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Found 265 results

  1. Is your S.O. always complaining about length? Well then this might be just the thing that she (or he?) is looking for. Lexus has extended (literally!) their popular RX model range to now include a three-row version, apparently because showroom visitors in the U.S.A have been asking for a seven-seater of their favorite SUV. Lexus inform us that numerous improvements have been made to this facelifted model of the RX350L in order to sharpen up its handling, including the use of new Laser Screw Welding and high-strength adhesives for the body, and new dampers equipped with a Friction Control Device to keep said body in check. And from the driver's seat, the car feels those improvements. Despite being such a large car, the whole thing steers accurately and is very easy to place on the road, after a little acclimatisation of course. Which is all well and good, but let's get real. Nobody is going to buy this Lexus with the expectation of razor-sharp handling through the roads of Kent Ridge. So let's talk about how this car performs where it was truly designed to excel: On the highway. I would typically be the first to join the anti-SUV bandwagon but gosh, is this thing a revelation. Yes, you do get some float when you hit some low-frequency undulations at just the right speed, but I'll excuse the car's weight and necessarily soft damping. Everywhere else, the car rides over bumps with absolute aplomb. Ignore any camber changes and bumps on the road, you simply keep the steering wheel in the direction of intended travel and plough along, just as a proper limousine ought to. Mind you, this thing was riding on 20-inch rims as tested. But a quality ride does not alone make a good cruiser, and the RX350L also comes in hitting with supreme insulation. You genuinely will not be able to tell the quality of the tarmac as you ride along in the RX350L, either with your ears of through the steering wheel. With the three days I had the car I frequently found myself anticipating the hour in which I would be able to leave my desk just so that I can fall into the supple leather seats, shut the doors, and then just laze in the cabin's supreme quietness. It genuinely is that good. Combine this with the fact that the car comes with ventilated seats and an air-conditioning system that works very well, and I think you will not doubt when I say the car could rival many bedrooms for comfort levels. Which is a good thing then, because you do not want to have too many kids to ferry around in this thing. Third-row passengers are genuinely woefully catered for space-wise, although the forward two rows will get more than a generous share of the car's length. But hey, space for all that suspension travel and the rear double wishbones has to come from somewhere right? Fold the third-row down however, and you get a whopping 652 litres of boot space, so think of this as a covered luxury truck and you should be fine. And the one flaw with the car? Well, the 12 speaker system needs a bit of work. I'm no sound engineer for sure, but the car's speakers manage to combine that tinny effect you get from cheap earphones with the muddy sound you get from a bass-boosted headphone. It ain't terrible to listen to, but it sure as hell stands out when everywhere else you see and touch (and even the places you don't, read the full review) is so well put together. But if you can get over something like that and need a large SUV to ferry your kids along on your frequent Ikea runs, rest assured that this thing have the necessary length to satisfy anyone. Read the full review here!
  2. Hi, Anyone know good and cheap car rental from any car rental company or personal? Am looking for long term (6mths ~ 1yr) and only want to drive from Mon ~ Thur (the owner can have the car back from Fri ~ Sun). Thanks. Batbat
