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Found 375 results

  1. How can one stop motorists from making too much noise with their engines? Someone in Malaysia reckoned that building speed humps outside his place will work. As seen on an article by Mothership.sg, Nor Muhamad Roslam Harun, who lives in Besut, Malaysia said that the exhaust noises caused by the vehicles disturbed his sleep. So the 40-year-old, who was "depressed" due to this, built 11 speed bumps to slow down vehicles travelling past his house. The bumps which stretched across a 40m stretch of road cost him RM1,080 (S$354.83) and it was from part of the i-Sinar Employees Provident Fund. For those who aren't in the know, the i-Sinar fund are for workers who are self-employed and had their business suffered due to COVID-19. Soon, the humps pissed motorists off and he had to remove them after videos of people using the road went viral. As explained by Roslam, he originally wanted to build lower speed bumps. However, the asphalt hardened too fast, resulting in higher and bigger speed bumps. He has since apologised hired the pros to level all the speed bumps, including the additional two that were on the road originally after the police advised him.
  2. Razer_Blaze

    Kia 7 Speed DCT

    Kia has announced their 7 Speed DCT will be launched in 2015. It will be interesting to see how it will perform on the Koup with 1.6 Turbo. http://www.caradvice.com.au/273297/kia-to-launch-new-seven-speed-dual-clutch-automatic-in-2015/ Kia will introduce a new seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission to its passenger vehicle range from 2015. The new transmission will replace the six-speed auto that is currently available across most models in the car maker’s line-up. The new seven-speed DCT is understood to have been designed primarily for higher-power engines and larger vehicles, though is believed to be versatile enough to fit a broad range vehicle sizes, potentially from the Kia Rio city car (pictured below) to the Grand Carnival people-mover. Kia says its engineers have targeted a seven per cent improvement in fuel efficiency and a five per cent improvement in 0-100km/h acceleration ability from the seven-speed dual-clutch compared with the brand’s existing six-speed dual-clutch unit. Using two dry clutches equipped with an electric motor-driven clutch actuator and a pair of gear input shafts, Kia promises faster shift times than those achieved by conventional manual and automatic gearboxes, and the ability to shift sequentially or jump instantaneously to any forward gear based on the driver’s requirements. Kia says the near-continuous power delivery offered by the seven-speed unit minimises the loss of torque during gearshifts, promising a smoother drive across all conditions. An external damper has also been integrated in the pursuit of enhanced NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) refinement. The car maker claims the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission will deliver greater fuel efficiency and a sportier driving experience than any gearbox ever fitted to a Kia. It’s not yet clear which model will be the first to offer the seven-speed unit. Kia Australia public relations general manager Kevin Hepworth says the transmission is definitely headed our way and is a chance to reach local showrooms next year, though admitted the timing of its introduction will be dictated by the arrival of new and updated models.
  3. chitchatboy

    This is why power is nothing without control

    We always hear the phrase "power is nothing without control" In this latest blog post, we now can show you exactly what that phrase means. Shared furiously among many Whatapp chats is a video of a recent accident involving a Nissan R35 GT-R losing control in one of the tunnels of the CTE. The matt silver GT-R which does not look stock at all, should be producing quite a bit more than the stock 480bhp (an remap will easily bring the power figures near 600bhp). It can be seen barreling along the tunnel on 11 July 2020 at quite a high speed before losing it all and smashing into the rear of a Mercedes-Benz CLS350. What did you think made the driver lose control of his AWD GT-R? Could it be a case of malfunction on the car that caused the car to go bonkers? Let us in the comment box!
  4. When I accelerate my Lancer up to and beyond 80km/h, the "womming" noise can be heard from the front & seem to be from the engine compartment. When the speed reach 100km/h & beyond, the noise get louder. Can anyone enlighten me on what could be the problem with my car. Thanks
  5. Hi folks, I understand that LTA had raise the speed limit for vans and lorries from 60km/h to 70km/h. However, the speed device in my dad's van sound off when hit 60km/h. So izit alright to adjust the beeper to sound off at 70km/h ? If yes, any kind souls could advice me where can i get it done ?Thks !
  6. Hi Been contemplating getting a VW jetta but quite concerned about how serious the 7 speed DSG problem is. I would say its the only thing stopping me now. VW sales guy said its those ppl who mod (chip) the car. But what i heard from others is even not chipped also have problem. Every 1 or 2 month have to visit workshop. And their after sales is not fantastic either. Anyone here can share?
  7. Thaiyotakamli

    Intelligent Speed Bump

    How come feel like a booby trap lol
  8. chitchatboy

    Bugatti Chiron Sport does top speed run

    Bugatti claims that the Chiron Sport can hit 420km/h flat out. But is it true? Top Gear's Charlie Turner has been given the chance to experience a top speed run in a Chiron Sport at Volkswagen's Ehra-Lessien test track. In its video, Turner can be seen accessing the full potential of the Chiron with a special key that activates the “high speed” mode. With the correct tyre pressures and car warmed up, he lines the car up after the turn at 200km/h before giving it all. With a straight of more than 8km long, the 8.0-litre, quad-turbo W16-equipped Chiron Sport unleashes all its 1479bhp, allowing Turner to easily go into the 400km/h range quite easily. Eventually, we see in the video that Turner managed to hit 423km/h, showcasing the genius engineering that went into its creation.
  9. Trevor Tan won us a Gold Medal! Congrats young man.
  10. Goldenvodka

