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  1. i think the question shd be.... which AD is sponsoring this event? Can go grab those event cars
  2. I think most of us can agree that honda is less frequently associated with taxis... but quite a substantial % of PHV are using honda models.
  3. Estrangable

    Watches IV

    My favorite table wiper - what are the pieces on lelong? So proud of you.. Able to wipe so many rolex watches through your table wiping hard work.
  4. Estrangable

    Watches IV

    lunch time...and my milgauss. love the shade of blue and the green sapphire crystal....really an unique watch, at least to me
  5. Estrangable

    Watches IV

    my explorer 2....a tad too big for me
  6. Estrangable

    Watches IV

  7. Estrangable

    12 weeks jail for Howard Shaw

    i always see howard at raffles city tower smoking area...smoking alone.. poor chap. he seems to be rather melancholic.. dragging on his ciggie and staring on the floor. Sometimes i wish i can give him a hug and tell him it's ok ....
  8. Estrangable

    Buying Ceiling fan and lighting from JB

    Just a warning - singapore custom officers do know that Tampoi provides a second receipt....when they ask you if this is the actual receipt...you better confess and provide the actual one...else it will be cheating ah gong i bought my kdk and elmark fans from tampoi....fanastic value for money. The lightings are also very affordable....BUT i was told by my malaysian colleagues, locals dont get it from tampoi. Only rich singaporeans do it
  9. Estrangable

    General Election 2015 - 11 Sep 2015

    guys - today is the last day for inspection of the register of electors... do rem to log in and check. Quick Question - what happened if you changed your address between now and the election day - will you still be grouped under the old electoral division or the new one, based on your new address?? thanks in advance
  10. Estrangable

    Air Supply back in Singapore AGAIN

    did they even came out with any new albums in the last few years - or just a rehash of the same old songs - " I'm all out of love, i', so lost without you".....
  11. Estrangable

    Air Supply back in Singapore AGAIN

    Holy moly....AIR SUPPLY BACK IN SINGAPORE ....one night only....40th anniversary http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/air0315 how many times do air supply has to come to Singapore - it is like a yearly affair.
  12. Estrangable

    ANWAR IBRAHIM charged for Sodomy, again.

    his wife is a chinese.... the accused was flip-flopping since the trial starts - first, it was rape, then it was consensual , then it was found there is no scar mark at the anus area....so is it sodomy or not??
  13. Estrangable

    ANWAR IBRAHIM charged for Sodomy, again.

    Is there peneration or no peneration?? I tot there was a part of the techicality of peneration....if u dont penerate, its not considered as sodomy....
  14. Estrangable

    Geylang district

    abrasion la... esp if u wearing jeans
  15. Estrangable

    Geylang district

    This is damn hilarious - Tip 3 : sperm smell in underwear Tip 3"My husband always washes His own underwear quickly or put in the laundry basket quickly for washing after a certain night outing with so called male buddies..." Implies: Husband 's body can be bathed but underwear retaining the scent of sperm ejaculation can't be washed away before he reaches home. If he arrives back home with a washed wet underwear , the suspicious is greater. Walau, damn scary if the first thing u reach home is the demand from your wife to take off your underwear for her to spot check...by sniffing it hard