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  1. Roadhogger

    New Subaru XV

    We should just move on from this eyesight vs solar film talk. It's turning very sour.. See liao also sianz..
  2. Roadhogger

    Throttle body cleaning

  3. Roadhogger

    180 kmh on CTE

    The current road/tarmac condition in malaysia hswy is not for speeding ..
  4. Roadhogger

    New Subaru XV

    I got the 2018 q3 maps installed using the toolbox.. and also OS update... What risingtek Subaru MY17 blah blah . .. it also mentioned it's mandatory update before the new contents can be updated
  5. Roadhogger

    10th Generation Honda Civic (2016)

    Subaru XV also jerks..
  6. Roadhogger

    New Subaru XV

    Hi all, there are some updates available . OS included .
  7. Roadhogger

    Cost to replace hybrid Battery

    So for Honda, which workshop in Singapore is doing this service of changing cell by cell?
  8. Roadhogger

    Cost to replace hybrid Battery

    Yes, that's my point.
  9. Roadhogger

    Cost to replace hybrid Battery

    Shipping of battery is not as easy. It takes lot of declaration and paperworks. It's not as direct as normal items.
  10. Roadhogger

    2016 / 2017 Subaru Impreza

    Do you have any problem getting all the steering remote to work with the head unit ?
  11. Roadhogger

    Volvo Servicing

    So what happened?
  12. Roadhogger

    Nissan QashQai 2014 Part 2

    Is there 1.2t in 2005?
  13. Roadhogger

    New Subaru XV

    There is a TPMS button..When I press and hold .. it shows tpms1 till tpms3..
  14. Roadhogger

    New Subaru XV

    Hi all. How to reset the tpms position after tires rotation.
  15. It didn't says shell is exiting..