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  1. Cross Island Line to take direct route under Central Catchment Nature Reserve https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/cross-island-line-mrt-crl-direct-route-central-nature-reserve-12152290
  2. Remember the eclipse? His SUV brother is born. Front foggies seems too big though. Remember Mit used to say they may evo their SUVs (somehow they retracted that statement recently). Maybe this is the model they are referring to. Wonder if this will arrive in SG. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g79iujwY930
  3. Recently booked the 2022 Eclipse Cross after not owning a brand new car since 2006. This car is seriously under rated locally due to the 1st gen having an unconventional 2 piece rear glass hatch and the long absence of Mitsubishi since the last Evo X, Lancer EX models. Those looking for a value, quality build (MIJ), stylish and spacious CUV should consider test driving this before the boring Vezel/HRV, XV/Forrester, Harrier/RAV4 or even the Conti Crossovers like Q2, X1, GLA. With 163hp/250nm, it easily surpasses most offerings in the same segment with the classic variant and it's still a 4 cylinder Turbo as compared to the struggling 3 cylinders. It does have flaws like no auto tailgate, halogen bulbs, missing autofold mirrors, no auto lock, CVT gearbox (simulated gear changes quite realistic though), smaller boot space (due to coupe hatch styling), FCM (caused quite a bit of problem in 1st gen), 16" wheels and basic 7" Sony HU. Resale value definitely will be lower than Toyota/Honda/BMW/Mercs but it only has an OMV of 18K and vehicle price of 45K max (before COE). So far my passengers have been impressed with the cabin space, minimalist layout and quality leather (locally fitted) seats. Ride quality and well insulated doors made the journey rather pleasant like a Conti make. As a driver, though never an advocate of the CVT gearbox the high torque pushes the 1.5 ton on every acceleration and smooths out the climb to 90km/h without your realization. Only at 100km/h will u start hearing some wind noises from the big, wide side mirrors. Bump absorption has been pretty good on the EC almost to Lexus quality but maintains a sporty feel when doing bends and corners. There were body rolls for sure due to the high CG but the rigidity of the GS tuned to JS platform kept everything intact. Here's a Taiwan review of it's light off-road capability, sorry it's in Chinese 😛 Hope there'll be more interest in this model as it's still a Mitsubishi thorough bred before the Renault-Nissan platforms becomes the base of future models.
  4. Seen on Mothership.sg is a family of otters trying to cross Orchard Road near Plaza Singapura over the weekend. With more than 10 of them in the family, the leader of the pack tried a few times to cross the road despite the heavy traffic. According to the article, the otters, which were squeaking, turned around twice as they realised it was not the right time to cross yet. We bet it must have been nerve-wrecking for everyone viewing this, especially the last part where a yellow CityCab taxi nearly couldn't stop in time for them. Thankfully, all of them made it across eventually.
  5. Amidst all the gloom around the world and bad road behavior we see on our roads here, there are still good vibes happening around once in a blue moon. Spotted on 25th of Nov 2020 along Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, the footage from this camera car shows it arriving at the traffic lights to see that the lane on his right was stationary even though his lane was moving. As the lights went green, he must have wondered why the first lane remained stuck. Upon reaching the stop line, we could see why as a kind-hearted Traffic Police officer could be seen helping an elderly cross the road. The lady would have taken some time to cross as the lights had already turned red before she even had time to reach the other side of the road. Naturally, neitzens were full of praise for Mr. TP officer on some Facebook pages ...
  6. Been encountering alot of these 'blind' pedestrians. Walk across road, nvr look out for traffic, like grandfather's road. Yesterday encounter 1, dash across road without checking for cars, gimme a scare.....
  7. The video below sadden me more than a bit: It just does not feel right about what we have been doing. But what to do? We need all the resources to build our infrastructures and buildings. But lets be mindful of the costs to other countries, whether we pay them fairly or not is another matter altogether. Our action is causing other people hardship, and that just feel terrible.
