesser than $20 ... I am trying to go cashless ...
  5. between a Nets cash card and a Nets Flash card. I use a Nets Flash Card in the payment thingy on my car windscreen and for some reason a few car parks won't accept it and I keep getting the message 'place card in reader' or something. Other car parks accept the Flash card no problem.
  6. Sharing. Today I met this driver, in front of my car, upon exit gantry at one of the shopping mall, that he held up so many people as he has insufficient cash card. He was so unreasonable as he wanted to reverse and i have to reverse and the cars behind me all have to reverse. He said that he has the right to do so , so that he can top up the card. Hence i make it a point to have a spare cash card so that in such a situation I can use it. Such inconsiderate driver he was .
  7. I don't think this question has ever been asked in this forum before. I am wondering how many here have a million cash in the bank now (not CPF) with the house they are living in now (hdb or private) fully paid and with zero debt? Please note that I am not talking about those sitting on paper assets as some bros here will probably say they can liquidate this and that property to have x millions, I am talking about those debtless people with a million cash in the bank now. If you are in this category, it would be interesting to hear what do you plan to do with your cash in the next couple of years?
  8. Anyone finding? $50,000—sponsored by OCBC Pay Anyone—is now hidden and waiting to be found in the sunny island known as Singapore. 3 daily hints will be released on this album from 10am to 6pm until it has been found. You can find a real-time update on the status of the missing mouse at sqkii.com/huntthemouse. https://www.facebook.com/pg/sqkii/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1478995472158859
  9. Anyone buy car and pay FULL CASH? Why? Clever or Stupid? Pls share why u pay Full Cash and why not? What are the Pros and Cons? If u pay full cash? Wats your model? How much? Is it wise to do so?
  10. SINGAPORE: As of Monday afternoon, Singapore's Land Transport Authority (LTA) has received some 960 applications to get cash rebates from their Certificates of Entitlement (COE) and the Preferential Additional Registration Fee (PARF). But car dealers have said that they are not expecting a rush of owners to give up their cars for cash. Jackson Lee, managing director of Jia Leong Trading, said: "Some of them might give up because of petrol... inflation... some of them want to be more economical (and) give up the car, but I think (the number is small)." "For the first kind of people, whose vehicle is fully paid (up), this would serve as an advantage to them because they can exchange their PARF paper for full cash with LTA," said Jerry Ong, Manager of Auto Inn. "But for people with outstanding loans, it won't make much of a difference because dealers like us, we've got to come up with the money to fully settle their cars for them." In Singapore, a car's PARF value is the amount credited to motorists who scrap their cars before its 10th year. A COE is the pre-requisite before anyone can buy a car, awarded through a bidding system. As of Monday, car owners have the option to exchange their COE and PARF rebates for cash. The move, announced in March, is aimed at reducing the car population and have Singaporeans turn to public transport. Dealers have said it is still too early to say what car owners will do, as opinions differ among individuals. Phoebe Lim, a car owner, said: "I feel very handicapped without a car, (therefore) whether with or without the rebate, I will still drive. Since I got my licence five years back I've never taken public transport, so no (I wouldn't exchange my car for cash)." "If the public transport is good enough, yes I think I would," said another car owner, Andrew Ong. "I balance the two together, I value the cash rebate, I can have a saving, I can have money in my pocket, so why not?" But whether more people will give up their cars for cash in the days ahead remains to be seen. - CNA/yb
  11. Wt_know

    Full Cash - T2 advise everyone

    there is pay cash ... and there is pay cash ... lol if i go Hour Glass and buy gold rolie with 24 months 0% interest is "unsecured credit" right? Debt-ridden borrowers given more time to repay bank loans Repayment scheme set up to help borrowers reduce unsecured debt
  12. Hi all, I noticed there isn't any cashcard top up machine at both tuas and woodland checkpoint, what if when i reached the counter (back from msia) and found that my cashcard got not enough money....anyone encountered this situation? Can share yr experience ? Thanks.
  13. Gioz74

