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  1. Hi to all bro. just to promote my M1 here. Mini size. Another alternative for you all to choose a right DRV. You can compare the resolution with others. Please click on the link to look at it. All M1 are under 1 year warranty and additional 8GB memory card for free. Thank everyone http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autoco...mp;product=6695
  2. Infinitywerkz

    Recommendations for No Fuss In Car Video Camera

    Oracom M1 blackbox. Just launch this month. Highly recommended. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autoco...mp;product=6695
  3. Infinitywerkz

    HID flicker

    Just change ballast will do.
  4. Infinitywerkz

    In car vehicle recorder

    If you have any enquiry on oracom, you can chat with me in the MSN at scopiosg@hotmail.com
  5. Infinitywerkz

    In car vehicle recorder

    Sorry. We had already place the price for oracom very low. It,s the most affortable blackbox with all the features in it. esp the suction stand. we are the 1st to introduce this type of suction stand. Usually outside all using double side tape( use only once) or suction stand like gps type( which is easily damage or drop under hot sun). Ours suction stand is different from them. Its sticky and can withstand high temperture esp under hot side. You can remove easily and stick to others cars with ease. Look at all the high-light of the oracom preloaded. We don't recommend battery in-built but oracom can support portable battery at additional cost. Battery in-built is not good for the module, Our countries is extremely high in temp so battery might expand or expose under hot sun. Oracom also have speaker in side. so every thing when you started the car. its will voice out recording started etc... If error it will voice out also. So you will never need to check often is the recording is functioning. ( light status indicator also). Not only that, the setting is user friendly, one time setting include G-senor Sensitivity, driver name, car plate number, password(optional) etc.. will do. That all. Checking of event. Just take out the SD card. insert into computer. open the oracom.exe program and ready to view all video and google map.
  6. Infinitywerkz

    In car vehicle recorder

    For the damage for the one channel Blackbox Oracom. We had already given 15% plus additional 8GB memory card for you all. Price is $339 nett. This is highly recommeded model whereby the review is very good. If you don't want the 8GB memory card. I can give you $319. If you all can make a group buy 5 pcs onward. Price the best i can give you is $299 per pcs. Total saving of up to $100. Compare to Taiwan and China high resolution blackbox only higher by 50-100 dollar. You will never find this price for Korea made DVR in the market. We are assign to promote their DVR here. Therefore the price we keep is extreme low. Not only quality, the design is also outstanding. Most of the DVR outside is square square. High-light of our DVR 1. G-Sensor - All impact will be recorded in the Event folder without overwritting for safe keeping. 2. GPS - record the time, date and location for each event using satelite data. No setting require. Highly recommeded by insurance company for actual timing,event location(using google map) and travelling speed of the car etc.. whereby others don't provide this information. 3. Car battery monitor - Prevent the car battery from getting flat when act as a CCTV mode. 4. Voltage stabiliser - For smooth recording of image without flickering of video 5. NEW Voice prompt for gps status. Example, GPS reording start/GPS location located/SD card not inserted etc whenever time you start the vehicle. So you will never in doubt whether the DVR is working or not. 6. Light indicator for GPS status. 7. New improve suction stand that withstand hot weather( Much more better than 3M tape) For the 2 Channel DVR we also have promotion of it. Please look at the link for more infomation http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autoco...mp;product=7531 Luxury type http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autoco...mp;product=6692 Top seller in Korea. Ebay selling USD 283-329
  7. Infinitywerkz

    In car vehicle recorder

    Mine can be use as CCTV to catch vandal. You only need to connect to the direct battery. The power input is low and they is battery monitor system inside to ensure your car battery will not goes flat. Fews of my customer had already bought the 2 channel dvr to act as a CCTV front and rear view.
  8. Infinitywerkz

    Car Reverse Camera

    Please i had been doing trading in china for several years. Please do not trust the alibaba info. For your informations. This type of manufacturer don't product all the items by themself. Most of them is from others factory. They are all sharing their products to make it more variety. They is only fews well-known DVD factory in china. Please do becareful with it. For the reverse camera, i myself working with a well-known factory in china. If you looking for good quality camera you can contact me. Price garanttee lower than outside. Less than $100 i can get for you good night vision camera plus installation.
  9. Infinitywerkz

    In car vehicle recorder

    Hi all bro. Dont mind if you can see our blackbox With local 1 year warranty. Others might only provide 3 to 6 months warranty at same price. Now we are having promotion. I can say much more worth than the blackbox you are having. Sorry no offend. Just wanted to introduce good product that all. Thank http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autoco...mp;product=6695
  10. Infinitywerkz

    Japan 2009 Toyota Alphard. cool

    Where got. Taiwan only going to launch this month. Singapore where got so fast. You see the interior. where got the same
  11. Infinitywerkz

    Japan 2009 Toyota Alphard. cool

    Happen to find this website introducing the 2009 Aiphard in Japan. Donno when wil it be imported to Singapore http://videoandpic.blogspot.com/2008/09/to...phard-2009.html
  12. Infinitywerkz

    Accident analysis discussion

    firstly, your friend is wrong. according to the minor injury, your friends car should be travelling at a low speed. The bike is just wanted to overtake you since there is only one lane and you bloody hell travel so slow. If i m the biker i will also overtake. Overtake in single lane dont need to put signal correct. Another thing, who is your friend driving coach. you think you are the king. just see a mirror and turn. your friend first time driving is it. He is lucky enough that the impact is minor. When about to turn you should check the side situation, turn the signal, check again and turn. Do it a habit. your friend is 铁包皮, biker is 皮包铁. In court you are already loser for not signal. Overtaking is legal when you road hog. If not everyday traffic jam. Sorry my ang mo is not very good
  13. Infinitywerkz


    s--t, Freeze the church fund. let the government handle the money flow totally like NKF etc... If they really using their money to live that life. They will surely no complaint about it and all the member will also be happy about it.
  14. Infinitywerkz

    In car vehicle recorder

    For all bro informations. Normal DVR recorder can be act as evidence during claim. But compare to those with GPS inbuilt. The blackbox with GPS is more recongised because the location, timing and speed is all recorded in it. Impact strength determine the damaged made. Normal DVR doesn't provide this information. Therefore the timng can be changed and location is a doubt if in remote places. Blackbox with GPS is useful. Price is about $100 different but provide more information for insurance company. All those china made DVR is cheap and good. But the car charger is not very stable. Especially when driving. Running voltage current is not constant, so the image may be flickering. Korea made DVR have a current stablelister which made the video running more smoothly. 一分钱一分货 .
  15. Infinitywerkz

    Recommended GPS set for cars?

    I m helping my friend to sell Doron GPS here. I had tested the Doron set myself, my experience is that the appearance is nice, slim and nice interface. I, myself also know abit about GPS, the product is made in china using MTK 3351 chip, OS from Zhanxun if not wrong, Window CE5.0, Nanflash 2GB, Ram 64, FM transmitter, video,picture and photo viewer all built-in. Using the Mapking Landmark 2009 version. Satelite fix is fast but the specification is abit out-dated. The problem is the the firmware program used too much Ram therefore only left around 28-29MB to run the GPS. This cause the whole mapking to run very slow and unstable. If you using the FM together with the GPS even worse. You will find it very lag because FM used up around 8-10 Ram. You can image that you only have 1/3 of the ram to run the problem and mapking landmark need to have sufficient ram to work normally. I think they need to improve the specification. If you are looking for low price GPS you can try Doron, if not you will sure to sell away after something. I would top up abit to buy other brand like morbella if you are looking for mapking map. This is just my experience.