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  1. Hi all, I like to check with you all whether you all tried to get your rim to be chrome or apply the chrome powder? Care to share with your experience, thanks.
  2. Can I apply my own car loan for a new car instead of using those banks recommend by the SE? Cos I see POSB offering a low interest rate for online application compare to those apply thru SE.
  3. Hi, am earning around 30k per annual, but if i am interested in getting a credit card, what do you guys suggest? Basically i think it should have low/no annual fee andi feel like giving money to the bank.. Of cos it should have gd rates and more privledges. but i am not those that go for club and drinking though Feel free to post ur opinions
  4. Hi all, 1st time car owner still waiting for car here. When do I apply for HDB's season parking har? When car registered and SE tell me my license plate?
  5. talking to strawberry some time will vomit blood and die! [sweatdrop]
  6. HI I am a Singaporean and visiting to Perth. Do I need to apply VISA to enter Perth? If yes, how should I go about it? Please advise Thank you
  7. Hope you gurus are able to help. thanks
  8. I read that a layer of wax or sealant on the rims will not only protect your expensive rims but also for ease of washing the black stuffs that stick to the wheels. This is only for protection not cleaning so it is not abrasive. I found no such products in the usual shops or supermarkets. Do you use such products. What is your recommendation?
  9. I read that VW gearbox issues are due to the additives in synthetic transmission oil that causes malfunction in the electronics in hot and humid climate. This explains why such a large number of GB failures in Asia and not in Europe. The solution is to change from SYNTHETIC to MINERAL. Does this apply to other car makers gearboxes where synthetics are used ? What about engine oil then ?
  10. Just saw this breaking news on CNA website......... Breaking News First-timer singles aged 35 & above, earning up to S$5,000 per month can buy new 2-room flats directly from HDB; eligible singles can apply in July's BTO launch, says National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/
  11. as topic... asking for a fren :) thanks a lot .. hope to get a direct answer immediately.. tot search like no result V
  12. many Myanmar and Filipino. haiyo. where r all the singaporean?
  13. i reckon Mr Gay must be very excited after hearing this news but kudos to the Hong Kongers who protest hard against the ruling... and to protect the interests of their own citizens we ourselves only suffer in silence
  14. a friend ran a recruitment ad for sales since 2 months ago. according to her, based on almost 50 plus applications, only 5 are Singaporeans, rest all phinoys and mix of indian FT.... told her maybe yr end all wait for bonus. she say singaporean asking sky high pay with no relevant experience and some phinoys and the indians FT, with experience, offer to take 20%-30% less than what the company is willing to give.. the company is offering 2.2-2.4k per month. no wonder we are overrun. they are willing to accept less for more..........
  15. An interesting Article. Different standard seems apply. In all my years in Singapore, I have never been warn of any bad or hot weather. Come to think of it, if we have warning when the mercury read above 28 deg, I think we have warning everyday liao. Link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-20...th-warning.html
  16. Heard it was behind the shell then one day customs officer told me it is at customs itself. How muh do i need to pay and what do i need to bring and how long is the process? I know on website i can find out a lot but want to ask from those who have applied for it. First hand knowledge always better.
  17. Just did a car grooming at JB Sutera plaza area. I am now looking at a liquid wax product that I can use between car grooming. Important thing is that it is easy to apply and little hassle so I can just use it after I wash my car. Please do recommend me if you know any! Oh and remb to include the price of the product and where to get it as well!
  18. How u apply brake ??? my fmly complaint i my riding hose cos i use to step few times
  20. How to apply a new HDB parking coupon via online? i heard that on the spot can get approval. Pay mastercard of visa can liao anyone knows the website?
  21. Can non-Singaporean apply for SQ stewardess job?
  22. Hi, I am just confused about the Jobs Credit Scheme... When I read the budget report, it mentioned/started with "To sustain jobs for Singaporeans, we will introduce a Jobs Credit which will encourage ......." But, I am also been told that it is applied to PR as wells... Confused! Tanlee.
  23. So what's the diff between this 'permit' and visa?
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