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Found 40 results

  1. Supposedly the replacement model of the ever popular JDM Toyota Rush / Daihatsu Be-Go. To be launched in Japan on 5 Nov. Quick Spec Dimension: 3,995mm (L) x 1,695mm (W) x 1,620mm (H) Engine: 1.0L Turbo Charged 3 Cylinder
  2. A little patience can go a long way, let's be honest. If only the driver of that Volkswagen heeded that advice. If someday, someone needs an example, perhaps they can come back to footage of this accident that happened at the junction of Yio Chu Kang Road and Hougang Avenue 2 Now, let's not point fingers here on who's fault it was, we'll let the authorities handle that. But sometimes, just stop and wait for a little while longer at a discretionary right turn. It won't hurt you to be a little delayed if you can save yourself the hassle of getting involved in an accident. And to add insult to injury, the Mercedes ends up blocking the road to Hougang Avenue 2 after hitting the Volkswagen, causing even more inconvenience for everyone. Perhaps slow down a little when you're approaching a junction, for you never know who might try to dash out on the discretionary right turn. Remember what you learned in driving school. Let off the accelerator on the third arrow before the junction, then press it again as you cross the first arrow. After all, would you rather be a little late to your appointment or injured from an avoidable accident? Plus, accident repairs aren't cheap, and neither is an increase in your insurance policy and the forfeiture of your NCD. Food for thought?
  3. A total redesign of the compact SUV from Daihatsu / Toyota stable. Sadly, it is not longer that cute, tall but compact SUV we have been used to, since it introduction some 10 years ago (2nd generation). Is it just me, but I find the latest version have heavy hint of another ASEAN SUV, Honda BR-V... Technical Specifications: Exterior Dimensions = 4,435 mm (L) x 1,695 mm (W) x 1,705 mm (H) Wheelbase = 2,685 mm Tread = 1,450 mm (F) / 1,450 mm ® Transmission = 4 Speed Auto / 5 Speed Manual Brake = Disc (F) / Drum ® Tyre Size = 215/65R16 Engine Type = 2NR-VE, 4 Cylinder In Line, 16 Valves, DOHC, Dual VVT-i Engine Capacity = 1,496 cc Bore x Stroke = 72.5 mm x 90.6 mm Max. Horsepower = 104ps / 6,000rpm Max. Torque = 13.9Kgm / 4,200rpm Daihatsu Terios Toyota Rush
  4. Jen1106

    Toyota rush

    Hi bro & sis, Anyone driving a toyota rush 1.5 (a)? How's the car? Tot of changing my chevy aveo 1.4 (a)...
  5. Firstcall

    New Toyota Rush

    This new sexy compact SUV reclaim the chic look the new Rav4 lost over its predecessor. http://www.toyota.co.jp/en/news/06/0117.html This car is developed by Daihatsu and OEMed to Toyota. But since Toyota own Daihatsu...no diff. Daihatsu called it Daihatsu Be-go "CX" and Toyota call it Toyota Rush "G" Both shares similar specs, engine, come with RWD or 4WD. I think only either model will arrive at our shores. I suspect we may just get Daihatsu just like the Siron. If BM bring this Toyota in, it will certainly be a best seller here. This is a car that is suitable for those who want the fun and style factor of SUV without the high road tax, high Fuel consumption of the bigger machines like CRV, Rav4, Tucson etc.
  6. SINGAPORE: As of Monday afternoon, Singapore's Land Transport Authority (LTA) has received some 960 applications to get cash rebates from their Certificates of Entitlement (COE) and the Preferential Additional Registration Fee (PARF). But car dealers have said that they are not expecting a rush of owners to give up their cars for cash. Jackson Lee, managing director of Jia Leong Trading, said: "Some of them might give up because of petrol... inflation... some of them want to be more economical (and) give up the car, but I think (the number is small)." "For the first kind of people, whose vehicle is fully paid (up), this would serve as an advantage to them because they can exchange their PARF paper for full cash with LTA," said Jerry Ong, Manager of Auto Inn. "But for people with outstanding loans, it won't make much of a difference because dealers like us, we've got to come up with the money to fully settle their cars for them." In Singapore, a car's PARF value is the amount credited to motorists who scrap their cars before its 10th year. A COE is the pre-requisite before anyone can buy a car, awarded through a bidding system. As of Monday, car owners have the option to exchange their COE and PARF rebates for cash. The move, announced in March, is aimed at reducing the car population and have Singaporeans turn to public transport. Dealers have said it is still too early to say what car owners will do, as opinions differ among individuals. Phoebe Lim, a car owner, said: "I feel very handicapped without a car, (therefore) whether with or without the rebate, I will still drive. Since I got my licence five years back I've never taken public transport, so no (I wouldn't exchange my car for cash)." "If the public transport is good enough, yes I think I would," said another car owner, Andrew Ong. "I balance the two together, I value the cash rebate, I can have a saving, I can have money in my pocket, so why not?" But whether more people will give up their cars for cash in the days ahead remains to be seen. - CNA/yb
  7. See how he behaves after the accident. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152724400648861
  8. what is what now?? do also die, dun do also die! [:(]
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUCm4Dmf-VI And so while otw to our department lunch this afternoon, @Kobayashigt and myself encountered this Mercedes Driver SKP1620P. This was along Thomson Road/Moulmein Road (outside Velocity). We have no idea where he came out from as the lane beside us was a mandatory right turn lane. :angry:
  10. http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/chinese-couples-rush-to-get-pregnant-before-dreaded-year-of-the-sheep/2014/05/08/e9f4adbc-d529-11e3-8a78-8fe50322a72c_story.html wah will next year's baby gifts offset this?
  11. Haha

