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  1. NOTE: Some images may be disturbing. So see at your own risk As rare as it is, it would be good to share with those that may encounter and perhaps enlighten those who may have it. Started with an abrasion and developed redness Did not go away and developed into an Eschar and swelling over the next few days: Eschar got worse and I then suspected localised cellulitis and sought tx from polyclinic and was given antibiotics. Got worse and did not subside, and then went to hospital and the wound was then getting bigger: That was when they did a biopsy and found it to be Calciphylaxis. An almost untreatable condition with 40-80% mortality and most succumb to secondary sepsis. The PAIN, was amost neuropathic...and one that you would never want to have. As there was nothing to be done, got discharged. That was when the worse started to happen: NExt sequence of images showed the extent of the growth of the wound: This was when I took things into my own hands and changed strategy of dressing with hydrocolloids to remove the eschar . Progress shown in the subsequent images: After a month, breakthrough and the end is shown: Fully closed: Conclusion and lessons learnt: 1. Identify the signs early. Cellulitis and calciphylaxis are often mixed up and is very common . 2. At all costs, keep the wound dry! 3. Seek assistance early. In my case , derma took too long so I had to manage the wound myself. Gd thing I’m knowledgeable in the area of wound mgt. 4. Be positive. The pain can almost make one go into depression so that needs serious managing. Water under the bridge for this now but this episode is documented for the sheer notion of its rarity and to those that may encounter or face this, hope this helps. I remain positive that I am in remission for this now until it surfaces again? Then we see......
  2. Are China car companies finally catching up to the koreans? http://jalopnik.com/this-is-the-suv-china-thinks-westerners-will-buy-1661123637 This is the Qoros 3 SUV Before anyone writes this off as another all show no go. The Qoros 3 sedan scored a 5 star NCAP safety rating in 2013 and had one of the overall highest scores of the year. BUt of course, let's not kid ourselves, there is the huge barrier of perception, especially here in Asia where even Korean makes have to compete on the price / value for money front instead of the lust factor. Will China finally be able to come in and compete with Koreans now?
  3. Was traveling along the CTE towards Ang Mo Kio yesterday evening at around 645pm at the third lane, i.e extreme left lane. The second car in front of me, a greenish silver BMW E90 with SGJ plate suddenly emitted a lot of white smoke from his exhaust and the effect was almost like a smoke bomb, enough to decrease visibility to almost zero across 3 lanes. The car in front me braked suddenly and I almost crashed into him, the thick white smoke also almost cause a chain collision on my right. Not angry or anything, but I hope the BMW driver's vehicle is ok and not too expensive to fix. The amount of white smoke emitted is really scary!
  4. Recently, I saw an influx of almost new low mileage Mazda 3 in the market with fabric seats. The mileage is low, so don't seem to be PHV push out from Uber or Lion City Rentals. "la long" from Eurokars? :-)
  5. https://my.news.yahoo.com/proton-finally-reveals-pcc-glory-152550780.html After months of speculation and the rumour mill brewing with ridiculous expectations, Proton has finally given us some actual facts about the PCC. Proton prefers to keep a tight lip regarding information on its future vehicles. The company, like Apple prefers to keep mum until the eventual launching. In the case of the PCC however, Proton did exactly the opposite by allowing journalists into a secluded area of its Centre of Excellence building in Shah Alam – a place that the outside world rarely gets to see. Like any other automaker, Proton prefers to keep prying eyes away from models currently under development, which is the same in the case of the PCC or Proton Compact Car. The PCC, seven of them to be exact, were placed in a special storage room whose entrance was manned by two police officers and a number of Proton employees. Since the PCC has not been launched, flash photography was strictly prohibited during the reveal and Proton went through great lengths to keep it that way as even smartphones of journos had their camera lenses covered by tape and then the phones placed in plastic bags. This