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Found 132 results

  1. i ve been doin tat for a while now.....but some of mi frens frown on it as they commented tat it may b fake. Pls contribute suggestion on some on line stall which u feel its safe to buy.... for mi, i buy from iherb, don noe anyone heard of it b4 or whether its safe or not
  2. Since can't find any code online, not even SPF website, perhaps anyone here know this ruling. Though I SHOULD know it, but I guess many drivers is same as me 1. Single yellow zig zag line on road side 2. double yellow zig zag line on road side
  3. Cross Island Line to take direct route under Central Catchment Nature Reserve https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/cross-island-line-mrt-crl-direct-route-central-nature-reserve-12152290
  4. Mockngbrd

    New Thomson Line MRT

    http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1222777/1/.html SINGAPORE: Singapore's sixth MRT Line -- the Thomson Line (TSL) -- will open from 2019, instead of the indicative timeline of 2018 announced in the Land Transport Master Plan. Pearl's Centre in Eu Tong Sen Street, a post office along Upper Thomson Road and two landed properties along Stevens Road and Robin Close will be affected by land acquisition. Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew, who gave an update on the Thomson Line on Wednesday, said the change in timeline is to accommodate some adjustments made to the original plan. Under the final rail alignment plan of the Land Transport Authority (LTA), the TSL will be longer and have more stations. It will be 30 kilometres long -- 3 kilometres longer than envisaged -- and have 22 stations, four more than originally planned. TSL will run from Woodlands in the north to Marina Bay in the south and is expected to be built at estimated cost of around S$18 billion. It is expected to have daily ridership of 400,000 commuters. Six of the 22 stations will be interchanges, enabling commuters to reach their destinations in the shortest possible time. For example, a resident of Sin Ming travelling to Republic Polytechnic in Woodlands will half his or her commute time from 50 minutes to 25 minutes. With six interchange stations, the TSL will connect to all existing lines and the future Downtown Line (DTL). TSL will connect to the North South Line at Woodlands and Orchard stations. Caldecott Station will connect to the Circle Line. Residents of the Bukit Timah stretch can change trains at the future DTL Stevens Station to connect to the TSL. The Outram Park Station will connect the TSL to the East West Line and North East Line, while the Marina Bay Station will connect the TSL to the North South Line and Circle Line. TSL will open in three stages from the north to the south. Phase One, which will have three stations from Woodlands North to Woodlands South, will open in 2019. Phase Two will be ready in 2020, with stations from Springleaf to Caldecott. The final stretch of 13 stations from Mount Pleasant to Gardens by the Bay will open in 2021. The line will also be a four-car system, instead of a three-car system. Mr Lui said this will give it additional capacity to cope with any increase in long-term demand. He was speaking during a visit to Telok Ayer Station of Downtown Line One. LTA, Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) said in a joint statement that while all efforts have been made to minimise land acquisition, the government will acquire four full lots. They include Pearl's Centre in Eu Tong Sen Street, a post office along Upper Thomson Road and two landed properties along Stevens Road and Robin Close. Pearl's Centre will be affected by the construction of the TSL as a tunnel will run under part of the building. To optimise land use around the future TSL station at Outram Park, Pearl's Centre will be acquired and integrated with the adjoining state land for a high-density mixed-use development. Five other part lots will also be acquired but will not affect the main building structure. The SLA gazetted the land affected by acquisition on Wednesday. - CNA/wm
  5. Scion

    Cross Island Line??

    is this a joke? whose brilliant idea is it?? <_<
  6. How to call for help? I called Singtel 1688. Put me to voice message and claimed to call back in 2 hours. I left 2 messages at 7pm+. No sound from them. at 830pm, called again and this time... "voice message is full. Thank you for your call!" This is customer service from SINGTEL. Home home line is not working since this afternoon. got ring if I call in but phone not ringing. But my mio TV, using the same phone link is working. So, physical line should be fine. I have 2 phones. 1 cordless and 1 analogue corded phone. Both also not ringing and no dial tone. What else could be the root cause?
  7. AFV_V200

    Singtel line down?

    Anyone out there suffer that?
  8. Hi, Just saw a ticket in my car wiper today, ticket for parking at double yellow line issued by cisco police. My fault clearly. Do you know what is the penalty (how much) for this offence? I believe no demerit for this. Anyone know a link where all these are described officially? Thanks.
  9. Dedicated to porker!! http://www.collegehumor.com/post/6959407/please-dont-stick-stuff-up-your-butt-16-strange-x-rays-of-things-people-have-put-up-there
  10. Westender

    Starhub free home phone line.

