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  1. just witness this earlier ... this fella nearly become roadkill. tried to catch up to catch license plate, but the plate reflection too strong. cant read >< imagine if the bmw? hit him ... have to live with killing someone for an accident that can be 100% avoided. note the stupid taxi driver also following on the left ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-SWvS3a01A&feature=youtu.be
  2. Woman lost nearly 3 litres of blood after waterslide tore her uterus https://www.asiaone.com/world/woman-lost-nearly-3-litres-blood-after-waterslide-tore-her-uterus In a horrific case of a holiday gone wrong, Toni Steedman found herself bleeding heavily when a free-fall waterslide left her with her uterus ripped. While the incident took place back in 2017, Steedman is sharing her experience now in response to recent events that saw a British tourist break his neck on a similar ride. A mother of two, Steedman and her husband had brought their family to Tenerife, Spain to celebrate his birthday. They had planned to spend the day at Aqualand Waterpark, which is known for its array of waterslides, especially the Kamikaze - a 22m vertical descent that also happens to be the tallest waterslide in Europe. However, the slide was so steep and the velocity of the ride so great that water was forced into her body, resulting in a 7cm tear in her uterus. "The slide was really fast and when I hit the water at the bottom I felt something just burst inside me. When I stood up I felt as though I needed the toilet but as I moved blood started pouring from between my legs. It was making a trail as I walked from the pool," she recounted. Steedman was immediately brought to a hospital three minutes away, where the doctors quickly staunched the bleeding and gave her three blood transfusions. She was then sent to a bigger hospital further north where she underwent surgery to repair the tear. Due to the severity of the accident, Steedman wasn't able to leave the country for more than a week and was out of work for two months. She was also unable to claim insurance as she had not informed her insurance company that she would be going away. Steedman also stated that the lifeguards had neglected to tell her any of the safety precautions such as to cross her arms and legs, which would have prevented the accident from happening in the first place. In a viral video from July 8 this year, David Briffaut and his girlfriend can be seen sliding down head-first on mats at Aqualandia in Benidorm, Spain, but the moment they hit the water, his head can be seen snapping forward. It turned out that he had broken two vertebrae on the spot and had briefly lost consciousness. Despite the prompt medical attention, he continues to be on life support and medics have warned that he may be paralysed from the chest or waist down. Even though Steedman had been relatively lucky, has since recovered from her injury, and is still able to have children, Briffaut will require a lifelong caretaker. As the full extent of Briffaut's injuries remain unclear and he requires more surgeries, his family has since set up a crowdfunding page to help alleviate the costs of the procedures. The page has raised more than S$76,113 at the time of writing. Both waterparks have long been under fire, with unhappy holidaymakers leaving negative reviews on their page. In a statement, Aqualandia spokesman Maria Jose Marcos said, "We have video footage which plainly shows how the 23-year-old man did not follow the guidelines for Splash. Our lifeguard team informed him of the rules of the ride and he didn't obey them. So, Aqualandia cannot be held for the consequences of visitors failing to follow safety rules. Of course, Aqualandia helped him and his friends in every way and our insurance covered all the medical attention. Aqualandia has a long history - 34 years - and safety is our top priority." [email protected]
  3. https://www.straitstimes.com/world/united-states/no-need-to-tell-the-public-super-fungus-that-kills-nearly-half-of-its-victims-in
  4. really that bad meh? the monthly amount spent is as good as somebody pay for a year! just heard on radio this morning getting 'tuitor' to do homework on behlaf is common, even for assignment, uni final year project, etc. wonder what Gearoil has to say on this? i remember when i did my master, i was so busy that i could meet the deadline, i told my lectuerer that i can't make it and ask him to fail me, lucky the final assignment only contribute 20% which i still pass the subject. Never in my mind to engage such 'services' though i knew their existence long ago. Paper qualification is so easy to come back and nothing is real on the surface nowadays.
  5. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/nearly-half-of-car/2465350.html?cid=fbsg
  6. https://youtu.be/s53mBc-pI5s Going to submit to this video Traffic Police.
  7. ...Was driving at PIE towards bukit batok just after the split road (left is KJE)...this black mitsuibishi nearly bang into my left side..im not generalising anything ...its a cha bor again..
  8. I have an in car camera footage of this vehicle, a mazda CX7 SKN320Y turning out from Shelford Road into Bt Timah Road without stopping and AFTER coming out of Bt Timah road, came to a DEAD STOP causing me to E-brake. A car behind me also E braked hard and nearly hit me This happened 29 Sep 2014, Monday night at about 9:15pm, but the camera time stamp is wrong as the car isn't driven regularly. May I know if I can submit this to the TP? May I know if this can be submissible for evidence for a TP report? My passenger later put her phone in front of the camera as a visible time stamp. (Not in this video cut). Anyway, be careful of this idiot driving this SUV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnoJs5QRK4w&feature=youtu.be
  9. Seemingly driven by someone of a foreign nationality. The video speaks for itself. http://youtu.be/8zzvShtFsPM
  10. Luckily I was driving at a slow speed of around 40 to 45 km/h along a residential road, I never expect this old man to walk out in front of the car besides me and nearly bang into him! This old man is putting himself in harms way as crossing at a traffic junction is definitely a no-no, because at an uncontrolled traffic junction cars are turning in and out of the junction in many directions which the pedestrian or driver might not be aware of each other presence thus causing a fatal accident.
