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Found 41 results

  1. Hi mods like @RadX, @Carbon82, @kobayashiGT and the rest, I was thinking that for some threads, we argue base on our opinions and what we learned in school. I realise a lot of the arguments stem based on experience rather than what the school actually teaches as as the years go by, even the teaching might change. So I am thinking, can we pin the latest version of BTT, FTT and RTA on certain threads so that if we want to argue or give our two cents, we have a common reference point? It might also be helpful for people reading the forum because they might not know where to look for it, phone no memory etc etc. My two cents.
  2. Wow... that's a lot https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/study-finds-1379-a-month-needed-to-meet-basic-living-standard-for-single-elderly
  3. Price differential is only about $5K.(surprised ?) I would prefer the Estima as its sleeker and less height problem.The shape has been around for more than 9 years. Alphard/Vellfire 2.5 has just recently been introduced.Basic X edition (8 seater) also has 2 powered side door and 2 sunroof.No power tail boot though. Its has 7 airbags vs 2 in Estima. My only concern is that it may be too big for wife to drive around. Surprisingly as both around 2.4/2.5 litre,running cost are about the same. I am for the Vellfire while wife prefer the Estima.
  4. As per subject, where got the best deal for 26" mountain bicycle? me looking for around $100 or less, basic model, will have to add a small rear seat + front basket so that I could ferry my eldest son (P3) next year in the morning to his school.
  5. was flipping the papers over the weekend. forgot to bring the papers to take a clearer pic. but this is what i found online. Among his list of to-dos: Strengthen social safety nets beyond home ownership and Workfare 1) do more to strengthen social safety nets, not only with the new MediShield Life universal insurance to come, but also to improve key retirement schemes in the CPF savings and CPF Life annuity 2) Make Singapore a Smart Nation with safer, cleaner and greener urban living and measures such as increasing transport options 3) Keep politics constructive, encouraging debate on issues, while ensuring people remain united 4) Improve CPF savings and CPF Life annuity schemes for retirement 5) Reform PSLE, so that no single point will determine a person's future. Boost continuing education for adults 6) Develop new housing options to encourage extended families to live closer together When i was reading it, i was thinking, aren't these his basic JD? and that of his whole team of ministers? as in, to craft policies and make sure that Singaporean's well-being are taken care of? then WTF have they been working based on in the past 20 years?!? any brudders who subscribe to ST? can help with the screen shot? else gotta wait till i get home to post the clearer pic.
  6. Helping my partner to ask basic and final theory . Just self study will do right?
  7. Anyone here tried buying a ultra basic NO frills car and then upgrade along the way like a project. Let me see if this could be an interesting way to own a car. If setting aside cost, I know cars are already expensive to begin. Then along the way maybe after a year or so upgrade to a better parts and qualty including interior. No sure if it makes sense. So here goes. Supposed on Day 1 the car is ultra stock You then have this urge to make it better and start swapping to better parts. You wait for parts to be avalable then slowly upgrade
  8. as topic... asking for a fren :) thanks a lot .. hope to get a direct answer immediately.. tot search like no result V
  9. Mockngbrd

    Group Buy: AMMO NYC Basic Regime

    Hey all, for all those interested, i am finally able to initiate a group buy for the AMMO NYC Basic Regime, head over to: http://www.bmw-sg.com/forums/group-buys-co...ooming-kit.html to sign up! Here's my review of the product.
  10. Something very basic, just gives total run distance / time, no need heart rates etc or download-function. Something like the Soleus GPS 1.0 Apparently this model retails for about $180, cheaper than most other GPS watches (which have more functions though) and good for users just want to know distance/time only. For about the same price, any better choice? Many thanks
  11. My son wants to take class 3 and i insisted that he takes a PI. Can any of u guys who had taken the private route help as i seem not to be able to find much info for private candidates from Basic Theory to the driving test itself. 1. How do i go about booking a BT test as a private candidate. 2. Is it a must to enrol in one of the driving school 3. What are the fees to be paid as a private candidiate Thanks in advance.
  12. Tom_kkh

    How much basic pay?

    Am curious how much basic does an outdoor sales person in their 20s draws. Say with commission. Any boss to share Howe much u pay?
  13. Am intending to buy a 2nd car to replace my wife's BMW 3 series. Shortlisted the IS250... but was wondering what exactly are the differences between the Basic and Luxury model other than the OMV diff of approx SGD$4k. Can someone please shed some light?
  14. Just checking with you ICE folk, how much $$$ wld i be looking at if i just want to redo up my ICE setup. I'll be using a Nakamichi CD500 for the HU What i need are, decent speakers that fit into the OEM speaker enclosures and most importantly, very good and neat wiring. I'm just using it for daily driving listening, no need anything powerful
  15. Need some help for a simple ICE setup with budget of $1500. Think I shld get a HU first followed by speakers, is that right? How about the PIONEER P4150? No idea on speakers. Would really appreciate some advice on direction. TKs!
  16. Kurty

    Basic setup on ICE

    hi, ever since i changed my new tyres, driving on the road was much quieter than before. another poison leads to another. now eyeing on having an active subwoofer beneath the seat. however no idea how to go about. any advise or recommendation of audio workshop that could do this cheaply? just a normal woofer/set up will do, after all, it just for entertainment to ears
  17. Hp93868686

    Basic $ working in AD?

