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Found 37 results

  1. Japan tries to solve the mystery of Carlos Ghosn's audacious escape source: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/02/business/ghosn-escape-japan-lebanon-raid/ Tokyo / Hong Kong (CNN Business)Japanese authorities have raided the house where fugitive auto executive Carlos Ghosn was staying before he arranged his escape to Lebanon earlier this week, possibly via Turkey. Japanese media reported that Tokyo district prosecutors entered the property on Thursday. CNN affiliate TV Asahi also reported that prosecutors were working with police to access CCTV video around his home as part of their investigation. Ghosn — the former chairman of Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors, and former chairman and CEO of their alliance partner, Renault — had been awaiting trial in Japan on charges of financial wrongdoing, including allegations that he understated his income for years and funneled $5 million of Nissan's money to a car dealership he controlled. He was ousted from his posts at Nissan (NSANF) and Mitsubishi Motors following his arrest in November 2018, and later resigned from Renault (RNLSY). As a condition of being released on bail, Ghosn was required to stay in Japan. But his case was completely upended earlier this week after Ghosn revealed that he had fled Japan for Lebanon to escape what he called a "rigged" justice system. Lebanon said Thursday that it had received a "red notice" from Interpol confirming that the former auto titan is wanted by police. It is still not clear how Ghosn, who is a citizen of France, Brazil and Lebanon, was able to slip out of Japan. Reuters and the Financial Times have reported that he was smuggled out of Tokyo by a private security company -— a plot that the media organizations say took months to concoct. The governor of Istanbul said in a statement Thursday that Turkish police have detained seven people in connection with an investigation into Ghosn's "illegal escape" from Japan. Anadolu news agency said that Ghosn traveled via the city's Ataturk airport. Police detained four pilots of a private airline, a company manager and two ground staff at the request of the Istanbul prosecutor, according to the statement from the governor's office. Flight tracker Flightradar24 showed a private jet flying from Osaka, Japan, to Istanbul and then another continuing to Lebanon at the time Ghosn is said to have arrived in the country. CNN Business has been unable to verify the circumstances behind his departure, and Ghosn did not elaborate on his escape in his public statement earlier this week. In a brief statement on Thursday, Ghosn denied reports that his family were involved in helping him flee. "All such speculation is inaccurate and false. I alone arranged for my departure. My family had no role whatsoever," he said. Japan's justice ministry, the Tokyo prosecutor's office and the city's district court have not responded to requests from CNN Business this week for comment about Ghosn's escape. Government offices are closed this week for the New Year holiday. Legal experts and political analysts say that Japan is probably trying to figure out whether Ghosn violated immigration law when he left the country — not that there's much of a chance of forcing him to return. Prosecutors in Tokyo are now likely retracing Ghosn's moves through Japan, collecting surveillance footage and searching for potential collaborators said Nobuo Gohara, a former prosecutor who now runs a compliance and law office in Japan. Gohara added that Ghosn's trial is almost certainly now canceled. The bigger question, he said, is how Japanese authorities will respond to Ghosn's attacks on them, now that he is able to speak freely about his detention. Ghosn has repeatedly denied the charges against him, and claimed that his arrest was part of a plot to remove him from the automotive empire he built. In his statement this week, he said he would "no longer be held hostage by a rigged Japanese justice system where guilt is presumed, discrimination is rampant, and basic human rights are denied." Japan can't force Lebanon to send Ghosn back, said Keith Henry, the founder and representative director of Asia Strategy, a research and policy firm based in Tokyo. The two countries have no extradition agreement. "It is a bigger deal for [Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo] Abe and Japan than for Ghosn," Henry said. "No matter what they do now, it is very difficult to overcome the embarrassment of letting go one of the most high-profile suspects" of corporate scandal since Japan's economic boom that followed World War II.
  2. by the way the quantity also not alot
  3. Lotr

    Escape Room

    just went to a escape room game at Peace Centre with my family over the weekend. First time experienced such a game and was quite impressed with the implementation of tech stuff/gadgetry such as RFID, laser lights etc, some of it makes me feel like I am in a movie. The staff are also helpful to provide clues anytime we are stuck at a puzzle as long as we ask. They even came in to guide us on 2 of the puzzles. Some other place states that only one clue will be given per game. Still it was actually quite expensive, almost $30 per head for a stipulated game time of 1hr (Later I realized this is almost the standard price for peak hours, off-peak will be cheaper). Luckily for us, the next game slot was not taken and we could play for another 30mins, though we were still stuck in the room at the end and the staff had to come in to get us out!!! I must say that I am interested to visit again and a search on the web showed that there are easily around 10 or so such places in operation, really spoiled for choice to decide which one to visit next. Anyone has any good experience of escape rooms to share?
  4. Nonpareil