  3. Hi bros, can i check how long does it take to inspect the IU? Thinking of going down during lunchtime...
  4. Long Distance Driving Tips Heading for the highway With the June holidays around the corner The Highway offers you and your family some crucial pointers on preparing both yourself and your car for long distance haul, whether its just across the Causeway or even further afield. Things to check before a long trip Tyres Check if the tyre treads are still good - there should be a minimum of between 2-3mm thread depth. A thread wear indicator is a raised part of the tread that will appear when the thread is reaching its minimum safe tread depth. On most cars the front tyres will wear out faster than the rear ones. If they have about 5,000km on them, it might be good to have them rotated with the rear tyres. Tyres should be rotated every 5,000 to 10,000km in order for all four tyres to wear evenly. Note: on some high-performance models, the rear tyres will be a different size to the front tyres. In this instance the tyres should never be swapped over. Always check that front and rear tyres are the same size before rotation. Remember to check that the spare tyre is useable - it tends to be forgotten until it needs to be used - by which time it's too late. It should be under slightly more pressure than the other four tyres. The owner's manual should have the recommended pressures for each tyre, including the spare. Always set the tyre pressures when cold to ensure the correct inflation pressures. Engine Long distance driving is actually less taxing on an engine than stop and go city traffic. Even so, if it hasn't been serviced for a while, it would be wise to bring the car in for a check-up. Another thing to look out for might be the condition of the various rubber hoses - if they are soft and swollen, they should be changed before they burst. Other things to look into are levels for coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid and the windscreen washer reservoir. If you are not mechanically familiar with your vehicle, the AA offers a comprehensive pre-trip vehicle inspection for you. Emergency Equipment Anyone driving along a highway must have is a reflective warning triangle. Should a car breakdown, you should pull over to the road shoulder and deploy the triangle at least 60m behind the car - more if you can safely do so. It should be placed far enough to allow the other cars to reduce speed and avoid your car. Also remember to get all the passengers out of the car and off the highway. Other things that might come in handy include a can of tyre foam, a multi-purpose flashlight that includes a blinker, and an empty emergency petrol can. Should you suffer a breadown, remember that as AAS members, you have access to the services of AA (Malaysia) when you are across the Causeway. Call their toll free 24-hour emergency hotline at 1800 880 808 for assistance or advice on the location if the nearest approved workshop. More details are available on the internet at www.aas.com.sg. Pre-Trip Health Inspection Basic checks you should always carry out on your car before a long distance trip. Headlights Carry spare headlight bulbs and ensure main beam and dip are working. Engine Check fluid levels for coolant, brakes, power steering and windscreen washer. Tyres and Wheels Ensure no sharp objects are embedded and tread is at least 2mm deep. Baby Seat Should be securely fastened. Follow manufacturer's instructions. Petrol Have at least 3/4 tank filled before reaching Singapore customs. Overseas driving tips Take frequent breaks Most Singaporeans are not used to long distance driving as we don't get much exposure to journeys longer than an hour. In most instances highway driving is quite a monotonous activity and spending many hours behind the wheel puts a tremendous strain on the driver. If there is a single designated driver, make frequent rest stops, and someone should be assigned to keep the driver alert and entertained. Not all highways are equal Most of us are used to the PIE or CTE, which are wide and well-lit, but this may not be the case for highways outside the major city areas overseas. Because of night lighting is often poor or non-existent, try to avoid doing any long distance driving at night. Beware of jetlag Jumping into a rented car immediately after a 12-hour intercontinental flight is not a good idea. The combination of jetlag, unfamiliar roads and the unfamiliarity of the car increase the chances of an accident happening. It is probably more prudent to take a taxi or airport limousine to one's hotel immediately after the flight, and collecting the rental car after a night's rest. A handy rule of thumb for overcoming jetlag is that it takes one day for every timezone crossed. This means if the time difference between Singapore and London is seven hours, it will take seven days for one's body to fully recover. Few of us will have the luxury of this time frame to adjust our body clocks, so caffeine and exposure to sunlight are some of the more popular short cuts that people used to adjust their body clocks. Getting prepared Try to do some research before embarking on a long distance drive. The information one gets from maps and guidebooks of the place you are going to visit seldom goes to waste. A host of maps are available from the AA. More often than not, there may trains or buses to most locations you want to visit. Whenever possible, renting a car should be limited to local drives to out-of-the-way locations. Should you be driving, the