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Found 16 results

  1. weekiat572

    Kenwood DDX 917WS

    My PI is giving me tis model for my car , any inputs or current users who can comment of tis set ? http://www.kenwood.com/sg/car/visual_navigation/ddx917ws/
  2. Ronnieseah

    Vellfire seat modification

    hi anyone know where can i covert the middle row from bench seat to 2 pilot seat?
  3. Not sure if Toyota owners saw this. Better check your chassis number. Details are in the post. I have pasted the link from Japan Toyota as well. Affects Alphard, Vellfire, Prius, Sienta and the Triplets. https://www.hevshop.com/single-post/2018/05/27/Toyota-Vehicle-Airbag-Recall-Check-Your-Chassis-Number-Now https://toyota.jp/recall/2018/0131.html Cheers.
  4. I'm wondering if there is a way to change the language display for a parallel import Toyota harrier from Japanese to English?
  5. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/744-toyota-prius-cars-recall-singapore-fault-crash-risk-10795656?cid=fbcna Wow, I wonder who kana the recall
  6. Please pm if there's anyone thinking of letting go their's. Thanks.
  7. This might be a long shot, but no harm trying. Incident occurred at JW St 42 car park (in front of blk 554), approx. 1005hrs. I scraped the side of your front passenger fender while reversing. Did not have any stationery with me, so I went to get some. Upon returning, your vehicle was no longer there. Should you be reading this, please drop me a pm for settlement. Pictures of the damage are attached as well. Many thanks
  8. Dxyong

    Spot the mistake

    Even my kid know
  9. Anyone know of any workshop that have the scanner and software for 2015 voxy? I have a smart start stop malfunction on my voxy and it have shut down my aircon. The car is so new my warranty workshop do not have the software to diagnose the problem. So anyone know any workshop who have the diagnostic tools for this car?
  10. Wanted to buy a new Harrier. But hesitate now as i heard that it has inherent gearbox issues. It results in jerky movement when trying to moving off and gear has tendency to slip. anyone here knows about the this? or if any harrier owners here experienced that issue?
  11. Underpaidsamurai

    1.6L new car or 2.0L used car?

    Hi I bought my first car, a 2000cc conti - 10 years ago. In the blink of an eye, it's time to get a new car and I'm a bit clueless at this. I've been thinking of getting a Japanese car this time round because of the better value retention and also I've been driving Japanese cars during business trips - very impressed. Yesterday, I went to the Mazda, Nissan and Toyota showrooms. Seems like I can get a 1600cc car like an Altis, Maxda3 around 90-99k. However, I also checked and a 2-3 year old Camry or Teana can also be gotten around the same price range. I would like to ask for your opinion - what's the better buy?
  12. Been looking at the 2 choices for replacement. Seems 1.8 Civic can be cheaper than the 1.6 Corolla! Any issues that I need to be aware for the Corolla? What are its known problems? I heard the aircon not strong for Altis?
  13. Hi all; just bought a toyota wish 2.0aa reg dat 2010 with 77k mileage. Engine sounds good.Pick up is good.However the fuel consumtion with eco mode on is at 9km/L. Is this normal? New eo;spark plug and atf fluid.Please advise which workshop is reliable for this kind if issue
  14. Anybody know where I can get mass airflow sensor cleaner. Tks
  15. any one-stop insurance websites that i can get the cheapest quote for my company van?
  16. Chuapcd

    Voxy 1.8 vs 2.0

    Can someone share their thoughts on getting a Voxy or Noah 1.8 vs 2.0? What exactly does 1.8 hybrid really mean? It is still on normal petrol right? Any good PI to recommend? Thanks in advance.