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Found 94 results

  1. Went up to their unit to ask them to lower volume. They said ok but continue jamming away. Belong to a certain race as you all know it. Call police come laio then now start again. I think need to look for MP
  2. I have a old to To ROTEL integrated amplifier AX 939 RX with missions speakers. Simple 2 channel amp, it has no digital or optical input or output. No HDMI,20 over years technology but still sound good. I want to stream music with tidal. Can it be done? Do I need a streamer or DAC or better to buy a new one. Any recommendations
  3. Top Apps 75% off I just spend a total of 50cents for these 2 Apps, OfficeSuite Pro 6+ Runtastic Pro
  4. Alright folks, wadda ya say, time for a forum game! It's word association. The rules: Only 1 word is allowed per post. Your word must be directly related in an explainable way to the word in the post before yours. You may not post the same word, or a plural of the post before yours. Example: Person A: "Chew" Person B: "Munch" Person C: "Snack" Person D: "Time" Let's begin: Leftovers
  5. Fowl play: 13 chicken suppliers fined record S$26.9m for price-fixing, non-compete pacts THIRTEEN distributors of fresh chicken have been fined S$26.9 million for price-fixing and agreeing not to compete for customers, the largest total financial penalty in a single case to date, the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS) said in a media statement on Wednesday. Fresh chicken distributors import live chickens from farms in Malaysia and slaughter them in Singapore, selling the fresh chicken products to customers such as supermarkets and restaurants. The 13 distributors collectively supply more than 90 per cent of fresh chicken products in Singapore, with an annual combined turnover amounting to about half a billion dollars. The 13 suppliers were fined between S$705,939 to S$11.4 million, taking into account relevant turnovers; the nature, duration and seriousness of the infringement; aggravating and mitigating factors, such as cooperation with the CCCS; and representations made. "Particularly for this case, the large size of the industry, the high market shares of the parties, the seriousness and the long duration (of about seven years) of the cartel conduct contributed to CCCS imposing the highest total financial penalty in a single case to date," said the CCCS.
  6. Open ended question. Inspired by the recent Jumanji movie and the Sims game. What video game do you related your life with? Or what game character do you related yourself to? How would you play this game if you have an alternative choice? What powers and abilities and weakness you think you should have to make you stronger? Discuss.
  7. It's Official: Reunited GUNS N' ROSES To Play This Year's COACHELLA Read more at http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/its-official-reunited-guns-n-roses-to-play-this-years-coachella/ Is this for real?! I had given up hope that they will ever reunite! My ultimate dream is to see them live in Singapore, but highly impossible.
  8. I always wanted to learn to play the piano ever since i was young but wasnt able to afford it then. Always dream of playing november rain like axl rose of guns and roses. Now i can afford it, and i think it's time to put my dreams into action Some questions to check with bros here.... 1) Where is a good place to learn? Any recommendation? I'm looking for a music school but there are just too many choices 2) Dumb question...but is it too late? I'm in mid 20s and everyone has been telling me that i'm too old to start. 3) Should i get a piano first then go for lessons or vice versa? I'm looking at those digital pianos first before getting the real mccoy... Please kindly share your experiences or advices!! Thanks
  9. Hi guys, I have Alpine ICS-X8 that has a problem now..I can play anything from USB,or CD without any problem. But when I switch to radio, no sound at all..I even cannot change the channel..Anyone has similar experience before?any advise? please share if you guys have any..thanks
  10. http://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/entertainment/news/a25482/robert-de-niro-to-play-enzo-ferrari-in-hi-budget-biopic/ Apr 9, 2015 @ 11:19 AM Robert De Niro to play Enzo Ferrari in hi-budget biopic De Niro tells an Italian newspaper that production will begin soon ahead of a 2016 release. By Robert Sorokanich
  11. Lim Kay Tong to play founding PM Lee Kuan Yew in the movie 1965 http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/movies/story/lim-kay-tong-play-founding-pm-lee-kuan-yew-the-movie-1965-20141008 SINGAPORE - Despite an almost unanimous verdict among Singaporeans on social media that he is perfect for the role, veteran actor Lim Kay Tong admits he had to overcome cowardice before agreeing to play Singapore's founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew in the local movie 1965. At a press conference on Wednesday, he says: "Two things in the 1960s that are stuck indelibly in my mind - the assassination of John F. Kennedy and Lee Kuan Yew's speech on the separation. Even as a child, you realise the significance of it, you see a different side to the man, a very human side. That press conference really defined him in a different way. "After reading the script, Lim, 60, thought he could take on the part.
  12. Pufferfish1