    Cash card reader

    hi anyone knows where can i find cash card reader? those to read the records for the card. for company claim purpose. thanks
  14. i recently found afew expired cash cards in my house and got the refund thru ATM machine. the question is, what do i do with the expired cards? do i just throw them away?
  15. Jayk

    Cash Card custom design

    Hi, I would like to ask where can I go and make custom design cash cards because my organization is going to make them. I remember that MCF has a custom made cash card the other time... What is the costs involved. Thanks!!! JK
  16. As there is a lot of talk about Singaporeans being rich...... Just wondering how much cash does average MCFer have for allocation into residential property. (Include CPF) on a husband and wife basis. $500k to $600k $600k to $750k $750k to $1mil $1mil to $1.25mil $1.25mil to $1.5mil $1.5mil to $2mil $2mil to $2.5mil $2.5mil to $3.5mil $3.5mil to $5mil $5mil up Thank you for contributing to this exercise. It can help everyone gauge if they should buy properties or not. No fool proof, so use information at your own risk, hor....heh
  17. There were a lot of argument car is so expensive due to high COE and profit margin by AD/PI. It will be interesting to see how many people who purchase car in recent time paying for their own car OR someone else pay for it. You may stay anonymous without owning up..
  18. Si beh hiong. At least no harm or injury to anyone. But kinda stupid. Should just run road to Malaysia/Thailand. Must be lost too much at the IR until blur liao. ==================================== 48-YEAR-OLD female bank officer has been arrested for allegedly siphoning half a million dollars in cash. The police said a report was made at 11pm on Friday after a branch manager of the bank at Serangoon Gardens discovered that $500,000 in cash was missing. Police were able to establish that the suspect might have taken the cash during the bank's closing hours the day before. When she was arrested at 5am on Saturday morning, the suspect was found to have cash amounting to $1,000 and about $5,000 worth of gambling chips. Investigations are ongoing to recover the rest of the money, the police said.
  19. A Temasek Holdings Pte unit offered to buy Olam International Ltd. (OLAM) in a bid that values the commodity trader at S$5.3 billion ($4.2 billion), about 16 months after it helped stave off an attack by short-seller Carson Block. Breedens Investments Pte is offering S$2.23 cash per share, the Singapore-based company said today in a statement, a 12 percent premium to Olam’s last closing price of S$1.995. It is also making an offer for Olam’s outstanding bonds and warrants. Temasek, Singapore’s state-owned investment firm, became the largest investor in Olam, one of the world’s top three coffee and rice traders, after concerns raised by short-seller Block in November 2012 caused the stock to plummet. The offer has the support of Olam’s founding family and management, with some agreeing to sell a proportion of their shares to the bidding group. “Temasek is already a large holder of Olam so they probably know the business better than everybody else,” said Robert Aspin, the Singapore-based head of equity investment strategy at Standard Chartered Plc. “The fact that they are willing to pay a premium is indicative of the value that they see in the underlying business.” Olam has rallied 30 percent this year through March 12 in Singapore, compared with a 2.2 percent decline in the benchmark Straits Times Index. The stock, which closed as low as S$1.395 after Block’s attack, reached a near 17-month high of S$1.995 on March 12. An employee walks past the logo of Temasek Holdings Pte at the company's headquarters in Singapore. Group Support Breedens also has an agreement with a group including Kewalram Singapore Ltd., Olam’s founding family shareholder, and 10 Olam executives including Chief Executive Officer Sunny Verghese to not tender their shares until six months after the offer closes, Breedens said in a statement. All totaled they hold 52.5 percent ofOlam shares. Kewalram and three members of key management have agreed to sell a 5.6 percent stake in Olam in acceptance of the offer. Credit Suisse Group AG, DBS Group Holdings Ltd., and United Overseas Bank Ltd. advised Breedens. Breedens doesn’t plan to make any major changes to Olam’s businesses or terminate employees. It also intends to keep Olam as a listed company, unless the minimum float requirements aren’t met, it said. “We believe a successful offer will provide Olam with a stronger and more stable shareholder base to support Olam’s strategy and business model for the long term,” Breedens Director David Heng said in the statement. “We have invested in Olam over the years, and share a common investment philosophy to invest and build for the long term.” Block’s Bet Block said in November 2012 he was betting against Olam because he questioned the trader’s accounting methods and asset purchases, pushing the stock to a more than three-year low in December 2012. Olam rejected the assertions by Block and his research firm Muddy Waters LLC. Block today declined to comment. “Olam has been oversold following the issues raised by Muddy Waters and has bounced back strongly as the company addressed those concerns,” Alan Richardson, a Hong Kong-based money manager at Samsung Asset Management, said by phone before the announcement. As well as adding Olam shares after the Block allegations, Temasek also backed a $750 million bond sale by the commodity trader. Olam said in December 2012 it planned to sell bonds and warrants to address any “lingering doubts” about its finances. The investment firm agreed at the time to buy any rights not taken up by other investors. Olam is a supplier and processor of agricultural products and food ingredients across 16 platforms in 65 countries. Temasek holds 24.6 percent of Olam through its units Breedens and Aranda Investments Pte, and the founding family has a 20.2 percent stake, according to today’s statement.
  20. SGCM_editorial

