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  1. Seen on Mothership.sg is a family of otters trying to cross Orchard Road near Plaza Singapura over the weekend. With more than 10 of them in the family, the leader of the pack tried a few times to cross the road despite the heavy traffic. According to the article, the otters, which were squeaking, turned around twice as they realised it was not the right time to cross yet. We bet it must have been nerve-wrecking for everyone viewing this, especially the last part where a yellow CityCab taxi nearly couldn't stop in time for them. Thankfully, all of them made it across eventually.
  2. Hi, Kena first parking summon after soooo many years... At China St, outside YaKun. What is the fine amount and got demerit point or not ah? I've tried to search TP webby but can't find the info. Offence stated: Stopping in a zebra controlled area under rule 10(1) RTR Thanks :)
  3. In the evening when on the way back home. Encounter this Motorbike who ride on the Zebra Crossing. There are pedestrian cross the zebra crossing as well. This is dangerous and the Motorcyclist is irresponsible.
  4. This incident happened yesterday at Hougang St 61. One brainless Ah Lian crossing the road too engrossed talking to handphone when crossing the road without checking for oncoming vehicle. I hope that I have made her wake up her stupid idea and she has learnt the greatest lesson of her life! Enjoy the show and Pleaseeeeee do not use handphone when crossing the road.
  5. Anybody appealed on crossing double white line before?? This morning i was travelling frm braddle to CTE(amk) towards my wrkplace as usual, i had to swerve my car to the nxt lane to avoid being smack right into the lorry because everymorning there is a TP standing there... SO upon seeing the tp, the lorries jam brake... As i was passing the tp i saw the TP jotting down stuff which i think its my car plate... So any chances of appealling??
  6. What is the correct way to do so? I normally wait for the people to cross then I go, but so long as the people have not crossed the Center divider on a dual carriage way, I will turn.is that the right way? Or do I have to wait for them to cross completely regardless of where they are? Reason for asking is that I see enforcement officers taking a video camera on a tripod pointing at the crossings twice in a week.
  7. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/boy-almost-gets-hit-by-car-after-recklessly-dashing-across-road I certainly hope that the schools here are not teaching the kids that when you raised your hand, you have all the rights in the whole wide world to anyhow cross the roads...
  8. Driver crossing live railway track wasn't alert to watch out the high speed train coming, both passenger and driver killed in the accident. Rest In Peace. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jvOHQVlxD8
  9. Read today a tour bus ran over a man (twice!) and killed him....reminded me that we should all be extra alert especially even when the lights are in our favor...see below video that happened yesterday(around 24sec), the taxi just dash across the junction even thought the lights already changed...FYI, there was already another incident last year where a motobike ram into people cross the junction...the girl that was hit was just 2 steps behind me!
  10. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...a_crossin.html#
  11. Just wanna know whats your thought, anyway it's illegal to stop at zebra crossing(IIRC), but if you have to do it, will you let your passenger alight before or after the zebra crossing knowing that he needs to cross the road.
  12. Recently my car have this problem, when i cross over hump up and than down the hump, there is a "tok tok" sound. but driving straight road no problem. This sound particularly come from the front right driver side. Could it be the absorbers time to up lorry? Any bros have similiar experience and can advise what could be the problem? If its wheel bearing will there be such problem?
  13. what will u do? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVJ80MQLEuk...feature=related
  14. Just wondering if pedestrains think that they are becoming impervous to cars and their flesh and bones are even tougher than steel..... Cause near my house (consist of several small 2 lane roads), the way the pedestrians cross is really scary, they love to cross the road holding a phone and looking at opposite direction instead of looking for oncoming vechicles. Some see you come but still just cross at a leisure pace. Then some loves to cross at the exit of a T junction. There is also problem with Zebra crossing. Remember how we were taught in school to ensure vehicle has stopped before crossing? They see a car coming in fast and they still cross. Of course, I am not saying they are wrong. Cars should look out for pedestrains at zebra crossing and should stop. Some drivers are either blind or brainless or whatever and never stop one (I seen several cases myself). But the thing is when accident occurs, whos at the losing end? Car damage can repair or replace, person dead can replace? I feel as our tiny island gets more and more crowded with cars and people, there is a strong need to promote road safety for drivers and pedestrains.
