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Found 127 results

  1. Thaiyotakamli

    All new Kia Sedona 2021

    Best looking mpv
  2. Shouyi

    Tuffi Cool Solar Film

    Hi, Anybody installed the above ? Feedback pls. Thanks.
  3. Ysc3

    How to keep your car cool

    Indian car owner protects vehicle with layer of cow dung as summer temperatures exceed 45 degrees Celsius
  4. - link to video deleted - young generation whom don't know much about singapore history or experience "3rd world" before we become "1st world" just believe media view that is pleasing to their ears and liking
  5. https://discoversg.com/2017/05/04/aims-by-autobahn-motors/
  6. Mivec9

    Mark cool air con

    went mark cool to repair air con as had just pump air con gas 1 mth ago. upon check, it was only the aircon power plug loose....no change of anything... and that barger kei kei wanna check other stuff, say got leakage ..wana change stupid black rubber hoses for $45...siao!! in the end, i just say see how and pay only $2 for CHECKING... trick is next time be smart and open eyes when mechanic servicing ur car
  7. Just want a quick check to see which solar films you guys are using? VKool: http://www.v-kool.com.sg/ Huper Optik: http://www.huperoptik.com.sg/ NanoLux: http://sg.nanolux.com/ Cool n Lite: http://www.coolnlite.com Feedback on quality and pricing as well. Thanks!
  8. Hiphiphoray

    Cool YouTube Video!!!!

    Totally ROckS!!! Love the Song & Video. http://www.ilike.com/artist/Garry+Schyman/track/Praan
  9. MadDog70

    Cool Honda S660

  10. I agree, please start with new HDB price slashing by another 40%. Than I say, "You The Man" HDB can stay at current sq/meters but price of 4 & 5 rooms slash ... Yahoo news: Singapore's Home Prices Need to Cool Further: Deputy PM Singapore's longest stretch of property price declines since the global economic crisis may not be sufficient to encourage a relaxation in housing curbs, according to Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam. Shanmugaratnam, who is also the finance minister, said the government can never get rid of cycles in the real estate market, which it will help cool with housing measures. Shanmugaratnam said: "There is some distance to go in achieving a meaningful correction, after the sharp run-up in prices in recent years. "We can never get rid of cycles in the property market, with the upswings in some years being followed by corrections. Our cooling measures cannot eliminate the cycle, but they aim to temper it. "What this means is avoiding a bubble during the upswing and allowing for a correction in prices subsequently," the minister added. Alan Cheong, senior director of real estate research at Savills in Singapore, told Bloomberg: "The government is signalling that the measures will be in place for a while longer. The curbs may start being rolled back after two to three quarters or maximum in a year." Last week, National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan said it was still not the right time to terminate the government's cooling measures and that there was still room for prices to moderate. Private home prices on the island dropped 0.7% in the three months to September, marking the fourth straight quarter-on-quarter drop, and bringing the slide over the past twelve months to about four percent. Most Expensive City Singapore has become the most expensive city in the world to live in following a rise in house prices after an influx of foreign workers boosted the island state's wealth and demand for homes. According to a February Economist Intelligence Unit report, titled The Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, a strengthening of the Singaporean dollar also pushed the country to pole position as the expansion of the financial industry contributed to the country's wealth. link: https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/singapores-home-prices-cool-further-deputy-pm-112102955--finance.html
  11. Folks, recently my car had a loud screeching sound at the engine compartment. Looking into the engine bay I realize that the sound will be heard when the compressor kicks in. I went to Mark Cool to get an opinion. A mechanic attended to me and said that my compressor rotating disc is loose and caused the sound. As Mark Cool is a recommended workshop , I agree with him to change to a recon compressor costing $350. However, the sound did not go away. Upon asking the mechanic, he said it is due to a faulty camshaft pulley. My gripe is this. He now know that the actual problem is the camshaft pulley and not the compressor. Should not he refund me the repair cost as I am being charged for repairs that do not solve the problem. Please advice.
  12. just ask for my bil... he is driving a wish... recently, theaircon is not functioning normally... when driving or car moving,,... aircon is cool.. normal... but when stationary, the aircon suddenly will become not coold and blow hot air sometimes....... what's wrong??... he asked a ws and that mechanics said dont know where blocked and need to strip open everything to check and that cost $700-$800 bucks.... i suspect that's bs ..if chocked, it will not be cool, right?.. and not intermittent... anyone has such similar problem before??...
  13. Thaiyotakamli

