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Found 38 results

  1. alfakidz85

    does it matter?

    Will a rs work out if there is nth in common? Referrin to polar opposite, opposite end of the spectrum type of nth in common May not exactly be referrin to myself but just wanna know ur thoughts How do u keep a rs/marriage work when u have nth in common? Personalities, likes, dislikes, interests, Its ok to have differences bt u need to share the same core values in life to make it work at least? TIA
  2. Deathsythe

    Common Problems with Optra 5

    I would like to know wat are the problems faced with the Optra 5.
  3. This is my general observation. Seems that Maserati and especially Porsche are getting quite common on the roads nowadays. Singapore must be having more and more rich people everydays.
  4. I would like to highlight my case. Last Saturday, I went to Khatib Central to pick up my wife after she has completed her CNY shopping. My brother borrowed my car so I had to drive my L200. It had a height of 1.95m (after installation of airport light beacons for use in within Changi Airport), i was not able to enter the MSCP located at Blk 848A as it had a height limit of 1.8m. To make matters worse, there were no space to park at the roadside or the loading & unloading lots as the road itself was congested. Thus I did not have a choice but to park at the Season Parking Lot located at Level 1 as its height limit is 2.15m. I came back to my vehicle with my wife to realise that I have received a fine and when i got home i proceed to file an appeal. I am ok to have my appeal rejected but the grounds that it had been rejected is rather lacking in common sense. It was due to the fact that there is people complaining. If it was like you are a repeat offender or your vehicle is below 1.8m you can definitely park at the MSCP, i still can accept it. I can't park anywhere else and I cant possibly ram through the height limit gantry and damage HDB's property. From now on, I will go on foot to Khatib Central but I hope that public servants can solve problems like renovating the carpark to solve the parking problem and not resort to summons. A smart society solves the problem at the root not at the ends. I have since paid my fine
  5. Sigh, too common nowadays. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnAy6enIryA 0:40
  6. Hi there, I am planning to drive my car into Malaysia and she only takes 98ron. Believe 97ron should be acceptable, but will this grade be found in most petrol stations (Shell/Exxon/PETRONAS etc) along the north-south highway as well as in the cities ? Many thanks for advice as I am not well versed with Malaysia petrol scene.
  7. I am guessing Gambling Booze and Women? Anything else? How to avoid such temptations and is it even possible in the first place?
  8. SGCMmaomao

