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  1. Hungryforcar

    Auto flip side mirror repair

    Thanks guys, will check them out
  2. Hungryforcar

    Auto flip side mirror repair

    Hi, Anyone know where to repair auto flip side mirror, one side of the mirror not working. Workshop told me to replace both side mirror with respray at $400 plus. Not sure if repair option is available in the market?
  3. Hungryforcar

    Prawn fishing spots?

    Why nobody tell u must measure the depth of the pond before u start prawning. once the setup is correct is easily 30 prawn for 3 hours. Of course expert can have 70 prawns which i can't But avg is 30.
  4. Hi everyone, As above, want to know how to qualify used component speaker is good condition to buy? I come across a demo speaker on sales, is pretty good high end speaker, feel like buying but I saw two small finger press on the cone, guess is demo speaker ppl hand like to touch touch. The price of the speaker is 500 plus, demo set sell at $400. Does it mean the speaker is gone case? The press is not deep in just like a mark on the cone. I wonder is this condition consider spoilt? Regards
  5. Hungryforcar

    Swirl mark removal

    Hi, Is there groomer to recommend? To remove swirl mark only with no wax and sealant because I want to use glass coat.
  6. Hungryforcar

    Scuff Plates, where 2 buy??

    I go aliexpress and buy. just bought for honda jazz at 17 USD without led type, price include shipment. Got LED type but I don't want the hassle to install. Taobao also have, provided chinese is good.
  7. Hungryforcar

    Recommended store for scuff plates and foot pedal

    Can try taobao and aliexpress.
  8. Hungryforcar

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    Not sure why used car dealer agreement is difficult to understand, baseline is the car is sold at it original condition, leaking all this is your problem. Next line is the loan must get from them, so they can earn. in the event loan cannot get, deposit not refundable and they can sell the car back in the open market without telling you. Lastly, is in the event everything transit smoothly but you delay taking the car for whatever reason maybe scratch or whatever agreement was not fulfil, they charge you per day $80 as parking fee in their lot. Of course there are many other term and conditions used in the market. feel free to post and discuss. But remember to remove the company name.
  9. Hungryforcar

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    Saw at other thread how to use 8-10 yrs car..... They use this link to get qoute. http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2695492-how-to-sell-8-10-years-old-car-for-the-best-price/ http://quotz.com.sg/how/free_valuation.php You go and find out from them.
  10. Hungryforcar

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    Loan tag to person not car. Like i borrow from bank is under my name. I'm not sure if unresolved settlement will able to transfer car. I was told cannot be done. Not sure how true. But recent news on Car today, the cars that sold to buyers all got tow back by creditor. I did ask my friend why? He said the company has no money to do the full settlement and the car was not transferred over to the new owner yet and creditor came to claim company assets.
  11. Hungryforcar

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    I used to see a list of companies blacklisted but seems it lost somewhere. I was also panic on my recent car purchase and really very frustrated, checked with Small claim don't cover in deposit and CASE is 50-50% because the clauses we signed with the car dealer have stated that the car is "as is" condition and deposit will not refund. If we don't sign that agreement, does that mean we cannot buy the car. As buyer we are already at disadvantage at the start just by signing the sales agreement. I look at the list of companies, is very common to see their ads in the website. Can we tag next to the car dealer company of what they done, example like tamper meter, dishonest and etc and pin it as "Board of honour". So next time, whoever want to buy car,can just see the summary and decide themselves whether they want to proceed with the purchase with the car dealers. 1) Car Bizz 2) Carlink Enterprise 3) Formula Motors 4) KS Automobile 5) Senbel Automobile 6) Abwin Trading 7) Hua Yang Credit 8) Fugen Automobile 9) Tan Motor Car Enterprise 10) Starbright Auto 11) Vincar 12) 88 Motor Trading 13) Hoe Beng Auto Trading 14) Carworld Automobile 15) In-Carz Automobiles 16) Wise Auto 17) Leco Automobile 18) G Motor Trading 19) Daniel Motoring 20) DarbZ Auto 21) Hui Hua Credit Pte Ltd 22) Chin Lian Seng Motor Trading 23) GT Motors 24) Car Ranger 25) Allbest Motoring 26) Mayfair Motoring 27) Straits Euro Motor 28) Shuang Hup Credit 29) GV Credit 30) Starway Auto Enterprise 31) Venture Cars 32) LTL Motor Trading 33) Citicar International 34) Horizon Motoring 35) Hock Chai Yi Motor Trading 36) Auto Zion Gallery 37) Carway Enterprise 38) Cars Today 39) Village Credit 40) Creative Auto
  12. Hungryforcar

    Used Car Dealers Feedback (Part 2)!

    Just for the update, the sale of car settled already. The boss called me last week and we talked nicely and explained the situation to me. As the matter of fact, I did read sale agreement again, under the sales agreement clause, they have the right to take the deposit and also selling the car. The boss is very nice, further discount given and reduce the interests rate by forfeiting his commission on the loan. I'm glad that nightmare over and initially I thought just forfeit the deposit and move on and the wait was almost 3 weeks.
  13. Hi, Just bought a used Jazz, many things unknown as no manual book. Anyone knows what is the wiper size for Honda Jazz 09? Some indicate as 24" 14" some 26" 13" So which is correct? Batt size? Wheel pcd?