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Found 58 results

  1. https://youtu.be/HkTz8qtMZJY General Polling : DO you love to drink milk and/or coca cola ? I like milk but I don't drink Coke as refreshments as Coke usually leaves a very sweet artificial after-taste in my mouth whole day long. Some people just love Coke. I prefer beer..haha
  2. I am looking at cars put up by direct sellers at sgcarmart. I am willingly to offer 10k above the dereg value for a2 to 3 years old car Is this consider fair value? If not, what is the typical value for such cars?
  3. Tianmo

    Singapore Food Fair 2017

    So, anyone going there to get free food? Mayb can consider a MU there, walk walk see see and eat a eat eat. http://singaporefoodshows.com.sg/world-food-fair/
  4. Looks like we have not done enough to help the students who are entering the working industry if there is even a barrier to the job fair by ntu. I supposed need to be careful of how the economy and changing landscape will affect the employability of the next generation. Having say that, it a dual edged. Wouldn’t it be best to or even rightfully so that the students who are not invited knows the truth that they are not wanted by this industry and should not waste their time, hope and dreams as well as disappointment?.
  5. Summary. Employer fine $1 per every minute she late for work even after he give her allowances to start work at 9.30 instead of 9am and she still being frequent late for work. Than she lost an excel file she is working on and she was told to backup their work but she didn't and thus deduct 70% of her.. pay. Under contract terms of her 1yr contract, she need to pay back 3 months salary should she leave company in her contract terms. And employer refused to pay her whole month of march because she was absent without leave for 2 days. ........ So is employer being fair to employee in this incident that happened.
  6. Interesting and unpretentious article. For all delusional people out there who thinks our society is fair, it is not. We are not a communist country. Enjoy.... Source: http://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/average-sporean-rich-elites-can-never-understand-our-simple-local-lifestyle Byline: Fred, ASS contributor "Dear All Singapore Stuff, I would like to share my reflections on what the upcoming SG50 anniversary means to me, based on my personal experiences as an average Singaporean. I have come to realize that the poor and lower-middle class represent an entirely different Singapore from the rich and upper-middle class. We are like two different nations. Kids from the rich and upper-middle class are different from birth. They are equipped with skills an average Singaporean will never get. They are taught to play various musical instruments, taught a variety of sports and even go for supplementary classes from a young age. Not surprisingly these kids end up doing well academically and also excel in other activities. Even if they do not succeed academically,they have the financial support and necessary connections to set up their own businesses to establish themselves. These kids dominate the better schools and will inevitably become the next generation of elites. As an end result, we have the elite producing more elites. What happens to the kids from the poor and lower middle class? The vast majority ends up in the neighbourhood schools. Less conducive environment, no guarantee of good teachers (I was once scolded by a MOE teacher for bothering her with too many questions about a humanities subject) and limited enrichment programmes. There are less opportunities for students to participate in competitions to boost their own confidence. Many cannot afford tuition. Quite a number are from broken families (myself included), and they are troubled by family problems even as they study. They also have to deal with exposure to kids who smoke, gangsters, bullies and other delinquents. These kids even have to work part-time during school holidays to increase their monthly allowance. Most end up in polytechnics or neighbourhood jcs and very few enter the local universities. Being one of the few neighbourhood school kids who entered a good jc and then a local university, I experienced a culture shock. I could not relate to the majority of my classmates in my jc. Almost everyone in my jc class stayed in a condo or landed house. I could not effectively communicate with them because I lacked relevant experiences like overseas trips as well as musical and sports talents. I couldn't understand why every outing had to involve eating at a restaurant in the city area and why there was so much spending. Most of the girls stayed in condos and frequently called others to come over for tennis games, swimming, barbecues and other frivolous celebrations. I actually felt embarrassed to be staying in a hdb flat with so few fun facilities as I could not engage my classmates in a similar manner. They had perfect families with supportive parents and they went on overseas trips every holiday in contrast to neighbourhood school people who usually worked part-time during holidays. They were seasoned travelers who had no qualms about staying overseas for weeks without their families! Same thing in university. I found that there were fewer and fewer of the neighbourhood school kids with whom I could better identify. Those I know who went on exchange programmes and overseas CIP trips were mostly scholars and wealthy people. Those with greater purchasing power also enriched their university experience with participation in marathons, camps and clubbing events whereas those who were poorer were stuck with memories of lectures and tutorials, school activities and the inevitable bank loan. Most of the rich people tend to think and behave similarly. For instance, during jc, they were taking their Grade 8 piano examinations at the same time, they took SATs while preparing for 'A' levels and later on in university, they took up driving lessons simultaneously. I could not even afford to take up driving and I didn't see the point of it because I have no car. I think the poor and lower middle class appreciate simple pastimes better. A stroll in the park, running at the stadium, playing board games or card games at a void deck or playing basketball at a public basketball court is simply too boring for the wealthier people. Window-shopping without any purchase is ridiculous to them. They will never be seen doing any of these activities and will sneer at you or look bewildered if you even suggest any of these activities. If you say that $13 is too expensive for a movie or that $70 is too much for Universal Studios, they will just scold you for complaining so much. Gradually,they will abandon you for being such a boring and negative person. I have seen enough to believe that the non-elite can never truly be part of one Singapore with the elites. We have different upbringings, different values, different lifestyles, different educational experiences and a different sense of identity. Our life goals are also different. While the elites love to say that what we see as elite is what they see as meritocracy, the hard truth is that there's such a thing as inherited meritocracy, and the non-elite lack the necessary resources and upbringing to properly compete with them. This leaves the majority of the non-elite with limited social mobility. Equality is a lie. Rather than deceive myself into thinking that there can be a true, lasting friendship with an elite person, I choose to believe that elites can never understand or appreciate simplicity while living within the comforts of their condos and landed houses. Of course, I will work hard. But I also accept the reality that I am disadvantaged relative to the wealthier segments of society. Fraternization with them will only be counter-productive to my life goals. As far as the non-elite like myself are concerned, it is best to leave the elites to their extravagant lifestyles. I strongly believe that the poor should not provide any entertainment to the rich. If we are invited to their parties, we should decline. Leave them to celebrate with their ilk. As we prepare to celebrate Singapore's golden jubilee, let's not deceive ourselves into thinking that we are all one. We certainly are not."
  7. what is what now?? do also die, dun do also die! [:(]
  8. My uncle had first time taken childcare leave as son was not well... the boss was unhappy.... in case the boss fire him is there any recourse....
  9. Deckbuild