    AC Issues

    I have a weird AC Issue. It doesn’t occur in Singapore as drive max is only 1 hour+ Last Long weekend I went to Malaysia and drove my vehicle for 5 6 hours non stop. At around 120 to 150km/h Ac seems to not work after 3 4 hours of driving and was blowing out not so cold air. Front driver seat was fine but passenger is suffering. Upon reaching Singapore. Speed was reduced to 90 100km/h. AC start to blow out freezing cold air again. Temp gauge was half way point which is normal. Coolant EO all in its reasonable limit At the point of time. NSHW outside temperature is about 38 to 40c range
  11. Five Speed Motor CLASS Lawsuit Hi all , many of you have heard about this company . no need any introduction. I am inviting all the parties affected by this Motor shop to come forward and file a CLASS lawsuit against this company. In Singapore , there is no clear law that govern "Hire purchase agreement" . CASE and Small claim do not cover this as its a " hire purchase " i am confuse as your're too. We have panel of lawyers and few affected parties that have came forward. Pls message me , if we have lawyers here willing to look into this welcomed too. We should not let this kind of dishonest trader active in market. if you have know anyone who had issue with them before pls direct to me too. thank you. Can the admin or moderators help me to edit the title to remove the word "Trading" . thank you.
  12. As the summer heat is building up, Germany is forced to put on speed limits on usually unrestricted sections of the Autobahn to prevent accidents. Yes, you read it right as Bloomberg has reported that the high temperatures “could create potentially deadly cracks” on the Autobahn. As a result, the officials have made some sections of the highway enforced with a speed limit of 100 km/h. With temperatures hitting 38.2 degrees Celsius and a possibility of breaking the country’s all-time record of 40.3 degrees Celsius, these cracks could very well happen and could cause drivers who drive into them, lose control of their vehicles. Earlier on, there were reports that a number of other highways in the country had to be closed earlier this month when sections of pavement cracked as temperatures topped 30 degrees Celsius.
  13. For those of us who grew up playing Electronic Arts's Need For Speed series, this might bring back some good memories. Based on the Underground 2 installment of the series, a Russian Youtuber made a real-life version of the game for fun but it turns out cooler than expected. We won't describe what the video is like but we are pretty sure the one minute video might very well tempt you to dig that game out to play again.
  14. M'sia's new enforcement system to catch more speeding motoris http://www.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews...719-359968.html "The AES will use about 800 fixed and 500 portable cameras to monitor traffic in 831 "black spots" located along highways as well as state and federal roads." Can't speed on NSHW soon...
  15. MENU Singapore 70km/h speed limit for eight-seater passenger cars removed; LTA trials revised speed limit for mobile cranes By CYNTHIA CHOO Eight-seater passenger cars will be required to observe the same road speed limits as other passenger cars. Land Transport Authority/Facebook Eight-seater passenger cars will be required to observe the same road speed limits as other passenger cars. Published29 JANUARY, 2019 UPDATED 29 JANUARY, 2019 70 Shares SINGAPORE — The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will remove the speed limit for eight-seater passenger cars from Feb 1, given “advancements in vehicle safety standards”, it said on Tuesday (Jan 29). Currently, eight-seater passenger cars are subject to a vehicle speed limit of 70km/h, whereas other smaller passenger cars do not have vehicle speed limits. ADVERTISING inRead invented by Teads From next month, eight-seater passenger cars will be required to observe the same road speed limits as other passenger cars. “This is in line with the practice in other countries,” said the LTA. ADVERTISEMENT LTA will also begin a six-month trial during which the speed limit for mobile cranes with a laden weight exceeding 24,000kg will be increased from 20km/h to 40km/h. Currently, mobile cranes with a laden weight of up to 24,000kg have a vehicle speed limit of 40km/h, while mobile cranes with a laden weight of more than 24,000kg have a vehicle speed limit of 20km/h. LTA has received feedback from the industry that the speed limit of 20km/h is too low, resulting in longer travelling time on the road, which may cause driver fatigue. In view of industry feedback, LTA will commence a trial on Feb 1 to increase vehicle speed limits for mobile cranes with laden weights exceeding 24,000kg from 20km/h to 40km/h. “This decision takes into account improvements in vehicle technology and design that allow mobile cranes to travel safely at higher speeds, and is also in line with practice in other countries such as Australia, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom,” said the authority. In Australia, the maximum speed limit for such vehicles is 40 to 50km/h. In the United Kingdom, it is 48km/h, and 70km/h in Hong Kong. During the trial, all mobile cranes will be required to adhere to the road speed limit or the vehicle speed limit of 40km/h, whichever is lower. Mr Jimmy Chua, the chairman of the Singapore Cranes Association (SCA), welcomed the trial. “These drivers also have to operate the cranes at the worksite and a slow travelling speed across a long distance may result in driving fatigue and workplace accidents,”
  16. http://www.stcars.sg/guides-articles/140-roads-shortlisted-for-speed-camera-study-144849
  17. This is my first post since becoming a member. A current badge whore by social valuation. Spurred by perceptions of car buyers and enthusiasts. Car Banters: Badge Loverz- Audi A1, A3; BMW 1-2 series, Merc A class Conti Lover- Volkswagen Luxury lovers - roll royce, bentley, messerati Speed Lover- skoda, honda Space Lovers - tivoli, toyota wish, estima Handling whore - Subaru AWD, BMW RWD Money Lover - renewed COE cars Ganchong reliability Lovers - Any Toyota, lorry also can. SUV lovers - Almost 50% of new car market Car Care Banters Detailing Loverz - meiguars and coating addicts Street Car Loverz - Rims, stickers and spoilers addicts Audiophile - 4 digit priced speakers minimum Racer - Engine mod specialist and manual car addicts All these thoughts are triggered when my bro in law told me his car due for change this year and asked me for recommendations which car good n cheap? I dont have that answer, how much is cheap? Annual Salary price? Half annual salary? 3 years salary? Good what? Handling? Soundproof? Speed? Space? So the main question is for car buyers in singapore, what determine our decision? Mind Just sharing of your journey towards your decision for your current ride? I drove toyota altis till scrap then wish for 2 years then now audi A3. While staying in UK bought golf then passat. Basically volkswagen toyota user as it is a common folks car.
  18. Kb27