    Anyone using it currently? Thinking of switching to it soon, save abit also good. Can I connect more than one phone to the digital modem? Problem is I have phone in all the rooms and hall, does it means I have to junk all of them away? Does it comes with caller ID? Any other pros and cons before I switch over?
  11. Ccssgm

    Downtown Line MRT station

    Hotel at Bugis to make way for new Downtown Line MRT station (Artist's impression) The new Bugis station will be sited under Rochor Road and partly within the adjacent land to the west. THE Government will acquire the New Seventh Storey Hotel at Bugis to make way for a Downtown Line (DTL) MRT station. The Land Transport Authority said on Thursday that the hotel will have to be vacated by year end to enable comprehensive redevelopment of the area. The new Bugis station is one of six that make up the 4.3 km DTL Stage 1 (DTL1) that will run from Bugis Station on the East-West Line (EWL) to Chinatown Station on the North East Line (NEL). The other five stations are Promenade, Bayfront, Landmark, Cross Street and Chinatown. The new line is scheduled to open in 2013. The new Bugis station will be sited under Rochor Road and partly within the adjacent land to the west. LTA said due to engineering constraints which cannot be avoided, the land currently occupied by the New Seventh Storey Hotel and part of the adjacent state land fronting Rochor Road, is needed for the construction of the station box and station structures, such as the station's entrance and lift facility. 'The hotel will have to be demolished to allow for the construction of the station,' said LTA. The hotel site will be amalgamated with the adjacent state land parcel at North Bridge Road, Tan Quee Lan Street, Beach Road and Rochor Road for future comprehensive redevelopment. LTA said the amalgamation of the hotel site with the adjacent land parcel will allow for better integration of the station with future development in the area, and allow the planned pedestrian network and urban design plans for the area to be carried out. The owner and occupants of the New Seven Storey Hotel, who will have to move out of the building by end December, will receive compensation pegged at market value. LTA said commuters will have more transport choices in the city as the DTL 1 will serve existing and upcoming developments in the Marina Bay area, including One Raffles Quay, The Sail @ Marina Bay, Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resorts and the Marina Bay Financial Centre. The contract for the construction of the new DTL Bugis station and tunnels from Beach Road to Queen Street will be up for tender in early July and awarded in November. Founder of 7th storey Hotel 7th storey Hotel
  12. OneInbox .... just got an email from them and it seems they have reached the end of the line and will be calling it a day on 8 June 2017. we will be getting back our hard copies in the mail for all future govt related matters. i did like the timely notifications from them ... which would have taken a longer time if hard copies were sent instead.
  13. If you're a line mgr, how do you feel about the bell curve and having to shoehorn the way you rate your team to fit the distribution? Is it realistic to expect the same outcome for each department regardless of their differences?
  14. Picnic06-Biante15

    Prostitution Ads Online "Flourishing" Forum

    Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Lau ....... Sammyboy Forum kena mentioned ... CNA: Prostitution ads online: Judge voices concern over 'flourishing' forums SINGAPORE: A District Judge in the State Courts raised concerns over the existence of online forum Sammyboy after hearing a case on Friday (Jul 10) related to sex workers advertising their services on the website. District Judge Mathew Joseph said he was "concerned" with the site, after noting "a lot of activities" were present on the site involving "young, vulnerable people". "The site seems to be flourishing," he added. He said this in sentencing 41-year-old Foo Suan Wee to ten weeks' imprisonment for living off the earnings of prostitutes. Foo had pleaded guilty to four charges, with three others taken into consideration. Judge Joseph asked the prosecution to check with the authorities to see if any actions were being taken against the Sammyboy site. The prosecutor said that he would pass on the feedback to enforcement agencies. The site was cited in a High Court judgement on Dec 22, 2014, where a freelance photographer helped to advertise sex workers on the website and charged them a fee for his photographic and advertising services. A check on the Sammyboy website revealed slogans such as "your virtual sex hub" and "commercial sex info at your fingertips". Threads pertaining to sex worker activities in areas, such as Geylang, Keong Saik and Desker, were present. Sex work is legal in Singapore, but public solicitation for sex and living off the earnings of sex workers are illegal. S$6,000 MONTHLY PROFIT FOR HELPING WITH PROSTITUTES' ONLINE ADS Investigations revealed that sometime in September 2013, Foo had become a regular customer of a female Chinese prostitute before she asked him if he could help advertise her services on the Internet. Foo then posted an advertisement on behalf of the girl on Sammyboy. Subsequently, the prostitute referred others to Foo to advertise their sexual services. Foo began charging S$200 per month from each prostitute's earnings to advertise on different websites. Foo would also trawl other websites for prostitutes and contact them via messaging app WeChat to ask if they wanted his help to advertise their sexual services. He would meet them to collect payment in cash before publishing photographs and information on such websites. To keep the advertisements up on the websites, the prostitutes had to pay a monthly fee of between S$200 and S$300 to the accused. When he was arrested on Dec 19, 2014, the authorities found that Foo had helped advertise the sexual services of about 30 to 40 female prostitutes per month, making a monthly profit of about S$6,000. Prosecution submitted that the case was aggravated due to the protracted period of advertising, the low-cost and high-multiplier nature of using the Internet, and the high monthly profits that Foo was getting from the offence. Foo could have received a maximum five years' jail and a S$10,000 fine for his offence. - CNA/ek Link: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/prostitution-ads-online/1974466.html?cx_tag=trendingsg#cxrecs_s Heng Ah, MCF got good MODs to keep it clean .........
  15. Guniang