    Who Play Golf

    who play golf here
  13. hi, the new CS5 can be played online with multi-players mode. i'm keen to play with members here with a big map to run our own city. anyone here interested to join? please key your username and type of trade you prefer for your city to begin with. 1. yeobt - tourism 2. 3. 4. 5.
  14. Kiss your free time goodbye: you can now play 900 pre-1996 arcade games online for free. The golden age of arcade games has returned—to your web browser. The Internet Archive exists to create a digital copy of, well, everything digital produced by culture. It's most famous for the Wayback Machine, which preserves old versions of websites for posterity—so, for example, if you want to see what Yahoo.com looked like in 1996, you can do that. Last year, it added "stealing everyone's spare time" to its goals, and debuted a powerful weapon in that arsenal: The Console Living Room, simulating hundreds of classic console games ranging from Atari to Sega Genesis and a dozen-plus other consoles in between. Now it has a new tool for monopolizing the nostalgia of anyone old enough to have actually played arcade games and younger nerds who want a little hipster cred: The Internet Arcade. I died because I was taking a screenshot for you. I hope you appreciate it. There are currently 901 games available (although a mere 350 or so are "recommended"), spanning the 1970s to the 1990s. People today complain about video games charging you once for the main product and then again for downloadable content, but these are the games that people paid to play every single time, and now they're free. Having a Q*Bert high score makes going pro in LoL look like child's play. Every punk kid says they've played on the tournament level for League of Legends these days, but none of them ever had their three initials saved in glorious neon for everyone in town to marvel over (until a challenger could rise up and beat them). Street Fighter 2 was actually a video game before it was a movie! These games don't have the graphics or sound design that modern titles do, but that also means that the games are built entirely out of their mechanics. Everything you play today has an ancestor in here somewhere, and there's a good chance the original version did it simpler and better. I hope you realize that I could have been playing games instead of writing this. Whether you loved these games back in the day or you just love video games enough to go back to your roots, can you really afford not to waste all your time playing free games without having 13-year-olds (or mental 13-year-olds) scream at you?
  15. Any1 here play multiplayer PC games on steam regularly? Like CSGO or COD, BF4, payday2?
  16. Joseph22

    Play as Glorious Leader

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=j8_X-9AIG-c Wah.. best new game coming out in November... Who want to be glorious leader??
  17. Do you miss them? 1. Snake 2. Snake 2 3. Memory 4. Space Impact 5. Bantumi 6. Bounce Last but not the least.... CANDYYYY CRUSSSSHHHH!
  18. Ahgong

    Taxi customers play dirty?

    I was in a cab chatting with the driver when he brought up the topic of customers playing dirty which is common these days. What they do is, they get the driver to drive them to their destination. Only upon arrival, they declare that they only got $X dollars (eg, $4) in their wallets. it is the take-it-or-leave-it attitude. the taxi drivers have no choice but to take it. Cos if they were to argue with the customer, the customer makes a complain, their rice bowl is threatened. if the driver makes a report to the police, it will be time wasted for making statements. and customers will never leave their particulars for the driver to make a valid report anyways. if the driver makes it difficult for the customer to leave the cab till they settle the payment, they may be accused of criminal detainment by the customers. I checked with my uncle who is also driving a cab and he confirmes that it is common now a days. he gets a few of these cases each week. and there is nothing he can do about it. have you heard of such stories? what would you do if you are the taxi driver in such a situation? Any taxi uncles or aunties to share their views?
  19. Viceroymenthol

    Argentina's Aimar to play for Johor

    Argentina's Aimar to play for Johor Published on Sep 15, 2013 -- PHOTO: AFP Former Argentina international Pablo Aimar greeting fans of Johor Darul Takzim before signing a two-year deal to play with the Malaysian Super League club yesterday. The 33-year-old footballer, who played in the 2002 and 2006 World Cups, will begin playing for his new club next season. He is the latest high-profile player to feature for the big-spending Malaysian team, which brought in former Spanish international Daniel Guiza for the last season. Johor Football Association president Tunku Ismail Ibrahim said Aimar will be the league's most expensive player but did not reveal how much he will be paid.
  20. opinion needed. already have Iphone with internet connection on the go. occupation does not require ipad to facilitate business purpose. am thinking of buying an ipad just for playing games and internet surfinng at home (even though already have laptop with mobile broadband connection - just that it is more convenient to surf using Ipad). and to do that, to buy a 2nd sim card from singtel at $5 charge per month. do you think this is not a recommended move? also, does it mean the Ipad that i buy from Singtel will not be at discounted price, since there will be no new line sign-up?
  21. Billcoke

    Can't play BF3 in Cambodia????

