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  1. Any idea on the price range, charging times, usage time, place to get them? Thanks in advance.
  2. Cars are becoming more and more homogenised. No, I'm not saying that cars are becoming identical, but as more and more cars become electrified and more EVs come to market, they will tend to feel the same. You see, consumers want cars that are quiet, spacious and convenient, and manufacturers are giving us just that. Some of us (not everyone looks at the list of standard safety features, sadly) want safer cars, too, so carmakers are bundling in more safety and driver assistance functions. So, most modern cars today are easy to drive and have numerous amenities that cater to drivers and passengers. But if you love driving, you would have surely noticed that driving a modern car doesn't deliver the same engagement that driving say, an older manual car does. Congestion, the enemy Can you drive a manual sports car today? Yes, enthusiasts do. But not me, because it's not rewarding to drive a manual car when my daily commute to and from the office happens during peak hours. The mere thought of repeatedly shifting from first to second and second to first, with some second to third thrown in from time to time, twice a day, is abhorrent. It is a chore. One might ask, "Well, why not go for late-night drives then?" After 8-10 hours at work, which also involves a fair amount of driving (test cars), I need to rest. A fatigued driver is a dangerous one. The writer gearing up for his first ride on his first bike Swopping four wheels for two So, how can a keen driver still feel engaged? Interestingly, one alternative is to ride a motorcycle. If you've never ridden a motorcycle before, imagine this. In a car, with an automatic transmission, you can pretty much just look out for traffic and steer. Only your right foot needs to work, and you're insulated and physically protected. On a motorcycle, you'll need all your wits and your senses (including whatever sixth sense or premonitions you can muster) to keep yourself safe. Looking out for other traffic is just beginning, because you need to even predict 'car and driver language' based on how a vehicle is being driven. And we haven't even gotten to operating a bike with a manual gearbox. An ignition that needs an actual key, analogue gauges, and yes, a 10,000rpm redline For the uninitiated, the clutch is a lever on the left handlebar and the shifter is a peg below your left foot. The accelerator is on right handlebar, which you twist towards you to accelerate. In front of it is the lever for the front brake and below your foot is the pedal for the rear brake. Your entire body is involved in riding a bike, and this is especially true when going around corners. And if sightlines in a car are important, they are everything when it comes to riding - where you look is where the bike will go. On a bike, looking the wrong way could end with you becoming a part of the scenery or taking an unwanted dip in a longkang. That's more than enough to keep me alert. Risky, but that's life in general If you're a biker, you'd undoubtedly have heard all the questions about risk and danger, especially given how vulnerable one is on two wheels. Is driving safer? In a sense, yes. But how much safer, actually? To me, riding a motorcycle is as risky as riding my bicycle on the road. So is crossing the road. Even walking on the pavement is dangerous, especially if there are cyclists are intent on zipping by you. I could as easily trip while walking as I could bump my knee on a table leg (it just happened again today). If I were to analyse every action I intended to take and anticipate its danger potential, I'd literally be stuck at home, which by the way is where most accidents occur. If you think most cars are becoming staid and uninteresting, I recommend taking a bike lesson (or two). Even if you're a die-hard manual sports car enthusiast, you may end up finding the experience to be an eye-opening, and perhaps addictive one.
  3. If PMD can travel at 80km/h, why is my grab order so slow to travel? What happened? The footage shows the PMDs going much faster than the camcar while Chinese music blares in the background. While the MCE is fairly empty at the time of recording, it does not change the fact that using a PMD on the expressway is illegal and unsafe in the event of an accident. If caught, first-time offenders face a fine of up to S$2,000 or up to three months in jail, or both. Repeat offenders face a fine up to S$5,000 or up to six months behind bars, or both. With road users in cars and motorcycles needing to pay road tax, COE and other fees to be allowed to use their vehicles on the road, it's no surprise that incidents sich as this frustrate them, especially with how few of them go unpunished. Online chatter Some wondered if LTA had working hours, as in this incident they were nowhere to be seen. Others just complained about how such cases are now commonplace, despite the danger they represent to other road users. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  4. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/lta-add-safety-features-resurface-road-along-pie-bukit-timah-13045332 wow scary. Is this true? Lucky I don’t use pie. Be careful
  5. https://www.straitstimes.com/world/united-states/no-need-to-tell-the-public-super-fungus-that-kills-nearly-half-of-its-victims-in
  6. Hi All - Would like to share this article Synopsis - A Sikh in New Zealand is wrongfully accused (with photo) on social media of sexual assault. It seems from the page admin that it was a "genuine mistake" - but that didn't stop the usual suspects of coming out with racist comments, threats of violence and other nasty things. You can take from it what you will - labellng New Zealand as a racist, bigoted cesspool if you need to. But more importantly - it highlights to me the dangers inherent in using social media to try and get "justice" - the real danger that sites like Stomp pose to the innocent, and exactly why "community policing and punishment" is so very very dangerous. And for those of you that think "it can't / won't happen here" because we are "better" or the law is "stronger" - please stop deluding yourselves and open your eyes just a little to what's going on around you.
