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Found 91 results

  1. At every car show or new model introduction, auto manufacturers would always come out with a long list, stating the unique features of their cars, but many a times, these features might just be forgotten over time, or simply taken for granted. These features may be a real technology break through (e.g. engine, gearbox, safety, etc.), or mechanical / electrical (e.g. spoiler, door opening mechanism, head / tail light, etc.). To kick start, anyone still can recall the following terminology? - Twin Door - Bi-Modal Trunk - Waku Waku Gate Sounds familiar? or are they aliens to you? or you think you know something about it? Well these are fanciful names given to boot / trunk / tailgate that open in more than 1 way. Twin Door by Skoda When the 2nd generation Skoda Superb was unveiled in 2008, the car come with many wow factors. But the one that really standout, at least to me, is the dual opening boot lid. It feel just like a small magic show, to see the 4 door sedan opening up it boot in 2 fashion, one like a typical sedan, and the other like a sport back. And after owning one for close to 4.5 years, I can attest to the usefulness of this feature, that ever allowed me to fit in up to 4x 24 - 28" language at one go, and even transporting a 3ft fish tank with the rear seats in-place (not folded). Bi-Modal Trunk by BMW Shortly after the Skoda Superb go on sales in early 2009, BMW follow suit with it own version of dual opening mechanism on the 5 series Gran Turismo Concept (which later debut as the love or hate it 5 GT), and give it the name Bi-Modal Trunk, which sound a little more sophisticated than the Czech brand. While it offer the same flexibility of a hatch back when opened in full (sport back mode), it offer much less practicality when opened in sedan mode, due to it limited access to the boot via the tiny yet wide opening boot lid. Waku Waku Gate by Honda The dual opening mechanism seems very much forgotten till 2015, when Honda introduce it on the new JDM Stepwagon, and somewhat take this concept to the next level, by allowing the tailgate to be used by passenger to access into the last row of the MPV! All are welcome to post the unique features of your car(s), or what you have came across. Up next, what are so special about these MPVs, Nissan Prairie, Toyota Raum and Toyota Isis?
  2. Our Circuit Breaker measures sure bring up quite a few weird incidents. I mean why would you even cycle in an expressway tunnel? As seen on ROAD.sg's website, it did seemed like someone cycled along our Marina Coastal Expressway on the 9th of April and was stopped by a Special Operation Command Police vehicle. As uncommon as it is to see a cyclist on an expressway, it is even rarer to see someone from the SOC stop a traffic offender as it is not part of their job scope. Kudos to the fellas for going the extra mile! Even netizens on the facebook page were also grateful to police force! videoplayback.mp4
  3. Had an ad hoc meetup after collection of bullsone products with some special guests (no prize for guessing who) for company and great food to go along with it. Shiok!! ** mod: TS say he regret posting his own photo and wish to replace it with hello kitty sticker, but I couldn't find one.
  4. Our new racing game has been released and Singaporean players has been VERY GOOD to us. We would like to make something special in-game for Singaporean players as a thanks. For example, car which has special meaning in Singapore or special car plate design. We know different places could have some interesting differences in car culture, or some local joke. Please inspire us. In case you want to check out the game: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/hot-slide/id1332599245?mt=8
  5. Time for us to be great again! GGMU!!! Will JM bring champions league football back again? Will we even be champions of England?
  6. Ramandan Specials - PTT Performa Servicing Package at only $68 (Asian Car Make) ONLY at Kaki Bukit Branch. Terms and conditions to enjoy this Offer ============================== 1> Show this post to our Manager 2> Offer only available at Kaki Bukit Branch Please make a call to 6341 6164 to reserve a servicing booking with our friendly Manager. *Promotion ends on 17th July, 2015. Dynamics Mechanic 2 Synergy@KB 25 Kaki Bukit Rd 4, 01-36 Singapore 417800
  7. Hi, anyone can help on this? My McGard Lug nut key broke, anywhere I can get the lug nut removed? I know there's lug nut removal tool but no idea where to get it.
  8. i hope somebody can share his experience with me on this. i wanted to enrol my son to NAFA school for his diploma next year. I know we can use our ordinary acct for our child's education loan. but my ordinary acct is drained and my monthly contribution goes to my housing loan. next chance is my special acct. so i wrote to CPF board to see if i could use my special acct. replied from CPF below so my question is, anyone tried seeing their MP and could get special arrangement? or heard of any successful story pertaining to this type of scenario? my credit rating no as good, i think i cannot borrow from bank. thanks for reading.
  9. Other than asking for your favourite Rojak stalls, do you know where to find Rojak which comes with special ingredients eg durian, soursop, etc etc?
  10. Watch from 7 min onwards. No surprise how they treat the locals and how much amno can be found in a small town.
  11. May I know is there any specific brand of coolant that is recommended for use on the Vezel ? Which type of coolant do you use. A lot of important parts is made of plastic on the Vezel if you have noticed to make the engine lighter. e.g. Manifold , etc.. These plastic parts are not the cover for the metal parts in engines of the past.
  12. Picnic06-Biante15

    Real Special Forces, Black Unit .......

    The real Special Forces, Black Unit of Taiwan but not in plain cloth............ Yahoo news: Taiwan unveils scary Special Forces uniform How scary is that? The Taiwanese government just unveiled the new uniform for its Special Forces and it features a bulletproof armour and a face mask that could possibly become this year’s most horrifying Halloween costume. According to Drama Fever, the armour is supposed to protect the soldier from close range shots. The site also jokingly said that the soldiers marching in their new uniforms resemble an army of Star Wars’ Stormtroopers. link: http://yahoosg.tumblr.com/post/65416433105/taiwan-unveils-scary-special-forces-uniform-photo
  13. not sure if this type of training is just for the camera but they really got guts (esp the last 10 mins of the video).
  14. Hi Guys, Can assist in providing the list of car dealers that offers balloon / special loan scheme ? Car dealers in the forum that offers such scheme please pm as i intend to trade in my car for next purchase. Thanks.
  15. Duckduck

    Girl's special WTF talent...