made me wonder, if Proton was going to show me a car or a spaceship. This much of security for the PCC? The security level there was befitting of a UFO reveal at Area 51 but, I guess Proton had its reasons. Anyway, after a brief presentation on the car, the PCC was finally revealed in all its glory. Dimensions wise this small Proton is 3,905mm long, 1,720mm wide and 1,550mm high. By comparison, the Perodua Myvi is 3690mm long, 1665mm wide and 1,545mm high, which means the PCC is a relatively bigger car than Perodua’s breadwinner. Proton says that 4 years were spent on creating the PCC at a cost of about RM500 million. This goes without saying that the national automaker is hoping for great things from this little car. Having had first hand experience with the car, I can say that quite a lot of effort was put into it, both in design and construction. The body structure utilises ultra high strength steel, the same kind used in the Preve, which makes the body rigid and able to protect occupants effectively during a crash. From the front, the contours as well as the headlights look very similar to that of the Saga FLX, while the grille and chrome pieces look akin to that of the Preve. At the rear, the PCC takes on an angular look with the tails lights and boot lid taking on prominently sharp lines, which should be to the liking of younger car buyers. When launched, the PCC will be offered with a choice of two engines, which are a newly developed 1.6-litre VVT unit and a 1.3-litre VVT one that is said to be a reworked version of the current 1.3-litre CamPro engine. Both engines will be mated to either a CVT transmission or the tried and tested 5-speed stick shift. Just like its bigger brothers, the PCC will come loaded with tech that are lightyears better than vehicles like the Saga and Savvy. For starters, manoeuvring through tight spaces won’t be an issue because the PCC is equipped with electronic power steering. Hill Hold Assist, is a feature that keeps the car from rolling back when the PCC stops on an inclination. All the driver needs to do to get going is, to step on the accelerator pedal and set off. Keeping the PCC in check are a plethora of safety systems that include 6 airbags, Antilock Braking System (ABS), Electric Stability Control (ESC), Tracton Control System (TCS), Electronic Brake Distribution(EBD) and Brake Assist. This is an impressive list of features though I’m a little skeptical about the base trim car getting everything mentioned here. Like Proton’s current line up, the PCC comes with power windows, but, what sets it apart from that of its brethren is the ability to roll the windows back down when an obstacle (your hand) prevents it from going up fully. This is a welcome feature especially for parents who are worried about their kids getting their hands injured. The system works pretty well although I have a blood shot middle finger to prove that it isn’t idiot proof. Inside, the interior is unlike anything you’ve seen from Proton, as the quality of materials used far exceed that of the Saga BLM. But what is most interesting is that, despite the car’s dimensions, the cabin offers generous legroom both for front and rear passengers. To put that into context, a driver with a height of 187cm could adjust his seat comfortably and the rear passenger of the same height, will still have more than enough legroom to remain comfortable on long journeys. But what will interest many is the addition of two USB charging outlets for your smartphone and tablet on top of the dedicated USB outlet for your thumb drive. When launched, the PCC will be offered as three variants; Standard, Executive and Premium. The 1.3-litre car will come in Standard and Executive trim levels while the 1.6-litre car will be offered as Executive and Premium variants. The Standard doesn’t come with a lot of the “bling bling” of the Premium variant and as such has to forgo many of the chrome trim pieces, DRLS, rear spoiler and a number of other trim fitments. Despite countless cleverly disguised questions thrown at the Proton team, they refused to divulge information regarding pricing but it has been understood that it will not exceed RM70,000.00 because that would cause it to encroach on territory occupied by bigger offerings. The “take home” of this entire “Top Secret” reveal was for the public to know that Perodua’s Axia isn’t the only game in town and that come 25 September 2014, the highly anticipated PCC will be launched for Malaysian car buyers. So mark that day on your calendar!
