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  1. Kezg1

    New car discount/price/promo

    ...made in Tomyam??
  2. Kezg1

    Washing machine repair

    Take photo n show lah.. then can understand better
  3. ...so sad..if she chose to take her own life we can try to understand but her 5 yrs old kid...sob sob.....RIP
  4. Kezg1

    Washing machine repair

    ..rattling sound and water keep flowing out and cannot be contain inside the bucket...only can spin now...so any idea what is the problem??
  5. Kezg1

    Washing machine repair

    hi All.....anyone know of Washing Machine repair man to recommend ?? Thanks in advacnce
  6. Kezg1

    Opel Astra 2016

    ....the whole damn thing about COe implemented was to fatten up the coffer..n likewise AD ride on the bandwagon...imho
  7. Kezg1

    Property in Johor

    ...its the people that runs the country...Low IQ n always use race/religion the mess up the public...worse is the herd mentality....can see why MAS keep losing $$ but AirAsia still Ok.
  8. Kezg1

    Cars@Expo Oct 2019

    ....no wonder new car after 1 year, many rattling sound...sighhh
  9. Kezg1

    Property in Johor

    ...have a already contributed too much till we are dry...and yet the Pappy still squeeze....no wonder they can afford to lost billions in investment....UBS in Usa is one of them....enuf said
  10. .. send email to them..quote ur name n car no. .... n screen shot ur registration.. they will reply.
  11. Kezg1

    Next Elections Thread 2019/20/21

    .. Ok let me guess... in Dec2019
  12. Kezg1

    Lying ex-wife to be and custody

    ...if TS wife is not cheating on him why don't get to mediation for better understanding or she is suffering from Silent Depression (post -natal) that no one see it. This is very dangerous, perhaps some of you have seen or heard about in the news,the lady that committed suicide jumping down in Punggol some years back..she was suffering from what i said above.
  13. Kezg1

    Need soundproofing advices

    ...if you dare to DIY you can order from aliexpress, will probably cost less then $150 for whole car..imo
  14. ....thanks for sharing cheers