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Found 113 results

  1. enzoalec92

    French police buys 26 Alpine A110s

    https://www.thedrive.com/news/42877/french-police-getting-alpine-a110-patrol-cars-for-rapid-intervention-duty "French Police Getting Alpine A110 Patrol Cars for ‘Rapid Intervention’ Duty The mid-engined sports cars will be used primarily for rural patrols. Police vehicles are normally fairly regular cars. Typically, four-door sedans and SUVs get outfitted with all the law enforcement gear, with plenty of room in the back to stow people in handcuffs. Every now and then, however, a police force lays its hands on something a bit special. The National Gendarmerie in France have done just that, ordering a fleet of Alpine A110 sports cars, as reported by Motor1. The National Gendarmerie is one of France's two national police forces, and is charged with the policing of smaller towns, rural, and suburban areas. The force will order 26 examples of the Alpine A110 Pure, as per a French-language press release from the Ministry of Interior. The vehicles will be used to "carry out interventions on the motorway involving high-speed offenders, as a part of road safety or other police missions." The Alpine A110 is a fine choice for an interceptor vehicle, combining deft handling with quick acceleration. Sporting a turbocharged 1.8-liter engine good for 249 horsepower, the A110 can accelerate to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. It should prove more than capable of apprehending the average Peugeot hatchback that decides to make a dash for freedom. Unlike out-and-out supercars, the Alpine A110 is also relatively affordable, coming in at €58,400 Euros, or roughly $68,000 USD for a base model in France. Alpine's parent company Renault won the supply contract in an open tender, and the vehicles are to be customized by French vehicle conversion company Durisotti. Thus, police are probably paying a fair whack over the base retail price in order to get the cars fitted out as needed. The hot police car trope is a well-worn one at this point; some are merely for show, while others actually head out on patrol. Florida's Highway Patrol famously put a Mercury Marauder into service, while police in Japan have often found the Nissan GT-R to be a useful platform. More often than not, however, these vehicles primarily serve as a public relations tool rather than a day-to-day police vehicle. However, given that the National Gendarmerie have ordered 26 A110s, it seems more likely they'll be doing plenty of real work out and about in rural France. You'd want to be in something suitably quick if you're planning to drop a gear and disappear, but remember: you can't outrun a radio."
  2. Renault could kill the Alpine A110 after just three years source: https://uk.motor1.com/news/424665/renault-closing-alpine-a110-factory/ The company is looking to cut costs. Renault, like many automakers right now, are looking to cut costs to survive the coronavirus pandemic. The French automaker, part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, is preparing to unveil a cost-cutting plan that, according to a new report from Automotive News Europe, calls for the closing of several factories. One of those possible closures is Renault’s Dieppe, France, plant where it builds the limited-production Alpine A110 sports car. This could put the A110 out to pasture just three years after its introduction at the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed. The factory employs about 400 people, according to the publication, and it’s one of the company’s smallest factories in the alliance. The report doesn’t say if Renault plans to move A110 production out of Dieppe, though in September 2018, the company had a 14-month waiting period for the new car, at the time increasing output from 15 to 20 cars a day. The news comes just months after Renault introduced the Alpine A110 Legende GT earlier this year, which the company is limiting to only 400 examples. It followed the two-wheel-drive race car version revealed last year and a crossover-coupe concept. However, with Renault looking to cut €2 billion (£1.8 billion) from its budget, everything is likely on the table. Earlier this year, Renault CEO Clothilde Delbos said there’d be “no taboos” to cutting costs, according to the publication. Gallery: Alpine A110 Legende GT
  3. Sdf4786k

    Renault Alpine A110

    Something to compete against the likes of the more establish brand Renault Alpine A110 light weight at 1080 with 1.8 T, seems very Alfa kind of formula
  4. A road-going version of the Alpine A110 GT4 has been spotted going around Nurburgring. The prototype is set to get more power than the base variant. As reported by Carscoops, the prototype was photographed wearing a livery inspired by the GT4 race car but is noticeably less aggressive as it eschews the ventilated carbon fiber hood and adopts a smaller front spoiler. Also noteworthy is a smaller wing on its boot that says “A110 GT4” If this road-legal version of the A110 GT4 comes true, the car could be loosely based on the A110 Cup that comes with a track-tuned suspension with adjustable Ohlins shock absorbers and a 40mm lowered ride height and a magnesium Brembo braking system. The engine remains largely the same but will likely get a boost in power for the GT4 to a possible 266bhp or more.
  5. Axeman24