AA has offices all over the world which can help one to plan suitable itineraries and driving routes. Using the right rubber Save fuel with the right tyre To really stretch the fuel dollar and get the most mileage from each tank of petrol, you should consider installing energy conserving tyres, otherwise known as tyres with low rolling resistance. Not only do these tyres save fuel, they are also designed to last longer than normal. Here are just some low rolling resistance tyres worth considering: Bridgestone Turanza GR-80 The successor to the popular Turanza GR-50, the GR-80 boasts a tread pattern that is specifically designed to suppress vibration and noise from the road surface. This tyre also uses AQ Donut II technology, which consists of a unique compound that promotes wet handling and improves durability. Michelin XM1 Apart from being a quiet and comfortable tyre, the XM1 uses Michelin's Energy Green X compound to allow it to have low rolling resistance. Michelin claims that cars fitted with this tyre will save about two litres of fuel for every 1000 kilometres travelled. Also, the XM1's generous silica content should provide first-class wet performance and excellent longevity. Pirelli P3000 Energy The P3000 Energy is a "green" tyre that is like no other. It not only promotes better fuel consumption, but Pirelli also managed to place it in the "T" speed rating (up to 190km/h) segment, which is a rarity for this kind of tyre. This incredible performance is due to the development a the newly developed tread compund and pattern. Those seeking for a tyre that is capable of providing both performance and fuel-saving benefits should give the P3000 a try. Passion for Performance On the other side of the spectrum, a long distance drive may be an excuse to really push your car to the limit. For these performance enthusiasts gripping power and high-speed stability are paramount, and fuel efficiency, longevity and noise are secondary. Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Position Jam-packed with Bridgestone's technical know-how from their Formula One racing experience, their flagship Potenza S-03 is one of the top players in the ultra-high performance tyre category. By applying the AQ Donut II technology, the S-03 has better straight-line stability and a consistent surface contact that enhances both wet and dry handling. Michelin Pilot Sport 2 Hoping to continue the success of the Pilot Sport, the second-generation Pilot Sport is a completely new tyre from its predecessor. It has a more rigid construction, softer compound and a reduced grooved tread pattern for better contact patch and more responsive handling. The VCP (Variable Contact Patch) system allows the rubber contact area to increase during cornering, while the asymmetric tread pattern should provide outstanding wet and dry handling. Pirelli P Zero Rosso "Zero" refers to zero limit or no limit, and the "Rosso" name is there because it symbolises the love of driving fast cars. By formulating some of the most technologically advanced ingredients for the tread compound, the P Zero Rosso is circuit-ready and should also provide excellent performance in the wet also. Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini are some of the manufacturers that equip their cars with the P Zero Rosso from the factory. If you can afford it . . . For drivers who are willing to invest a bit more money, a long distance trip might be a good excuse to install the following equipment: Ttinted window film For long drives, the full-strength of the equatorial sun beating down on a car can turn its interior into a green house. The installation of a window film can help to significantly reduce the heat penetration into the passenger compartment and reduce the glare of the sun. As the airconditioning has less work to do to cool the car down, there could be a fuel savings of about 3% on fuel. Note: Ensure the film you purchase is accepted by the LTA's Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board (SPRING). Legally, the light transmission for the front windescreen and two passenger windows must be at least 70% and the rear windscreen and passenger windows must be at least 50%. Automatic fire extinguisher An automatic fire extinguisher containing a fire suppression agent can be installed directly around the engine. If and when a fire occurs, a pressurised canister of halotron gas will be released, absorbing the surrounding oxygen and extinguishing the flame. The extinguisher system is completely self-contained and requires no external wiring or electrical supply. In-Car Entertainment Passengers - especially children - easily get restless when in the car for an extended period of time. You might want to consider installing an in-car entertainment system that can play DVDs and VCDs in addition to conventional CDs and radio. There are many of these kinds of systems to choose from now, such as the Blaupunkt IVDM-7002 with its built-in 7-inch screen to save you the hassle and additional expense of separate monitors. What do all those signs mean . . . Malaysian road signs aren't all in convenient English - many are written in Bahasa Melayu. DOn't drive ignorantly into danger. Stay safe by learning what these signs mean - take this guide on your holiday trip with you. THANKS TO AA
  5. Any more long weekend in May, or June? or must wait till next year? Should employers allow alternate 6-day-week / 4-day-week, this way we get to have long weekend twice a month!! Or alternate 5-day-week (5 x 9hr/day) / 4-day-week(4 x 11hr/day)?? etc? this will help promote family life
