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Found 115 results

  1. Hi all! In order to better identify the problem some of the users currently facing. I would like you guys to share with us what have you been experiencing. We need your help to shorten the IT timing to find out what is the issues. So you guys can "complaint" inside here regarding any difficulties or slowness you have been experiencing in MCF. We will read your comments and try to work on it! Thanks in advance and you guys can start off with Using: Desktop (Mac OS Catalina) Problems: Homepage is slow in loading. The blog thumbnail image isn't loading the same time as the rest of the content.
  2. 'Onemotoring' Veh Transfer site used to show the "No. of Owner Transfers". I wonder which smart alex initiated the move to delete this information. 2nd hand car buyers can no longer check on the 'no. of owners' history prior to viewing the car.
  3. Was trying to search for a reliable website to book air ticket for mulit-city flights, saw a few like Trip.com, Kiwi.com, Expedia, etc. Other than expedia that i used very often, the rest dun seem to have good reviews. Some can narrow down to different airline on each flights to give you the cheapest package. Too bad Expedia dun have budget airline for such arrangement. Anyone use these websites to book flights? or maybe i should go to travel agents to issue physical ticket just to be safe
  4. 1) Anyone made an online report regarding Traffic Offence before? what happens after submitting online? does the Traffic Police call you - and after how long? what they require and what was the outcome? 2) In what situations will you bother to make a report to the Traffic Police? or will you close one eye for everything?
  5. Any bro recently travelled to Australia? which website you used for applying ETA visa? why the fees are different USD$39 vs AUD$20, and some of the websites looks quite fake. https://www.migrationexpert.com.au/travel_v...CFVEU6wodLUYAFQ https://www.eta.immi.gov.au/ETA/etas.jsp http://www.singapore.embassy.gov.au/sing/eta_visa.html
  6. Lala81

    News website or news app

    I like to read some news websites or news apps when I'm eating lunch or dinner at work. Bloomberg now switch to subscription format so that's a big loss. Today online and CNA still suffice for local news. My fb has scmp feed which is not bad as well for China centric articles. Other than BBC, any other free news websites or apps that you guys read? General Financial news recommendations are also welcome. Im not a fan of twitter unfortunately. So I would prefer other apps or websites
  7. Ahbengdriver

    SPF Website cockup

    Recently an honorary letter of notice from our dear Traffic Police for speeding Ok, speeding it is. No qualms. The letter says to provide Driver Particulars and can be done online by filling up a form included with the letter, or by logging into www.police.gov.sg/e-services. Obviously i went with the online approach as would most of us. Logged in using my SINGPASS and saw my summon online. There was no other link on the webpage. So I clicked on the summon case anyway and out comes this message. You are required to furnish Traffic Police with the particulars of the driver who committed this traffic offence by XX/XX/2017 using the Request for Driver's Particulars form that has been mailed to you. ...so...KNN.....ask people go online and then online ask you to use the hardcopy form !!!
  8. I recently bought some items from this website and they have a good range of items for sale. Maybe those who are keen t buy for end of year gifts like bags,wallet, purse , can check it out? Their actual store is based in Msia. They even have a "whatsapps" tel number for oen to cehck stock or colour status of items. I did WA them and they reply quite fast. I bought from their online store. Not sure if anyone keen to know the link. Do let me know. cheers
  9. I came across this website that can tell you the manufacture year, and most cases, month, of your Japan made cars. Find it very useful and just to share with MCF : http://www.japan-partner.com/check-manufacture-year.php
  10. Anyone any idea? Thinking of number plate starts with E
  11. any one-stop insurance websites that i can get the cheapest quote for my company van?
  12. Anyone knows the link to check traffic offence in Malaysia?
  13. http://www.yeocheowtong.com/Salaries.html#Anchor-Famil-13864 Rated : PG >35 Only for matured folks whom are able to distinguish fact from fiction...
  14. Today, when I print out my Credit Card statement..... I nearly fainted..... nearly 1K was charged through Paypal and some website that I have not heard of for some nbzzz CCB games (Elder Scroll or simi LJ)..... i check through all my stuff and very sure my kid did not buy it... he is using an iPad, and I already disable the payment long ago..... I call DBS and cancel the card..... nbzzz CCB.... tell me must pay for the charges first, else next month will charge interest..... LL pay up and hope that they can resolve this...... I check my Paypal account (so far, have not bought anything through Paypal), the credit card info inside is diff from the card that was charged.....in any case, I already deleted the credit card info in Paypal..... I really cannot understand how the dark Paypal can charge me..... ... NBCCB.... pui
  15. Bonafidestack

    5 website you cannot live without

    - mycarforum.com - hypebeast.com - taobao - theverge.com - coolhunting.com What are the website that you will die die browse everyday????
  16. Nostalgia

    MX-5 25th Anniversary website

    A little bit of nostalgia here http://www.mazda.com/mazdaspirit/craftmanship/mx-5/mx-5_25th/ Hope the next one is just as good! It already sounds promising: http://jalopnik.com/5912579/the-next-mazda-mx+5-roadster-will-spawn-an-alfa-romeo
  17. Wt_know