  7. Cheap green laser pointers may be emitting infrared laser which is dangerous as it is invisible. You may be staring at the invisible infrared laser till your eyes are damaged without you noticing it. This is especially so when the mechanism of the green laser pointer is damaged and emits only invisible infrared laser only. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR1Ku5dnbH8
  8. Kezg1

    "Po Chai" pills

    Updated news - http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/news-clip-about-po-chai-pills-recall-is-outdated-health-sciences-authority Someone sent me this email and I thought this TCM is also very widely use in S'pore. Let others know of the toxic chemical in these pills. POH CHAI YIN (PILLS) & "ANTI-HEATY TEA " - Danger Warning ! Please pass this info to Chinese communities overseas esp in N America,Europe, Australia , SE Asia (eg Indonesia ) where Po Chai pills are household over-the-counter all purpose "medicine", used to be in family medicine cabinets. Well meaning moms, grandmothers give these to kids studying abroad. Hong Kong Pulls Po Chai Pills because of Health Risks, Morning Post Says By Frederik Balfour March 25 (Bloomberg) - Hong Kong 's Department of Health has instructed traditional Chinese medicine maker Li Chung Shing Tong (Holdings) to recall Po Chai pills after they were found to contain banned substances in Singapore , the South China Morning Post said. The pills, popular among sufferers from digestion problems, were found to contain phenolphthalein and sibutramine, substances that can lead to serious side effects, according to a department spokesman, the newspaper said. "Po Chai" (see images below) have been banned in Singapore . They are also being recalled in Hong Kong . Apart from the two dangerous chemicals (phenolphthalein and sibutramine) found by the Singapore Govt., mercury is another component used in the manufacture of the pills ! Mercury can cause serious brain damage: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minamata_disease The following is prevalent in Malaysia and Spore. At shop malls, do not drink the drink sold from the Chinese golden drums, those little shop with rich-looking urns selling those "anti-heaty" tea and tea & herbal-steamed eggs. As well, by roadsides everywhere, where the guy asks if you would like to kar liew (add powder) This powder contains tetracycline antibiotic and steroids ! THAT POTENT ANTI-HEATINESS WORKS, BECAUSE IT'S LACED WITH STEROID POWDER. --
  9. Hi Guys, noticed farmed salmon and deep sea tuna have been getting a lot of bad press. Farmed Salmon = carcinogenic chemicals ladened Deep Sea Tuna = high mercury content Any experts here who can advise on the risks of these food and if the popular variety sold locally falls into these categories?
  10. SJF653R Hit And Run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6uVGST16VY
  11. Driver crossing live railway track wasn't alert to watch out the high speed train coming, both passenger and driver killed in the accident. Rest In Peace. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jvOHQVlxD8
  12. You know, paying careful attention for oncoming vehicles while crossing the street is actually a pretty obvious thing to do. However, it seems that there will always be some people who are just ignorant enough that they tend to jaywalk. The woman in the accompanying video is a good yet unfortunate example. You see, when you jaywalk, not only are you putting your life in danger but also that of other people's. If a vehicle happens to be approaching while you are jaywalking, the driver of the vehicle will be forced to slam the brakes all of a sudden. As a result, other vehicles behind the vehicle approaching you may happen to hit it if the drivers fail to stop their cars at the right time. With that being said, do you actually realise how dangerous you are becoming by simply crossing the street without paying attention? Well, I won't lie to you, though. Most of us probably do jaywalk every once in a while. However, after watching the video, I shall always keep in mind to refrain from doing so as I value my life. I don't know what the woman was thinking when she started walking towards the middle of the street. Nonetheless, while she was crossing it halfway, she seemed to finally realise that she shouldn't have actually started crossing in the first place as it was nearly certain she would get trapped on the centre double line. Unfortunately, she decided to take the worst option, to turn back! Let me remind you, when you cross the street, especially if you're already halfway, you'll probably be better off going forward or halt when necessary rather than turning back. Turning back is very dangerous! Moreover, the woman in the video didn't watch out for any oncoming traffic prior to turning back. Well, I'll have to be honest with you. It didn't really come as a surprise seeing the woman get hit by the scooter. The scooter rider, however, didn't seem like he was paying attention, either. Had he paid more attention on the road ahead, he should, at least, have been able to decelerate. Furthermore, jaywalkers often have erratic behaviour that they may turn back or even jump when motorists least expect it.
