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Found 36 results

  1. Now this is a new level of road bullying. Check out this new post from SG Road Vigilante where the camera car is being harassed by a Toyota Premio from Geylang all the way until the end of the Thomson Flyover on the PIE towards Jurong. The incident happened on 10th of June, 2020 and we all know that there can be no smoke without fire. Coming out from Lor 19 Geylang and merging into Geylang Rd, the camera car must have honked the offending Premio as the Premio appears to be stopping in the middle of a busy and messy four lane road for no reason. In the Premio driver's defence, he could have trying to pick up a passenger as the car is under the Private Hire scheme and can be seen using his hazards. Unfortunately for him, he chose to lose his temper when he was honked at by the camera car, a Toyota Noah/Esquire, which could very likely be another Private Hire vehicle rushing to pick up/drop off another passenger. As we can see, in the process of intimidating the white Toyota MPV camera car, the Premio driver drove through a red light along Geylang Rd. From the various submissions of video to the SGRV's page, the whole event only ended when both of them drove past the Thomson Flyover, with the Premio driver speeding off after wildly gesturing at the camera car. Naturally the comment sections were full of unkind words for the "ah beng" in the Premio... So do you think the Premio driver is in the wrong? Or is there another side to this story? Let us know in the comments below!
  2. Mockngbrd

    New Thomson Line MRT

    http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1222777/1/.html SINGAPORE: Singapore's sixth MRT Line -- the Thomson Line (TSL) -- will open from 2019, instead of the indicative timeline of 2018 announced in the Land Transport Master Plan. Pearl's Centre in Eu Tong Sen Street, a post office along Upper Thomson Road and two landed properties along Stevens Road and Robin Close will be affected by land acquisition. Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew, who gave an update on the Thomson Line on Wednesday, said the change in timeline is to accommodate some adjustments made to the original plan. Under the final rail alignment plan of the Land Transport Authority (LTA), the TSL will be longer and have more stations. It will be 30 kilometres long -- 3 kilometres longer than envisaged -- and have 22 stations, four more than originally planned. TSL will run from Woodlands in the north to Marina Bay in the south and is expected to be built at estimated cost of around S$18 billion. It is expected to have daily ridership of 400,000 commuters. Six of the 22 stations will be interchanges, enabling commuters to reach their destinations in the shortest possible time. For example, a resident of Sin Ming travelling to Republic Polytechnic in Woodlands will half his or her commute time from 50 minutes to 25 minutes. With six interchange stations, the TSL will connect to all existing lines and the future Downtown Line (DTL). TSL will connect to the North South Line at Woodlands and Orchard stations. Caldecott Station will connect to the Circle Line. Residents of the Bukit Timah stretch can change trains at the future DTL Stevens Station to connect to the TSL. The Outram Park Station will connect the TSL to the East West Line and North East Line, while the Marina Bay Station will connect the TSL to the North South Line and Circle Line. TSL will open in three stages from the north to the south. Phase One, which will have three stations from Woodlands North to Woodlands South, will open in 2019. Phase Two will be ready in 2020, with stations from Springleaf to Caldecott. The final stretch of 13 stations from Mount Pleasant to Gardens by the Bay will open in 2021. The line will also be a four-car system, instead of a three-car system. Mr Lui said this will give it additional capacity to cope with any increase in long-term demand. He was speaking during a visit to Telok Ayer Station of Downtown Line One. LTA, Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) said in a joint statement that while all efforts have been made to minimise land acquisition, the government will acquire four full lots. They include Pearl's Centre in Eu Tong Sen Street, a post office along Upper Thomson Road and two landed properties along Stevens Road and Robin Close. Pearl's Centre will be affected by the construction of the TSL as a tunnel will run under part of the building. To optimise land use around the future TSL station at Outram Park, Pearl's Centre will be acquired and integrated with the adjoining state land for a high-density mixed-use development. Five other part lots will also be acquired but will not affect the main building structure. The SLA gazetted the land affected by acquisition on Wednesday. - CNA/wm
  3. Mahjong74

    Hospital blunders!