    Getting a Toyota Rush?

    I intend to get toyota rush. However this will be my first car purchase so will like to know more information about it. Owners of toyota rush please stand up and provide me first hand news. Will appreciate it alot! Thanks! Toyota rush is only available from PI, and i heard alot of negative comment on them. Will the bros here enlighten me? Appreciate it again. Thanks thanks thanks! Million thanks!
  12. LoverofCar

    Rush for iPhone 4s because of SIRI?

    Singapore's SingTel has developed an application to rival the voice-activated Siri on the iPhone 4S that is sure to go down well in the island state -- because it can understand "Singlish". When Apple unveiled its latest handset earlier this month most of the talk was about Siri, which can give directions or even advice to users simply by asking a question into the speaker. However, since the new phone went on sale there have been numerous reports of Siri either responding with a completely irrelevant answer or simply saying it does not understand. YouTube videos of Siri misinterpreting the heavily accented words of iPhone 4S users in Japan -- the first Asian country to get the device on October 14 -- have been widely circulated on the Internet. But Singapore Telecom (SingTel) says its new app, DeF!ND, will help Singaporeans who use "Singlish" -- a localised form of English with words borrowed from Asian languages -- avoid such problems. SingTel said DeF!ND is a localised Siri-like application that is able to decipher uniquely Singaporean accents, names and locations. It made its public debut at the stroke of midnight Thursday, when SingTel Singapore chief executive Allen Lew gave it an instruction in a decidedly local accent as he launched the iPhone 4S in the city-state. "We have a voice application capability in DeF!ND that is unique because it understands the local language... which the voice recognition engine within an international device like Apple doesn't quite have," Lew said after the launch. "When we tried to test different voice recognition systems including... Siri, we found that the Singaporean accent is pretty unique and the common international voice recognition systems don't quite pick up the nuance of how we speak," Lew added. "And of course our street names and our food names are very local so we developed and trained this new system to allow it to recognise it better." DeF!ND will be available for free on the Android platform and Apple's iTunes "soon," a Singtel spokesman told AFP.
  13. Akram_saheed

    My take on the movie 'Rush'