    I got this error message "You were disconnected from EA Online (1)" when I brought my notebook to Cambodia to play BF3. But why I didn't get this error message back in Singapore?
  22. I've recently installed Battlefield 3 in my notebook, but how to play in single user in campaign mode? The menu option for the PC version is very different from PS3 version, the PC version only shows multiplayer or co-op, but don't have single user campaign mode. I'm confused.
  23. Singapore banker detained in China Ms Wu was due to return to Singapore to get married next Saturday, but is being detained for allegedly aiding a client of embezzlement. Sat, Mar 17, 2012 AsiaOne Miss Eden Wu Yidian and her American fiance, Mr Jason David Tan, who are engaged and had planned to get married in Singapore on Mar 24. A Singaporean banker working in Shanghai as a relationship manager for Standard Chartered Bank's private banking business has been detained in China. Ms Eden Wu Yidian, 31, has been held in a Wuxi jail near Shanghai since March 6 for allegedly harbouring a client who is on the run after embezzling US$50 million (S$63.4 million), according to news reports quoting her fiance. Ms Wu was due to return to Singapore to get married on March 24, said The New Paper. Although she has not been charged with any crime, Chinese police are investigating a client of hers who allegedly fled the country after embezzling money from the state-owned Agricultural Bank of China. The client was an employee of the bank's branch in Jiangyin, a city in Jiangsu province near Shanghai, reported The Financial Times. According to The Straits Times, Ms Wu came to Singapore 10 years ago after graduating from a university in China. She is said to be fluent in English, Mandarin, Hokkien and Japanese. She started working in the banking sector after passing an accountancy exam. Ms Wu eventually took up Singaporean citizenship and is engaged to business consultant Mr Jason Tan, a 34-year-old Chinese-American living in Shanghai. Mr Tan told Lianhe Wanbao that he had not been able to see his fiance for nine days but was allowed to speak to her on the phone. The last time he spoke to her was on Thursday. He added that he and his parents are worried for her and she had pleaded for help. Since January, Ms Wu had been summoned by Chinese police for questioning five times, said Mr Tan. Ms Wu did not think anything of it initially and had told the police that she had to return to Singapore by March 8. However, she was detained when she visited the police station with her fiance. Mr Tan told New York Times: "After I had waited outside the police station for about an hour, the police told me she was being detained." The police also handed her diamond engagement ring, watch and necklace to him, reported Shin Min Daily News. Mr Tan said he had accompanied her at least twice on her earlier visits to the police station and even witnessed her putting her thumbprint on some documents. He was not allowed to sit in when she was questioned but she had told him of the sessions, said Mr Tan. He also told Lianhe Wanbao that Ms Wu had not taken any money and was not aiding or harbouring anyone involved in the case. Mr Tan said that since she started working in the private banking division in Shanghai nine months ago, Ms Wu had had the opportunity to mingle with some of the wealthiest people in China. The Straits Times said that a Standard Chartered spokesman confirmed that Ms Wu was the bank's employee and said it was providing support by liaising with her family and legal representative. The Standard Chartered spokesman also told The New Paper: "We are unable to comment on Eden's detention as this is part of an ongoing investigation by the police, but we can confirm that Standard Chartered is not being investigated." Mr Tan said that the stress, anxiety and sleepless nights had caused him to lose 6kg since he last saw her. Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Singapore Consulate-General in Shanghai is aware of the case, which is currently under investigation. It said it will render all necessary consular assistance, including paying visits to Ms Wu, said The Straits Times.
  24. Every website i go, i keep seeing this advertisement popping up, Spore really hard up for more FT. https://home-in-singapore.sg/Default.aspx?t...aign=Contextual