    Source from http://news.xin.msn.com/zh/singapore/artic...umentid=4436687 IVF strict screening procedures to avoid error A Caucasian man and his Chinese wife , through IVF birth to a child, but found that the child's skin color and their different. DNA tests also showed that the child's DNA does not match with the Caucasian father. This means that hospitals may be used during the other man's sperm and egg to combine. The couple had asked Thomson Medical Hospital to give them accountable, and has sought legal advice to the lawyers. Solicitor, said acceptance of the station asked the couple by the trauma, pain shock. They are also most concerned about the health and welfare of children, do not know whether he has a genetic disease. The couple now want to know the truth, how could this mistake happen, when, who should be responsible? Thomson Medical Hospital , said the desk for the time being no comment. According to the station learned that the Ministry of Health requires all hospitals, during in vitro fertilization, to ensure that gametes from the right parents. However, concrete steps to develop the individual hospitals. Provided in the local hospital, another in vitro fertilization fertility specialist Raffles Medical Center said that by labeling and strict inspection procedures to ensure that errors do not occur. Raffles Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist consultant Dr. Xu Jinhui, said: "They take the sperm from Mr. patients to us when we will talk to his control, to determine their names, ID numbers are correct. They get to our laboratory test-tube Every time when we have two people each process to determine the right. " Better to consider in vitro fertilization couples, as heard amusing incident to worry about. Raffles Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist consultant Dr Lu Jia Italy, said: "The first reaction is of concern, in fact, very afraid. Have been better this morning, asking me questions." The hospital's regular process to embryo implantation in the uterus back to the patient before the patient through the screens to watch the preparation process of the embryo, and to check the above name is not his own, which makes the patient more at ease
  4. Hi Wana check with the bros here if anyone still go back to Thomson Caltex to change engine oil. Charge still $10? jemjem
  5. There are two new speed cameras (towards Lornie rd and towards Sembawang rd) currently under installation along UpperThomson Road, close to the junction of SLE . I have attached a file to pinpoint the locations of the cameras. The cameras should be operational within the next few days. You've been warned.
  6. anybody caught in this crazy jam this morning at thomson ? what happen ?
  7. Happened after midnight just now. Many apologies to those i overtook. I believe i am in no way dangerously driving but i admit that i am driving faster than normal. If u are the black vw Scirocco driver, f**k u for no lane discipline at first and trying race and overtake me again after i flashed and overtook u.
  8. Anyone caught in the jam this morning ? I was late ...stuck for more than 30 mins. Only to find out a P plate mazda accident
  9. Car overturns along Thomson Road, driver and passenger escape unhurt By Imelda Saad, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 04 January 2010 1956 hrs The car was travelling north along Thomson Road when it overturned. - TODAY photo SINGAPORE: A car turned turtle along Thomson Road at about 3.25pm on Monday, but no one was injured. Police said the vehicle was travelling along Thomson Road towards Upper Thomson Road. It is unclear how the car had overturned. Despite the damage to the vehicle, both the 21-year-old driver and his passenger escaped unhurt. I saw the attached photo in CNA, cant make out the model but can see its OPC plate. ^^
  10. Had my newborn there and have a unpleasant experience yesterday. Went there to bring my wife and baby back yesterday ( 2 Nov '12 ). As usual, carpark was crowded and have to opt for valet parking. Left instruction my car was keyless entry with push start. Wanted to explain how it works..the guys just brush it off no problem. Since its the 2nd time i use their service, i believe they may have experience. Called back an hour later say steering wheel locked. ( i had a tiny tweak on the key system ). No problem, i went down thinking since its my fault for not explaining well. To my horror. I say my beige car seat (bottom) stained with pen inks and tear. Quickly moved the car away as i was blocking someone's car. Request to talked to the manager (Its a malay guy). Came, took a look at my car.. says cannot be left by them. Many mistakes. 