  15. Have you guys encounter this? Approaching a pedestrian crossing, those dedicated to pedestrian type need to press button to activate type not traffic junction type, the traffic light become red. Then you have to stop but the bugger whom had press the button to cross is nowhere to be seen. So you end up stopping in the middle of the road burning up your precious fuel and time waiting just because some idiot press the button and cross when there is not car around. We cannot beat the red light if not 12 points and fine even no pedestrian crossing, but pedestrian can beat the red light when no car in sight and get away scot free. Even if I were to cross this type of crossing either I see not alot of car I just cross without pressing the button and if I happen to press the button I will just wait until green man then I cross. At lease when the car stop and see someone crossing the road the driver wun be so tulan right. Why can't LTA build those crossing with sensor instead of buttons. Then can built sensor for cars at traffic junction to control timing of the traffic light surely can install sensor to sense presence of people right?
  16. This is purely just for discussion after i had a converstation with my friend who almost knocked down a teenage boy as he dashed across the road while on the phone. We were talking about govt penalizing driver who used hp while driving, would it be possible one day that the govt introduce a law to ban people from using the phone when crossing the road ? This would reduce people getting into accident due to being too absorbed in the phone converstation Pls share your view
  17. http://www.straitstimes.com/Breaking%2BNew...ory_325516.html A BUS driver was fined $8,000 and banned from driving for four years on Tuesday for causing the death of a cyclist at a traffic light junction. .... - - - This will only encourage cyclists to cycle across pedestrian crossings. The bus driver wasn't even making a turn.
  18. traffic light is green, when u need to turn left/right at junction, pedestrian crossing light is red, but there are still pedestrian(s) taking their own sweet time to cross, what will u do? those are the people who always caused jam at junction usually i just go, no horn but just watch out of them
  19. Drivers refuse to slow down at crossing for special ed kids http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singapor...nt.jsp?id=32476 From the video it seems some of the cars appear to be travelling quite fast. Maybe they should just construct strips before the crossing and a higher hump.
  20. Just now I was going to TingBahru plaza, when i was crossing the road using a zebra crossing, a comfort sonata cab nearly knocked me down, luckily i was alert enough to siam... Wat a MF**king driver. *&^&%*&(*&%
  21. 1. I've withnessed on several occasions that some cyclists simply dashed across zebra crossing. 2. Is there a rule that mentioned that they have to push the bicycle across the zebra crossing? What if they dashed through and your car hit them? I suppose driver's fault again . Regards,
  22. Karebu

    Zebra crossing

    Recently I find adult Malays very kind. Perhaps this is why they are very tolerant of their youth who always seem rowdy, inconsiderate and irritating. What made me say so. On my skates (inline skates aka rollerblades), no one stopped for me while I slowed as I approached and waited patiently by the zebra crossing. Not Malaysian cars. Not Chinese Singaporeans. I probably could have dashed and cause people to brake suddenly and very likely cause a minor collision, or at the very least, send someone cussing away. Skates wouldn't even take a fraction of a second to cross 1.5 metres. I don't understand why people don't stop. It's usually aggravated if the first car doesn't stop - the entire line of 20-30 cars have a MAJOR tendency to follow suit. Yesterday, a Malay lady stopped for me. And today, a Malay (merc) cab driver waved me over. And if you were the driver you would have noticed that the skater you stopped for beamed thankfully at you, nodded slightly and returned your wave. PS: I'm Chinese and 20; perhaps some associate skaters (and the age?) to pai kia?
  23. To the driver of the silver Hyundai Matrix OPC travelling on Tampines St 45 earlier this morning at around 6.50am : Your attempt to overtake me on the zebra crossing was downright foolish, selfish & just shows complete disregard to traffic rules. I stopped in front of the raised crossing as there was a few school children crossing over to the bus stop ahead. You came up from behind and was to my right, ready to just dash over. If I had not looked into my mirror & saw that you were not slowing down enough, and had I not blared my horn (even though I was ahead of you), you'd have most probably mowed down the poor child in the middle of the raised crossing. The child, if you recall, was stunned for a few moments after you jammed on the brakes. Now, as I'm driving an OPC myself & while I can understand the feverish rush one has to make when one has overslept (or whatever caused the delay) in order to make the 7am no-move timing, such driving behaviour is still unjustified. Think about it, if you're really late, how much is $20 for the coupon or even a $10K fine for not having one displayed after 7am, compared to one innocent human life? I sincerely hope that this is a one-off incident on your part. Please remember, NEVER, EVER, attempt to overtake recklessly no matter how big of a hurry you're in. More so in an estate where there's a high volume of human traffic, and NEVER on a zebra crossing. No amount of money you can spend can ever justify the blood of a human being on your hands.
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