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  1. China with at least 5000 years of history. Great historians who studied China history had commented that.......... 1. History always repeat itself 2. The greatest lesson learnt from history is..................we don't learn anything from history 3. The death in China civil wars is always greater than all the external wars that China been thru before. So its a norm that Chinese fight Chinese.
  2. Mahjong74

    疑情海翻波 青年坠楼重伤

    The whole problem is the hole problem. - Mahjong74
  3. Mahjong74

    Merc lady driver driving against traffic

    But I don't think it is normal for pple to come out of the car, and scold "nabez + cb" at people. Read from newspaper that she is a HR Director in a MNC. Not sure is it a norm for HR personnel to scold pple "nabez + cb" This shows that she got a good upbringing and good character from the video.
  4. Mahjong74

    Reckless Cyclist

    Is the car ok? Hope not too much damage to the car bumper
  5. Mahjong74

    Hungry Ghost Month ....

    The car already standby for 7th month. Parked nicely in parking lot.
  6. Mahjong74

    My Favourite Bath Soap

    I only manage to get the original one, the green colour one. I didn't know there is other version. Thanks and I will try to get the other version in little india. Anyway just a little joke on.................Don't use the soap in public places and Don't ever drop the soap................
  7. Mahjong74

    My Favourite Bath Soap

    Thanks for the recommendation. Although I seen this soap many times but I didn't try it before as to me, the soap give me kind of cheap and no good impression. After your post, I bought 2 x Chandrika Soap for $1.20. Tried last night and woolah!!!! Just like what you said, cleans very well, smells good and my skin feel very clean !!! Going to buy 10 more today for stock up. Thanks for the cheap and good lobang!!!
  8. Mahjong74

    Singapore Reckless Drivers part VII

    1. If what you said is true, the bus seems to appear suddenly, you need to go for Eye check up. 2. The Bus ok or not? Hope not too much damage to the Bus. 3. Btw, the Bus has the right of way and you didn't check before turning out. If you still feel you are not at fault, and the bus is speeding, pls proceed to report to insurance and also police report.
  9. No need talk cock and no need cock for this lady
  10. Mahjong74

    Who like cats?

    Cat caught red handed
  11. Mahjong74

    3 Crank Electrical Hospital Bed to give away free.

    new request for Hospital Bed just came in. For an elderly cancer patient https://www.passiton.org.sg/grant-a-wish?cat=Medical+Aids
  12. Mahjong74

    3 Crank Electrical Hospital Bed to give away free.

    You are most welcome and I thank you again. At Pass it On, there are many NKF patient and elderly staying alone taken care by different group of social worker. God bless you for your kind heart !!!!!
  13. Mahjong74

    3 Crank Electrical Hospital Bed to give away free.

    You are a kind hearted man who is willing to give away hospital bed for free. Can I just link you up with https://www.passiton.org.sg/grant-a-wish?cat=Mobility+Aids Quite often there are many social worker asking for hospital bed for their patient. Or if you don't mind, maybe can wait a while, there bound to be someone in need of this hospital bed. Thanks a lot for your kindness.
  14. Mahjong74

    Nissan Teana Experience

    Conti cars like Merc or BMW got 1 major issue too..............99% of the time, their signal is not working
  15. Mahjong74

    Google suspends business with Huawei

    Do you know that about 20 years ago, some US company spent millions and millions of $$$ into R&D to come out with products like mobile phone, router, switch, firewall............ And Huawei just bought their products, tear apart the products, copy every single damn thing, including software coding, rebrand it and sell as Huawei products at half the price??? Many years ago, I was tasked to evaluate Huawei products and was surprise to find US software coding in Huawei products. Huawei really just copy blindly 100%. This is how China and Huawei advance in their technology.