  8. is this a joke? whose brilliant idea is it?? <_<
  9. What is the correct way to do so? I normally wait for the people to cross then I go, but so long as the people have not crossed the Center divider on a dual carriage way, I will turn.is that the right way? Or do I have to wait for them to cross completely regardless of where they are? Reason for asking is that I see enforcement officers taking a video camera on a tripod pointing at the crossings twice in a week.
  10. I just realize that many home electrical appliances can be cross used, or they share many common functions. Just to share some of the functions i happen to know, come on in and share what you use your home appliances for beside the original function. Rice cooker, not only for cooking rice, many rice cooker can be used to cook porridge, soup steam food as well. I used my to cook porridge, green bean soup, red bean soup, cook soup and keep food warm. Best part is no need to look after the fire, just drop into pot, close and on power. Convention Oven ( the one with a fan), this one is solid, use it to grill, bake, toast, and it even works like an air fryer. Now I even use it to toast bread, toast 9-12 pieces at one go, no need to wait. Even use it to air fried chicken wings. Steamer, this one not only for steaming food, use it to heat up food without getting the food dry up. Use lesser water than steaming over fire, faster and no need to watch fire. I even tried steaming rice and it worked just fine. LOL anyone got any experience to add on and share?
  11. 2 HOURS 3 MIN AGO SINGAPORE - The Media Development Authority (MDA) has directed SingNet Pte Ltd (SingNet) to cross-carry the Barclays Premier League "live" matches over the next three seasons, starting from the 2013-14 season. Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) had announced back in Oct 2012 that it had acquired non-exclusive broadcast rights to all BPL "live" games for the next three seasons from Aug 2013 from the Football Association Premier League Limited (FAPL) for Mio TV, its subscription TV platform. However, after studying the agreement between SingTel and FAPL, the MDA found that it contained certain clauses that can prevent or restrict the same content from being acquired for transmission by other pay-TV retailers in Singapore. The MDA said that it would not be disclosing further details of these restrictions. What is clear, however, is that the restrictions trigger the Cross-Carriage Measure. According to this measure, which kicked in on Aug 1 2011, pay-TV retailers who have acquired any exclusive content on or after March 12, 2010, must widen the distribution of such content by offering it to subscribers of other pay-TV retailers. As such, SingNet must now begin the process of enabling the cross-carriage of the BPL programme on rival pay-TV retailer StarHub's platform. When contacted, StarHub welcomed the latest development. Said Jeannie Ong, its Head of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations in a statement: "We welcome the decision of the Media Development Authority (MDA) to make the Barclays Premier League (BPL) subject to the cross-carriage measure. "Singapore viewers are the biggest beneficiaries of this decision and we are excited to be able to bring the BPL to our customers on our reliable network once again." The telco, which announced last month that it was finally able to open negotiations with the FAPL, five months after SingTel's announcement in Oct 2012, added that "in light of MDA's decision, there is no longer a necessity for us to acquire the broadcast rights directly from FAPL." SingTel, however, expressed its disappointment at the decision, and said that it would be making an appeal. Said Allen Lew, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Telecommunications for its 'Digital L!fe' division in a statement: "We are gravely disappointed with MDA's decision requiring SingNet to cross carry BPL content as it disadvantages both the consumers and the industry. "We fully intend to appeal this decision and seek legal recourse if necessary. We assure football fans that we will fight hard so they can continue to enjoy the content that they love at reasonable prices." He warned too that football fans who want to watch the BPL on its own, without subscribing to Mio TV, will probably have to pay "significantly higher fees". "We will ensure that existing SingTel customers who are on contracts will not be affected," he said. "However, those who wish to watch BPL on its own will most likely have to pay significantly higher monthly fees. "This is because it will become untenable for SingTel to subsidise the cost of BPL for such customers." http://www.todayonline.com/sports/mda-orde...-league-matches
  12. Was on the way just now and saw a car stalled in the middle of a cross junction's yellow box. Location at cross junction near IMM, chevron and international business park. The drive just on his hazard light and started in the car with a girl, mingling with their handphone.... For goodness sake, get off the car and push it to the road side, rather then leaving it in the middle of the cross junction's yellow box and jam up the traffic!!!!!! STUPID!!
