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  1. Ben5266

    Watch Part V

    This one nice. nice watch nice background -10C no problem not me hor.
  2. I actually forgot there is something call COE bidding.... :D
  3. I just out of Marina sq. Parked about 2 hrs. $2.40. my son said, that’s HDB rate!
  4. All industries badly affected except for one the umbrella factory. :D
  5. Ben5266

    Let's talk about airport lounges

    Can go next door Plaza premium. Agreed with you. China one quite bad.
  6. 10 million died. Massacre by US Why? Food embargo. 见死不救. Not written in western history. China survived.
  7. They not happy why Huawei and Alibaba not open HQ in HK?!Tencents listed but office not big enough in HK?
  8. Ben5266

    Man steals basin tap from police station

    Police go toilet don't wash hand. So, didn't know the tap is missing.
  9. You go 相亲? Taiwan girl not bad. The voice tay tay one. You will love them. good luck.
  10. If and only if the terrex are still there. Can loan to HKPF.
  11. They should wave Singapore flag. Can拖新加坡落水。