    SgCartMart website sucks

    what the hell happen to this website ... every single click got pop up ads ... sibei irritating dealer feeling the heat liao? LOL ....
  18. as topic... asking for a fren :) thanks a lot .. hope to get a direct answer immediately.. tot search like no result V
  19. 35-year-old James Raj Arokiasamy has been charged under the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act for carrying out suspected hack attacks. Lawyer M Ravi © shows the charge sheet for James Raj, the suspected "Messiah" hacker, to reporters outside the Subordinate Courts on Nov 12, 2013. (TODAY/Sion Touhig) SINGAPORE: A 35-year-old man has been charged with hacking the website belonging to Ang Mo Kio Town Council. James Raj Arokiasamy is accused of doing so from a unit in Dorchester Apartment at Jalan Sri Hartamas in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on October 28 at about 1.35pm. He is said to have committed the offence by accessing the content management system of the town council and modifying the contents by adding the image of a Guy Fawkes mask to the website. James Raj is also said to have added a banner with the text: "I have been to various sites and seen how they take the initiative to secure their systems. You have a brain & you have money. You had a choice. Don't blame external factors (Anonymous) for this hack. The Messiah ;)". He also allegedly added a banner with a text stating that Member of Parliament Ang Hin Kee would like to resign from his post. Besides one charge under the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act, James Raj also faces three prior drug charges, which have been amended. He is accused of consuming drugs on May 25, 2011. Earlier in court, the prosecution applied for the accused to be remanded at the Institute of Mental Health for psychiatric evaluation. It also asked for him to be further remanded thereafter to help with police investigations. The prosecution said James Raj had told the police that he suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, borderline disorder and has suicidal tendencies. It added that since investigations are still in the preliminary stages, no access should be granted to third parties. This request was met with strong objections by James Raj's lawyer, Mr M Ravi, who argued that so far, he has not had access to his client. He said such access should be granted after the accused is held for 48 hours and that denial would be a breach of the constitution. But the prosecution rebutted that under the law, an individual can be held as long as a 20-day period. Mr Ravi also asked the court for permission to speak with his client for five minutes, which was denied. The district judge has asked both parties to come back in the afternoon to sort out the matter. If convicted of hacking a website, an offender can be jailed up to three years and fined S$10,000. On a second or subsequent conviction, the maximum sentence is five years' jail and S$20,000 fine. For consuming drugs, James Raj is looking at 10 years' jail and a S$20,000 fine on each count. Hope this guy gets put away for a long long time...
  20. http://news.asiaone.com/news/digital1/business-ruining-marriages Business of ruining marriages SINGAPORE - If your spouse starts behaving suspiciously next year, Ashley Madison could be to blame. The dating website that facilitates extramarital affairs between married individuals plans for a launch in Singapore next year, My Paper understands. The Canada-based website has over 21 million users worldwide. Its slogan: "Life is short. Have an affair." Ashley Madison has already expanded to other Asian countries and territories such as Japan, and, more recently, Hong Kong in August. Its foray into Hong Kong, where divorce cases hit a record high of 21,125 last year, was met with controversy as religious and family-planning groups criticised the website. This is unlikely to have fazed Ashley Madison, which was launched in 2001 and has enjoyed a colourful history - offending many, but still soldiering on. In 2010, the company approached the city of Phoenix, Arizona, with an offer of US$10 million to rename the Sky Harbor Airport to Ashley Madison International Airport over a five-year period. Even though the city was in financial trouble, it rejected the offer. Meanwhile, Ms Trish McDermott, a consultant who helped found Match.com, accused Ashley Madison of being a "business built on the back of broken hearts, ruined marriages and damaged families". Ashley Madison chief executive Noel Biderman has continued to push his provocative message through radio and TV commercials. It could run into roadblocks in Singapore as well. Mr Samuel Seow, managing director of Samuel Seow Law Corporation, said that an online service such as Ashley Madison is likely to be viewed as "objectionable" by the Media Development Authority (MDA), where public interest and morality are concerned. While the MDA has no powers to govern the content within the website if the server is not hosted in Singapore, it does have the power and the ability to block certain websites from being accessed locally, he said. Figures from the Department of Statistics released in July showed that the annual number of divorces and annulments in Singapore fell by 4.8 per cent to 7,241 last year, the first drop in seven years. Websites like Ashley Madison could change the picture and hurt marriages and families, said relationship experts. Counsellor and family coach Richard Cheong said people who sign up for such services are likely to be looking for "a casual fling or a sexual encounter". "These people could be having issues in their current relationships, but they do not want to leave their spouses," said the director of Hero Training and Consultancy. "So, they look elsewhere, to websites such as Ashley Madison, to get their needs met, even if it's only temporary." Mr Brian Liu, a member of the National Family Council, said the website could destroy "the foundations of a family". You've been warned. Not that the website cares.
  21. Billcoke

    Is Yahoo website down?

    I can't access for the pass two days, is yahoo down??? Works for Singtel, but hang for Starhub, strange.
  22. Checked on old threads but the link is not available
  23. Noticed that the onemotoring website has been revamped to look more metro/modern as per Microsoft style. However, I am very disappointed that the website revamp seems to give more problems, in which after login, it says "loading information" but will remain in this state forever. Same thing when you tried to enquire assets information and etc, etc... Been trying for weeks using different browsers and different OS. All giving the same problem. Anyone encountered same issues? My workaround solution to renew COE is using the shortcut link (without login) in the website and it works. Those transactions that require login will have problems. [bigcry]
  24. aplogize if I post wrongly , just wish to alert the rest not to fall into the scam in purchasing adidas shoes from them! Another website to avoid is jeremyscottadidasdesign.com