  6. Showing 60 of 60 comments Sort by Popular now Best rating Newest first Oldest first Subscribe by email Subscribe by RSS Real-time updating is paused. (Resume) 0 new comment was just posted. Show Swei 5 hours ago The exact same experience happened to me -- I was told my Infinity membership was revoked about a year ago due to late payments. I spoke at length to a CalFit manager, and subsequently wrote a lengthy email to headquarters in Hong Kong, but was delivered the news that the appeal was rejected. I even offered to pay an additional late fee above the $8 late payments, buy they claimed that because I had paid previous $8 fees before, I "had no excuse for unknowing late payments". Since then, I have decided to boycott California Fitness due to poor customer service. I enquired how come I wasn't even given a late notice reminder, but was rebuffed that "their policy has changed". I relate this experience to all I know, and encourage others to join gyms that provide more desirable service recovery. Flag Like ReplyReply simonyw2007 7 hours ago Boycott! Boycott! Boycott! California Fitness! All this are unreasonable. Let the whole of Singapore peoples aware of this. Should not joined the membership. Flag Like ReplyReply Ntm-song 14 hours ago Victims !Pls step forward to stop them from conning people again my brothers so called diamond or platinum membership was seldom. The manager has no sense of shame working when we threw our card into his face when they told us to complain to case if we not happy Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Chris 13 hours ago in reply to Ntm-song I am a victim! Why don't we gather and sue them together? Flag 2 people liked this. Like ReplyReply Kimakb2003 5 hours ago in reply to Chris That's a good idea. I am sure there must be hundreds who are affected. Perhaps A good way to start is a Facebook account or get a good lawyer and start a class action against cg Flag Like ReplyReply fatsparrow 15 hours ago Does California Fitness have any affiliation to the state of California, or to the Governator? And what do London Weight Management, New York Skin Solutions, and Yunnan Hair have in common? Hokkaido Ice Cream? All the way from Hokkaido? Flag Like ReplyReply Angelina Susanti 16 hours ago Thanks a million, Charmayne! I was on the verge of signing up for lifetime membership at California Fitness, when I read her ST Forum letter. I will be content with exercising at my condo gym after work and on weekends, instead of doing my workouts in the morning or during lunch hour. Flag 2 people liked this. Like ReplyReply leongfamily 17 hours ago If the intent is a lifetime membership, they should have waived the annual $8 admin fee. I'm afraid they have a reputation for such and I'm sure you are not the first to experience this. Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Phototod 17 hours ago My wife thought she was the only one when she got booted out because she overlooked the $8 admin fee. She received no reminder. When she tried to use the gym their reply was "sorry you did not pay the admin fee ". When she protested that she did not receive any reminder they bluntly told her that she should keep track of when she should pay the admin fee. You want to use the facilities then pay $3000 for the membership. This is big news. I hope all the newspapers here and hong kong and mediacorp report this unscrupulous gym operator. Flag 3 people liked this. Like ReplyReply Valerie 18 hours ago "When we tried to reason with her, she brusquely replied that the decision was final and we could complain to the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) if we were dissatisfied." The above mention quoted, i find that the CASE should STAND UP for the VICTIMS and should do somthing about it rather than nothin and there will be more and more VICTIMS like US and also the Service Provider will be more and more BULLY. Flag Like ReplyReply Gussaxy 19 hours ago I am also a victim of California Fitness's unscrupulous business practice - I was a 'LIFETIME' member who on top of that signed up about 5k worth of Personal Training sessions. To simplify my story, I suspended my menbership and personal training program because I got pregnant, had a misscarriage, took time to recover, got pregnant again and delivered a healthy baby. All these while I thought I could continue with my membership and P.T program after my delivery. To my great dissapointment, California Fitness told me that my 'LIFETIME' membership had EXPIRED bacause I had not paid my annual $8 fee. On top of that my P.T program had also expired because the max time they allow members to suspend their membership was 1 year. I had lost not only the few thousand dollars worth of membership but also estimated 3.5K worth of P.T sessions. CALIFORNIA FITNESS pls stop treating your clients like dirt and refund us those money you don't deserve to earn! Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Geraldine 19 hours ago Dear charmayne My brother who bought the $4k life membership package faced the same problem as you. His was over due for 2 weeks due to outstation but they refuse to accept the explanation instead he was told to re purchase the membership again if he is still keen to use the facilities. I think this is the way they make money hopping that members overlooked the yearly renewal. Flag 6 people liked this. Like ReplyReply Valerie Lim 18 hours ago in reply to Geraldine Yes my husband encounter that too! He was told the same thing and was handled the same manner!!! Its was very very UNFAIR for the members when they are keen in exercising and now couldn't just because of the $8!!!! i think Carlifornia should not handle member that way!!! Flag Like ReplyReply Midnight2010sun 20 hours ago NEVER EVER trust any company that sells any kind of 'lifetime membership". Thats how they scam you upfront! And 'lifetime' doesn't mean YOUR lifetime..the company can close or tajen over by another company and your 'lifetime membership' can expire much shorter than you think! Flag Like ReplyReply Gunni 21 hours ago I think it unfortunate that some people here miss the point and instead brush the writer's concern away as 'petty' and a non-issue. Yes, there may have been a clause. And yes, it is the customer's responsibility to read them even though the agent/salesperson may have failed to highlight it. However, 'throwing' out customers who have paid $3000 each for a lifetime membership just because they have missed the deadline for the $8 payment? Shocking and unbelievable. One cannot help but think that any company that prides itself on providing good service to their customers, and have basic respect and regard for them -- potential, past or current ones -- would have reacted differently. I wonder if there were any attempts made to the customers to remind them of the $8 payment. And was there any customer service officer who were present or who contacted the couple to alley their fears and questions? From the writer's experience, it sure sounds like the company adopted a firm 'No, you're out. No space for negotiation or clarifications. It's your fault you did not read the clauses nor pay up on time. Unhappy? Then bring it to CASE'. The only 'human touch' here seems to be the receptionist who conveyed the outright rejection of her superiors, and even borders on smugness with an unspoken challenge to 'bring the matter to CASE. All this does not bode well with the integrity of the company at all. In the long run, greed and a lost of good, sturdy values will bring them to their knees. They may win the battle this time around, but eventually lose the war. Flag SEAH1975 and 6 more liked this Like ReplyReply Jonathan 21 hours ago Had the same experience with california fitness centre. They dont bother about being considerate, they just care about the money i suppose. Suggest to try other gyms and stop patronizng cfc. Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply James Ong 21 hours ago Take it up with CASE. Even if one fails to pay a utility bill on time, there would be a reminder notice to pay up, before the utility is cut. I truly cannot comprehend how such a case can exist. It is mind boggling. I definitely will have to read every single fine print on all membership documents before signing them. Also, i think due to the complexity of some words on such agreement, I think it is best to be vetted by a lawyer. There must be posters put up around Singapore to remind consumers to be very very careful in taking up membership of any form, when the membership amount is high.. Flag SEAH1975 liked this Like ReplyReply Xiuxiu Wang 21 hours ago Money in the pocket is the best policy. Pay as you use, never mind the discounts. Treat discounts lost as insurance. Flag shantelle88 liked this Like ReplyReply hotwoks 22 hours ago Pay another $3K and become a member again. What a way for business to rip money off consumers when they say they can forfeit membership for late payment of fee. Really easy money for them when people are generally forgetful or late in paying up. I think you have to waste another $3k to engage a lawyer to seek redress. Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply chubbycat 22 hours ago hmmm. I happened to be a california gym member and I remembered that there was a clause stating contract termination if I fail to make payment on time, I make it a point to pay in advance and to check with the reception regularly. Since the writer didn't pay on time, why make such a fuss out of it ? Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Chris 13 hours ago in reply to chubbycat I guess you do not understand that the customer lost 3000SGD because of not paying and 8 SGD admin fee => Unreasonable! Flag Like ReplyReply Maria Loi-terer 22 hours ago Why can't clients settle their problems with the respective organisations? Why does the whole nation have to be privy to this petty woman's $8 problem? What is the total number of Singaporeans who patronise these gyms? What is their percentage as a ratio to our population? So, why does the whole nation need to know of her squabble? She is a minute minority within a minute minority. Flag Like ReplyReply Chris 13 hours ago in reply to Maria Loi-terer Sorry, you are missing the point. Its about people having the right to go after bad practices of companies. May be you don't care and don't bother but there are people trying to do something about cheating companies. Flag Like ReplyReply Burnt 21 hours ago in reply to Maria Loi-terer You obviously miss the point. The issue is not the $8 admin fee, but the high handedness and arrogance spas and fitness clubs are acting with impunity, hiding behind small print and vague conditions in contracts. It's about time this industry is regulated. Flag SEAH1975 and 3 more liked this Like ReplyReply hotwoks 22 hours ago in reply to Maria Loi-terer At least victims have an avenue through ST Forum to share their plight to the rest of Spore. It is a good thing that sufferings of people are made known publicly so that people would be more careful and not fall into similar situations. Flag 3 people liked this. Like ReplyReply Gsuest 22 hours ago in reply to Maria Loi-terer It is to the public's benefit that such underhanded practices by unscrupulous retailers are highlighted in the media so that we can watched for ourselves and avoid becoming similarly victimised. Flag 6 people liked this. Like ReplyReply taekniu 23 hours ago CASE will only try their best to help. CASE does not even have any power when it comes to such dispute. Consumers sign up at their own risk. Little is done to protect consumers. Look at the spas etc.. These are good examples. Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Valerie 18 hours ago in reply to taekniu Very very SAD to learn that!! Flag Like ReplyReply Chee Kit 23 hours ago same thing happened to me... im sure they say this to all customers in the same position! Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Zill Yvonne Tan 1 day ago have u complainted to CASE? Flag Like ReplyReply Leong 1 day ago The instructors are full of filthy filipinos Flag 32 people liked this. Like ReplyReply E2 23 hours ago in reply to Leong Shame on you. You filthy low/middle income, hdb dwelling, MRT traveling racist. Flag 5 people liked this. Like ReplyReply Bryan Choong 23 hours ago in reply to Leong I am truly disappointed with this remark. Clearly this is an unfair corporate decision that has nothing to do with nationalities or races, and nothing to do with the instructors. Why don't you say it is filthy Hong Kongers since it was the Hong Kong HQ who made the decision? What makes you think that the decision was not made by a Chinese boss in HK? Flag Like ReplyReply Antoinette Patterson 1 day ago in reply to Leong Sorry for your loss; hopefully CASE will actually do something about it once it's reported. Aside to Leong, that's just racist and irrelevant to her situation. Flag 2 people liked this. Like ReplyReply shantelle88 1 day ago I am a true fitness member and I wouldn't say it's more expensive than other gyms (you can bargain actually). They regularly maintain facilities and call in advance to inform you of any membership renewal or late payment (if there is). Before this I went to California fitness for trial and had a terrible experience with their staff attitude and the way they do things. I was speechless. When I see this article's title i knew it's gonna be somewhere Ive been. I feel sorry for you. Flag 2 people liked this. Like ReplyReply friedbeehoon33 1 day ago i used to be california gym member, i can only say the membership fee is not expensive as compared to true, pure and fitness first. and it ends there. then equipments are old, towels flimsy, crowded classes, smelly toilets. cali members used to be able to visit their overseas branches in seoul, kl, bangkok, taipei, but now the only overseas branch they can visit is hkg seems like they are not growing any more. Flag Henry Wong and 1 more liked this Like ReplyReply Henry Wong 1 day ago I have switched to Fitness First 3 years ago. Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Cherish 1 day ago I will never in my life buy any lifetime memberships. thanks for sharing this and I'm sorry for your loss! If I ever get a membership, it'll never be California fitness . come to think of it, 6k is enough for me to buy my own gym equipments! Flag 5 people liked this. Like ReplyReply RGS001 1 day ago rules are rules. too bad Ms. Lim....sometimes you have to read the fine print. Flag chubbycat liked this Like ReplyReply Chris 13 hours ago in reply to RGS001 Hi RGS You must be working for California gym or you are used to bad customer service and accept being cheated through fine prints! Flag Like ReplyReply AJ 1 day ago Now its time that we ban them her and send them packing! I think they are broke, even their towels is like my floor mat and i would gladly provide them with my floor mat and maybe the boss would like to use it for his tears when his business go belly up! Flag 1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply Jousterr 1 day ago There are many ways of amassing money. Robbery is one. Calofornia Fitness does this. Flag RGS001 and 2 more liked this Like ReplyReply Tweeseeng 1 day ago Good that Ms Charmayne Lim brought this up. CASE also mentioned there were many victims of California Fitness Centre (CFC) of this case. Life Membership or Platinium? I had the same problem, I had a overseas assignment for 5 years and when I came back and happy march into Fitness Center, they refuse my entry and told me that they no longer do Life membership and I have to buy a new membership for I did not pay the yearly $8 renewal fees (without any reminders from them). The Staff the sold me the membership- Atiq Chowdhury and the Personal Trainer who became the GM of Novena Branch-Collin both said they could not do anything and that's their policy from Hong Kong. I brought this to CASE and CFC Hong Kong replied that its the T&C which I did not read despite the salesman not pointing out. Flag Like ReplyReply SEAH1975 20 hours ago in reply to Tweeseeng REALLY!!! I signed up for the Platinium Lifetime Membership with California Fitness somewhere in 2005/2006 & have not visited the gym for the past couple of years too!!! So now...instead of telling people that
  7. Hi, I dun know when to pump air, every time drop by the workshop ask them to pump, they said dun need. Then when should i pump when i start see sign
  8. Little_prince

    Most satki car in singapore

