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  1. Samwng

    Bridgestone Potenza S007a

    Looking for the same tyre.. Any feedback on the wear rate and tyre noise ? TIA
  2. Samwng

    2nd Generation Volkswagen Tiguan (2016)

    current 2018 tiguan on 280TSI (1.4L) it's a twin charge or single? TIA
  3. Samwng

    2nd Generation Volkswagen Tiguan (2016)

    Can someone enlighted here..what is red means for each engine model?
  4. Samwng

    Cheap and Good Car Wash Shampoo

    Have been washing my own car for past 10 years. this is the best i've use so far.. ( no regret ) Very foamy and leave a thick layer of wax after rinse. ' It is ultimately a gloss enhancer rather than an actual wax, " Just my 2 cents.
  5. Samwng

    10th Generation Honda Civic (2016)

    Any bro here driving the MT - civic from PI. ?
  6. Samwng

    Amazon Free Shipping to SG >$125 & Good buys

    oh.. thanks for the info.. lol
  7. Samwng

    Amazon Free Shipping to SG >$125 & Good buys

    Hi, Anyone like to combine stuff in amazon for free shipping ? Care to PM me. Prefer interest parties stay in bedok - Tampines for easy collection / deal. Thank you in Adv.
  8. I bought my two car from Autolink Holdings. So far I'm happy with their service and delivery. Sincere and honest. speaking from a repeat customer.
  9. Samwng

    Car brake sensitivity

    It's normal, brake pad & rotor both are brand new. Need to run in, drive slow. It should get better over the first 1-1.5k mileage clock in. I don't think you need to worry about it for now. Enjoy your new ride.
  10. Samwng

    Chevrolet Orlando

    Any Used car parts -scrapyard to recommend here.. My friend has a broken headlamp. Another cheaper option for him. Thanks
  11. Samwng

    Chevrolet Orlando

    Hi. Can someone here advise me the stockies for Orlando car. My friend has a broken headlamp need to replace. Thanks
  12. Samwng


    Hi, I've this device installed in my car and it seem help me to prolong the battery changing - MF (I only change ~ 4years+) Can someone expert in Electronic component - comment about this..
  13. Looks like CAT B will break to 57K mark..
  14. 53k for CAT B. omg