  13. big digging project once and for all? more congestion coming that might affect commuting. --- Singapore Power to build cross-island tunnels for electrical cables by Woo Sian Boon Updated 10:54 AM Sep 17, 2012 SINGAPORE - To minimise public inconvenience due to road-digging works to replace or maintain electricity cables, Singapore Power is embarking on its Transmission Cable Tunnel Project, in which two cross-island tunnels will house the island's extra-high voltage electricity transmission cables. The tunnels, which will be constructed 60 metres underground, will facilitate faster and more efficient maintenance and replacement of cables. SP has awarded six contracts to five construction companies for the project. The five companies are Hyundai Engineering, Nishimatsu Construction & KTC Civil Engineering and Construction, Obayashi Corporation, Samsung C & T Corporation and SK Engineering & Construction. Construction for two 35km long tunnels - the North-South and East-West - will begin at the end of the year, and continue until 2018. One of SP's largest infrastructure undertakings to date, the S$2 billion project will provide power to more than 1.3 million commercial, industrial and residential customers in Singapore. The announcement was made by managing director of SP PowerGrid Sim Kwong Mian and deputy managing director of tunnel projects Michael Chin this morning. --- http://www.todayonline.com/Hotnews/EDC1209...ectrical-cables
  14. Singapore may eventually having more than 50% of non- Singaporeans in 15 - 20 years time. The way I see, is not going to be sustainable. Visit My Website
  15. Nissan has show it concept CUV in 2012 Geneva Motor Show named Nissan Hi-Cross 2l hybrid with new gen CVT(guess got 6 speed), 7 seater(hope to b 5 seater :D ).. Heard from AD, TC says they possible be releasing by end of this year, possible together with new X-Trail..
  16. Nissan has show it concept CUV in 2012 Geneva Motor Show named Nissan Hi-Cross 2l hybrid with new gen CVT(guess got 6 speed), 7 seater(hope to b 5 seater :D ).. Heard from AD, TC says they possible be releasing by end of this year, possible together with new X-Trail..
  17. Some 7,000 pedestrians with disabilities will soon have more time to cross the road, as the Land Transport Authority (LTA) yesterday announced an extension of the Green Man Plus scheme to 235 pedestrian crossings in 13 housing estates. The scheme works with the aid of a concession card that pedestrians can use to tap on a specially designed card reader, which will trigger the addition of more time - between three and 12 seconds - for the pedestrian to cross. New features of the system include a larger sensor area. A new card will also be rolled out for pedestrians with disabilities and these cards are expected to be ready later this month. It will feature the text, Green Man Plus, in Braille so that users with visual disabilities will be able to identify the correct card to use. Currently, only the elderly can activate the system with their purple senior citizen card. The LTA's move was welcomed by voluntary welfare organisations yesterday. "It's a good idea and it shows that the authorities are considering ways to improve the lives of the elderly and disabled," said Disabled People's Association president Nicholas Aw. Ms Joyce Wong, senior assistant director for rehabilitation services at the Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD), hopes the scheme would eventually be made available at all traffic lights. She also urged the LTA to consider opening up the scheme to families with young children, or children with behavioural issues due to their disabilities. Sites at Bukit Merah, Outram, Chinatown and Queenstown will be among the first to be fitted with the system. Other estates that the scheme will be extended to include Geylang, Hougang, Kallang, Marine Parade, Rochor and Tampines. Estates, such as Ang Mo Kio, Bedok and Toa Payoh, were chosen due to their high elderly population. The entire project is slated for completion in 2014 with a cost of S$11,000 per crossing. Beyond the extension of the scheme, Mr Aw felt that the LTA could do better in the design of pedestrian crossings to aid pedestrians with disabilities. He cited the junction near Telok Ayer Market, where pedestrians could walk diagonally across the junction, as an example. Ms Wong, meanwhile, felt that authorities could look at providing alternative routes for people with disabilities if it rains. Both added that road safety campaigns and public education on graciousness would also be helpful. Source: http://www.todayonline.com/Singapore/EDC12...-to-cross-roads
  18. looking for cross bar for picanto. anyone selling? or where can i get it from?