    SAFRA Bike Fair 2013

    Anyone went? http://www.togoparts.com/articles/article.php?artid=2703
  10. Hi all, Employer jailed 2 (two) weeks for maid abuse. do you all think it is fair ? i mean, how many times this things repeated (maid abuse)? Let help better quality life for all of human race.
  11. at end ppl say shaddap lah...like how we say Soya
  12. BoneStock

    Natas Travel Fair 2013

    Has anyone been to a Natas Travel Fair? Worth to visit? I am planning to visit Korea in Nov/Dec with my family. This is the first time in many years that we are considering a packaged tour so we could be paying a visit to the Natas Fair this weekend. This will be our first visit to Korea and my wife only managed to get 5 days of annual leave approved. Hopefully it is enough. Any bros got good deals from the fair before? If not, we may just give it a miss.
  13. .... From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_807035.html HOUGANG BY-ELECTION NGO's media coverage findings Published on Jun 5, 2012
  14. http://www.tremeritus.com/2012/03/24/moe-h...l-prc-scholars/ Anybody can CSI if this is true?
  15. Yes, I'm hurt but...I can still fight: Ex SMRT CEO Former SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa talks about, among others, quitting to defuse the criticism of her and the night she decided to resign. Tue, Mar 20, 2012 The New Paper SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa is now serving out her resignation notice, moving around with crutches after a major knee surgery. She talks about, among others, quitting to defuse the criticism of her and the night she decided to resign. In the end, she became a magnet for abuse. And only by stepping down could she defuse the situation and allow the organisation to get on with the job. This is how former SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa describes the situation she found herself in early this year, just before she resigned. "The whole organisation was overwhelmed with trying to answer and defend on so many fronts," she says. "I had become a magnet attracting all the criticism. If I divorced myself from the organisation, then at least it could start on a clean path." Speaking in an exclusive interview with The New Paper on Sunday at her home off Lornie Road, the 57-year-old says it was her decision to leave and she was not forced out. There was mounting pressure on her to step down after the two major train service breakdowns on Dec 15 and 17 last year, affecting 221,000 commuters in all. The Criminal Investigation Department, the Land Transport Authority and SMRT are investigating the disruptions and a hearing on the findings, open to the public, will begin on April 16. But why did she decide to hand in her resignation letter on Jan 6, when only weeks earlier she had said she would be "staying put to fix things"? She says: "After trying so hard for 21/2 weeks or so, I felt that things were snowballing and it was very difficult... because every faction was coming at us. April 5 to be her last day "It took me one whole night to think about it." She says she "always believed I will do the best for the organisation that I belong to". So she asked herself what was the best thing she could do. She realised the best thing was to leave because "it would defuse the bubble straightaway". "It's like a bubble, you know. You defuse it, let people get on to do what is right for the organisation," she says. But didn't the company say in December last year, even before the train disruptions, that Ms Saw had expressed the desire to "move on" this year, after having served nine years with the company? SMRT's longest-serving CEO clarifies that the idea of quitting had indeed been brought up then, but she decided to stay on when the company made a bid to operate the new Downtown Line. All that changed, however, after the train service disruptions. What's next for her? Ms Saw reckons she