    Crossing double white line

    Anybody appealed on crossing double white line before?? This morning i was travelling frm braddle to CTE(amk) towards my wrkplace as usual, i had to swerve my car to the nxt lane to avoid being smack right into the lorry because everymorning there is a TP standing there... SO upon seeing the tp, the lorries jam brake... As i was passing the tp i saw the TP jotting down stuff which i think its my car plate... So any chances of appealling??
  16. I read from the websites that parking offences seem to be under the purview of HDB and URA. So how does the traffic police fit into the picture? Apologies if this question is too stupid...
  17. Andrewtyr

    Circle line trains

    Is it me or is it the circle line trains abit shorter than the usual ones? I notice that the circle line stations are tat small.
  18. Hi may i know wads the fine for parking along continuos white line?? So suay...went to have dinner den kana summon as that place got no parking lots...only PTE housing
  19. PRESUME ... New Car A - CEVS Neutral Selling = $150,000 OMV = $20,000 CEVS = $0 ARF = $20,000 PARF = 50% of ARF = 50% x $20,000 = $10,000 Straight Line Depri = $150,000 - $10,000 = $140,000 over 10 years = $14,000 per year New Car B - CEVS Rebate Selling = $150,000 OMV = $20,000 CEVS = $10,000 REBATE ARF = $20,000 - $10,000 = $10,000 PARF = 50% of ARF = 50% x $10,000 = $5,000 Straight Line Depri = $150,000 - $5,000 = $145,000 over 10 years = $14,500 per year New Car C - CEVS Surcharge Selling = $150,000 OMV = $20,000 CEVS = $10,000 SURCHARGE ARF = $20,000 + $10,000 = $30,000 PARF = 50% of ARF = 50% x $30,000 = $15,000 Straight Line Depri = $150,000 - $15,000 = $135,000 over 10 years = $13,500 per year Tio Bio?
  20. Rrrobt


    anyone having starhub signal problem ?? my area is marine parade. start from 2 days ago im having NO bar or 1 or 2 bar on my signal when im at home but when i go out is OK [ but i dont know how many bar ].
  21. A video link - https://youtu.be/IPXdvZfd3I8 A Poem Audi, Audi, oh my Audi Your A3 S-Line, made me moody Car was new and driving easy But only two bags, in your booty Audi, Audi, oh my Audi Nav was good but controls messy Press but can't find things easily Maybe I am just very lousy Audi, Audi, oh my Audi, Loved the drive, but not my family Sitting behind, kids got cranky Sorry Audi, I need my harmony Audi, Audi, oh my Audi, Your A3 S-Line, made me moody Car was new and driving easy But only two bags, in your booty ------------------- A picture.
  22. Latioboy

    Volkswagen R-Line. SWEE!

    Found this video on youtube. Makes me drool and want a Passat CC ! (: Very very handsome and understated car!
  23. This thread is about Norwegian Cruise Line, or NCL for short. This company is owned by the Genting group, which also owns Star Cruises. For this reason, NCL does not sail to Asia because the sister brands do not want to compete directly. NCL ships sail primarily in the Caribbean, Europe and Hawaii. We have only sailed with NCL once, but found the experience to be quite good. Compared to Royal Caribbean, their older ships are more 'basic' in features and certainly do not have all the 'Wow' factors like a Royal Promenade, Ice-Skating ring etc. However, their newer ships seem to be more exciting. We haven't sailed on the bigger and newer ships, so we don't have first hand experience. When we read the Cruise Critic Boards and other forums on cruising, many people said that NCL itineraries were more port intensive (i.e. fewer sea days) and also the suite life on NCL was superior to most cruise lines. So, when we found a very good deal in a 2-bedroom Penthouse suite, coupled with a good itinerary, we jumped on it. We sailed on the NCL Jade out of Rome late last year. We squeezed the maximum number of pax into the 2 bedroom suite, i.e. 6. A bit of a squeeze, but still fine for us as one big family. Here is the video I made of the suite. The best suite perks I felt were the suite-only breakfast and lunch at a speciality restaurant called Cagney's. What do I mean? Suite passengers are entitled to have breakfast and lunch every day at a speciality restaurant on board. The menu is the same every day, but more than adequate for us because we like the type of food they serve. These videos show you what I mean. Cagney's Lunch I will post more videos later.