    Cool Color Changing

    One word, AWESOME!
  14. Camrysfa


    Singapore’s 5 coolest workplaces. http://www.straitstimes.com/news/business/more-business-stories/story/5-the-coolest-workplaces-singapore-20141127 SINGAPORE - More companies here are putting in the money and effort to spruce up their offices with fun designs and playful elements beyond the typical drab and grey cubicles, in the hope that this will keep staff happy and motivated. Here is a look at 5 workplaces that are possibly ‘cool’ enough for you to stay past knocking-off time. 1. Spencer Ogden Energy recruitment specialist Spencer Ogden’s Asia-Pacific headquarters in Eu Tong Sen Street boasts Astroturf flooring, reclaimed wood round tables, and American-style diners. It is also home to a large, bronze gong - which employees hit by way of celebrating each time they clinch a deal 2. SAP Singapore Need a nap while at work? This is not taboo at SAP Singapore, which sells and develops business management software. Employees can catch forty winks in a sleep pod – a reclining sofa fitted with a helmet-like dome for privacy. It is painted black on the inside, and comes with built-in audio speakers “The pod is imported from overseas and designed for power napping at work, to help employees recharge, manage stress and increase productivity,” managing director Kowshik Sriman told The New Paper. SAP’s office at the Mapletree Business City in Pasir Panjang also features cosy corners, or sitting rooms, with swing-like seats suspended from the ceiling. There is even a foot-reflexology path to rejuvenate tired feet 3. Google Singapore Search engine giant Google has come a long way since its humble beginnings in a dorm room and a garage. Hammocks hang from one part of its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Asia Square, where employees can find a quiet spot to work. To encourage its employees to make healthy eating choices, Google Singapore provides organic breakfasts, lunches and to-go dinners free of charge at its well-stocked pantries and cafeterias, including one that resembles a Peranakan shophouse. 4. SapientNitro Employees at marketing and consulting agency SapientNitro often flock to its two outdoor garden terraces for a breath of fresh air. Decked with vertical greenery and hanging foliage, the garden terraces, used for casual meetings as well as company events and celebrations, also feature an in-built bar area. “It helps give the office a sense of calm and also allows for breakout sessions and team bonding activities amidst a peaceful setting – all the better to inspire creativity,” said Mr Kim Douglas, vice-president and managing director for the firm’s Singapore and Hong Kong operations. Meeting rooms at the office in Cecil Street are also lined with glass walls and whiteboard spaces, which are designed for conducive brainstorming sessions and effective visual conceptualising. 5. Spotify Singapore What is a day at Spotify without music? The commercial music streaming service’s office at Boat Quay comes with several Spotify Connect devices, where staff can share their playlists through the in-room speakers. Its open-concept office space also features adjustable standing desks and chill-out areas with bean bags. “Our ‘play everywhere’ concept allows us to become more productive and our office space is designed to help us to do exactly that,” said Ms Sunita Kaur, managing director (Asia). “We want Spotifiers to feel comfortable in their surroundings and create an environment that's a perfect mix of work and play.”
  15. Darryn

    Mini is too cool for words

    Check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ry-ofJHatGs...layer_embedded#! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EM2GPlwseOc...layer_embedded#!
  16. u believe them? they have so much fabrication and expect people to believe them?
  17. Damn cool. Check it out. http://www.facebook.com/lookback
  18. Darryn

    What a cool story!

    Pope Francis is Way Cool -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He may screw up in the future. His words might be rolled back by the Curia. But so far and all in all, Pope Francis is way cool. The latest stories of his coolness, ==== ==== (RNS) Of all the novelties that Pope Francis has brought to the Vatican, few have endeared him to the public
  19. Taipan49

    Cool Underground Parking System

    Nice way to manage space and provide parking for bikes.
  20. Darryn

    Cool band...

    On the mobile right now... But am curious to hear them. http://m.youtube.com/#/playlist?list=PLFEB...EBB04DE6AFAD914 I see they have "surface of the sun"...wonder if that is George Michael cover
  21. Who interested to buy a 884 sq feet shop for $22 million?
  22. Just wondering whether any bros here use this car servicing workshop before? Any reviews? http://www.ukcool.com.sg/
  23. Yahgo22