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Found 42 results

  1. Suzuki Swift Extreme Concept Impresses With Striking Looks source: https://www.carscoops.com/2019/12/suzuki-swift-extreme-concept-premieres-in-thailand-with-striking-looks/ Suzuki has unveiled a bold Swift-based concept car at the ongoing Thailand Motor Expo 2019 fittingly dubbed the Swift Extreme Concept. While the Suzuki Swift has a unique character and style, it’s far from the most exciting small car on the market. To give the hatchback some life, Suzuki went to town with a series of bold exterior upgrades. Starting at the front, you will find a revised fascia incorporating a blacked-out grille, bespoke air intakes, and a new splitter, as well as a curvaceous hood with sharp air vents. Then we get to the sides, where the concept it stands out from all other Swift models before it thanks to gloss black front and rear wheel fender flares that give the car a fresh new stance. Complementing the new arches are enlarged silver sports wheels with low-profile tires. Rounding out the modifications are a series of upgrades made to the rear fascia, a large spoiler stretching out from the roof and a secondary spoiler that sits between the taillights. There is also a body-colored diffuser and square tailpipes (which may or may not be functional). Heavily tinted windows prevented attendees from seeing if any changes were made to the concept’s interior, while there’s also no word on whether the concept sports any performance upgrades.
  2. Dear all, Just want to ask, are heavy vehicles (Buses, 14 footer lorries, Tipper Trucks, Prime Movers etc) allowed to turn right on the extreme right turning lane if there are 2 turning lanes? Means 1 right turning lane, and the lane beside is go straight + turn right? Thanks
  3. Was wondering if anyone know where to get these. I saw a few threads but all of them damn old already...2006. I wanna try DIY, anyone knows the rough cost to buy? Or any other similar sound proofing material also can. Thanks in advance! =)
  4. carloverguy2017

    Amazing Extreme Close up of Dyed Brown Hairs

    What does my hair looks like up closed after I dyed my black hair ( and whites , greys ) into brown ? Check this out. My hair looks really matt and brown and dry when you see me in person. But the magnified video of my brown hair is surprisingly different though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rhh2Sm5r-s8
  5. Thaiyotakamli

    Ultimate Siao People

    This world got these kind of people surprisingly http://youtu.be/bUpAB8efK3g
  6. Hi bros, I am intending to DIY soundproof my trunk with dynamat. Anyone here can share good lobang to get it? I probably needs 5-6 pieces.
  7. Hi anyonem anyone knows what is the difference od these 2 and which can help protect paint better? Tks all.
  8. I am shocked to see such extreme wheels camber extented to it's maximum and funniest part was the owner won few trophy Wondering how the steering feels while the car on the move, I believe turning would be very hard to hold on to the steer turning angle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgIrDyUEBjY
  9. Hi all, Anyone try idemitsu extreme eco? It claim can save 8% of fuel. Don't know how true is that?
  10. Kena waken up by this extremely heavy rain now......rain v fierce and bigz, thunder, lightning and strong winds Now I'm wondering if orchard road is flooded or not?? LOL. Will Starbucks, Wendy's have a rude shock when they open biz later?? I'm also wondering how many trees have fallen onto the roads. I was looking out the windows and an ambulance with blinking lights on zooming past. Is there an accident or a fallen tree fell on a car? The rain is really scary....... I hope all cars including cabs should not be driving at this moment. Too dangerous.
  11. It seems really hard to find h3 bulbs, anyone have any idea where I can get hold of the philips extreme power h3?
  12. Ahbengdriver

    Continental Extreme Contact DW

    Anyone has used this new performance tyre and care to share? Also, which is the cheapest place to get continental or are they market priced.
  13. Vulcann

    Extreme Parallel Parking!

    Came across this hilarious parallel car parking coaching video from STOMP, with sarcastic live commentary some more... Not sure if it is a make-believe effort but even if it is, it was still very funny . Really gota to admire the guy for his patience (though he was loosing it gradually ) & pity his partner (wifey, gf, sibling, friend or colleague) for trying her damnest to parallel park the small car. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...and_almost.html STOMPer Brian came across this funny video which shows a man trying to teach his girlfriend how to do a parallel parking. Said the STOMPer: "I came across this video online, which was quite funny. "I think all drivers scared of parallel parking." The man in the video was apparently trying to teach his girlfriend how to do a parallel parking, and almost ended up fighting. The person who uploaded the video said: "Parallel parking super FAIL and almost fight. "Wahahaha..see this clown try to park in a super big lot, but still cannot! Wish I turned on my camera earlier to show how she cannot make it!" The video editing was done by the original creator of the video.
  14. I am thinking of buying something from Deal Extreme ( http://www.dealextreme.com/ ). Just wondering if any Bros have bought anything from there before and whether it is good in terms of 1. Shipping time 2. Product Quality 3. Confidentiality of Info (like credit card info, etc) THanks!!!
  15. held at changi. participants will learn to do stunt driving on the Lancer EX RalliArt and Colt Turbo R. cost is $168 for the public and $128 for Mitsubishi car owners. any one goiing?
  16. Darth_mel

    Extreme Breakdancing

    Man is this guy for real ?
  17. Hi Guys Just wondering is anyone still carrying this product? Is ez-extreme a much better performer than ez-stab? I used to have a ez-stab on my Latio, it was really a great purchase. Just wondering the ez-extreme performs better than the stab... Advice please!
  18. Typhoonz

    Extreme Stunt...

    I don't know what was this guy thinking when he did this... http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=fa7_1199119738
  19. Was informed that heavy rain couple with extreme high tide (today) this afternoon would cause flooding in some low lying areas. So members, beware and take care of your ride. Cheers............
  20. Jazzer

    Extreme I.C.E?

  21. What will they think off next? The extreme eyelashes from Japan.
  22. hi bro..... anyone can advise on this product. Think both have cleaning properties. Can OPS mix with JW product.
  23. Newkid

    Extreme auto

    anyone did their ICE at this shop? any comments? www.extremeauto.com.sg thanks.