  19. was raining and dark this morning. sent my nephew to school and there is a zebra crosiing right outside the school gates. i was the second car, i saw 2 students crossing the zebra crossing with their hands out, "stop" hand sign. i presume the first car did not see them and had no intention to slow down, from my point of view the funny thing is, i can tell the students were aware of it and they bo chay and keeping crossing. at the last min, the first car hard braked to avoid knocking down the students! i am just wondering, since the students already saw the non stopping car, y are they still crossing?! Do they think, since they are on the zebra crossing, they are the king? Yes, we should give way to pedestrian at zebra crossing but there are times when u will find kuku drivers who are no alert enough to spot them... i just wonder how do schools teach their students to cross the street... or is it the students sai lan???
  20. Is this considered bribe or the Thai did not pay those immigration officer? Until now no one can answer what practice is this? Wasn't that consider as a bribe? I don't understand why we need to give them RM1? There wasn't any signboard/instructions put up at the surrounding stating that there'll be a fee charged to tourist or processing fee or whatsoever. To me, giving money to a custom officer when he/she is on duty in order to guarantee your entrance into the country is consider a bribe, no matter how big or small the amount of money is. I'm very eager to know why Thai custom officer can ask money from people who cross the border. Can someone please enlighten me.
  21. Anyone knows where is the best place in Singapore to find IPF Light Bar & cross bar accessories? Thanks
  22. Anyone knows where is the best place in Singapore to find IPF Light Bar & cross bar accessories? Thanks
  23. hi, may i ask if anyone here has upgrade from stock rotor to drilled/slotted type. able to share the experience? does it really helps in braking? i'm using performance brake pad, FF grade. and what does port/pod refer to? sometime i see like 4 pod, 6 pod. if i not wrong, bigger the better. always a common sight for performance car. which mine is not, but i more ks. thus taking safety seriously as i enjoyed speeding too. please enlighten
  24. Red Cross finds $90k has gone missing 08:02 AM Dec 06, 2010 SINGAPORE - The Singapore Red Cross has filed a police report against an employee for allegedly misappropriating about $90,000. The employee, an administrative assistant from the finance department, has been suspended from duty. In a statement late last night, the society said the problem was uncovered during internal checks on its accounts on Dec 1 and that the discrepancies started in February. It added that the employee cannot be named as investigations are in progress. The police report was filed on Friday and the society has also reported the incident to the Commissioner of Charities. When contacted, Singapore Red Cross secretary-general Christopher Chua said: "We're taking it seriously. We're investigating and we'll tighten our processes to ensure it doesn't happen again. We'd like to assure the public that their donations will be taken care of." The society was unable to divulge details, but Mr Chua said the missing money did not come from any specific fund or donation drive. The incident is the latest in a number of cases over the years to have occurred in the charity sector. The Commercial Affairs Department has been investigating, since May, possible misuse of funds at City Harvest Church. Investigations are also continuing into the Sri Siva Krishna temple in Marsiling. Past high-profile cases include the National Kidney Foundation and Ren Ci Hospital and Medicare Centre. The Singapore Buddhist Federation is also exploring possible disciplinary action that can be taken against former Ren Ci chief executive Ming Yi. http://www.todayonline.com/Singapore/EDC10...as-gone-missing
  25. Heck, it is 2 more days to the weekend so why not on this famous question: WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD? Your answer?
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