    Saw it on the PIE this evening
  9. I'm just worried that if anything to happen, I'm stuck. Any precaution or preparation that may reduce risk?
  10. Was having a chat with a friend who'd been buying Silver every month for investment (paper and actual silver) Why silver I ask, as compare to gold, he say Silver fluctuate more than gold. I'm a bit skepticle on this fluctuation thingi. is it true that Silver is a better investment commodity compare to gold? and where can you buy gold in singapore? UOB? what are other charges besides the implied 7% GST? I'm looking at setting aside a few hundred every month to load up bits by bits...
  11. Mine is about 4yrs old, and ocassionally the signals are weak. But I believe such gadget is timeless life (almost) coz i cant think of any wear n tear parts inside what will be worn and affect its performance? How long has yours lasted? It's not expensive, sometimes feel like changing to a new one.
  12. Was in my colleague's car and he 'followed' a big truck with a long tail overhang.......... we were on the left lane, the truck right lane........... slow moving traffic but when the truck turned right its tail swung out and nearly hit the right fender of our car (our car was slightly 'behind' the truck at its left rear corner)... anyone experienceds similar near-miss??
  13. Planning to drive up north to somewhere near penang and ipoh. Driving a hyundai avante. Any particular servicing to be done before going? Anything to look up for? Searched forum and i read all abt routes but none abt things to do before heading up. Any advices? Will be going tgt wif malaysian friends so shdnt be a problem wif route and planning to borrow gps frm friend too. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  14. Lalapunch

    Xiao Long Bao Madness!!!!

    Other then Ding Tai Feng where can we find nice xiao long bao???
  15. Hi, if you are looking forward to lease a car or lease out your car on a long term basis (minimum 3 months), please send me a PM.
  16. For those Bro whom are familiar with Melbourne, which neighbourhood would you choose to stay for long term?
  17. Yeobh

    Long Life Coolant

    Great information on coolant - from KTC website
  18. Ronnieseah

    Long term visit pass

    anyone have friends or colleagues that are both PR couple that manage to get their parent a long term social visit pass?
  19. Mockngbrd

    Lolly anyhow long

  20. I did car service in a workshop, the boss suggested me to replace brake discs, cost about $350 for front pair, my car mileage just 70k, in gentle driving style. can anyone advise how ofen to change brake discs in normally? thanks
  21. My car 95,000 KM. Mechanic said no need to change the brake pad. Is it possible ?
  22. My dad told me he got one and will be cashing out soon at maturity. I google a little and it doesnt look optimistic.... http://www.reach.gov.sg/YourSay/BlogUs/tab.../3/Default.aspx? ssFormAction=%5B%5BssBlogThread_VIEW% 5D%5D&tid=%5B%5B8129%5D%5D
  23. Anyone know the difference between red cap and green cap for their coolant? And how long can it last?
  24. many possibilities... - this stomper is not telling the truth - singpost and ezycash leak out the customers' data - a new tactic by ah long looking at the numbers... - $30 deducted for admin - repay $480 in three weeks for a loan of $380 - ah long earns $130 for a loan of $380... that's 34% interest, and about 11% per week