has had a good run with SMRT, but she is not about to call it a day yet. "I'm going to be 58. I don't think I'm about to ride into the sunset." A few offers have come up since she announced her resignation, she reveals, but she has yet to decide. "I always thought people would say: 'Don't touch this person after all that's been said and done'. But my friends say: 'You've moved SMRT to be a very different organisation. "I think I've been proven to be able to manage a business and I think I can continue to do something, probably very different from SMRT," she says. She sees herself being active for another five to 10 years. And if not on the corporate front, then always as a martial arts teacher, having mastered taekwondo and tai chi chuan. Her last day with SMRT will be April 5. With a bit more time on her hands these days, she has finally started to deal with one issue that she has put off for some time - her health. The martial arts training and fighting has taken its toll on her body. She recently had major knee surgery and is moving around with the help of crutches while regaining her strength with physiotherapy. She also has four slipped discs, but adds quickly in case anyone thinks she's an easy target now: "I can still fight."
  16. I read in the papers parliament section yesterday the govt replied that COE should be "fair" to all categories and shouldn't be biased to, example, Small cars and that the current system is good enough. What I realize is that they fail to mention the all scrapped cars, 25% go to Open Cat COE which in turn we all know 99% goes into Cat B which is for bigger cars. This rule (Which don't make sense to me) is essentially making the system bias towards bigger cars. This has resulted, if you check the statistics, the number of Cat A cars on the road has decreased by 621 (Including Taxis) from 2010 to Jan 2012 while the number of Cat B cars has increased by 11,388 or almost 5% (Let's not forget the quota for COE here is 1.5%/year so the effect is pretty huge) Why was this rule not brought up during parliament as a case of biasness toward bigger cars. I am not against big cars or anything just voicing my opinion on something that they blatantly missed out which contradicts their so called "fair" COE system
  17. VellfireS

    IT Fair

    Anyone went there today? Or intention of going there? Well.. I went there today.. Price slashes not much... But.. One plus point.. Lots of xmm working as sales girl there.. Seems this year extra.. Look not bad also... So.. Till 11 March.. While Stocks Last.. [laugh]
  18. Was at Genting on 18-21/11/2009. Now there is a Worldcard rooms fair - 18,000 free* rooms. Booking period : 21/11/2009 - 03/01/2010 Stay period : 04/01/2010 - 30/04/2010 1st World Hotel - low season - book 1 night 3GP, free 1 night [2nd night], book 3rd night 5GP, free 1 night [4th night] Resort Hotel - low season - book 1 night 8GP, free 1 night [2nd night], book 3rd night 12GP, free 1 night [4th night] Highlands Hotel - low season - book 1 night 10GP, free 1 night [2nd night], book 3rd night 15GP, free 1 night [4th night] So the promotion is something like buy 1 night, free 1 night. Somemore, at promotional GP rates. We book 2 nights [+ 2 night free] on the 21/11/2009, before coming back same day.
  19. Taken from http://arabnews.com/world/article523619.ece By BEN BLANCHARD | REUTERS Published: Oct 24, 2011 16:42 Updated: Oct 24, 2011 16:42 BEIJING: A new tax on foreign workers in China mandating they pay Chinese social security contributions is fair and in line with global norms, state media said on Monday, brushing off concerns in the business community it will raise their costs. Citing an unidentified official at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Xinhua news agency said the provisional rules on these payments which had already gone into effect would not be too onerous.
  20. Scb11980

    IS this fair or NOT?