    Any ideas roughly what the basic of a SE paid working in AD? Eg. For KIA ( C&C ) or Hyundai ( Komoco )
  18. Lex250

    Basic Driving Question

    I need fellow forum members help me make sense of this scenario. I am trying to turn right at a 4 way junction. It is all single traffic on all sides with a solid white line running down the middle. However my side has a yellow box painted. The car immediately to my right (car 1) has stopped to give way to me. I cannot see oncoming traffic on the left so I have to go into the yellow box. The car behind car 1 (car2)proceeded to cross the white line to overtake only to be stopped by me as I am in the junction box waiting for the left to clear before turning right. As the traffic cleared I proceeded to turn right but can only proceed slowly as car 2 is straddling 2 lanes . I made eye contact with driver of car 2. He shook his head to indicate I was being an inconsiderate driver. This has happened a few times and it is an accident waiting to happen. I would just like to ask you folks what you think is proper coz I cannot recall being wrong on any occasion.
  19. Hi all, just bought a used Avante. The car is really basic. Want to install accessories like leather seats, pioneer 2 din HU, reverse sensor and tinting. Any recomendations? Can PM me? Thanks.
  20. Hi Getting my new ride soon.. Want to check again.. if these is all i need to start off? 1) Duragloss Bug Remover 2) DG #951 - aquawax for quick clean 3) WW towel - for drying 4) MF cloth 5)DG shampoo - for washing 7)wash mtt - for application .. suppose to get these things earlier last yr.. but because of unforseen circumstances, didnt get until now change ride liao :)
  21. Hi guys do you know where can get Basic Theory book? My wife want to take the test but I dun know where can get the book? Or any kind soul have a book to spare? Thanks
  22. 1. I read this from Option Mag on topic regarding the myth of modding air-intake and exos, page 110 for Dec 07 issue. They did 3 tests to a stock auto car: a) only install aftermarket air-intake (sponsored by Simota, not drop-in type) b) install both aftermarket exo and air-intake c) only install aftermarket exo(branded exo was used but no name mentioned) The on the road D-Box test results (air-intake, expel air, intake+expel): a) marginal improvement than stock condition b) Not better than stock condition c) Better result than a) & b). 2. I tried to summarize. The principle of modifying air-intake is simple, i.e. aim to enhance air-exchange efficiency. At high rpm, high rev, you wanted the most unobstructed air passage to aid the combustion in the engine and at the sametimes expel out expanded air as fast as possible. So therotically speaking, it should enhance horsepower. At low-end, if the intake is too great, it actually obstructs the expanded air as it is more difficult to expel them, causing obstruction instead. It doesn't mean enhancing air-intake is no good, but its actual performance boost comes better at high rpm. So for a stop-start traffic, enhancing air-intake is not going to help alot or not at all. 3. They went on to do the test, very long articule. For air-intake alone, at high rev, the engine performance benefited most but at 3K rpm, the torque figure was not impressive, Hence, air-intake alone is more suited to drivers who constantly high rev their cars. but no one drives like that on city roads. At 1K rpm, lose of pick-up is felt , it is only when the car rev up to 3k rpm above, then the speed is gradually felt. 4. The performance on exo alone was impressive, best D-Box result. Though torque figure was also affected but at low rpm and 2.5K rpm , an obvious performance gain is felt. Car is more lively, smoother acceleration and more eager to trust. 5. The combined option has the worse result. They attributed this to the need for the car to even rev harder to climb the acceleration curve. 6. Anyway, in conclusion, they mentioned that this is the true result but up to the reader to believe it or not. In fact, in their Q&A page, they also mentioned that no point having big air-intake but the exo can't cope and resulted in "constipation". The car manufacturers already factored in the optimal air-intake for the stock car but the exo is always a constraint because they need to run loops and ends to reduce nosie and emission to meet legal requirement. Hence, for auto car, the better mod is to start from the exo. 7. I thought sometimes back, someone also posted a video where an FD with aftermarket intake and exo was beaten flat by a stock FD? 8. Anyway, modding and tuning is a never ending story, one must really experiment and to test to confirm whether there is gain at the end of the day. Anyway, this is my 2 cents worth. Please comment and feedback. Thank you very much. Regards,
  23. hi guys, I'm planning to do a basic I.C.E setup. Wonder if this is good enough to start off. 1) Good Component Speakers for the front door. 2) Good HU. 3) SP front doors. Do I need Amp for the above setup? Not really interested in getting woofer at this time cos I prefer to keep my boot space for the time being
  24. Hi Experts... I need advice as im intending to polish(wax) my car tonight to prepare for Hari Raya outing this Sat Sun. I had to do this myself as most polishing services are fully booked! And i have only myself to blame for not booking in advance. All i need is a list of things i should get and where can i get them conveniently. Im only available to shop for those items after 7pm. Petrol Kiosk, Mustafa, anywhere with late opening hours to recommend? These are what i have currently.( i know my current set is a joke... ) 1) Proglaze wash n wax shampoo. (is this good enough for a good wash) 2) A couple of sponges (a rough surface one for the tyre areas n below bumpers and the smooth surface sponge for the body n bumpers. 3) Chamois - To wipe dry my car after wash. 4) Turtle wax - swirl mark remover wax. 5) Turtle wax applicator pads 6) A pad to buff. 7) ArmourAll Tyre shine applicator 8) ArmourAll windscreen cleaner Are these good enough? or are there better waxes off the shelf(not that ex. appx. <$25) to recommend? Another thing, my ride has been exposed to rain n shine in an open carpark for 2 years. There are visible trace of water marks on the roof as well as some light fingernail scratches. Do i need to claybar my ride? If so, where can i buy claybar. I would appreciate your time to recommend n give me some tips. I need simple items only...nothing complicating pls. From the set that i have currently, which one should i continue using and which one should i just stop using them? Thank you.