  13. The Australian authorities have come up with an innovative way to prevent tractor drivers from crashing their oversized vehicles into the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, which could result in fatalities and costly repairs. The Softstop system, developed by a company called Laservision back in 2011, projects an image of a bright red stop sign onto a water screen at the entrance of the tunnel. This gives an impression of driving right into a stop sign. The system only activates if the driver ignores the flashing warning signs as he approaches the tunnel. Projection of images onto a water screen is often used in the entertainment industry. A good example is the water laser show at the Marina Bay Sands Atrium (By the way, the show is free). The system could also be activated for other reasons, such as warning the drivers to stay away from the tunnel in the event of a fire or a severe accident.
  14. Seems like the front Suv is a rude driver who cut out of the side road rather hastily. Anyway.....Big Suv with big tyres also no fight with a manhole! !
  15. saw someone riding in the busy traffic this morning and he was following so close to the bus in front. Unlike bicycle that you are at the eye level of the other vehicle, but for this bus or truck driver or even SUV can hardly see you, i think they should be banned travelling on the road.
  16. Other than blogging on MyCarForum, one of my favourite pastime is to hunt for good food in our little island. A few months ago, I tried this restaurant that sells Taiwan porridge along a row of shop houses at Upper Changi Road. It was love at first bite and I have been frequenting that shop ever since. However, I would make sure that I go there early in the evening for a reason. Due to its popularity, the restaurant would get quite packed at around 6.45pm on a weekend. Tables would be laid along the corridor of the shop houses and on the parking lots. Due to the spaced occupied by the tables and chairs, the remaining space for a car to maneuver becomes significantly reduced. This is evident in the photo above (apologies for the poor photo quality). I have observed several times whereby the diners have to make way for a car to turn in. If the driver makes a wrong judgment, the consequences could be disastrous. The above explains why I go to the restaurant early, in order to secure a table along the corridor or inside the restaurant. This way, I can eat in peace without having to watch my back. Here
  17. Happening right now dunno y no travel advisory Lockdown enforced: Tear gas and water cannons fired http://thestar.com.my/news/story-lite.asp?...&sec=nation http://www.nst.com.my/nst/articles/July9cr...t___b_/Article/
  18. This guy proposes traffic enforcers not to be sneaky but visible when conducting speed checks so as to act as a deterent. Will it work? From today's online ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_642535.html Danger lurks in overhead speed checks I AM doubtful about the effectiveness of anti-speeding checks by officers perched on overhead bridges. Regular motorists know of these locations and usually slow down as they approach them to ascertain if a traffic officer is there. They would then react appropriately. The process may divert motorists' attention from the road as they look up and focus on the overhead bridge. The danger is exacerbated when officers try and make themselves as inconspicuous as possible, forcing drivers to divert more attention away from driving by trying to spot these officers. If the aim of such traps is to reduce speeding, a person standing in plain sight with a camera would do the job just as effectively. Permanent speed detectors should be installed wherever feasible as a long-term solution. Using overhead bridges should serve as only a short-term deterrent. If the traffic authorities insist on using this option, the officer with the speed trap recorder should not play hide-and-seek with drivers. Ho Kei-Leong
  19. New rule that after give OPT and collecting 1k deposit from a buyer, seller have 7 days to back out and refund the buyer. If the seller already offered OTP to a buyer, can the seller also at the same time offer another OTP to another buyer without first cancelling OTP and refund the 1st buyer? Because OTP is just a pc of paper, no need go through HDB, so seems like nobody can really check if the seller offered multiple OPTs at once, not even HDB. If seller can do that, then this is a big problem. Gamblers can get interest free 7 days $1K loan from many sellers by putting up his flat "for sale". Give 10 OPTs equals $10K/7days loan liao, take the money go casino and punt. Then 7 days later tell all the buyers he not selling. All the buyers won't know that this seller gave out multiple OTPs anyway. Or better yet, i put up my flat for sale every week, then every week collect and spend the deposit money, next week collect more money to pay off the 1st week refund plus more spending $, and continue like this week after week, a new Ponzi scheme.
  20. This afternoon at around 1.30pm after coming out from Clarke Quay MRT Station, I was going to cross the traffic light crossing at New Bridge Road (near to an ERP gantry and a bak kut teh shop) heading to Funan. As usual the green man light was on and I was crossing as usual. Then there is this silver P plate car driving at around 50 to 70km/hr towards the traffic crossing without any intention to slow down. As I am also a driver, my instinct told me to stop walking and stand on Lane 1, and true enough, within seconds this car whizzed pass me and beat the red light. I was quite stunned and angry, but too bad I did not note down the car plate number as it had driven too far off. Had I not have the habit of looking for oncoming traffic while crossing the road, or if I was talking on the phone, I might have been seriously injured or even died like the Romanian diplomat's case. So the real life lesson here is, we should not assume that cars will stop at red light. We should take charge of our own safety by looking for oncoming traffic all the time while crossing the road.