    Talk about lucky escape..

    http://youtu.be/fmnABODVFl0 This guy on the bicycle must be thanking his lucky stars to escape unscathed from this accident. This aside, looking at videos on youtube, russian and chinese drivers are insane!
  5. Mockngbrd

    The Escape

    Can't believe it's been 15 years since BMW launched their short film "The Hire" series. Before the age of youtube / internet videos. Anyway, here's a new one! Directed by Neill Blomkamp (Elysium, Chappie, District 9) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzUFCQ-P1Zg And a nice BTS look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LQwD2_h4p4

    SJF653R Hit And Run

    SJF653R Hit And Run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6uVGST16VY
  7. Viosy

    Ford escape 2013

    Will you consider this? http://autos.yahoo.com/ford/escape/2013/se-i4-awd/
  8. Wt_know

    Escape collision and speed up?

    escape collision ... good reflect but why need to speed up to cabut? scare sibei mafan when cops come to ask this ask that? the engine sound not bad ...
  9. [sweatdrop] As if the lions and the hippos there are not bad enough... From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp...1249926/1/.html 15,000 crocs escape from South African farm Posted: 24 January 2013 1552 hrs JOHANNESBURG: Around 15,000 crocodiles have escaped from a farm in South Africa amid heavy rains and flooding, local daily Beeld reported Thursday. The predators sprung from the Rakwena Crocodile Farm in the far north of the country when owners were forced to open the gates to prevent a storm surge. A number have since been recaptured, but at least half remain on the loose, scattered far and wide. One turned up on a school rugby pitch 120 kilometres (75 miles) away. The surrounding province of Limpopo province has been hit by serious floods which have killed 10 people and made many more homeless. The floods have also savaged neighbouring Mozambique, where tens of thousands of people were being evacuated from their homes. -AFP/fl
  10. Picnic06-Biante15

    Great Escape & Loudest Bang Heard ....

    Was very very lucky this morning around 6.35am whilst waiting at a traffic light junction below CTE and Lor Chuan. Was coming from TP and on the way to pickup a colleague at Lor Chuan and the traffic light was 'red'. While waiting for light to turn green, a sudden bright flash beside my vehicle and followed by one very loud bang (thunder). Not the normal rolling thunder sound but one big bang. My car got jerk and I was stunned for a second. Suddenly the traffic lights were 'red' in all directions and vehicles stopped at all side. Without second thought (as all cars stopped), I move off first cos for that junction, very heavy vehicle traffic coming from CTE to Braddell. Upon reaching Australian International School, I stopped my vehicle and feeling cold sweat on my palms. I reliased that I just escape death by a meer 3 meters when the lightning striked beside my vehicle. It took me 2 minutes to recover along Lor Chuan and proceed with my journey. Things happen so fast and I drag to think of the incident at Rochor where 3 lives were taken away in seconds. As the saying goes "Ta Nan Pu Shi, Pi Yu Hou Fu".
  11. Adrianli