    While cars and automobiles can be considered a hobby turned obsession, films have always been a more passion-driven interest for me. I wanted to become a cinematographer but decided against it due to personal reasons, and somehow ended up with a job within the automotive industry. I'm not complaining though. Occasionally a movie blends the best of both worlds - like Fast and the Furious or Death Race. And then there is the movie Rush, where it is a cocktail of three of my favourite interests cinema, cars and Formula One. Seldom have you walked out of a movie theatre where you get disturbed, enlightened or inspired. Rush added a high dose of high octane fuel to my already burning interest for cars and the sport and despite watching it three times, I'm still craving for more. The plot should be familiar by now. It tells the classic tale of rivalry between two men, two exceptional men in this case. Niki Lauda - a triple world champion, a perfectionist and a no nonsense guy vs James Hunt - a man with no fear, a playboy and a rockstar. While the main focus is on the 1976 Formula One Season, we do get a little back story for both characters portrayed by Daniel Bruhl, a Spanish born German actor and Chris 'Thor' Hemsworth. I have to applaud the production crew efforts for bringing 1976 back in 2013. The cars looked ancient, they sounded monstrous, and F1 looked so fragile. No high-tech machinery, radio or computer systems. No flamboyance, safety and the persistent threat of death loomed around the drivers. I'm not sure how true this is but Hunt apparently broke his gear shifter at the Japanese GP. The portrayal of Niki Lauda seemed near perfect while I couldn't really see Hemsworth as Hunt. I guess they just needed someone familiar to get the crowds coming in. There were some really good dialogues - especially between Lauda and Hunt. It was a love-hate relationship from the start - according to the movie at least. At times the movie felt like a free advertising campaign for Ferrari, with the score and camera angles seem to glorify an already holy team in the sport. But sadly the cars looked slower than they should be, even slower than the television telecast. Of course the highlight is the infamous crash at the Nurburgring, which personally seemed to be a spot on re-enactment of the actual event. The prosthetic burnt make-up makes you empathise with Lauda although he passes of as an arrogant, talented prick in the first half of the movie. The problem I had with the movie was it was struggling to tell a balanced story. I feel like I've learnt more about Hunt than I learnt about Lauda. But after watching it the third time, I can probably understand why. Lauda is a teetotaller in comparison to the wreck and damaged persona of Hunt but honestly who wants to watch a boring monotonous strict guy when we have Hunt who parties late into the night, has character issues and is a rebel in a car (and apparently a god in bed)? But as soon as the accident occurs, the movie is all about Lauda. It has to be, I mean that man got back to racing just 40 days after blowing half himself to hell. A classic tale of rivalry between two of the finest men, the world of Formula One has ever seen directed by a credible Ron Howard. Why should you miss it? If you like movies, you should watch it. If you like F1 cars and racing, you should watch it. And ladies, if you adore Chris Hemsworth, there is a particular scene early in the movie you might just appreciate. Rush is to F1 what Top Gun was for the Navy or Act of Valor, Special Forces, is to the Army. F1 is a dangerous sport and the movie addresses it but the rewards are endless. So long as you stay at the top, of course.
  14. Kratoschumacher

    Watched Rush?

    Anyone here watched the movie Rush? How did you guys find it? I thought it was great, for a guy who wasnt born in that era, nice to see cars and a little bit of their lifestyle and the well know rivalry between the two drivers. Though I feel that the focus was more on James Hunt more than Lauda?
  15. Friendstar

    Must watch! the latest movie Rush

    I watched the movie at Cathay. Totally rocks man. one of the best films this year. A must watch for petrol head. Though I follow F1, the excitement of present day F1 is nowhere near that of the 70s and 80s. I have great admiration for Niki lauda. I wouldn't have survived a metal rod entering my throat! Spoiler alert. Overall. I give it 9 out of 10. Might just knock Pacific rim out of my favorite movie of the year. But hard to compare also la. One is on true story. the other is robot fantasy
  16. Hi, I need to contact the owner of this Toyota rush SGT8409. If you are the owner or know the owner of this car, pls ask him to contact me. colintyh@yahoo.com.sg or PM me. Thanks.
  17. D3badge

    Rush and hurried decision

    http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/singaporesc...-020245855.html Does this consider a rash and hurried decision?? http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/singaporesc...-053226346.html "Ho had called WP's decision to sack Yaw a rash and hurried one and he also asked Low to take responsibility for the Yaw Shin Leong saga".
  18. heres my encounter today ... somewhere off cck north 5. http://youtu.be/1_RSSbkJ5yA mice
  19. Vit4wd

    Toyota Rush Review

    Drove a friend
  20. Krazz77

    Toyota Rush 7-seater

    Launched in malaysia. How come SG dun have? http://paultan.org/archives/2008/01/29/new...ed-in-malaysia/
  21. Just helping to spread the word. Got a witness for your hit and run incident. http://www.rushteriosclub.com/viewtopic.php?t=9663
  22. Planning to buy a RUSH but noticed there are basically 1.5A and 1.5AX. Dunno what are the differences as I am not get any answer from the web, and was also not able to get answer from Singapore Rush/Terios form cos I am not registered member. Any kind soul out there to enlighten me?? Thanks
  23. Poortraveller

    Spanner size for toyota rush

    plannig to help a friend to do a DIY oil change. I need to know the spanner size so that i can remove the screw below to drain off the engine oil. Dun recommend me those stupid adjustable spanner. is it the screw size the same as the other model (terros or something like tat) cus i cant recall the actual model. Also need to know, if i dun tighten the screw properly and the engine oil start to leak, other then the dip stick, will there be warning light on the dashboard? or there will be warning light when there is no engine oil?
  24. Hope the driver is reading this. I was behind you at the car wash just now. You left the station at 7.30pm. It was bold of you to drive off without paying $3 for the car wash(if u didn't buy coupons). Just to let you know that there are video cameras installed at the vicinity and your car plate number got recorded down. I would urge you to go back and settle the payment privately, rather than wait for the police to knock on your door for $3. cheers...