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Found 8 results

  1. They look huge, getting closer to Alphard and Vellfire. The twin will be unveiled in Japan in Jan 2022. Stay tuned.
  2. The first thing I would do when I spot a hazardous driver is to get FAR AWAY from them. My reasons for doing so are: (1) I am a defensive driver (2) I love my car However, for this Toyota Noah driver, he does the exact opposite of what I would do: What Happened? An elderly Toyota Hiace driver woke up on a fine morning and decided to be a d!ck on the road by cutting off a Toyota Noah at a junction upon the traffic light turning green. (1 count of near collision) In response, the Noah driver tapped on his brakes repeatedly and even jam-braked at one point to avoid a collision with the van. At this point, the Noah driver was probably seeing red as he began driving aggressively, including overtaking the Hiace using a right-turn-only lane. Further down the road, both vehicles drove side by side (probably exchanging hand gestures and vulgarities) when the elderly Hiace driver decided to pull his stunt AGAIN - by cutting in front of the Noah driver once again. (2 counts of near collision) The obviously furious Toyota Noah driver retaliated by overtaking the Hiace from the left and cutting in front of it. (3 Counts of near collision) ANDDDDD....the Hiace performed exactly what the Noah driver did to him - by overtaking from the left and cutting in front of the Noah driver. (4 Counts of near collision) At last, both drivers' shenanigans ended when they stopped at a red light. However, the Toyota Noah driver alighted from his vehicle, walked brazenly towards the driver's side window of the Hiace, and gave it one good smack, jolting the elderly driver. The Noah driver made a rude hand gesture towards the elderly driver before returning to his MPV. Too old to drive? Or is he simply an elderly d-bag? Whatever it is, this elderly driver should have his driver's license revoked for two simple reasons: (1) Assuming his actions were unintentional...it suggests that he is unfit to drive due to his age (Eg. Poor eyesight, hand-eye coordination, or a lapse in judgement). (2) Assuming his actions were intentional...nuff said. Netizens' Comments The comment we needed👆 This is what happens when you are old, but stubborn af and insist on driving. IMO, he's lucky to walk away with only a smack on his window and a rude hand gesture. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  3. Thinking o chging to either Toyota Voxy/Noah. Anybody know of any local forum for either any of these models???????????????
  4. Am looking for some advice: We're going to Hokkaido next month, and are looking at renting a large MPV, so hope to get some tips and information on: 1) which MPV is good/best 2) any tips on driving in winter There will be 7 of us on the trip. 6 adults/children who are 1.7-1.8 m tall, and one 6-yo kid who needs a booster seat. There will also be quite a bit of luggage, tentatively 1-2 pcs 28", 3 pcs 24", 2 pcs 20" luggages. Looking at the options for MPVs, the larger ones are either Toyota Alphard or Nissan Elgrand, followed by the slightly smaller ones of Toyota Noah or Nissan Serena. Any bigger will be the Toyota Hiace van. Is there any possibility of accommodating all 7, plus the luggages in Alphard/Elgrand, or is it necessary to go for Hiace? I vaguely remember that @Heartlander had mentioned before renting Elgrand during a Japan trip, and also owned an Alphard before here? Care to share your experience please? Anyone else with knowledge/experience of these 2 - your opinion is welcome. If we shift the 3 rows of seats to be more 'forward', will the luggage/boot space behind 3rd row seat, be sufficient for the luggages that we have? Then on #2, driving in winter/snow, apart from going slow, and avoiding icy roads, what else should we look out for? Winter tyres are standard, and there's 4WD option for the vehicles. Thanks in advance.
  5. Now this is a new level of road bullying. Check out this new post from SG Road Vigilante where the camera car is being harassed by a Toyota Premio from Geylang all the way until the end of the Thomson Flyover on the PIE towards Jurong. The incident happened on 10th of June, 2020 and we all know that there can be no smoke without fire. Coming out from Lor 19 Geylang and merging into Geylang Rd, the camera car must have honked the offending Premio as the Premio appears to be stopping in the middle of a busy and messy four lane road for no reason. In the Premio driver's defence, he could have trying to pick up a passenger as the car is under the Private Hire scheme and can be seen using his hazards. Unfortunately for him, he chose to lose his temper when he was honked at by the camera car, a Toyota Noah/Esquire, which could very likely be another Private Hire vehicle rushing to pick up/drop off another passenger. As we can see, in the process of intimidating the white Toyota MPV camera car, the Premio driver drove through a red light along Geylang Rd. From the various submissions of video to the SGRV's page, the whole event only ended when both of them drove past the Thomson Flyover, with the Premio driver speeding off after wildly gesturing at the camera car. Naturally the comment sections were full of unkind words for the "ah beng" in the Premio... So do you think the Premio driver is in the wrong? Or is there another side to this story? Let us know in the comments below!
  6. Hi. Looking for 2L rear sliding door 8 seater MPV. Narrow down to these 2 models. Assuming same grade and price, which would be a better choice? Below is a summary of what I found out so far : TOYOTA NOAH - Transmission : Super CVT-i - 13.4 km/l (base on 10.15mode) - Horse Power : 143 PS @ 6200rpm - Torque : 194N.m @ 4400rpm HONDA STEPWAGON (NOT THE SPADA MODEL) - Transmission : 4 speed AT - 12.6km/l (base on 10.15mode) - Horse Power : 155 PS @ 6000rpm - Torque : 188N.m @ 4500rpm Size wise is quite the same : <TOYOTA NOAH> <HONDA STEPWAGON> Some pictures for your reference <TOYOTA NOAH> <HONDA STEPWAGON> Thanks.
  7. TOKYO: Toyota Motor Corp. said Wednesday it would recall more than 630,000 minivans in Japan due to defective fuel tanks and computer systems, in the latest quality concern to hit the auto giant. The latest recalls will cover 628,239 Noah and Voxy minivans produced from November 2001 through May 2007 because of defective fuel tanks that may crack, the company said. The company also issued a recall for 2,617 Noah and Voxy minivans with cruise-control systems that may stall when the accelerator is pressed rapidly. Toyota, on course to overtake US giant General Motors as the world's top selling automaker, has announced several large recalls in Japan and abroad in recent years, prompting a renewed push by executives to resolve quality issues. Japan's transport ministry told Toyota in 2006 to improve its operations after local police alleged that the company knowingly failed to respond to a defect in a sports utility vehicle. - AFP/ac CNA Posted: 10 April 2008 0852 hrs
  8. I gg to decide b/w the 03 MPV,just that NOAH is 8 seater. One of Toyota's first applications of its new Valvematic engine is in the newly-redesigned 7-passenger Noah MPV and its slightly differently-visaged (and equally blocky) stablemate, the Voxy. Neither one will win a beauty contest anytime soon, but tastes are demonstrably different in Japan, so we'll reserve further commentary on the aesthetics and leave the rest to you readers. This isn't so much about the car itself as what's under its hood, anyway. The story here is the 2.0L 3ZR-FAE inline four with Valvematic that can be fitted behind the Noah/Voxy's stern-looking face. The specifics are as follows: 1,986cc DOHC I4 158 PS (155 HP) at 6,200 rpm 144 lb-ft of torque 4,400 rpm 33 mpg 164 g/km of CO
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