    Escape to the Legion

    "DONT THINK!!! JUST DO IT!!!" Anyone watching??? Its on SCV Ch422 Every monday night 9pm. Also can watch on youtube :
  12. Is it true that some folks are too dense... ...or are they too ignorant or just simply bo chup? [shakehead] 真的是不见棺材不流泪。 From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1193164/1/.html Police investigating Escape Chapel Party incident Posted: 04 April 2012 1918 hrs
  13. Read TPL has been cleared of infringing the Cooling-Off period in GE2011. Obviously lots of people are not happy at this decision. So will that unhappiness be taken out on TT, because he is perceived to be PAP's preferred candidate? I predict that they have done their sums and this chunk of votes running away from TT will not hurt his chances. OTOH there are too many candidates like Andrew Kwan, TKL, Tan Jee Say, TCB who will split the rest of the anti-establishment votes. If only there would be a 2-cornered fight will TT have odds stacked against him. Will they withdraw from the contest so as to allow non-TT to win?
  14. Come 2015 or 2016 ............... CNA News : Tenders to develop new ERP system awarded SINGAPORE: The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has awarded tenders for trials to develop the next generation of the electronic road pricing (ERP) system. What's being explored is a satellite-based method for road tolls, which reduces dependence on physical ERP gantries. Four groups of companies have secured the tenders. They are Kapsch TrafficCom AB, MHI Engine System Asia and NCS, ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) and IBM Singapore, and Watchdata Technologies as well as Beijing Watchdata System. Each group will be given seed funding of S$1 million to develop and demonstrate technological solutions. The 18-month trials starts next month. LTA said it will assess the performance of the various solutions at the end of the trial, to determine whether an appropriate technological solution is available and can form the basis of a next generation ERP system. It added the development of the project is in its very early stages and that the next generation ERP system, if technically feasible, is still some years away before it is ready to be launched and implemented. As reported in today ST, that will be in 2015 or 2016, the new ERP system will be implemented.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnYGKasPBBA&amp let's obey the SM Goh!!!!
  16. SINGAPORE: Leader of the Singapore arm of terror group Jemaah Islamiyah Mas Selamat Kastari had help after his escape from the Whitley Road Detention Centre, on Ferbuary 27, 2008. Law Minister K Shanmugam revealed on Monday in a Ministerial Statement in Parliament that he was harboured by his own family, before escaping to Malaysia. Three family members have since been convicted in court and jailed. He said Mas Selamat had made his way to his brother Asmom's home in Tampines, a busy neighbourhood in the eastern part of Singapore. He was greeted by his grown-up niece Nur Aini Asmom, who then persuaded her mother Aisah to allow Mas Selamat into their flat. Mas Selamat subsequently stayed one night at his brother's home. For harbouring the terrorist after his escape, Mas Selamat's brother, the brother's wife and their daughter, have been jailed between three and 18 months. His niece, Nur Aini, who was a Malay language teacher, was sentenced to 18 months jail. His brother, Asmom was given 12 months while his sister-in-law Aisah, three months' jail. The three were arrested and charged last Wednesday, on November 10. They were convicted of the charge and sentenced on November 18. Mas Selamat's nephew, Mahadir, who had a lesser role in the matter, has been served a stern warning in lieu of prosecution. These details were revealed in a Ministerial statement in Parliament by Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam. He said Mas Selamat made his way to his brother's home in Tampines on February 29, 2008, two days after he escaped from the Whitley Road Detention Centre (WRDC). He wanted to seek shelter and help from his niece, Nur Aini. Mr Shanmugam said Mas Selamat thought that Nur Aini was living alone. The Minister added that Nur Aini persuaded her mother to allow Mas Selamat to enter the flat. She gave him use of her bedroom, provided him food and water, and also assisted him by destroying the clothing he wore to the flat, which included his WRDC-issued attire. Nur Aini helped Mas Selamat disguise himself as a woman to evade detection and recapture. She also gave him several items, including a map of Singapore that showed part of Malaysia. Asmom gave him S$100 and RM100 to facilitate his escape from Singapore to Malaysia. Asmom's wife Aisah gave Mas Selamat an EZ-link card and hair-net which he wore as part of his disguise, and some paracetamol. Mr Shanmugam said the three had knowingly harboured Mas Selamat, an escaped prisoner of the State, who they knew was the subject of a massive manhunt. They deliberately withheld information when they were interviewed by the authorities on March 3, 2008. It was only in October this year, after being confronted with the facts, that they admitted to what had happened. Mr Shanmugam said Asmom and his family's decision to harbour Mas Selamat and provide him with material support that enabled him to escape to Malaysia was very wrong, illegal, and had grave security implications. Mr Shanmugam said Singaporeans will be understandably disappointed that Asmom and his family had helped Mas Selamat in his escape. But he added that their actions are not a reflection on the wider Malay-Muslim community who had disapproved of Mas Selamat's deeds, and participated in the manhunt for him in 2008. Mr Shanmugam said Singaporeans should not allow this episode to affect the trust and goodwill that has been built up over the years between the different communities. Instead, he said this should reinforce how important it is for every Singaporean to unite and assist the security agencies to overcome the threat of terrorism. As to how Mas Selamat made his way to his brother's flat and how he subsequently made his way to Malaysia, Mr Shanmugam said the account given by Mas Selamat is still subject to verification. -CNA/wk/fa
  17. http://www.asiaone.com/Motoring/Drivers/Ot...020-243326.html
  18. Time, 1000hrs @ 27th Aug. Location, East Coast Road - Outside 7/11 just before East Coast Mobil. Incident: 1 Lorry (Lorry MotherF**ker) illegal parked outside 7/11 with hazard lights on. Car driving on the middle of lanes (As there are legal parking and illegally parking along the road), want to turn into small road with signal on, lorry move with hazard lights on and car avoid by braking (not ebraking) and rear lorry (kind hearted & honest) hit car. Damages: broken rear windscreen, tail lights, slight damage to bumper to car. Lorry: No damage as it hit the car with using the mirrors. Afterwards, Lorry MotherF**ker drove off immediately. Both car & kind hearted lorry driver exchange details and offer to pay for the damage cause. Car accepted his proposal, took cash and have no car to drive this 4 days as car in WS. This incident tells me that some are good, most are bad. On the way to pick up friend, at WS area, drive quite slow (30km/hr), behind me a P-Plate Commerical Van driver turn on High Beam at me. I drove even slower after he on the highbeam. Anyone been to Bukit Merah WS knows that the safe travelling speed is like 30km/hr and why this P-Plate wanna turn on highbeam at me in such a small road??? Haiz.... Driving Is Like War!!!!
  19. Dankoo