  6. Auto-GCAS Saves Unconscious F-16 Pilot - Declassified USAF Footage 2016 Pilot was in an standard ACM exercise. Video started before pilot execute hard left turn from 2.5G HUD shows max out at 8.4G Can hear pilot grunting as he fought the G force. Pilot lost consciousness. Plane rapidly descended from +17k ft to 11k ft in under 12 sec doing over 600kt ( +1200kph) Other jets radioed (almost screaming) the unconscious pilot to recover. Diving plane passed 11,000 ft alt triggering the GCAS. Auto recover triggered with audio and visual pull up command on HUD. Plane bottomed out at below 4500 ft alt (1.3km) recovery over 9G. Plane stabilised after climbing back to over 11,000 ft Exercise ceased with "knock it off" call out. http://aviationweek.com/technology/auto-gcas-saves-unconscious-f-16-pilot-declassified-usaf-footage
  7. SQ16 was accelerating for takeoff at 120km/h when a Korean Air Airbus plane KE929 unexpectedly taxied onto the runway. SQ16 did an emergency braking following instructions that were received from air traffic control, damaging its tyres. The two planes were about 1.7km apart when both came to a complete stop, SQ16's departure was delayed for about 19 hours as the plane's tyres had to be replaced. KE929, meanwhile, was diverted back to the apron and took off about two hours after the incident. Its pilots were said to have ignored earlier instructions from the air traffic controller. South Korea's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is investigating and is expected to release its report in 2 to 3 weeks. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/planes-landing-gear-damaged-during-7928326 http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/singapore-airlines-plane-in-near-collision-at-south-koreas-incheon-airport
  8. Hi all japan and continental car almost same (or some of them cheaper continental) price now, but why ppl still buy japan car? example: honda civic 1.6 vs renault megane 1.6. the price cheaper megane(correct me if i'm wrong) interior : megane sure win engine : maybe honda win ? stream/ wish vs opel zafira/ citroen grand c4. the price -+ same !!! (the most only diff 1-2k more expensive continental car) interior + space: sure continental win engine : maybe japan car win ? Any idea what other reason ppl still buy japan car ? thanks for any reply.
  9. A fast moving pickup truck lost control at braking and almost cause accident https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTLaUocNqDE
  10. Met an irresponsible Lady Lexus driver this morning while ferrying my baby to my Mother place at the cross junction of Mandai Road and Sembawang Road. The light already turned red for a good 3 to 5sec and she still rush OUT!!!! These are the scums that cause major accident on the road! Very similar to the Ferrari case! Luckily i saw the bikes stop and I stop immediately, my view was blocked by the bikes and din't know some idiot would rush out. Next time better wait for a while before moving off from traffic light! Carplate: SGW228G Driver: Lady
  11. early early morning had a scare... fuel needle rapidly going down and i thought tank leak. reach petrol kiosk and top up full until see petrol floating in tank, on engine still show almost zero.... bad start to morning.... any bros experience this before? is repair very urgent as can barely afford any downtime this week.... wat could be the cause and damage? driving a 4yr old forte.... thanks!
  12. Last week I decided to sell all of my camera gear as I just couldn’t find the time to use it regularly. Here I had almost $3,500/- worth of camera and lenses that was just sitting in its dry cabinet. So I wrote a nice little description about the gear and posted to ebay, HWZ and gumtree. A couple of days later, I get a reply for the ad posted on gumtree. Buyer communicates via email asking for best price so that she can gift the camera to her brother in Malaysia. So I make her an offer, we negotiate and settle on a price. Now I buy a lot of new stuff online. But when I buy or sell second hand stuff, I prefer to deal with people here in SG as its easier to meet and you know who/what you’re dealing with. Now the girl says she’s on assignment outside of the country and that she will pay via paypal collect. Hmmm…. I have to raise a paypal invoice and money will be credited to my paypal account. Hmmm… I’m not happy about this but still, I only have to spend a couple of minutes creating a paypal invoice so what the heck! I did it and emailed her the invoice. Busy over the weekend so I read her reply only this morning. In it, she says that she has completed the payment and that I should send the tracking number so paypal can complete the transfer. [me: wait… what? I have to send my stuff and then paypal will transfer? uh uh] She also says she sent the funds to paypal account (prabhjot something@gmail) and that paypal’s service message might be in my inbox or spam folder [me: hmmm… who the fck is prabjot whatever? And why the fck should paypal messages be in my spam folder?] I check the spam folder and lo and behold, there’s a message with the email alias “[email protected]” [me: wtf? I pay for stuff using paypal and I’ve always got the messages in my inbox. Now its in spam. Doesn’t smell right] And then I notice the actual email ID used in sending the message. “[email protected]” [me: haha. Now why the fck would paypal use accountant.com domain to send messages] Lol, they even have a small "how do you know this is not a fake email" disclaimer :D So I google the email ID pp_service and sure enough, plenty of hits about people being conned out of their stuff by peeps in MY. The MO and address is the same; 1) reply to personal ads (mostly camera’s) on ebay/gumtree (seems gumtree being abused more) 2) try some token negotiation to instil confidence 3) get seller to send paypal invoice and promise to pay to paypal account for both the item and the shipping cost 4) send a bogus email claiming funds will be credited once paypal verifies evidence of shipment 5) disappear So guys beware when peddling/buying stuff online. Just for laugh, I sent this reply to "Kim" this morning;
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKEN-_eGlPc&feature=youtu.be Lancer driver not paying attention and moves off before lights turned green. I guess he was looking at the green lights at the next junction, but actually they had been green for a while already, not like they just changed to green. Thought I was about to witness a tragedy when I saw the motorcyclist approaching at speed.
