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  1. Is this a Parking Idiot? Yes or No? Was the driver selfish in the way he/she parked his/her car, depriving others of a legitimate parking lot?
  2. This is why we should always park properly. We were alerted to someone's posts on his facebook page, showing a BMW X6 XDrive35i badly parked at Jurong Point Shopping Center. Like what the photos show, the netizen who is presumed to be driving the Toyota Altis that is parked beside, barely had space to squeeze into his lot. The large BMW SUV had kind of edged into the page owner's lot causing him to be quite pissed. By parking badly, and of course no thanks to the Altis driver, the BMW owner will be having lots of difficulty getting into his car. So What do you guys think of this? Is it fair to 'punish' the BMW driver who ill-parked? Or do you think the BMW driver had made an honest mistake as it simply wanted to be further away from the lorry beside it?
  3. What a idiotic driver? Early morning, i already tio chua. Luckily i managed to brake in time. Why the hell he stop in the centre lane yellow box while there is no car at all? Cant he bloody wait?? Still can show me his F face and show no sign of be apologetic Luckily my rear no car, if not behind car sure crash into me.
  4. Met an irresponsible Lady Lexus driver this morning while ferrying my baby to my Mother place at the cross junction of Mandai Road and Sembawang Road. The light already turned red for a good 3 to 5sec and she still rush OUT!!!! These are the scums that cause major accident on the road! Very similar to the Ferrari case! Luckily i saw the bikes stop and I stop immediately, my view was blocked by the bikes and din't know some idiot would rush out. Next time better wait for a while before moving off from traffic light! Carplate: SGW228G Driver: Lady
  5. This world got these kind of people surprisingly http://youtu.be/bUpAB8efK3g
  6. How many here can do that? I have no issues actually. Quite peaceful! That said, the bugger is a real @#$^$%^. REally needs the rotan. bugger. Poor kid traumatized for life! Cemetery worker raped girl, 12, staying at site He took her out on 'errands' after befriending the family PUBLISHED ON APR 28, 2015 6:09 AM 4283 602 1 0PRINTEMAIL A cemetery labourer has admitted raping a 12-year-old girl who was staying at the burial ground with her family. -- PHOTO: ST GRAPHICS BY SELINA LUM A CEMETERY labourer has admitted raping a 12-year-old girl who was staying at the burial ground with her family. Roslan Jaafar, 41, befriended the girl - along with her younger sister and mother - after they started staying in a tent at the site in early 2012. He would take the girl out to run errands, such as buying cigarettes and dinner - but used their meetings to have sex with her. Roslan was caught only when the girl's uncle noticed she had been missing for hours and discovered messages about "making love" on her phone. Yesterday, he pleaded guilty in the High Court to two counts of rape and one of sexual assault of a minor. Two other counts of sexual assault of a minor and sexual exploitation of a child will be taken into consideration when he is sentenced at a later date. The court heard yesterday that the family moved to the burial ground temporarily as they had no fixed accommodation. In March 2012, the two girls started playing with Roslan's eight-year-old son at the cemetery while he was working. Roslan later visited their tent and introduced himself to their mother. He continued to visit the family regularly and grew close to them. In early May that year, the victim's mother agreed to his request to take the girl out with him to buy cigarettes. Roslan then began to take her out regularly to run errands, usually for more than two hours at a time. He would take her on his motorcycle to a quiet spot nearby and have sex with her on a bench late at night, telling the girl not to tell her mother about it. Although the court heard that the girl consented to having sex with him, by law, sex with a girl under 14 - with or without her consent - is considered rape. On June 1 that year, the girl's maternal uncle was visiting the