    Alpine Halo9 iLX-F309E

    Was just surfing the Apline website and saw this 9" head unit. Its called the Halo 9. Has anyone installed it? http://www.alpine-asia.com/sg/product/Audio-Visual/Alpine%20Halo9%20iLX-F309E
  6. Dear Alpine Navi GPS map users, Bought this headunit around 3-4 mths back for my Alphard and was disappointed that the GPS was relatively outdated, did not even have MCE. (think its 2013 or 2104 map). As advised by my installer, he said that I can buy online and installed it myself (via the headunit SD card). Today, surf the alpine website to find out how to update, also check malsingmap, in the end was prepared to pay for it (around US80, more ex at US120 if include Thailand) but alpine website advised me to install this software to check whether there is enough space in the SD card. https://alpine.naviextras.com/shop/portal/downloads Realised that the programme actually detected that I have a 2015 Q2 free update - inside my SD card! By clicking it, viola, my map now updated! Hence, pls do not pay/buy gps map update until you downloaded the above and check for any free update available. Other tips 1) pls peel off the plastic covering the SD card carefully using some simple tools, was using my fingernails, almost damage it 2) create a backup of the SD card into your PC, just in case the update does not work still happy no need to pay a single cent, and not sure why the installer was not aware abt it.
  7. Brass

    Chevrolet Cruze 2017

    The new Chevrolet Cruze has not been brought in as of 2017. This model has been speculated to come on sale in sg by first or second quarter of 2018 (iirc) And since there is only talk about this model but no threads on it, I decided to take the initiative to start this thread. This model, if priced correctly, can sell adequately. For this model, there is only a 1.4 turbocharged Petrol or a 1.6 turbocharged Diesel engine, so the 1.6 NA will not be back... Dimensions : Wheelbase:2700mm Length:4666mm 4453mm(hatchback) Width:1795mm Height:1458mm 1465mm(hatchback) Weight:1195-1300 kg* * Chinese models. Rest of them are international (us ) models. Thanks.
  8. Anyone using this headunit? Any comments? https://alpine-usa.com/product/view/apple-carplay-android-auto-ilx-207/
  9. Underpaidsamurai

    New Cruze 1.4T

    Hi I went down to the showroom and went for a testdrive on the new Cruze 1.4 turbo. Frankly, I was very impressed. My previous ride was a Ford Mondeo which I am scrapping. The low depreciation, very attractive pricing and overall ride is really tempting me. I have not owned a Chevrolet before and was wondering how is the service from Alpine Motors? Anybody can shed some light on this?
  10. Rejoice everyone! Currently ST Mobile is celebrating our 10th Year Anniversary in conjunction with Singapore SG50, We are to celebrate together with all myCarForum Members. Currently, we have a very hard to resist group buy for all myCarForum members. Alpine SPJ-17C2 6.5" Coaxial Speaker QUALITY OVER QUANTITY Just because you want better sound in your car, doesn't mean you have to break your budget, The Type-J speakers are perfect, affordable option if you simply need replacement speakers or even want to start building a sound system. ALPINE GIVES MORE BASS Type J speakers gather you to every bass level. Outstandingly, Type J's are able to reach the highest efficiency of music instruments that leads you to the next level of sound quality. Peak Power ~ 200W RMS Power ~ 40W Normal impedance ~ 4Ω Frequency Response ~ 35Hz - 25kHz From now till 31 of May 2015, We are only selling this at $50/- (U.P $120/-) Limited to only 50 sets. Drop your nick for reservation and state your preferred timing. Collection is only at out latest outlet. 25 Kaki Bukit Road 4 #01-27 Synergy @ KB S(417800) Do drop by our newest outlet for more In-Car-Entertainment upgrades! For more information about us: http://www.sgcarmart.com/directory/merchant.php?MID=12629
  11. Anybody know where to get the above in SG? Can't find much info online
  12. Hi guys, I have Alpine ICS-X8 that has a problem now..I can play anything from USB,or CD without any problem. But when I switch to radio, no sound at all..I even cannot change the channel..Anyone has similar experience before?any advise? please share if you guys have any..thanks
  13. Two Brits dead after car plunges 1,000ft off Austrian mountain road during organised rally http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/two-brits-dead-after-car-6130423 The 22-year-old driver and his 25-year-old passenger lost control of their Seat Leon before ploughing through a safety barrier in the Alps They were taking part in an organised rally between the Belgian capital Brussels and Hungary’s capital Budapest that started on July 18. Police estimate that they were travelling at speeds of up to 120mph before the accident at around 7.45am today. Specialist crash investigators are ­examining the scene of the accident for clues as to what happened. At its highest point the road, named as one of the most stunning driving experiences in the world, is 8,215ft above sea level and runs across the base of the Grossglockner, Austria’s highest mountain. Although the mountain is a scenic route famed for its spectacular views, it also attracts motorists from all over Europe who are keen to try out the challenging curves and sweeping bends in the road.
  14. By posting your setting may help other owner to quickly & correctly set the optimal time alignment setting Car model : HU model : FL : FR : RL : RR :
  15. Dear all, Would appreciate Opel and Chevrolet owners to provide feedback on their after sales service. Thanks!
  16. Any review for this? Am considering to buy this.. helps appreciated
  17. Hi there, Being surfing and ponder to get Sony XAV-64BT earlier. But i was wavered when i saw Alpine ICS-X8. The features seems cool and very driver friendly in terms of shortcuts like Blue Tooth with phone book mapping, auto answer feature, steering wheel remote, mirror link, etc. Does anyone out there own this unit? I am using an Android phone and this seems to work well in this unit. I am concerned about the GPS navigation as this unit does not support in-house and navigation works with a phone with GPS feature via mirror link. How stable is this feature and any bugs identified? Thank you.
  18. Hi Fellow Mcfers, Want to see who are using Alpine Hu now. It will be good if we can share knowledge on how to fully utilise our HU. List 1. Gadgeter - 9833 Question: Have you try the setting on the cross over in your unit?
  19. Hi all, There's something that simply baffled me. I have a ALPINE ICS-X8 (7' Head Unit) that is able to display resolution up to 800x480. I have also installed add-on GPS (RoadNavi with Papago Map). Unfortunately, the add-on GPS map resolution is so lousy (480x234) and the map display is not sharp. Upon query, they replied that they use Low Resolution Driver for GPS input to the Alpine Head-Unit..... Tried googling but couldn't find any answer....... Is there really such thing, i.e. High resolution Head Unit but uses Low resolution driver for GPS input ??!!! In another words, as long as I have this Alpine Head Unit, I will continue to have a low resolution GPS display regardless of the add-on unit ? Thanks.
  20. Kiadaw