    Common Wear & Tear parts

    Dear All Uncle, Aunty, Brother & Sister, Need help, can help me name some COMMON parts of a car which wear and tear routinely and u can buy and DIY or ask workshop to assist to change , Example : 1. Oil filters 2. Wipers 3. Engine oil 4. Batteries 5. Aircon filters 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Our help are very much appreciate
  9. Hi guys, doing a project and would like u guys to give me your opinion on which is the car which u think is the most common car in Singapore. Your help is appreciated. Here are some basic information on the cars. Mitsubishi Lancer Nissan Sunny Toyota Altis Toyota Vios Feel free to give your comment as well if u have strong objections over my choices TY....
  10. The banker and the cabbie - when two worlds collide Banker allegedly stabbed the cabbie over a tussle over cab fare. Mon, Mar 19, 2012 Reuters NEW YORK - At the very moment William Bryan Jennings should have been climbing into bed at his sumptuous Connecticut mansion, the Morgan Stanley head of fixed income for North America was sprinting through back roads a mile away. He was exhausted, scared and - detectives would later allege - had just stabbed a taxi driver in a dispute over a fare. The day, Dec 21, 2011, had started out normally as he left the kind of home - sweeping curved staircase, perfectly plumped chintz pillows, backyard swimming pool and a Ferrari in the garage - that makes many New Yorkers deeply jealous, and headed to the steel-and-glass tower in midtown Manhattan where he directed the firm's bond business. In the afternoon, he hosted a charity auction in the city to benefit sick children. That night, he attended a Morgan Stanley holiday party at the swanky rooftop bar at Ink48 Hotel. When he left the party, he looked for the black town car that was supposed to take him to his US$2.7 million mansion in the wealthy enclave of Darien. He couldn't find the car, so he hailed a yellow cab. In less than two hours, what allegedly began as a tussle over a cab fare, which the taxi driver said was US$204, led to a struggle that could cost Jennings his career. On March 9, Jennings walked quietly into a Stamford courtroom and pleaded not guilty to charges of assault, larceny for not paying the fare and intimidation with racial slurs against Mohamed Helmy Ammar, an American citizen who was born in Egypt. The proceedings took just a few seconds. Jennings, dressed in a navy blazer, white shirt and royal blue patterned tie, left swiftly afterwards, followed by a noisy throng of reporters and photographers. If convicted of all three charges, Jennings could face up to 11 years in prison. First-time offenders rarely face such stiff sentences but the charges are serious, and both Jennings' job and reputation are at stake. Morgan Stanley has already placed him on leave. The firm's spokesman declined to comment, other than to say no decision has been made regarding Jennings' longer-term status at the firm. One top-ranking Morgan Stanley executive, though, said he 'does not stand a chance of getting his job back.' Jennings may also face a civil suit for damages from the taxi driver. Mr Ammar's attorney, Hassan Ahmad, says no settlement discussions are taking place, but his client is talking about such a suit. 'Our client wants justice,' Mr Ahmad said. 'He wants Mr Jennings to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.' A pre-trial hearing is set for April 12. There are some parallels between this story and Tom Wolfe's 1987 fictional bestseller, The Bonfire of the Vanities, in which bond trader Sherman McCoy and his mistress hit a Bronx high schooler with his Mercedes, then flee the scene. He is eventually tracked down and arrested after a campaign by a newspaper. At first glance, Jennings seems an incarnation of Wolfe's 'Master of the Universe' stereotype. He is in the bond business. His two children attend one of the best private schools around. His home is a set piece for the good life, with sisal carpets, marble floors and state-of-the-art appliances. The backyard boasts a children's paradise of playthings as well as a fire pit and posh entertainment centre. Mr Ammar and his family, in contrast, live in a ground-floor apartment in Astoria, Queens, in the shadow of the Triborough Bridge, a home where Amtrak Acela trains rumble constantly overhead. The most striking thing about their yard is the mass of thick black cables snaking out the windows to satellite dishes on the roof. Rust bleeds from the lime-green vinyl siding. The communal garbage cans are penned within a rusty, two-foot fence beneath his living room window. But while Wall Street's Masters of the Universe certainly still do exist, Jennings apparently wasn't one of them, according to several colleagues. And though at first Ammar was something of a tabloid celebrity, garnering publicity like supporters of Wolfe's hit-and-run character, he's no longer talking to the press. It's hardly the media-fuelled firestorm that erupts in Wolfe's novel.
  11. hi guys. Jus helping out a friend with the above subject, anyone can help?
  12. My neighbour put up laundry drying stand poles outside their door and infront of my corner unit blocking 50% of space of my walking space towards the lift area. At the lift area, there are more laudry stands where more laundries are put up. Sometimes they will also put out plastic tubs to dry on stair railing which reduces the 50% of my walk path even more. The most incovenience come from the maid doing the laundry. Somehow it seems like she always do the laundry during times when we are leaving for work and when coming home. At times she would just stand in front of the remaining walk space to do the laundry and we have to come up close to her then she will move. Even so, we have to avoid kicing the pail she put on the floor. I thought the common areas are not supposed to be allowed for such usage as it is hazardous in the event of fire emergencies. Does the town council perform regular checks and advise accordingly or even fine the recalcitrant ones. This neighbour is of a different ethnic group then I am and if I were to complain to them directly, things might get a bit sensitive.
  13. http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tiretech/tec...e.jsp?techid=72 How many people increase tyre pressure for the trip up north (easily hit >160km/h)?
  14. Last nite due to SMRT's fiasco at Bishan, i rushed from home to fetch my QUEEN from Centre Point... it took me 15mins to reach there, but more than one hour to reach home, why? big jam on CTE from town to amk.... I feel most e-way accidents happened due to cars hitting the one in front because they dont maintain a safe gap from the front car. In fact, I would even say more than 80% e-way accidents happen this way. Therefore my point is: If every driver keeps a safe distance, we will see much less accidents on our e-ways.... mind you, most jams caused by accidents waste at least an hour of everyone elses' time..... that's a lot of time which could otherwise be spent on doing something else instead of being stuck there and got nowhere else to go. I cant really think of any other causes, can you?
  15. Zniper

    Fair/show at common area or CC

    Dun understand why there are always these types of fairs/shows early on sun morning and very very disturbing... not bcos disturb my slp but they hold it outside tpy library which is very noisy for ppl studying in library!!! if pasar malam, i can understand but all these singing and stuffs are totally useless and the singing is damn bad too... but pasar malam, they restrict playing of music loudly when ppl is making a living, but tis type of singing outside tpy library can blast so loud???!!!
  16. Quote from TODAY 18 Oct 2011 Wall Street loses its immunity AS the Occupy Wall Street movement continues to grow, the response from the movement
  17. Theoldjaffa

    Common tyre sizes for 18 inch

    hi all, just to check, does 18 inch tyres come in 225 widths? is this common or available for performances tyres like F1 Asym, CSC3 and PS3? 225/45/R18 if not, what is the size commonly available that is the closest match so that the shop don't need to do special indent? thx!
  18. Darryn

    More Common Mistakes...