1) Told me all their guys dont put their pen behind their buttocks. (Then proceed to explain to me even if pen put behind also wont write on the seat. I told him i very confirmed no markings before that. 2) I said fine, if you prove to me all your drivers pocket got no holes( since all their drivers wearing jeans, without holes in their pocket, it will be true that the pen wont write)..i apologise to you. I treat it as my mistake. He laugh it out says fine, you go check lor. 3)Told me only got 2 drivers, one malay and 1 chinese. I checked the malay driver and politely apologised. Then checked the chinese guy. True enough, there was hole on his pocket. The manager saw it and told me again blah blah cannot be lar. Now very angry, i saw the pen that the driver was holding, Told him i go write on my seat now, if its the same ink, what you going to say. Again, he laugh it off saying not possible. 4) Went there, i really wrote on my seat. Proved to him, he again say any pen can do this, i told him you still want to deny, why not i send it to foresenic and check? 5) Gave me the WTF look, ask me go polish come back claim from him. I asked him, are you going to acknowledge the mistake, he still die die say i trying to fleece him off and this was not the first time someone trying to fleece him. Tell me he himself driving a wrx( as if i care) and he very confirm leaving a pen on the buttocks wont draw on the seat. i told him why not we put a penknife on the pocket see if it cuts the seats when sitting down. He still show me the angleof the buttocks when sitting down, wont happen one lar. (His pocket is those very low type ) Decided to walk away. no point argueing. I am going to Thomson medical and stomp this. Actually, wont be so piss if he acknowlege the mistake and we move on from here, ( i believe i should be able to remove the stains, minus the small cut. ) What pisses me is i already showed him so many evidence and he still says i going to fleece him off.
  11. http://www.yourhealth.com.sg/content/singa...ic-over-ivf-mix
  12. Hi people, I was about 10 seconds ahead of the above accident. I was heading for Thomson Plaza at about 9.20 pm last night from the opposite side on lane 1. A taxi was trying to filter right from lane 2 into my lane at low speed, heading for the U-turn before the Thomson Plaza U-turn. As it was going so slowly, most of the cars in my lane did not slow down to give way. 10 seconds later, after I had nearly reached my U-turn spot, I heard collisions behind me. The taxi was nowhere in sight. But it seemed to leave a trail of destruction in lane 3, which I could only see after it happened. A red Jazz seemed to swerve and go up the kerb entirely. 2 other cars crashed a short distance behind - a white Civic crashed into the back of another car. The Jazz driver seemed hurt. Ambulance arrived later. One hour later, the TP was still there, and so were the Civic and Jazz. I hope everybody involved is fine. I am just curious (debating with my wife) whether the taxi caused the chain accident. It is just unfortunate that a selfish and inconsiderate move by the taxi to go from lane 3 to lane 1 to the U-turn caused anguish to 3 other drivers. And got off scott-free.
  13. suspect door lock problem. TX808. any recommendation for service center or repairman?
  14. when I was approaching the junction the light turned amber, accelerated as I thought I was near enough and then stepped on the brake right after as I didnt want to take the risk. Managed to stop in time but end up the front part of the car overshot the line (1/4 to 1/2). Then red light camera flashed twice with 1 second interval. Will tio fine? Thinking whether as long as tio camera means will tio fine already or whether the 2 flashes with 1second interval was to determine if you did beat the red light? Cause the second photo should show that I was at the same position which means the car was already at a stop and not over the junction. How? Dont want to tio fine and demerit leh.
  15. I came across an accident between a Stream and Lancer GLX if I am not wrong.Apparently the Lancer kena kissed backside . First thing that come to mind was that I felt like getting down and kicked the stream driver bloody ASS. Not only he jammed up the whole expressway cos of accident,dented the whole bumper of the other car , cant help but to think "Jialek, next year car insurance going to rocket sky high !!! Thing is, everyone knows it is not the driver's will to create the accident giving reasons like the front vehicle jammed brake suddenly lah etc etc.. But many time cannot escape from the fact that it is carelessness and taking things for granted attitude that caused the accident. It don't just concern you and the other driver so exercise caution and consideration when on the roads.
  16. Note the white cloths on the road.
  17. Walkingtree

