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  1. Panavans. 1.5TD with 5AT. At most with windows, pay road tax like petrol car. No need additional pte passenger vehicle diesel tax.
  2. Baal

    2017 Toyota Corolla Altis new Facelift

    If only this Altis comes with the new 1.2TC engine. But I guess if it does happen, it should be for a new model and not FL. Altis 2020 perhaps.
  3. On a lighter note, does Camry also have the 'chilling' aircon of the Altis?
  4. To clarify, its coz I see that for Honda, for the >2L NA, e.g., Odyssey, the engine which appears to be the same lump used, when JDM, its 11.1:1. However, for export (AD), its at 10.1:1. However, for the small Fit/Jazz 1.5 with L15B engine, be it JDM or export, comp remains at 11.5:1. Above is where I got the idea from. Ignition retard should save most engines. However, I also believe that there is a baseline where "thats the lowest to go whereby the engine can catch most of the 'ping'." In the case of SkyActiv, at 14:1, 95 is stated to be the minimum.
  5. Baal

    2016 Audi A4 sedan & avant

    KM said to me that recommended to do flush once a year. Back then I agreed. $80. Later SA brought what they used and showed to me (leftover). It was 2 cans of Liquid Moly sprays. 1 labelled as fuel injector cleaner the other says valve cleaner iirc. Dont recall either of the canisters stating 'engine flush'.
  6. Baal

    CK building burnt

    Thats what I heard about too
  7. Enlightening post. I always appreciated your serious comments; the way the subject is circumspect, with insights on 'technicalities'.
  8. Dont say liao......later all Channel U foreign drama with the plot involving the media tio banned,,
  9. If its electronics, then humidity is the biggest enemy. I believe thats why office server equipment are stashed in designated server rooms with chilling air-conditioners and often with dehumidifiers 24 by 7.
  10. The queuing, toll, weekly time wasted/risk taking just does not make sense. If it really comes to that, might as well be a sole proprietor.
  11. Baal

    News for Racial Discrimination

    Not to mention for the last 30-40 years, lots of Asian students head there to study. The AMDK/L are used to seeing Asians. The AMDK/L students had Asian classmates. Melbourne specifically.
  12. The storage tank is the pump station's storage tank i suppose. :(
  13. I usually self pump & maintain 1/2 lever pressure so as to reduce losses from evaporation and so that as the 'click' doesn't occur prematurely. But I stop at 1st click. Coz a little space is needed to accommodate expansion. SPC lately advertises that they are the 1st to have certain stage 2 Vapor Reduction .....not sure how that works. Does it suck up the evaporated petrol & re-drip it into our tank?
  14. Baal

    2014 Honda Jazz / Fit (GK Series)

    Mine is stock :) w/o tuning, I believe an after-market will slightly reduce power/torque of the 1st 1/2 of the rpm range & slightly improve the 2nd half... Hence, being below 4k rpm most of the time, I'm not keen to.