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Found 16 results

  1. Just to have an idea who drive this wonderful MPV.. And we can organise meet-ups and all.. and also.. there is a dedicated forum : www.alphardasiaclub.com Let me get the ball rolling... 1) VellfireS / Toyota Vellfire 3.5Z-G S-Edition (Richburg Motors)
  2. Am looking for some advice: We're going to Hokkaido next month, and are looking at renting a large MPV, so hope to get some tips and information on: 1) which MPV is good/best 2) any tips on driving in winter There will be 7 of us on the trip. 6 adults/children who are 1.7-1.8 m tall, and one 6-yo kid who needs a booster seat. There will also be quite a bit of luggage, tentatively 1-2 pcs 28", 3 pcs 24", 2 pcs 20" luggages. Looking at the options for MPVs, the larger ones are either Toyota Alphard or Nissan Elgrand, followed by the slightly smaller ones of Toyota Noah or Nissan Serena. Any bigger will be the Toyota Hiace van. Is there any possibility of accommodating all 7, plus the luggages in Alphard/Elgrand, or is it necessary to go for Hiace? I vaguely remember that @Heartlander had mentioned before renting Elgrand during a Japan trip, and also owned an Alphard before here? Care to share your experience please? Anyone else with knowledge/experience of these 2 - your opinion is welcome. If we shift the 3 rows of seats to be more 'forward', will the luggage/boot space behind 3rd row seat, be sufficient for the luggages that we have? Then on #2, driving in winter/snow, apart from going slow, and avoiding icy roads, what else should we look out for? Winter tyres are standard, and there's 4WD option for the vehicles. Thanks in advance.
  3. Dear Alpine Navi GPS map users, Bought this headunit around 3-4 mths back for my Alphard and was disappointed that the GPS was relatively outdated, did not even have MCE. (think its 2013 or 2104 map). As advised by my installer, he said that I can buy online and installed it myself (via the headunit SD card). Today, surf the alpine website to find out how to update, also check malsingmap, in the end was prepared to pay for it (around US80, more ex at US120 if include Thailand) but alpine website advised me to install this software to check whether there is enough space in the SD card. https://alpine.naviextras.com/shop/portal/downloads Realised that the programme actually detected that I have a 2015 Q2 free update - inside my SD card! By clicking it, viola, my map now updated! Hence, pls do not pay/buy gps map update until you downloaded the above and check for any free update available. Other tips 1) pls peel off the plastic covering the SD card carefully using some simple tools, was using my fingernails, almost damage it 2) create a backup of the SD card into your PC, just in case the update does not work still happy no need to pay a single cent, and not sure why the installer was not aware abt it.
  4. This might be a long shot, but no harm trying. Incident occurred at JW St 42 car park (in front of blk 554), approx. 1005hrs. I scraped the side of your front passenger fender while reversing. Did not have any stationery with me, so I went to get some. Upon returning, your vehicle was no longer there. Should you be reading this, please drop me a pm for settlement. Pictures of the damage are attached as well. Many thanks
  5. Hi, Intending to get either of these 2 cars but not willing to fork out $30k more to get from AD. Whom are the reputable PIs to recommend? Thanks!
  6. As abv 2011 Nissan Elgrand 2.5(E52) vs Toyota Alphard 2.4, mind give me some advise???
  7. The third generation Elgrand recently underwent a facelift, bringing a host of cosmetic changes and improvements. It also enters the large MPV market with a seven-seater variant. Versus its close rival the Toyota Alphard, which do you think is a better buy? http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/review.php?AID=742
  8. Hi I'm asking to see if anyone has experienced driving a Toyota Alphard in Japan (specifically in Hokkaido would be good). As we're headed there in June, I'm curious about how different the model is compared to the version we get here in Singapore... I need as much luggage space as possible, and as it is, the local version's last row slides forward just enough that I can load the luggage for the six of us.... I'm wondering if the seat configuration (2-2-3) and "configurability" is similar.... Thanks in advance!
  9. Forte3737

    Jack's Toyota Alphard

    kaypoh a bit here i read that he sold it and bought a 2nd hand car. anyone knows what he driving now? or has anyone here bought Jack's Alphard?
  10. Infinitywerkz

    Japan 2009 Toyota Alphard. cool

    Happen to find this website introducing the 2009 Aiphard in Japan. Donno when wil it be imported to Singapore http://videoandpic.blogspot.com/2008/09/to...phard-2009.html
  11. with jack neo screwing around in his mpv, is that the best choice? size matters? lol no need to describe your personal experience, but from what you hear can already.
  12. Saw from today's straits times that BM will be bringing in Toyota Alphard MPV this year. They will also be launching the new Wish in the 3rd quarter
  13. Review is at: http://forums.asiaone.com/showthread.php?t=18035
  14. Wonder how much the Pi's ar selling over here... Looks Tempting May 12, 2008 Toyota 'Alphard' Minivan Reborn with 'Vellfire' Companion Tokyo
  15. Dear all I am looking for the Toyota Alphard 03', 3000cc, 2WD rear shocks. Need one pair. Anybody who knows who and where to contact kindly let me know. i've tried Ric-Tat, Hanip, Autosaver and Fong Tat with no results. Thanks a million.