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Found 53 results

  1. What's the best care or best practice? Do we have to switch off our aircon and media player before turning off engine? Any thoughts and considerations? Will it harm the batteries or fuse and etc... please comment
  2. Turn steering wheel, let go of wheel, car keeps turning - HELP I went for wheel alignment, all is good. 2 reputable workshop can't find any solutions.
  3. Darryn

    Turning a Router into a Bridge

    Hey guys - this is probably more appropriate for HWZ - but you're all cleverer and I prefer to talk here, so will try first... Recently got our fiber Broadband with Starhub. So got a nice spanking new D-Link router... Decided to turn my old TP-Link into a bridge to boost the signal to the bedroom....but CANNOT!!! I have changed the settings, turned of DHCP, given it a new IP address so that it connects to the D-Link BUT....it refuses to let me up to the internet.. No doubt some here have got the same D-Link router from Starhub - anybody got any ideas on how I can do the bridge?
  4. Dear all, Just want to ask, are heavy vehicles (Buses, 14 footer lorries, Tipper Trucks, Prime Movers etc) allowed to turn right on the extreme right turning lane if there are 2 turning lanes? Means 1 right turning lane, and the lane beside is go straight + turn right? Thanks
  5. Hello All... Would like to ask if anyone know what could be the problem if some vibrating sound occur when turning right? Am driving a 8 years old Lancer GLX now. Thanks!
  6. Hi bros, recently i've experienced some noise when doing u-turn or at roundabouts or doing turning left/right. Slight turns are fine with no noise. The noise seems to come from the wheel area and there is this sound of squashing plastic bags. I've visually inspected and there is nothing stuck to the wheels but the noise persists. Anyone has any idea what's going on so I can send the car to the right kinda workshop to check?
  7. Obscurest

    Help - HID Light Turning Purplish

    Hi all, This morning, I realized that one of my HID light becomes purplish in color. Any idea what is wrong with the bulb? Does that means is time to change? If yes, any idea where can I get them and how much it cost? My is Honda Stream and wondering what are the maximum legalized brightness level that I can go? Thanks.
  8. The last 2 weeks, I removed the glove compartment and knocked the aircon fan a little for it to spin. But now fan refused to spin anymore. Where can I fix it and how much can I expect to spend?
  9. Picnic06-Biante15

    Singapore Soccer Turning To Samba .....

    Hmmmm............ future SG players to play in Samba styles... Yahoo news: Singapore youth footballers earn 'once-in-a-lifetime' chance at Brazil club A group of Singapore youngsters are set to follow in the footsteps of Singapore youth international Mahathir Azeman by heading for a training stint in Brazil this November. The attacking midfielder impressed at SC Boavista during a five-month stint in 2013, subsequently earning a one-year contract to play for their reserve side this year. Now, former S.League player and current schools coach Fabio da Silva, who helped to arrange Mahathir’s trip, will be leading 10 boys for a 22-day experience at Vasco da Gama, a Rio de Janeiro outfit which has produced the likes of Romario and Liverpool star Philippe Coutinho. The trip is scheduled from November 14 to December 6 and the players will train with Vasco’s various youth teams and also take part in friendly matches. This time, the players come from various schools that Da Silva coaches at primary, secondary and junior college level. Their ages range from nine to 17 years old. “It is a huge group,” he said. “We’ve been following them and seen them play; we don’t want to send just anyone there, we want the boys to have ability. Vasco da Gama is [a] very big [club] and this will be a very interesting and very big opportunity [for them].” Paving the way Da Silva revealed that Vasco was impressed with some of the talented young players they saw whilst here for the 2011 Lion City Cup and subsequently approached him to establish a link. He added that the “right time” to organise such a trip finally happened this year and is hoping that it will be a regular occurrence in future. “A lot of people have been calling to ask me about this opportunity,” he said. “We are [already] planning [for more boys] to go next year in June and November… they (Vasco) want to do this long term. “We believe that in the long term, it can open the doors for other boys to come in [to Brazil] following years, and [also] maybe [for] these boys who are going over there, they [might] show something (catch the eye of coaches) and Vasco will want to follow up.” Meridian Junior College centre-back Soon Wei Jun admitted that he was surprised to be chosen, but grateful for the opportunity and aims to improve both physically and mentally. link: https://sg.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/fit-to-post-sports/singapore-youth-footballers-earn--once-in-a-lifetime--chance-at-brazil-club-032023762.html Only way I foresee is only Sambal Chilli ............
  10. OK.... who also promise "more good years ahead" and "Swiss Standard of Living" ........ CNA: Don't turn elections into auction of "goodies" says Minister Khaw Boon Wan SINGAPORE: National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan on Monday (June 2) warned against turning elections into an auction between political parties promising voters as much "goodies" as they can, with as low taxes as possible. He made this point during a dialogue at the joint World Cities Summit, Singapore International Water Week and CleanEnviro Summit. The topic of financing rapid urbanisation came up. Mr Angel Gurria, the Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development had raised that a common way of financing urban growth is through taxes such as consumption tax, property taxes, or green taxes. Mr Khaw said it is natural for people to want more, but not want to pay higher taxes for it. He said political parties should not take advantage of this. "In all honesty, we must acknowledge most of our people would always want more, but would never want to pay more in taxes, and it's incumbent upon our part to be honest with our voters, because if every election is a mere auction between political parties to give as much goodies as they can with as little taxes they need to pay, I think democracy of that manner must lead to insolvency and eventually, political cynicism." Mr Khaw added there is no shortage of money to finance the development of infrastructure - the problem is a lack of sustainable good ideas which will benefit all sectors in a country. He said, as long as projects are bankable, there will be no shortage of funding. However, it is inevitable that governments may need to help finance some projects in order to help the poorer segments of the population. Mr Khaw also shared with delegates some lessons that Singapore has learnt. One is the importance of keeping the economy open. He stressed that protectionism has no place in Singapore. This is because in the case of Singapore, its domestic market is too small. Still, some observers say being small may have its advantages. Said CEO of Suez Environment Company, Mr Jean-Louis Chaussade: “Small cities are much easier to manage than very big cities where the problems are really complex due to the size. It's less in terms of technology; it's easier in terms of human resources, and human cooperation." However, Singapore faces additional challenges because it is a city-state. "Because the state consists of only one city, if the city fails, the country fails. So, for example, Detroit may be bankrupt but there are many other American cities can continue to prosper and America remains a major global power," explained Mr Khaw. Mr Khaw added that as a small city state without a natural hinterland, Singapore will feel the impact of globalisation more acutely. - CNA/xk link: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/don-t-turn-elections-into/1133560.html hmmmm........... no shortage of money to finance the development of infrastructure. But WHY keep extending CPF minimum sum and retirement age ?
  11. Canisminor

