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Found 43 results

  1. Hi All, I'm having this problem for some time as in while travelling in gear, when I lift my foot off the accelerator, there is this whining noise and its seems to be from the auto tramsmission gearbox....some kind of sharp engine brake noise, very annoying. Car is 6 yrs old. Once I just step on accerelator slightly to keep car going, the sound disappears. I lift off pedal, sound comes back immed. I know its not wheel bearings or belts (both air-con and alternator belts hv been replaced). Hope that some forumers can help feedback what is the cause?
  2. For those of us who grew up playing Electronic Arts's Need For Speed series, this might bring back some good memories. Based on the Underground 2 installment of the series, a Russian Youtuber made a real-life version of the game for fun but it turns out cooler than expected. We won't describe what the video is like but we are pretty sure the one minute video might very well tempt you to dig that game out to play again.
  3. Jin scary.. My MSCP also in the process of installing a new lift. http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/...506-420686.html
  4. It is reasonable if 3-ton / 5-ton has speed limit of 50KM/H on expressways. But when you see GP cars or Jeeps crawling at 50KM/H at lane 3, especially near highway exits or entrances you will cringe when there is a long queue.
  5. Anybody needs new gas springs for their car's bonnet or boot? It is the lift supports that assists you in lifting the heavy covers of the cars when opening them. If you have furniture system that uses such lift supports and in need of change, I can assist with the change as well. Currently, I'm looking for others who needs such replacements to share shipping for the gas springs. I've have a supplier that sell these gas springs at very reasonable prices with limited lifetime warranty.
  6. Hi, does anybody know where to go to get the vehicle lifted and roughly how much? Seen some RAV4s raised and wanna get it done as well. Driving Mitsu outlander. Can do in singapore or jb. Thanks.
  7. Singaporean auntie beaten up at her HDB lift lobby by neighbour
  8. Smoke can be seen on rooftop and rumored 5 people are being trapped inside the lift. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=394...e=1&theater
  9. Dear all, Can someone kindly advice where to get a complete set of hid projector headlight (pre FL) for right hand drive (not retrofit type) in Singapore? Roughly how much the price? Tried reading back previous post but cant really find. Kindly help.
  10. As above. I wonder how other town councils are managed.
  11. Came back late on Sat after mid-nite, circle twice MSCP, all fenced off, Top floor with heavy metals barricades / parked within my blk, all cars has been parked since UPgrading last 2 mths, Only my car kenna summoned -$100/ Can some one explain ? A) Summon Opicer likes my car B) Summon Opicer like the way I park my car C) Against Conti Car D) Another Conti car parked in front of mine, ' Bo Tio ' E) My Lucky day F) Buy My Car no. G) Write-in and gve em a @? H) Ignore it !
  12. Was wondering if anyone got lobang for the above mentioned? My boot lift strut supports seems to be weak now and not lifting like before. I got a quote from my workshop at $130 per piece original from stabilus. Quite ex.. even more expensive than my shock absorber..
  13. my boot is very difficult and heavy to lift. what do you think is the problem?
  14. My neighbour's sec sch boy has been bringing his friends back to play mahjong everyday since last Dec. Even though they throw their fast-food waste outside the rubbish chute and mess up the place, we all just ignore them. A few weeks ago, they moved their mj table outside the flat to the lift landing and played there. As a result, we can hear them though our unit is far away fr the lift. When I came home just now, I could hear them 'washing the tiles' fr ground floor. No kidding, I'm staying on the highest flr, more than 10 floors. Never mind, I tell myself to ignore, coz that family is typical zero upbringing family. But when I step out of the lift and head towards my unit, one of them said 'happy new year 新年快乐' I continued to walk, immediately a string of vulgarities followed. Obviously he not happy I ignore him. I have decided to take action, which is the relevant authority to contact? I don't know if they are using chips to gamble, coz I nvr want to look at them. And they are obviously hooligans, my mum heard the boy quarrelling with his friends and they threaten to splash red paint on his doors. However they were back playing mj the next day. I will even call the police, but my concern is, would they say it's none of their business if they not using gambling chips?
  15. knn..think press more means faster come ah
  16. SINGAPORE: A free-falling loading lift at a Kaki Bukit building caused a ceiling to crash onto cars in the basement car park, according to an eyewitness who spoke to Channel NewsAsia. A scene of devastation greeted the eyewitness, who only wanted to be known as Linda, when she went to the car park at about 6pm on Thursday. She was told by the building's security staff that a lift had fallen a few floors causing extensive damage in the basement car park. Channel NewsAsia understands there were two people inside the lift, but they have been rescued. Police said a member of the public called about the incident at Block 1 Kaki Bukit Avenue 3, saying the lift had malfunctioned. No one was injured in the accident. - CNA /ls http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1160724/1/.html HDB flat?
  17. From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Online...ory_700651.html PR's plea on lift upgrading SINGAPOREANS are lucky to have the Government upgrade their homes by subsidising lift upgrading by up to 95 per cent ('Why lift upgrading cannot be compulsory' by the Housing Board; last Saturday). However, permanent residents (PRs) are not eligible to vote in lift upgrading. Why is this so? PRs pay the full market price for their resale HDB flats and conservancy charges, and do not enjoy service and conservancy rebates. They regard their flats as their homes and contribute to nation building through the taxes they pay. And yet, when HDB asks residents to vote on the lift upgrading for their blocks, PRs are not allowed to vote on the physical work that will affect their homes directly. On top of that, PRs are asked to pay the full unsubsidised price. The increased cost borne by PRs is unlikely to be recouped from a higher resale price, as citizens do not have to pay for it and so can sell their flats at a lower price. A PR owner's only option is to sell his flat before the lift upgrading is completed. Give PRs a voice on changes to their homes. Sin Kuan Cheung
  18. Friendstar