  14. This is unbelievable! In sg, when i call any of he 3, if beyond a minute, i ask them 'which part do you not understand?' But 8 minutes?? walau http://www.theverge.com/2014/7/28/5936959/comcast-confessions-when-every-call-is-a-sales-call The audiolink here....have your dinner and listen. Dun choke tho...hahaha https://soundcloud.com/ryan-block-10/comcastic-service
  15. Stupid car stopped on lane 1 of BKE. U can her my heavy breathing cos i could have crashed and killed the man behind the car https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WAulmg7PK3w&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  16. 1st time, filter out from expressway, don't bother to filter.....never mind, we move on 2nd time, 1.13 mins onwards, i have to jam brake! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/75173803/almost_accident.mp4
  17. This is when you should use the horn.....I thank my lucky stars....somemore road wet.... pity the biker too lah...kena one white BMW reversing, no wonder he turn his head, then coming towards him this other grey bmw....knn...if i the biker too, i curse n swear all BMWs.....lol Drive safe
  18. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F...3CrTg7h&s=1
  19. Was travelling home on the expressway, both kids are sleeping at the back so I only travelled at around 80km/h (lane 3). At one point, I was tailgated by a bus (imagine looking into your rearview mirror, and the whole back windscreen is blocked - you can only see the bus and its headlight, not even the sky). It is freaking SCARY and i seriously felt very threatened. If I needed to brake, I'm pretty sure it's gonna crash into me. So, I was glad when it finally buay tahan my slowness and went to lane 2 (around 8sec in video), and immediately the bike that was travelling there siam the imminent barrage.. It continued to chiong until it finally decided to go onto lane 1 (around 31sec in video). It's a Malaysian coach.. And I'm pretty sure that it's travelling at 100km/h or more. Is there a speed limit for all these buses? Not sure how you guys feel by watching the video, but for me, I really think it's an accident waiting to happen. Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mT0MuO37yE4
  20. As I was approaching lorry, saw him outside vehicle checking tyre etc. As I was nearing, saw him climb back into vehicle. Didn't expect him to move out without checking like that suddenly. Was a very close shave. sai almost all flow out. stopped driver down the road abit and asked why he pulled such a stunt. he asked what he did? He didn't even see me coming. Some said it was my mistake not to horn. It's my bad habit. I hate to use the horn so in moments like this I can really sometimes forget. anyway no cursing no fighting just went down the car tap the driver on his door and he wound down his window. he say didn't see me, what can I do? hahaha move on lor.
  21. From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-...-blood-20130314 (NB: Not sure why the above link needed to be logged in & so the article cannot be accessed unless you are a subsriber) As such I will recall from my memory this incident which was published in the reader's column from zaobao a couple of days back. Remembered this case because it was quite a serious lapse. According to this disgruntled reader they had a horrible experience at a local hospital. IIRC their 84 year-old grandma was warded & needed a blood transfusion. When the nurse tried to perform the transfusion, one of the relatives who was a nurse or was trained in medical procedures was astonished that the blood to be given was of type O+ but their grandma's blood type was AB. She quickly told the nurse who was adamant that the blood type was the one prescribed by the doctor & insisted on performing the procedure. Angered, the relatives quickly summoned the nursing manager & the latter was nonchalant about the mistake. When pressed, the nursing manager was reported to say that she had already apologised what more the relatives wanted. Really jialat... [shakehead]
  22. I know this happens often on our roads filled with rude drivers, but this one really makes me angry. This lane merge is already so dangerous, this taxi still squeeze in. If I did not siam him, already bang. Make me really pissed off that I am going to write into Comfort. I don't usually do this kind of thing one because it's their rice bowl, but I think this cabbie deserves the s--t.
  23. Auntie i know there is a construction along bukit timah road, but if u want to change lane pls signal in advance. "Don't need to on your SPEAKER or VOLUME"
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