    Turning from non-turning lanes

    Am prompted to ask since I keep having encounters with drivers like these at this particular spot . Here are 2 different drivers doing the same thing, one view from front and one from rear camera - had another similar encounter yesterday but it happened that my camera was not plugged in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=if0LVrsAr8A http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_vfbU0waYk Note that the left lane is for both turning and going straight. Is there some sort of "understanding" that I must only take lane 1 on the slip road, even if the other lane is clear ? These drivers seem to expect cars in the left lane to use only lane 1 on the slip road and leave lane 2 for them, even though at one point they are actually cutting across the path of cars who might be going straight. Or is this just plain old queue jumping ?
  12. went to service my car last sat and was told that i need to replace my drive shaft... Before this servicing i noticed whenever i do turning (i find the bends quite sharp for me) at first lane (after MBS towards AYE) i will heard a loud sound coming from undercarriage. the technician told me could be due to this drive shaft... But after changing the drive shaft, both sides. I still encounter this issue. Any idea what other possible causes?
  13. Need witnesses and contact to the Caucasian Lady who banged into my Hyundai Avante car with regards to the accident that happened along Dunearn Road Turning Into Farrer Road at around 1pm today. I was driving in Lane 2 turning into Farrer Road. The Caucasian Lady car (white Hyundai) is in Lane 1. When traffic lights are in our favor, I drove off first turning within my lane to go to Farrer Road when she banged into my car. I signalled to her to turn into Farrer Road and stopped at the side of the road to discuss and she just drove off straight to Dunearn Road without turning. I came out of the car and she was nowhere to be seen. I went into the car and drove one round back to the spot near Adam Road Food Centre to see if she will be there but nope. Appreciate if there are witnesses and hopefully, the Caucasian lady can contact.
  14. Hi all, I did wheel alignment recently but why there is still squeaky noise when the car is turning at MSCP when going down slope? Please advise me and Thank you very much. Regards,
  15. Hi all, Pls look at posted scenario. i dont know if im the only one that feels like this... Very often, some cars take their own sweet time to slow down WAY BEFORE APPROACHING the dedicated turning lane.. and even when they reach that lane to filter, they choose to either 1. slowly filter in, most of the time straddling both straight and turning lanes 2. or move in at the last minute It is particular irritating to the cars behind. I usually will 'steer' into the lane at earliest possible time to avoid holding up any car behind me (of cos if there is a queue there, boh bian). How often do u kena a red light you didnt have to because of these cars? Especially for right turning lanes, since lane 1 is for faster moving vehicle. So if you need to filter out to U turn or turn right? MOVE YOUR A$$ FASTER!
  16. I most often hear this way of saving petrol. But I also heard that stop-starting your engine too often causes damage to it. But what about the current stop-start technologies offered by newer cars? Is it same as manually stop-starting? Is this true? Can any bro comment?
  17. Hi, I just received a letter from LTA for an offence of driving in bus lane during prohibited hours. I still remember what happened and it is ridiculous for them to fine me for this! May I know how I can go about writing in an appeal? The incident happened on 6th Jan at around 6pm+. I was travelling on Jurong Town Hall Road towards AYE direction. There was 3 lanes and in order to turn left towards IMM direction, I need to keep to the left lane. However, it was during peak hour and the left lane was jam. Therefore, I queue up in the left lane behind the jam waiting to turn left. At the point of time, my car had to be behind the Yellow Dotted area and just at the end of the Yellow Solid Line. I think the Dotted Line was only 10metres long? I did notice the Warden but wasn't expecting him to capture my car (there was no flash either) since it was not on purpose. Also, after a few seconds there were a couple of cars came and joint behind mine. Fyi, I had my Left Signal Light on before switching to the left lane and until I turned turn. If LTA consider this as an offence, does it mean for my situation, I have to jam brake in the middle lane and wait until the left lane (yellow dotted line area) is clear then I can cut in?? And if thats the way, I will be causing the middle lane to jam too.
  18. Ner000