family at the tent when Roslan took her out. When they did not return after more than two hours, the uncle became worried. He searched for Roslan's number on the girl's phone and found text messages from him. After Roslan dropped the girl off at the tent and left, the uncle confronted her about it. She broke down and told him what happened. A police report was made at the Nanyang Neighbourhood Police Centre and Roslan was arrested last year. Roslan told the court that the girl had told him she was not a virgin, but he accepted that she may have lied. Deputy Public Prosecutor Quek Jing Feng asked for a deterrent sentence, arguing that the victim was young and vulnerable. Roslan had betrayed the trust of the mother and that of the victim, who "would not expect a friend's father to cause her harm". The case was adjourned after the Law Society's Criminal Legal Aid Scheme said it was looking into whether to take up Roslan's case. The girl and her family are no longer staying in the cemetery. - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/cemetery-worker-raped-girl-12-staying-site-20150428#sthash.1IK8JtWu.dpuf
  7. 19 year old got car wrong mean wrong, bargain failed still want to complaint 停残障人士车位 男生被罚428元 何智丰在公寓内将车停在防御残障位,管理层态度不好,直叫他缴交罚款就可把车开走。 男生到朋友公寓讨论功课,错把车子停在公寓停车场的残障人士车位,前后不过一个多小时,被罚428元。 19岁的何智丰(学生)在2月2日中午2时许,从学校载朋友回其位于武吉巴督的公寓讨论功课。他驶进公寓地下停车场后,认为只是停个10多分钟,就把车停在残障人士停车位。
  8. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=dec_1368541471 If you have time to watch the film (about 90 over mins) , do it. The Idiot Cycle follows the world's largest chemical producers: Dow Chemical BASF Bayer Dupont Astrazeneca Monsanto and how these chemical companies, who manufacture and emit cancer causing chemical substances, also develop, produce and invest in cancer treatments, the most profitable disease on the planet. "Everyone should know that the 'war on cancer' is largely a fraud."
  9. I was a rider before and had been very denfensive, so during my 5 years of riding history I stay safe, but now I know why every year got so many fatal bike accident and why a lot of drivers complain about reckless bikers, and i think most of them they deserved for it, no offence to those safe riders. Today 10pm rush back home from city cos some family matter, on SLE got one bloody stupid cl2b biker occupying lane one and was doing something around 80, so flashed him, don't care, on high beam and horn, also don't care; the worst thing is when lane 2 is clear for overtaking, he purposely speed up and don't even let me overtake from left, i was so pissed off and give him a finger when i finally get over him! Ofcos he finger me back la, this kind of ppl you know la....then when i exit he also exit, don't know if he purposely did that or what? And he follow me behind, and when i want to turn left, he suddently shot up and take the turn at very fast speed, lean on very low angle, seems like wanna show off in front of me, i ignored him. And I would like to say sth to this stupid F**King idiot: I hope You will fall and die one day very soon, and nobody shoud pity you, u die the earlier the better as our road less one reckless rider, and you will have no more chance to damage the image of all bikers so as to make them safer. So i curse u die ealy and enjoy ur life in the heaven
  10. What do you think should happen to the guy? In an official email, sent to all staff, speaking as the CEO of Science Centre he said... That wasn't the only foolish / stupid / off colour remark in the email....you can read the full text at TOC Generally speaking - I am pretty forgiving of what people say in their personal capacity. In a case like this however - given his senority, the nature of the business and the business owner - I think he should be fired. Not only is he creating, what I think is a "hostile work environment" - but his views are obviously sexist and the views are, in my opinion ""incompatible with the values and standards expected of employees" of an institution like Singapore Science Centre. So what say you?
  11. Let the fun begin! Calling Mustank. REport for duty i tell you, if he have Merc or BMW, wonder how he will behave....knn....
