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  1. .. send email to them..quote ur name n car no. .... n screen shot ur registration.. they will reply.
  2. Kezg1

    Next Elections Thread 2019/20/21

    .. Ok let me guess... in Dec2019
  3. Kezg1

    Lying ex-wife to be and custody

    ...if TS wife is not cheating on him why don't get to mediation for better understanding or she is suffering from Silent Depression (post -natal) that no one see it. This is very dangerous, perhaps some of you have seen or heard about in the news,the lady that committed suicide jumping down in Punggol some years back..she was suffering from what i said above.
  4. Kezg1

    Need soundproofing advices

    ...if you dare to DIY you can order from aliexpress, will probably cost less then $150 for whole car..imo
  5. ....thanks for sharing cheers
  6. Kezg1

    Green fingers anyone?

    ...and these little RED flowers are quite nice ...I am all smile inside the heart whenever i see it
  7. Kezg1

    Green fingers anyone?

    ...have this planted from the branches of my house pot few weeks ago (without flowers) now it bloom all time becoz of the sunlight outside my office.
  8. . I couldn't agree more with you as this is the same thing that I saw many times in my estate. It really sad that oldies come to such extend.... and i really think the minister who said that they doing it as a form of exercise..is the biggest liar and i would slap his face left right and centre if he is related to me...Yes very the JiaLat.
  9. Thanks to all for their effort in organizing, simply well done......Cheers and have a Nice day
  10. Kezg1

    Travel to Guangzhou China (Short Trip)

    ...thanks for sharing, makes me wanted to go for a short trip too..hehe
  11. ... a bin Centre already cost 800k in Spore..iirc
  12. ...city hall mrt ....few mins walk.
  13. ... Its disheartened but sad true that we are called names..thanks to the 69.9% that have given the mandate.. time for a change..n 1/3 is all we need in the ParLeement..