    Volvo turning problem

    My 06 s60T5 makes a strange noise when i lock my steering to left or right for a turn...it sounds as if the tyres are rubbing against the body but my rims are only 225/50/17...shdnt be happening rite?
  19. I think the father is more frustrated that his son can't do anything productive while waiting in expectation when his son has to serve NS and be done with it so that his son can plan his future. But he talk very nice hor, that his son willing to serve his nation. ST Forum Mar 4, 2011 Turning 20, and still waiting for call-up WHILE most eligible youth are already in national service when they turn 18, my son Nicholas Ng Zhi Yong, who will be 20 years old in June, has not been called up by the Ministry of Defence. He has had his medical examinations and is not under any deferment from Mindef. Despite many calls to the Central Manpower Base, no one there has been able to tell us when he is slated for enlistment. My son's peers are either in NS or have already received their enlistment dates. Here is a boy, willing to serve his nation, but is left in limbo as to his next course of action. The time wasted in waiting for his enlistment could be better spent taking up a course, developing a skill, or working in a temporary job. Even worse is the uncertainty of when he will be enlisted. I do not need reasons, I need a date. Mindef owes it to the poor boy. Joseph Ng
  20. guys, I recently encounter problems with my 5yr old car. when i turn the steering wheel while car is stationery., i feel vibrations / juddering on the whole car. not just the steering wheel. engine RPM is holding on stable. is there something wrong? thank you
  21. Hi, My car exhibits groaning sound, quite loud, when turning left or right. Time to replace drive shaft? Bushings? What happens if dont replace?
  22. today at the T-junction at Holland road there, got one kum gong fellow, he was the first car at the junction and he was turning right, I am the second car behind him. light turn green liao, he just move a bit, dun wanna move more into the pocket so that those behind wanna go straight can clear. end up the car and cars behind me kept honking. I honked a bit niah cos not my style. But the honking behind me and the kum gong in front made my blood started boiling...early morning engine not yet warmed up already made me engaged almost the redline when the space ahead is cleared (when the right turn arrow came on and the kum gong actually moved)...nabeh but on a serious note, noticed a lot of drivers during jammed conditions, do not practice due considerations or automatic behaviour. For me where I can, I will position my car so that at filter lanes, turning pockets, etc, I am able to let cars behind me clear such filter lanes and exits, and people showed their appreciation for the gesture. I believe by being a bit more considerate and aware of spatial situation, we can in fact contribute to easing the congestion. what do you guys think and do you guys also practice such actions?
  23. I realise my oil is turning grey already (colour due to the Liquimoly Ceratec I added, else its a yellowish milky olour) and I have travelled just over 1000KM only. I think its just another 1000KM or less before the oil turns black. Then probably need to change already.....:(
  24. Sohboonguan

    Turning or Parked?

    Location: Moonstone View Time: 21:38 Date:17/08/10 This car is neither parking in nor turning out, it is already parked, but... in the middle of the road... I have to wait of the car on the other direction to clear before I can go home. How did this driver passed his/her driving license?