  11. Initially wanted to make a U turn luckly never... if not my new year will be spoilt!
  12. LINK : http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-500395_162-575...-to-fix-cables/
  13. Nissan almost killed off Infiniti Since the CEO doesn't even care about Infiniti , will they build their cars like ''chin chye''?
  14. To this auntie, u better wake up your idea. I have no qualms about exposing your number plate as what you did here clearly showed a disregard for road saftey/awareness and other people's lives. If the person behind was a motorcycle, he may not have been able to react in time.
  15. u not much time to enjoy life..... wat's the point?
  16. Hi guys, Last Friday, my car was travelling in extreme left lane (lane 3) in KPE when a dumpster lorry came from behind in 2nd lane, hit me in the rear wheel arc. My car fish tailed, cut across to lane 1, I counter steer, spun around 180 degrees and ended up facing the incoming traffic in lane 2. Filed a claim on Saturday. The fxxking lorry drive go tell lie and the company called me say I cut the lorry, that's why accident. Say got video to prove. I challenged him to show the footage and the company bo ji. Gave the company a piece of my mind saying that my wife and me never die in the accident is the driver's luck. Don't push it. Now think think si bay angry... besides filing a claim. What can I do to teach such dangerous drivers a lesson? Can I go report TP? Does anyone have such experience? Can share with me? If not convenient, PM also can.
  17. About 10,000 BMW 5- and 6-series cars sold here are affected by a global safety recall of 1.3 million vehicles. This is believed to be the biggest exercise in Singapore involving BMW, last year's best-selling brand. The flaw - found in cars made between 2003 and 2010 - pertains to a battery cable cover that may have been mounted incorrectly. The carmaker said this could result in an electrical malfunction and, in the worst case, an electrical fire. But it said that it had not come across any injury or accident arising from the flaw. The LTA says the recall affects 8,441 5-series (above) and 764 6-series cars sold by authorised agent Performance Motors, while about 520 parallel imports are affected. source: http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_782546.html
  18. Guys, please take note of this news if you are considering buying 2nd hand BMW vehicles. March 26, 2012, 3:50 pm BMW Recalls Nearly 1.3 Million Vehicles Worldwide for Battery-Cable Flaw BMW of North America 2010 BMW 550i, one of the models affected by the recall announced Monday.4:10 p.m. | Updated BMW announced Monday that it would recall about 1.3 million 5 Series and 6 Series vehicles worldwide to fix a potential hazard involving a faulty battery-cable connection in the cars
  19. Jialat. So this is true. http://app.supremecourt.gov.sg/data/doc/Ma...12-2006(bp).pdf The court application for bankruptcy was dated december 2006 as above. The Straits Times article said Foo, her husband and her children all moved to Thailand in the same year 2006! Were they running away from the debt? http://www.asiaone.com/Business/Office/Lea...0908-86525.html Too coincidental isn't it? Your PDF file found : B3197/2006/B STANDARD CHARTERED BANK CHAN TECK HOCK BERNARD Bankruptcy Order Click Chan Teck Hock name @ http://kohjb.0catch.com/FamilyNet/KohNet/index.html Got below info. : Chan Teck Hock Bernard Bernard's Family Spouse: Foo Mee Har (Married) Children: Chan Martin, Chan Matthew
  20. Must be one of the bros from MCF who captured this heart-stopping moment and posted it on STOMP... From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg..._red_light.html Posted on 27 Jan 2012 Female driver nearly crashes into oncoming car after beating red light This woman was caught blatantly attempting a right-turn on a red light by STOMPer Choy's car camera. The STOMPer commented: "The female driver of this vehicle, you should quit driving in order to save other road users!"
  21. To this stupid P Plate van at CTE today, either you go retake your driving license or you you have missed the 7th month mono intake... I am driving home with my wife and my two years old kid back from Mount Alvernia as my son is very sick for two days..U nearly make my whole family gone by crashing to the incoming car from my right lane.
  22. Was on a straight road than suddenly a car sway to my lane. At first i thought maybe i am in the blind spot he didnt see me. But when i drove by after a loud horn, i saw him orghing pi sigh, and he bio me a bit with his eye, something like he scare to see me in the eye because he knows he was in the wrong. Nothing serious actually. but i must say after this incident, come to think of it, i starts to recall many ppl orgh pi sigh in their car. Does these ppl really thinks that because they are in their car, ppl outside cannot see them?
  23. SINGAPORE: A former principal of Maris Stella High School has been charged with misappropriating S$148,539.85 between May 2004 and September 2009. 64-year-old Anthony Tan Kim Hock, who retired in 2009, allegedly committed the offence in the school on 21 separate occasions. 13 of the charges involve a man known as Peter Lim, believed to be a relative and is said to be in his 30s. Tan allegedly used S$44,860.80 from the school management committee as well as the Director-General of education school fund accounts to pay for items such as seven of Mr Lim's overseas school trips and an open water diving course in Pulau Tioman. Tan is also accused of misappropriating another S$34,000 which was donated to the school. Another charge involved him allegedly misappropriating S$2,000 which was donated to three retired Marist brothers. Besides these, Tan is believed to have done the same with S$67,679.05 from the school's chapel building fund account. Tan is out on a bail of S$40,000 and is represented by lawyer, Dr Koh Hai Keong. The case will be mentioned again on June 16. - CNA/cc
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