    NS call up deferment rejected unfairly-any solutions? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just a quick background.. I was recently hired in the Finance department of a local Bank. As an accountant, my primary job is to ensure that the Bank's books are closed and financial statements are prepared in a timely manner. As any accountant can emphatise, the Bank is listed on the SGX and the timely completion of its December 2011 results and financial statements are of paramount importance. This is in order to ensure the timely announcement and publication of its results on its webiste per requirements. I had been called up for my reservist training in the first week of January 2012 which is arguably the most critical period of my new employment for the aforementioned reasons. Failure to be around during that peiod would mean a likely poor apprasial and hamper future progression within the Bank. Having recognised that, I had requested my Human Resource Department to write an appeal letter. My Comanding Officer "CO" rejected this appeal. I went to see my Member of Paraliment "MP" to explain my situation. My MP was most kind to write a letter of appeal on my behalf. Unfortunately, this second appeal was rejected again by the CO. I was offered no reason nor even a basic call from the CO to discuss the matter despite repeated request through various channels (My request to be given a number to call was refused). I had clearly stated my willingness to attend my call-up obligations at any other time of the year. MINDEF should recognise that not every Singaporean male is trying to shirk their liabilities and should seek to understand each indvidual's unique circumstances. Furthermore, if not addressed such practices are puntive to the employability of every Singaporean male and contary to the sprit of fair competion with our foreign counterparts ....having said that...after asking my HR and MP to help what else can I do? Im lost...and I REALLY cant go reservist during the period...any solution brothers? http://talkback.stomp.com.sg/forums/showthread.php?t=122287
  21. Zniper

    Fair/show at common area or CC

    Dun understand why there are always these types of fairs/shows early on sun morning and very very disturbing... not bcos disturb my slp but they hold it outside tpy library which is very noisy for ppl studying in library!!! if pasar malam, i can understand but all these singing and stuffs are totally useless and the singing is damn bad too... but pasar malam, they restrict playing of music loudly when ppl is making a living, but tis type of singing outside tpy library can blast so loud???!!!
  22. Vroomtattat

    NATAS Fair: Any bro went?

    Went to check out the fair this afternoon. The roads leading up to the S'pore Expo carparks were jammed packed! Should have planned ahead and go in through XiLin Ave and Changi South Ave 1 instead of the main road. In the end, decided to park at the carpark at Halls 7 - 10 and it was a wise choice. Managed to book a tour package to Japan around December. The Expo Hall 5 was packed like sardines too. What a day! Any bro been/going there? Please heed my advice and save yourselve the hassle and headache. Good Luck!
  23. Got a 4 year old used car. Checked by 3rd party workshop. Good condition. Before handing over to me, still change engine oil although other wear and tear parts never change. Car was in decent condition. Drove 10 days even trying out at NSHW 160-180 kmh sprints. Perfectly fine. Day 11 sent to another regular workshop for servicing. Service bill total $2000 plus. I also supplied $1k plus of my own parts like brake pads, rotors, fluids, filters, etc for change. Service bill $2k plus does not include pads rotors etc. I'm fine with the price. ($2k is fine cos alot of work to change wear and tear items) Next day, less than 24 hours, car overheat, coolant all evaporated. Fan stopped moving. Even after resting over 2 hours and topping up with new coolant fan still not moving. Started engine. Showed Cold. Within 5 mins rose to middle and less than 10 mins went to 3/4 closing in on hot. Frustrated, turned off engine and called AA tow. Vehicle towed back to workshop who did $2k servicing and boss not ard. Car sat around for 24 hours and I got report from worker than engine gasket/block etc blow. Water in cylinder! 24 hours earlier, when $2k service was being done, I saw them change spark plug in front of me, no problem. Cylinder no water. Now 24 hours later, after servicing and overheating, tell me cylinder filled with water, sparks fouled and that it was a long ago problem! That means my driving around 10 days before servicing etc car cylinder filled with water? If yes, how did i hit 160-180km/h? If yes, when they do servicing and changed spark plug, that time no water? I got fed up since boss not around and no one could do anything. I towed vehicle to another workshop. In 48 hours after major service, the other workshop showed me engine gasket, cylinder head plus a whole load of other items damaged due to driving while overheating. Since the $2k servicing workshop boss did not get back to me I was exasperated, irritated and totally angry and asked them to proceed to service the car properly and final bill was about $8k. In view of this, i wasted good money for a c--k up. Naturally $2k servicing boss will deny his fault. But look at it this way, Imagine, 24 hours after a $2k servicing and engine overheat and engine blow, theoretically the blame is clear. However, it was my fault. I failed to look at it from a legal standpoint and send the car to Authorised Agent. By doing so, whatever problem caused the overheating by authorised agent would be noted and if it was something done by the $2k workshop and reflected in the invoice, I would have a rock solid llegal case. Being just me, I asked to tow the vehicle back to the $2k workshop and they generally claimed nothing wrong. That overheating was because vehicle is old and that it was not caused by their poor servicing. After servicing 24 hours overheat and engine spoil, if not them then hard for layman like me to understand. Prior, 10 days after getting used car no servicing yet no problem. So many thousands lost just because of suay. Anything u fellas wanna add? Really lan lan suck thumb. Makes the paint work damaged post look tame in comparison