    Alpine road trip

    Finally, I will be going to the Alps. *cheering in background* On 20 sept, I will be making a road trip down to the Alps. Unfortunately, I have limited time, just 5 days. Very rush, & 2 of these days are 1/2 days. I will start the trip in Frankfurt, at Noon, by picking up my friend, we will drive down south to Lake Constance (Bodensee), a lake the size of Singapore bordering Germany & Switzerland. All pictures plug from the net, but I will post actual travel picture after the trip S
  21. Hi All, I can't seem to playback videos loaded on my iPod Classic on my Alpine. No issues with audio files, just video. Anyone has any clue how to get around this issue? Not sure whether it's the settings on the iPod or the HU but I've tried all sorts of settings but still no video playback. TIA!
  22. After several rendered leaks on the internet, Renault has finally revealed the much awaited Alpine A110-50 concept car. The car will make its debut during the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix. The Alpine A110-50 is a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the legendary Alpine Renault A110 Berlinetta rumours are that the car will mark the return of the Alpine brand. The Alpine A110-50 concept adopts much of its styling from another Renault concept car which is the Renault DeZir that was showcased during the 2010 Paris Motor Show. The reason why Renault borrowed much of the DeZir's styling instead of creating something similar to the A110 Berlinetta is due to the fact that they do not want to create a retro-styled show car. The engine used in the Alpine A110-50 is a 3.5-litre 24-valve V6 engine that generates around 400bhp at 7200 rpm and 412Nm of torque at 6200rpm. Additional performance figures were not released by Renault but the automaker has indicated that power is sent to the rear wheels through an F1-styled sequential gearbox with six forward gears. The driver can change gears with the shift paddles, mounted behind the steering wheels. A limited slip differential is installed into the car but it does not have modern driving aids such as ABS and ESP. Braking is assured by six piston callipers at the front and four piston callipers at the rear. The A110-50
  23. AlanZ

    Alpine HU

    Hi Guys, I am an ICE noob but will like to make the sound quality a little better. Curently my HU is http://www.alpine.com.au/showItem.php?item_id=48 and was wondering do I have to change the HU before I do anything? Or a simple upgrade of component speakers with amp will suffice. Pls advise my 1st step?
  24. Tourdefrance

    Alpine TUA-T500HD

    Hi May I know has anyone installed Alpine TUA-T500HD HD radio in Singapore? Whether it is applicable to local radio frequencies and stations? Thinking of ordering it online. Details : http://reviews.cnet.com/car-audio/alpine-t...7-32856715.html
  25. Selling the above Alpine W2023 can connect reverse camera very gd condition. Looking at $280 cash n carry. Watsapp 97886400 for pic n info