    Alju: Lift upgrading stopped

    Dear all, I have been quietly reading threads about the election lately. Most of the time, i stay on the sidelines. As an Aljunied GRC resident (staying in bedok north), I'm disappointed that the recent lift upgrading work has stopped ever since the election fever. for the past many months, the workers have toiled day n night and even on public holidays to expedite the process. but when election fever begins, coupled with the possibility of losing Aljunied GRC, lift upgrading work has become TOTAL silence. i see no construction workers anymore.. very disappointing. the threat is very real.
  19. Meadelx200

    Lift & Shelter for HDB MSC

    Here in Pasir Ris one of the MSC (with up to level B4 & B5 uncover) is undergoing a major upgrade since last September. 1. Addition of LIFTs for the MSC 2. Installation of Sun Shelter for the top uncovered B5 lots We were given a notice of the upgrading by a Town Council letter. The only complain we knew was the lack of parking space but the TC explained no additional floor can be installed because of technical issue. But Why install LIFT for the MSC and the Sun Shelter for the top uncovered lots. Most of the time we will drop off passengers before we proceed to the upper floor. Hope's that will not translate to an increase of the monthly charges again. Any other HDB MSC has Lift installed ?
  20. Knn go Orchard can see for free why do this. http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_637928.html
  21. http://konkocars.com/2009/09/17/hyundais-n...-engine-caught/ The CVVL patent filed by Hyundai Motor http://www.freepatentsonline.com/7311073.html The engine will have 168hp, top of the class!! http://rumors.automobilemag.com/6691869/ne...four/index.html The engine is called NU-series, 2.0 NU CVVL may make its first appearance in the US-specced Elantra by the end of this year! http://worldwide.hyundai.com/company-overv...amp;ListNum=186 Hyundai is aiming at 40mpg fuel economy for the Elantra CVVL http://blogs.internetautoguide.com/6694218...date/index.html
  22. 5936

    Lift urine detectors

    Are the numerous circle gadgets along sides of lifts the urine detectors? I am confused and doubted them. Urine in lift and it cannot detect and intervene. When I came into the lift with paddle of urine, I was worried tha it may suddenly smell the urine....
  23. Bloody clowns http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...poof_video.html
  24. http://www.asiaone.com/static/education/gallery/0510_lift/ Netizens speculate they are from Siglap Secondary School. This is getting ridiculous!!!!