    Jaywalker on Upper Thomson Road

    I was driving down Upper Thomson Road this afternoon (15 June) at around 12.30pm. From Sembawang towards Lornie direction. Just before the church area, where there is a opening in the road divider for motorists who want to u-turn to Thomson Plaza, one old man casually just jaywalk across the road. Even though there were 3 cars approaching, the old man also don't care, just slowly walk. I remember this was abt the same venue where an old man who was a ex-olympic medal weightlifter got knock down by a car recently when crossing the road. The authorities have already put up barricades on the road dividers, so now the jaywalkers just try to go thru' the divider opening at the u-turn. There is traffic light crossing further down, and overhead bridge further up. I posted the footage from my in-car camera on u-tube. Not sure if u guys can access cos' it's my 1st time attaching video. Anyway, luckily the white Lexus managed to brake in time, and the black Forester also nearly hit the Lexus backside. My car was on Lane 1, but not speeding cos' that place now always got hidden cameras. I honk at the Ah Pek when i drove past, but he just carry on walking. Not sure if he cross the other half of the road towards Thomson Plaza in the same manner. I think he probably did cos' his attitude is just like that. Anyway i can't be bothered to confirm lah, it is his life. The authorities should seriously take action against the jaywalkers there before a repeat of the very sad fatal accident happens. If this old fella is the father/grandfather of any of the forumers reading, please take care of him lah. Don't let him get killed, and get motorists into trouble in the process for no good reason. No motorists in their right mind wants to knock or kill any pedestrians. But i think pedestrians need to play their part too, and not assume that motorists can always brake in time.
  18. For full story please go to my thread in the General Discussion forum..... http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...650550&st=0
  19. HI Experts Forumers, http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel...vel_site_36650/ Can share your view & logic on why the traffic light has no right turn arrow to Olive road (caldecott hill) at this junction? There is a lane fitering to right but no traffic light arrow, has also noted that there is a signage saying NO RIGHT Turn from 7am-9am but what about the rest of the day? If not arrow then what's the point of making that fiter lane? http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel.../travel_site_1/ Oh, also no right turn at the junction of Dunearn road to Balmoral road during certain time, what logic huh? Other than due to the school nearby. Thanks in advance for clarification :)
  20. Just wanted to find out if anyone have seen the inside of this book that was selling at HMV.... Do they have write up on motor-bikes as well or even photos. Used to ride bicycle from Q'stown to the circuit to watch for free....brought back thrilling memories
  21. i passed by yesterday and only did i realise that the whole caltex gas station was either being demolished or re built... the car wash station gone too...i still have many carwash coupons! anyone knows where the carwash shifted to? or they totally closed down?
  22. saw accident yesterday, sunday 3 Jan at Upper thomson road. around 6pm. oppsite longhouse there. 5 lanes road to only can use 2 lanes. saw a female (tink biker) on road with scratches to hands and legs. 2 or 3 cars involved. somemore minutes later rain damn big. seepeh jialat. any bros saw too?
  23. Fatal accident along Upper Thomson Road kills one woman SINGAPORE: A 76-year-old lady was knocked down and killed by a suspected drunk-driver Sunday morning at 6.50am. Mrs Helen Wee and her husband were on their way to church on Upper Thomson Road when they were hit by a car. Paramedics pronounced Mrs Wee dead at the scene. Her husband, 76-year-old Peter Wee, sustained head injuries and was sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. The driver, a 33-year-old Chinese man, was arrested for drink-driving and is now out on bail. The couple's son said they were walking along the road instead of the pavement as the walkway was occupied by cars. "There's no pavement at all. The pavement is all being parked by cars," said Mr Wee. "So, there's no way anybody can walk on the pavements even though it's there. That's why (my parents) probably walked along the side of the road, by the pavement beside the cars, and that's where my mom got hit." Police are appealing for witnesses. I don't want to jump to conclusion but I reckon the pavement occupied by church-goer cars who are too lazy and inconsiderate to park at proper lots. That is what irritates me, cars illegally parked along side road going for their service at mosque, church or temple. Seems to me that religon takes precedent over everything!!! It is a matter of time before accidents happen, and look what happened.
  24. Anyone tried it before? I see the word "free", but something tells me there must be a catch. No one is going to run a valet service for free unless compensation comes from someone else. And even if it is free, why must lots be reserved for those who use the valet service for 'free'?
  25. Anybody let them wash before. Last time they wash still ok . Morning i went to wash my car , found theyre service very bad . And i hear they fxxk each other W PRC . Next time i dont go there anymore. Very bad service not day. I stll have to came out and clean myself . That why i see now day not body going there. Anybody can intro which washing station is better ? I stay in AMK area.