  12. http://drivingidiots.wordpress.com/2013/01/11/struts-pickup/ http://drivingidiots.wordpress.com/2013/01/11/sjq-5604-s/
  13. Nearly cause an accident. How can the traffic comes to a complete halt and after passing the ERP. The traffic is smooth again. Must be some idiot joker decide to stop in front of the ERP and insert cash card. I am not refering to the car infront of me. Cos I know he stops last min also
  14. Bro Intel, Sorry to improvise on your thread "Idiot driver stop in front of the ERP" to use it for my new thread title because of the similar behaviour in terms of epic stupidity displayed by our fellow drivers But, but, but got any copyright issues not? Anyway the following article is from ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-...e-parking-20121 Building's staff leaves family in the lurch over inconsiderate parking Published on Oct 25, 2012 MY WIFE had parked our vehicle at Thomson Plaza to accompany my son to his music lesson. When they returned, a car had blocked ours and two others from leaving. When she sought help from the building's security, the officer at the information counter told her that there was nothing to be done until the car owner appeared. He added that even the police or Land Transport Authority could not set matters right because the car was within the building's jurisdiction. I decided to make my way to Thomson Plaza to resolve the problem. When my wife asked the same officer to use the public address system to inform the driver to remove his car, he said he could not do so without obtaining permission from the building's management. Much later, an announcement was made. My wife then asked if the management would wheel-clamp the car since it was parked illegally. The same officer said the management did not practise this. But another security officer who overheard our conversation brought out a wheel clamp, to my wife's surprise. When he walked to the car, intending to clamp it, he was stopped by the first officer, but after some discussion, the car was wheel-clamped. When I sought to speak with higher management, I was told there was no one on duty. So I waited for help from the police and, when they did arrive, they told me that the driver had appeared and was being instructed to remove his car. What was upsetting is that the building management rendered no help at all throughout the entire episode. This was compounded by the rude and unhelpful behaviour of the security officer. I would venture that if we had not taken matters into our own hands, such as informing him that we had sought police assistance, he would have continued to ignore our pleas for help. Richard Tan Huck Pin
  15. To this auntie, u better wake up your idea. I have no qualms about exposing your number plate as what you did here clearly showed a disregard for road saftey/awareness and other people's lives. If the person behind was a motorcycle, he may not have been able to react in time.
  16. It goes airborne, lands badly, then charges across a roundabout, out of control. No amount of electronic wizardry could save the car...... The irony is that the camera car (an M3) was driving just as quickly at the GTR that crashed...... the driver is so well qualified to judge
  17. dear all, you know, smtimes we hv a gd day... and smtimes we have a bad day... good days we're usually more tolerant towards idiots on the road... bad days usually trivial incidents irritate us like hell.... i know that there are many ppl here who hate hoggers just as there are many who hate tail gaters... well, here's wat happened a couple of days ago... ALL ARE FACTS i have not exaggerated anything... nor have i purposely change any fact that happened... (haha very long neber like tis so free liao...) ....was on the SLE towards town... comfort cab on the 1st lane with approx 8 car following behind... cant overtake from left as traffic was kinda heavy... comfort cab has NO CAR infront of him for at least 500m up... could see no cars infront on the 1st lane... (ok mood me thinking... must be an elderly taxi driver who cant drive properly... i was in no hurry so just continue driving in the line up... then managed to overtake from left ard AMK ave5 there... then i continued my drive to town... at Ave1 there was this mazda 3 on the 1st lane going at the same speed as the cars on the 2nd lane... NO CARS infront of him in sight... i went behind him, about a 1.5-2 cars length, waiting for him to either speed up or cut left and give way.. i checked speed was about 80-85km/h... so i assumed its a slow driver and will give way soon... after about 15+seconds i buay tahan liao, moved closer to about 1/2 a car lenght... so no response from him... so i high beam and honked... gentle honk 2 taps... still no response... i could not overtake left as the few taxis n cars on the 2nd lane are going at the same speed as us... so i got a little aggitated and started honking... i was still in a ok mood until this M#%%^ C%#%^@% KNN idiot slow down somemore (as if telling me too bad i'm not giving way) he was driving with one hand resting on his window, having a relaxing drive... i got pissed... this idiot was purposely not giving way... purposely slowing down... can you imagine it was 1st lane below 80km/h already when we were near potong pasir... i honked and forced myself into the 2nd lane getting honked at by a taxi... i waved to apologise and then went very close to the left of the idiot... he continued relaxing and ignored me as he looked infront with a fcuk face... i was so pissed i kept waving my hand to get his attention but was totally ignored.... i told myself to try to remain calm... so i accelerated off... further down traffic was heavy... i slowed down... since i wasnt rushing anywhere, i decided to continue to get this idiot's attention... too fed up still... so i followed him to bukit timah exit... we stopped while waiting to turn right to newton... he was behind me... i changed lane so that i would be on his right... he stopped and i also stopped even though i had about 2car lenghts to the car infront of me... i stared at him, this time he looked at me with his fcuk face... i gave him my international sign... he got out of the car... so i put on my shoes and got out of my car... he walked towards the police car infront of him and asked for help i guess... telling the police car i was harrassing him i suppose... the police mumbled somthing to him and waved him off shaking his head... the idiot walked back to his car and i gave him the sign again and told him to stop at esso... i was so so so so dying to ask him WHY was he hogging on lane 1, does he think he owns the road or maybe his gf just dumped him... stupid idiot... anyways i followed until Lido (still going same direction the both of us) and until finally 1 last sign for him and i left towards paterson rd... dear all, after this incident, i went to my destination and everything was back to normal fro me... it didnt spoil my day or anythng... but i just CANNOT understand why the idiot thinks that he can play punk with me by slowing down when he is hogging and then knn want to play police ah?... damn bloody balls-less mofu sia... i so wanted to give him a piece of my mind... i wanted to see what would a hogger say to me etc... bloody a$$hole.. but i guess he'll tink i'm some hooligan who wants to beat him up... btw he was bigger sized then me... fatter rather... bloody whoose... HEY idiot... i really hope that you might be reading this... i long for a reply from you... or anyone who thinks he/she knows this mazda3... pls alert the idiotic driver/owner pls thanks... i want to hear what he would say to this incident...
