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  1. Ahbengdriver

    Pump Diesel in JB

    There is an error when sending with a Singapore NRIC number which has a different format from Malaysian NRIC. Any idea how to overcome it.
  2. Ahbengdriver

    Pump Diesel in JB

    Hiadees. Does anyone know the steps to register PETRON MILES card using SMS please.
  3. Ahbengdriver

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Ok let us who havent applie VEP get this right for once. We need the e Waller set up, go online and apply VEP, wait for their appt letter(up to 2 months), collect and pay up on collection. All these to be done by Oct. light or long?
  4. Ahbengdriver

    Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5

    Was at a tyre shop this morning patching a puncture on my Michelins. There were a few brands of GY tyres in the shop including Asymetric so I went to press the compoud and push the sidewalls. Man the compound n walls give a hard feel, unlike the michelins so I reckon these GYs arent gonna be as comfy. I think I will pass GY tyres at the next change again.
  5. Correct la. Garmen no longer thinks that driving is a right of citizens. u wanna drive, pay n pay n pay, if u can afford. fair or not fair, one decides lor. Show it at the voting counters next tme. But if people wanna vote for this, then don't cum here n combrain this n that. Some say hor anyway, that in future walk also must ay ERP leh. is it true huh. Aiii tis one not I say one.
  6. Ahbengdriver

    Which car is the Best Budget cars to Buy now?

    if kena accident, this car n the driver will not survive a high impact.
  7. Ahbengdriver

    Singapore Reckless Drivers part VII

    And all those farrkers just stand and watch the fight? What a lawless country.
  8. Ahbengdriver

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    why need TnG eWallet to register? I have donwloaded the TnG app on my phone anyway.
  9. Ahbengdriver

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    can I check what is the turnaround time from VEP Online submission until they send you a notice to collect RFID ?
  10. Satellite ERP lai liao. Still buy what car.
  11. Ahbengdriver

    Singapore Reckless Drivers part VII

    wah knn decapitated = head gone? RIP.
  12. In case some of you are still dumb till today, all ministries have KPIs. And what KPIs? Unless one is dumb fxxx, i guess u can figure out. Orh, they call this fake news hah? Ok lor, then my pals working in these ministries must be faking news. Vote lor. Vote. Satellite ERP. Wait the 9% GST come in then everyone will die standing.
  13. Ahbengdriver

    2019 3rd Generation BMW Z4 (G29)

    BMW just destroyed their own iconic kidney grill. The front grill now as some say, looks KIArish. I say it looks like crap.
  14. Ahbengdriver

    Engine Oil Change - Vacuum or Drip Method?

    Oil is so cheap these days. u can get for less than $10 a litre. I am with this guy. I just don't like the look of my oil looking dark n old. And the sheer smoothness of new good oil is unbeatable. I just changed my oil 2 wees ago. Have since done 2 high speed runs up North. I am gonna drain it out end of this month to have a look. I am a believer of straight deterioration.
  15. Ahbengdriver

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Haigh why c**t they set up a SG orfid to set up all these $heeeiiitttt.