    Starhub 4G speed boost bill

    Starhub give this 4G Speed boost supposedly for free on my line. I didn't bother too much if it's for free. Suddenly this month, I noticed they charged me $2 for it, after I compared to my previous months bill. I didn't sign up for this. They thrust it to me and now quietly charged $2 bcuz I didn't say NO. This is really underhanded. Just to charge you $2 without you even knowing, if you have not checked. What stupid speed boost? I don't really care about it in the first place. Do check all your telco bills. They are all suckers and playing dirty tricks.
  19. Aaronlkl

    Open Speed Limit

    Other than autobahn in Germany, does anyone knows any other countries has open speed limit?
  20. Does your CO or MIL (or parents lol) always nag you for reckless driving? Even though you feel like it's too slow for you / you are in complete control always / you cut in and out of lanes safely? Liddat how? Do you just wayang when driving with them and unleash when solo? p.s. also applies to vice versa i.e. you feel that you are safe driver but CO complain you drive too slow Just a lighthearted post not meant to start any heated debates or flame wars. Hope you enjoyed your labour day! peace out
  21. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=101...e=1&theater BREAKING: Singapore and Malaysia to build high-speed rail link between S'pore and KL to enhance business and cultural ties. PM Lee says new KL-SG rail link will be "gamechanger" & transform the way people from both countries interact.
  22. Some Friday night food for thought... arguing with CO about my driving style is never ending. She feels that I drive too fast, too recklessly, whereas I feel confident in my ability and in control of the car. How to argue without seeming complacent? Is it complacent or arrogant to say I feel confident in my driving? Then the argument is that driving at lower speed will cause less damage if an accident happens, got more time to react..the usual..which is not wrong. So then why does anyone drive fast? What is "fast"? Why do carmakers make cars with different performance? Given that most countries have speed limits which are way below what a modern car is capable of, why bother to make a vehicle that can go above speed limits? If I were a bmw or merc exec, having studied the singapore car market, I would just make my cars with as small an engine as possible and limit the top speed to 90km/h. Singaporean badge whores (no offence meant here) would lap up my cars and I would be making huge margins by making consumers pay a premium for nothing more than the badge. Until truly autonomous cars become reality this would be the best way to go, no? Sorry for rambling...just wanna see what opinions there are out there. cheers
  23. what is the speed limit on lentor avenue towards yishun? guess all the bros who live in the north know where is it, there is a bridge whereby a TP will stand and take photo, just now i travelling at 80KM/h will i tio or not? very worried
  24. Hey everyone, So I’m new to the forum and was wondering what builds you all could suggest to go up against (but hopefully crush) the new 2018 gt and ss 1le. The Chevy runs 4.1 to the fords 4.4 0-60 and both run mid 12 second quarter mile times. I understand both cars are around 50k usd but I’m looking to spend around 40-45k usd. I was looking at maybe importing the gt-r bnr 32 but with costs up to 35k usd that eats up most of the swap/mod budget. I’m looking for something that’s obviously street legal, most importantly reliable, and something I’m not going to have to spend half of a year looking for a specific model/year so something easy to to find with abundant aftermarket support. Thanks!
  25. Dfx16

    NSHW AES Speed Camera

    Any bro kana liao?