  21. Have started this petition for the authorities to do something abt dangerous cyclists on SGP roads. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/cyclistinsingapore/ Long and short of it. Last week, I was going for dinner and parked my car in a left side parking lot on a one way street. After shutting the car down, looked out, saw nothing, and opened my door. This ang moh cyclist rode past at quite a fast speed and siam my door. He fell. I quickly came out of my car and asked how he was. He was shouting but I couldnt hear what he was saying. After assisting him to the side of the road, then I could make out what he was shouting. He was shouting " you f*cking bas**d, chinese ass**le etc etc". I remained calm and asked him again how he was. He shouted I wanted to kill him etc. I told him calmly, first, you have no headlights or anything bright, other than the 2 cheap and weak batteried blinking LED which beyond 2 meters, u cant see. 2ndly, u were going quite quickly. He repeated his insults again with the racial statement. This time, I lost it. I told him loudly, I am not absolving myself from this else I would not have even bothered seeing how u r. And you dont need to repeat those f*cking racial statements. He went on rambling. I took a look at his knee and there was a 2mm cut. By then a crowd has gathered. He insisted I call the police, which I did. I was put to a TP police officer who told me this is a small case, make a report within 24 hours and let your insurance handle if he claims. However, the cyclist was like a mad dog, yelling away in the background. So in the end, the TP officer promised to send someone down but will take some time. While waiting, the fellow repeated his shitty statements which I duly ignored and told him, that probably he is living in the past; thinking he is a white supremist. After 20 mins still no sign of TP. Guess what!!? The fellow shouted at me and demanded my mobile phone!!! I asked him why the hell do u need my mobile phone? He said, so I want to prove you called the cops instead of leading me on. This is really KNN. I told him flat in his face..u r not getting to see my mobile phone even if u r white. I am sorry but I have every rights not to give u my mobile phone. To prevent further escalation, I called the NPP which is close by. They sent 2 officers down who took down our particulars. I was not particularly happy with one of the officers.... who told the ang moh.. u need to report sick and get your doc to give u 3 days or more MC. Then u can claim... else cannot claim. WTF....thats instigating. Pissed. Anyway, after exchanging particulars, the mad man decided to ride off. 20 mins later, the TP came down. I related to him what happened and he examined my car to ensure there is no contact or damages. He took down my particulars and rode off. Following day, I filed a formal report at the NPP, indicating a NO CONTACT "accident" plus the racial insults hurled at me. I shall leave it at that first until I get further updates from TP.
  22. I was driving along telok blangah rd towards tanjong pagar, at the junction before habourfront, there is 2 1metre long I-shape iron bars on extreme left lane. When i saw it at first, thought it was rubber scraps from some tyres. only with i drove closer, realise is iron bars, quickily switch lane to avoid dont know whether its removed or not, but if car or bike go over
  23. Last week, when i driving home at punggol, heard a Taxi horning and then notice that the taxi driver is horning a cyclist (Racer bike cyclist)who is riding in the middle of the road. When the taxi came to a stopped at the traffic light and then came the cyclist stopping beside the taxi. Suddenly, the cyclist using his fist and bang the window of the taxi. I was shocked to see this as my car is next to the taxi. Then the taxi driver wind down his window and ask the cyclist what he want and was saying in hokkien that the cyclist at fault for riding in the middle of the road and still wanna find trouble. The reaction of the cyclist was "#@*!&^%CB^&*CB^&*)*CB....you know the rules a not...%&^**CB#$%^$CB"!!! Luckily, the taxi driver has a passenger in his car or else more problem will happen. After that, this cyclist still occupying one lane by himself feeling that this lane belongs to him. Just like to know is the cyclist really allowed to ride in the middle of the road the rules allowed them to do it???? Really feel sorry for the taxi driver meeting such arrogant cyclist.
  24. Sometime back, I almost fell over when riding my bike when ran over these bumps. Must be very careful nowadays. http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/news/story/0,...,135752,00.html?
  25. hi.. was crossing a slip road today while walking home... saw a cab driving into the sliproad while a few students (2 girls and 2 boys) was nearing the kerbside.. i believe any sane guy would have stop to cross the road when they see a vehicle driving into the sliproad.. but guess what.. the i-think-i'm-cool boy from henderson sec just slowly took his time to cross the road.. the cab has to brake hard to avoid hitting him.. bloody hell.. if i was the cab.. i would have hit him to make him regret.. i'm not at fault anyway.. pls watch out for stupid fools(students) while driving guys... it's not limited to just areas near henderson... this is serious if u dun wanna get into accidents with ignorant boys..
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