    Narrow Escape!

    Had a narrow escape this afternoon along Alex rd....Bike A hit barrier on lane1, bounce to lane 2 and bike B hit Bike A....I have to veer to land 3 (left most lane) and E brake to avoid running over the motorcyclist. Thank goodness stopped just inches from Bike A!! What a close shave! Helped both guys to the side of the road...both also injured...One of the paramedics asked me: can help locate his finger!! Didn't realised the guy from Bike A has one of his finger tip shave off i the impact...but cannot find lah....and I have to stand there waiting for the TP after the paramedics came and took both injured guys away...cant help feeling passing-by veh thinking I hit the bikes...and I scratch top left side of my rims..
  20. Darth_mel

    You really can't escape death

    Reminds me of the movie "Final Destination". http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/worl...icle6479203.ece
  21. 24 Oct 2009 SOURCE: The Straits Times A YOUNG man not yet 20 years old is dead, the victim of an assault in Chinatown by a gang of youths in January. But the trio who beat him up may escape jail and caning: A District Court yesterday asked for a report to assess their suitability for probation and reformative training instead. Assistant Public Prosecutor Kalidass Murugaiyan had argued that the court need not consider probation or reformative training for Kan Zhan Peng, 19, and Joshua Leong Wei Jun and Liu Wing Sing, both 20, because the offence was
  22. Workers at Sim Ming Ave car workshops were having a normal day at work, when a nervous looking LION suddenly came out of no where...seemingly hungry because of how skinny his body looks. Everyone freaked out, jumping over each other, some locking themselves up in cars, some in the offices, and some just ran away...but one brave guy took the picture of this Lion without making a sound....and there was the SHOCK when the Lion turned around.. Turns out that one co-worker had shaved shaved his dog in such a way to look like a Lion.... (Extract from SHC Forum,post by Alvinyzw)
  23. Police inspector: Slanderers on the web will not escape from clutches of the law February 5, 2009 Translated by from Lianhe Zaobao by Cheng Siew Peng To those netizens who have hurling untrue accusations at others on the internet, they better consider twice if they think they can escape from the clutches of the law by hiding behind a cloak of anonymity. Police inspector Huang Hong Guan stressed during an interview that all slanderers and flame-baiters on the internet will not be able to escape prosecution if the police found that laws are indeed broken.
  24. Ahtong

    I had a Great Escape!

    Ever kena this type of situation before? I was out of office most of today and mananged to finish my errands and appointments by 3:30pm. Rather than return to office immediately, I decided to pit stop at a shopping centre to eat snake for a while. After parking my car, I was walking towards the CP exit when I noticed a familiar car. A check of the car plate confirmed my worst fears. It belongs to my big boss! OMFG! I immediately did a 180 and ran to my car faster than Batman running to his Batmobile Talk about suay.
  25. Thought this is a great tip to share with everyone, even though the odds are against that happening. But hey... accidents are by nature unpredictable! :) The general theory is that when you drive your car into a pond, lake or sea, you'd wait for the car to sink totally underwater (and remove your cashcard in the meantime... haha!). This is to allow the water pressure within and outside the car to equalize and stabilize, so that you can open the car door easily. But... is that true? Top Gear did the test and found that it wasn't the best way, as the water pressure might take up to a minute to stabilize. Given that not everyone can hold their breath for a minute (and not panic), this practice might not save your life. The best way as Top Gear discovered, is to undo your seat beat and open the car door as soon as you can, and get out before the car sinks. Watch these clips... it might save your life someday! (part 1) (part 2) P.S: During the test, they also found that the central locking goes crazy when the car sinks. So you might be locked in when that happens.