    Pay to Play

    We all need heroes. People we look up to for inspiration and motivation. Humans that we place on pedestals to be admired and maybe even emulated. Die-hard Formula One enthusiasts are no different. They would like to believe that their favourite drivers got into the sport purely because of God-given talent, or steely determination and hard work that have paid off. Unfortunately, as long as we have been faithfully following the sport, this has never been the case. Don’t get me wrong– many of the famous racers who have made their mark in F1 earned their FIA Super Licence (the qualification needed to race) because they were faster than the other hopefuls around a racetrack. But the astronomical cost of running anF1 team means outfit that want to remain in the sport have to rely on whatever financial sources are available. And these include drivers who bring large amounts of sponsorship dollars with them. Many pundits have equated F1 to the ultimate carnival ride. It beats the best roller coaster in the world, and all younger for the ride of your life is a huge bank account (preferably with a minimum of eight digits) – and some driving ability. Of the 24 racers who competed at last year’s F1 World Championship, six are “pay drivers”. These lucky pilots secured their places purely because they poured millions into the coffers of their respective teams. In comparison, Force India’s Adrian Sutil was the only pay driver back in 2008. While F1 remains highly profitable for its rights holder, Bernie Ecclestone, the teams aren’t recession-proof. Top outfits such as Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes can call upon the enormous wealth of their carmaker “parents” but poorer constructors, lower down the standings have to rely on whatever monies they can obtain. Hence, drivers are being asked to pay for their seats with substantial sponsorship deals. Sitting atop 2012’s list of pay drivers is Pastor Maldonado. The Venezuelans worth an estimated $88 million to Williams. Most of this comes from his country’s national oil company, PDVSA. It’s worth noting that Maldonado is a good buddy of Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez. As they say, having friends in high places comes with benefits. Maldonado’s teammate Bruno Senna might share his surname with his supertalented uncle Ayrton, but even such aniconic association would most probably not have secured the Brazilian a seat if not for the $23.5m in sponsorship he brought to the table. Most of this came from billionaire countryman Eike Batista– the chairman of Brazilian oil and gas conglomerate EBX Group. It’s no wonder there wasn’t room at Williams for Rubens Barrichello, the driver who has competed in the most Grand Prix races. Italian Jarno Trulli is another veteran that lost his seat the same way. Caterham brought in Vitaly Petrov as his replacement. Petrov, who is backed by a few wealthy Russian corporations including petrochemical giant Sibur, is rumoured to have paid almost $24m to the Malaysian-owned team. As for the remaining three pay drivers, Sauber was a willing recipient of the bag of Mexican gold (courtesy of telecommunications company Telex) Sergio Perez was hauling around, while closer to the bottom of the paddock, HRTtook in Narain Karthikeyan and CharlesPic bought his way into Marussia. Both added roughly $10m each to the treasure chests of their respective teams. It is worth noting that Pic’s sponsorship came by way of his well-heeled mother. She runs a transport business and owns an estimated 6, 000 trucks in France. “If I was just a pay driver, I would never have taken my first podium at the 2011 Australian Grand Prix,” said Petrov during an interview. The Russian also fi nished the 2009 GP2 Series in