  18. Long queue entering expressway from slip road. Then this yaya papaya BMW tried to skip the queue and cut in front middle lane into the left lane. People (including myself) die die don't leave any gap for him. The idiot tried his best to squeeze but he ran out of road and almost hit the kerb. Then LL stuck then and wait till someone behind me pity him and leave a gap..... Shiok.... watch such idiots get pwned.... think got money means he own the road?
  19. Hi all, I know nothing much about camera and features and I would like fellow members to help to shed some light on onboard car camera. I welcome private message to share your lobang as I understand there are a few sponsor in the forum and many car camera expert. I have seen many video uploaded in In car vehicle recorder some very clear but can
  20. Last week my BF take my car driving then one stupid driver cut his lane! Www.YouTube.com/watch?v=dyzPQN2WFKI
  21. EQ3300 white Camry who simply remove to move over while coasting happily at 80KM/H on lane 1. Horn, high beam him, tailgate all useless. While I overtake from the left, he still dare to stare at me. Lol such mofos......
  22. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...aphazardly.html
  23. at around 620pm bukit timah road towards city at the little india junction. i was in the 2nd lane and you were beside me at the 1st lane. after light turn green, you just drive off and drifted 25% into my lane. I had to swerve bit left to avoid collision and blast the horn to alert you. i guess u were not happy afterwards showing me all sorts of gestures and middle finger. if the traffic wasnt heavy, i would have gotten down and ask wat u want u bloody angmo come to sg for a living dun think u are big fark driving a 5series. his ride is a 525 black, SJR827*Y. if anyone of u know this farker, pls tell him to wake up his farking idea. PUI! chao angmo!!
  24. "Elsewhere, the PAP candidate for Joo Chiat, Mr Charles Chong, took issue with Workers' Party's Mr Yee Jenn Jong's view that residents there did not want estate upgrading. "(Mr Yee) JJ made statements like upgrading is not necessary, and he backed that up by saying he is a local boy, a local resident here. That sets us back quite a fair bit, in the sense that we are trying to convince the various agencies that upgrading is necessary, upgrading is what residents want, and we are trying to get to the front of the queue," said Mr Chong. "I know he has to make political statements during election time, but saying things which put residents' interests at risk is not something which we would like him to do." Mr Chong said residents told him they wanted drains to be improved and roads to be widened. He suggested converting some narrow two-way streets, such as the ones at Telok Kurau estate, into one-way lanes. Mr Chong added that he is concerned about elderly residents living in private property in the area but who may have no income. "During my walkabouts, I see old couples, retirees with zero incomes, living off their earnings and getting very little from the (GST) Offset package, solely because they live in landed property. So in other words, they too are in need of assistance," he said. "If you look at bank (savings and fixed) interest rates, they are pretty low, below one percent. And if you look at inflation, that's much higher than the returns they get in their savings. These people have got zero income, but by virtue of the fact that they live in private property, landed property, they get the minimum of the package that other Singaporeans get," he added. "I think this is an issue I really have to address, because it doesn't seem a very equitable distribution. These people are probably in greater need than those people staying in 3-room HDB flats and with a job," said Mr Chong." Sources can anyone tell me what the FXXK is this Ah chong talking about? if those staying in private properties have no income and not much savings, they can always sell their PRIVATE PROPERTY and live in a resale 3RM HDB. the sale from the PRIVATE PROPERTY is more than enough to last them till they die.
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