  16. How can parents take it.... Look at how our MSF subsidies fee structure for special needs.
  17. This guy is nuts!! http://youtu.be/IZXgtn9lDyw
  18. heard from relatives to avoid buying cars or house during ghost month. but if one really have to, what precautions to take? put tailiman or buddha pendent in car etc? or no such thing? any expert care to advise?
  19. Saw the ad for BMW today. Some as high as 72 K. Anyone here things the 1 series is a good time to buy now that the recession is coming. COE should drop.
  20. Following 3 posts are mine, started in another forum, but relevant here too. Ridiculous (?reckless?) driver ask for special privileges in Driver's Improvement Point System (DIPs). Already he is fortunate that the TP will reduce his demerit points to zero in lieu of a clean driving record for 12 months, and suspension ONLY if he receives not less than 24 points in 24 months (non-probationary drivers). E.g. If Mr Chan Ban Choon gets 18 pts (e.g. Exceeding speed limit for road/ vehicle by more than 50 km/h up to 60km/h) on 01June2010, but has a clean driving record up till 01June2011, Mr Chan would be free to commit another 18point traffic violation on 02June2011 (sum total of 36points in 1yr and 1day) without breaking the suspension threshold of 24 demerit points in 24 months. Yet this is still not lenient enough for Mr Chan Ban Choon who thinks that 3 months is enough for him to "reflect on the traffic offence committed". May I kindly suggest that specially for Mr Chan Ban Choon, the TP should IMPOSE a suspension threshold of 3 demerit points every 3 months, and the moment Mr Chan hits 3 demerit points, Mr Chan's license is IMMEDIATELY suspended/ revoked (a special 3 monthly purging of demerit points not withstanding). (BTW, there are no demerit point offences attracting lesser than 3 demerit points) If Mr Chan is unable to operate his motor vehicle on roads safely and without the committal of traffic offences totaling 24 points in 24 months, despite the generous offer of a pristine record for 12 months of safe driving, than Mr Chan had better considering either public transport or the use of a bicycle as part of his work commute. Info source: Information - Driver's Improvement Point System (DIPs) [singapore Police Force].
  21. D3badge

    Holden Special Vehicles HSV

    is HSV in Singapore guys??? saw the showroon Advertisement in today 27 Nov Saturday Special front page!!! 6.2L V8
  22. Don't know whether to feel sorry for the girl or not. On one hand she was "robbed". On the other hand, getting "robbed" and last second defeats are fairly common in other sports like football and basketball. Anyway, I feel FIE shouldn't even offer a special medal. Machiam adding insult to injury LONDON (Reuters) - Fencing's world governing body (FIE) said on Tuesday it had offered South Korean Shin A-lam a special medal following her controversial elimination from the Olympic epee semi-final. "The FIE (Federation International d'Escrime) will give an FIE medal to Shin A Lam," a spokesman said. The exact date, location and who would make the presentation have not yet been worked out yet. "It will probably occur during the Olympics," the spokesman added, giving the first official indication that the FIE recognised there was a problem with their timing systems. The inscription is to say: "For aspiration to win and respect of the rules." On Monday a weeping Shin staged a one-hour protest and had to be physically escorted off the fencing piste following her loss to Germany's Britta Heidemann. Her protest created one of these Games' more unsightly images of an athlete slumped over and distraught but forced to endure the eyes of over 7,000 spectators while sitting alone on a dramatically spot-lit piste, pristine in her white uniform. The row erupted when two double-touches were recorded with a second to go and Shin thought she had triumphed. However, a single second was put back on the clock after some discussion. Heidemann then unleashed a blistering surge forward, hitting Shin while also avoiding her blade. At a news conference on Tuesday, Korean Olympic Committee President Park Yong-sung said that the FIE recognised there were issues with their timekeeping and apologised to Shin. The FIE also praised Shin for competing in the bronze medal match, which she later lost to China's Sun Yujie. "I spoke to the FIE today. They never expected this kind of thing to happen in the last second, three attacks. Their timekeeping machine is only in seconds, not points of a second," Park said. "Because of this system design they could not handle the situation correctly yesterday, that they admit." An FIE statement issued earlier on Tuesday had said the technical director's decision was final.
  23. KARTer

    Special driving license, how?

    Like the licensing system for bikes, now it sounds like car license may go a similar way. Good or bad? More interestingly :- how the test will be designed? What about the choice of test-car? How many testers are qualified? Will tested skills equal or result in careful+responsible driving on the road? I feel a high performance cars can be tricky to handle for casual / average drivers, at least in an emergency. So some kinds of classification for license will be good. But this alone doesn't seem to solve problems. Btw, some have suggested the use of black box! Legally there's little to argue against it as sgp street legal speed is capped at 90kmh give and take few kmh. If LTA/TP accept short durations exceeding the speed limit, say 3 to 4 sec, and also accept low frequency, say once a week/month, maybe the black box can be considered.
  24. How come most villains in real life and reel life like to attack that place? Why none of them go after Ulan Bator, Abu Dhabi or Wollongong?
  25. http://www.worldcarfans.com/111100737218/m...edition-for-jdm