second position overall. Maldonado went one better in 2010, securing the drivers’ crown, while Pic finished fourth in 2011. They are talented to some degree, but it was ultimately money that spoke the loudest when they negotiated with the teams. So, will there be more pay drivers in F1? Otmar Szafnauer, chief operating officer of Force India said that teams have no choice but to look at various options, depending on their financial well-being. “It’s all about a trade-off. If you have the money, you can sign the best driver. But if you don’t, a pay driver with a lot of sponsorship money, which can then be used to improve the performance of therace cars, is no bad thing. All teams want to scale the drivers’ and constructors ’standings – and sometimes, they can do it better with a driver who brings money than with one that comes without any sponsors,” said Szafnauer. Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team principal, said: “Financially, it’s tough for everyone. But I feel that we should be given more credit for the way we have been investing in young drivers. Danie Ricciardo and Jean-Eric Vergne from our sister outfi t Toro Rosso would never have raced in Formula Three without our help. I am happy that other teams see the merits in our philosophy (of grooming young racers). Ferrari has a drivers ‘academy, while McLaren have been devoting time and money in some young karters. And it has worked wonders for the latter with Lewis (Hamilton). “But there are difficult times ahead, and we must still look at more ways to make it more affordable for all teams – particularly those that are towards the rear of the grid. “ There’s always the worry that if the shortage of money becomes too acute, it might pave the way for more pay drivers to enter the sport. And this will lead to a decline in racing standards. Despite this, not all pay drivers are hopeless. Three-time world champ Niki Lauda started his F1 career with March in 1972 by bringing huge sack of money to the British outfit. He did so again when he joined BRM the following year. Even the most successful F1 driver of all time, Michael Schumacher, entered his first Grand Prix (with Jordan) only after the German’s sponsors, Mercedes-Benz, paid the team what was rumoured to be around $200,000. Indeed, pay drivers can become legends. This article was written by Tony Tan, freelance writer for Torque.
  21. majority of singaporean are rich !! :huh: not only the 'forgotten' dollars, many also have 100s of kg of coins in their house (read the coin thread) :blink: i guess many here have more than $177 spare foreign currency sitting around in the house.
  22. People, Looking at current property prices, will you cash out on your ONLY property to downgrade?? Let's say if one downgrade the property to a small leasehold 99yr condo, one can probably free up a lot of cash (1-2mil?) The point is what to do with the cash. Buy overseas property? London? Singapore is no1 foreign buying of London properties... Australia? I am seriously thinking about this route with the current property prices... Jurong hitting 1700 psf.... Is it a good idea? My previous neighbour sold his place together with me in 2009 and he went rental while I upgraded... needless to say, he is screwed...
  23. Submit a review on any GPS, Car Audio, Engine Oil, Tyre, or Accessory and stand a chance to win Limited Edition MCF Cash Card! One lucky winner will be chosen every week from 31-May-2013 till 31-July-2013. Contest Details 1. Log on to Product Guide 2. Select any product and write a review of any length 3. One lucky winner will be chosen every week 4. Winners can choose either to collect the prizes from our office or to receive by postal. Start submitting your reviews now! www.sgcarmart.com/products