    I just heard these two five minutes apart while I am bored manning the booth... 1. You want to go urine... It should be....You want to go and urinate or you want to go and pass urine... 2. Can you fetch me to the airport... You never fetch anybody TO anywhere. You always fetch from, you TAKE to. So to be correct it should be.... Can you TAKE me to the airport (please) or can you fetch me from the airport please. Although in the latter case, a much nicer phrasing would be "Can you pick me up from the the airport please". By rights, fetch should be used as ...go from here, pick something up and then bring it back here. (exactly the sequence of events as when a dog plays "fetch"). So you could be sitting at home, and your wife might ask..."can you please fetch my mother from the airport please?" - in which case you should always say no anyway, afterall - who wants to see their mother in law?
  19. Can you tell the differences the outlook between normal Lancer 1.6 and Turbo Lancer 1.8 SO far did not see one on the road yet or they look so alike even pass by also cannot notice??
  20. Ahtong

    Common car stereotypes

    Altis - Ah Pek chia Merc - Towkay chia WRX - Ah Beng chia Any car without backside - Girly I never say I support the stereotypes. Just listing them out. Anymore to add?
  21. I just came back from KL & Port Dickson trip with my family. Its was around 1730 and we were stopped at a road block. The bugger told me I was speeding and exceeded the speed limit by 6km/h just before a toll. I recalled...I was speeding...but was at 140km/h. I've heard about MY TPs catching speeding cars and pple give them coffee $$ but never heard of road blocks at HIGHWAY. I was still composing myself when he asked: TP: " Pay at JB is RM 300. Here..how much you want?" ME: "Huh? What you mean here how much I want?" TP: "How much you want la?" ME: "I dun understand what you mean." TP: "Settle here..." (I start to realize his intention) ME: "You mean I can choose ar. You are the police you ask me to choose. If I choose I drive off now. How much you want?" TP: "RM100." Me: "Huh...RM100 ar. Hmmm...I think I pay at JB." He was like stun when I say I go pay at JB. Look at me for awhile and turn to his colleague and keep asking me if I really wan to pay at JB. I say yes and give me the ticket I'll pay when I'm free. They were doing it in broad day light!! All the cars been stopped were SG cars!! ALL!!! A Nissan Sunny was stopped b4 me and I believe he choose to pay at JB coz I saw one of the TP passed him a ticket as well. Then there were a WRX, a Lexus, so many... Any bros had the same experience? Is the ticket they gave me even real?? What will happen if I dun pay the RM300? I had a fair share of corrupted police in MY experience when I was still a NS driving in MY to get cheaper petrol and cigarette. Its ridiculous...
  22. Who never met some no common sense driver on road? I seen 2 incident along Paya Lebar road towards the MRT station. Traffic isn't that bad yesterday as everyone was driving smoothly and sturdy speed. I saw one Mark X white car from Shell station, which I believe he go on opposite direction as the arrow indicate going in. I had no issue since some did that in order to get to the extreme right lane. But I saw the driver window was winded down with a ciggie on hand right at the petrol kiosk which is just less then 10m away from the pump. Next, I drove up towards the MRT station, and saw one black Nissan Sunny waiting by the road side near the bus stop. Knowingly that the traffic is quite heavy, he still park there and wait for someone without realising all vehicles had to siam him. I had no problem people waiting by road side but at least look at traffic first. Just another Tuesday blue posting. Why not just share together by posting what you seen?
  23. In your experiences, do you find that most women will tell u yes or no, want or dont want, but they usually dont tell you why EVEN if you ask... Especially so when its a negative answer...
  24. by Sam Gai Tang Political observers were surprised that Singapore was chosen as the venue for high level nuclear disarmament talks between North Korea and the US. But North Korean diplomats have said that Singapore is the
  25. Okay that night i was driving along AMK ave what, i forgot already. I look far, then suddenly saw a red traffic light infront of me, lucky can stop in time, i was actually looking for signs to hougang. Is it common a not? Was pretty early in the morning. like 4-5am. Maybe its because i was tired? Then got one time, i also crossed a stopline i didnt see while turning right, but no camera behind me also. I crossed the first one while amber, then it turned red inbetween, didnt see the second one which i had to stop there, haiz. Is it common among drivers? Experienced guys please share.