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Found 68 results

  1. wish him well. Hmmmm...seems our ministers getting old liao https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/khaw-boon-wan-fractured-arm-extended-medical-leave-vivian-11285936 Khaw Boon Wan on extended medical leave after fracturing arm Foreign Affairs Minister Vivian Balakrishnan has been appointed Acting Minister for Transport in the Singapore-Malaysia bilateral talks. image: d SINGAPORE: Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure and Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan is on extended medical leave after fracturing his arm, the Prime Minister Office’s said in a statement on Monday morning (Feb 25). Mr Khaw injured his left arm in a fall last week and is currently warded at a hospital and receiving treatment, the statement said. He will resume his duties when he is able to – "probably after several weeks", it added. Foreign Affairs Minister Vivian Balakrishnan has been appointed as the Acting Minister for Transport in the Singapore-Malaysia bilateral talks. READ: Johor Bahru-Singapore RTS link 'not progressing well', Malaysia missed deadlines: Khaw“This ensures that the ongoing discussions with Malaysia on several transport matters will continue to be well coordinated,” the Prime Minister's Office said. Senior Ministers of State Lam Pin Min and Janil Puthucheary, as well as Senior Parliamentary Secretary Baey Yam Keng, will assist Dr Balakrishnan on other transport matters and in the Committee of Supply debate, the statement added. Advertisement READ: Singapore suggests extending suspension of Pasir Gudang restricted area, Seletar Airport new landing proceduresSingapore and Malaysia have been embroiled in a dispute over Singapore’s introduction of new landing procedures for Seletar Airport, which Malaysia said would hamper the construction of tall buildings at Johor's Pasir Gudang, to the north of the airport. Singapore has disagreed with this. Another dispute over maritime issues was sparked by Malaysia's unilateral decision to extend the Johor Bahru port limits in October, and the subsequent intrusion of Malaysian government vessels in Singapore waters. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/khaw-boon-wan-fractured-arm-extended-medical-leave-vivian-11285936
  2. So arrived in Osaka this morning went to lunch at a shopping mall known as Lucua, had beef shabu-shabu On the 10th floor, the entrance of the restaurant Preparing the wine Starter Salad Pan fry beef Assorted dishes Seared marbled beef Preparing sauces for the shabu-shabu Here comes the thinly sliced marbled A5 beef Just don't know what to say The vegetables Great lunch
  3. Any more long weekend in May, or June? or must wait till next year? Should employers allow alternate 6-day-week / 4-day-week, this way we get to have long weekend twice a month!! Or alternate 5-day-week (5 x 9hr/day) / 4-day-week(4 x 11hr/day)?? etc? this will help promote family life
  4. As suggested, what are the best pickup lines you would use to break the ice with a potential date. Asking for errr... friend.
  5. How Bardahl Asia Pacific do their customer service My friends are using Bardahl Oil for our engine in the past few years and this year we stopped it. Because two engines have break down with this oil, we took some old oil and new oil to do some test. And the result coming out is not good. SN 5W-40 Old oil (We save some oil before we change the oil) Kinematic Viscosity, mm2/s @ 100C : 13.9 CCS @ -30C, cP : 5390 Pour Point, C : -39 TBN, mg KOH/g : 6.94 Phosphorus content % : 0.073 SN 5W-40 New oil (We bought some new oil from store) Kinematic Viscosity, mm2/s @ 100C : 14.36 CCS @ -30C, cP : 6350 Pour Point, C : -36 TBN, mg KOH/g : 9.31 Phosphorus content % : 0.157 With all the API standard, these two oils are in spec. However, we put 4L new oil into my engine and after running 5000km my engine alarm light is on. I go check with the repair shop about it, there are 2L oil left in the engine and the oil is extremely dark and sticky with mud. Few of my friends have this issue also, two of their engine have break down with this oil. We ask the Bardahl office what happen with their oil and they keep pushing all the response away and sent us different report about their oil don’t have any problems. We know that if there is a problem with a single car, we can let it go and try to fix it. However, there are more cars having these problems in these few months. And the Bardahl office accidentally cc me this email below during the conversation. From: seetho [mailto:seetho@bardahl-ap.com] To: marine yeo Dear Marine, Next time, remember, don’t start the conversation by denying our responsibility out right (and of course can’t admit also) and just push away our responsibility before the actual cause is identified/determined. We have to remain neutral until we know the root cause (which in many cases very difficult to determine). That’s why I said “according to the context”. Tell them that we will test the used oil samples, check our retain sample before we can conclude anything. At the same time, 顺便 tell them other possible causes that may lead to the problem. Thanks, See Tho After received this email, I ask for explanation of their attitude for solving the case and the they just make up a lot of excuses to avoid the oil and the email problems. I just ask all my friends to stop using their oil. This is a very terrible experience for us and for everyone who are using their oil, they sent us a lot of fake report to prove their oil is fine but I don’t believe it. And we are not going to use this oil anymore. Please be careful while choosing your engine oil.
  6. SINGAPORE — Part-time SMRT taxi drivers were locked out of their vehicles early Monday morning (Oct 30) in a three-hour server glitch on the transport operator’s short-term taxi rental service portal, SMRT Taxi Share. Rolled out in January by SMRT, the service requires taxi drivers to prebook a taxi, head to the pick-up point closest to them, and get on taxishare.com.sg to indicate that they would like to “Start Trip” — a button that would only be enabled past the starting time of their booking — before their cars would be unlocked. But drivers who went through their usual routine on Monday morning were met with an irresponsive ‘Start Trip’ button, although they were able to access the Taxi Share website. Those attempting to end their rental reportedly faced problems doing so. Late charges are S$10 for every 15 minutes or part thereof. http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/part-time-smrt-cabbies-locked-out-taxis-server-glitch
  7. kngjq

    Jam Brake Game

    Recently saw a lorry keep trying to over take a car and jam break in front of it. Not sure why but I think the car somehow offended the lorry driver. He did pulled finger a few times at the car driver too before the car speed off. Not the first time I saw this on the road. But just wondering - what does one gain for jam breaking in front? Insurance can claim meh when it is the jam break driver's fault? What if someone is playing this kind of game with you and you just decide to smash into him?
  8. An uncivil Honda driver broke my car side mirrors because I parked my car in his parking area in a private housing area.http://youtu.be/3mPjeSJMqL4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mPjeSJMqL4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8gMso5kpKs
  9. Still remember her? I think her brain is completely corrupted liao. If she was my daughter I would disown her. Then dunno why they got Boomz to join them Kids nowadays
  10. just now on my way home was stopping at a junction, preparing to turn right, you know those red right arrow stop and turn only when green arrow appears junction. This kuku just on my right was edging forward preparing to turn even when still red right arrow, then i saw the car behind flashing him/her, i tot who so kaypo, ok lah, mayb helpful trying remind the kuku cannot turn, sorry i cannot help not calling him/her kuku. But the kuku still turned, the car behind moved forward then stopped, wah, no wonder, a police patrol car. As they were just beside me, can see them discussing, then straightaway turned on their blinkers. But they never beat the red arrow, only once turned green arrow then they gave chase, since i also turned right, curious to find whether they can catch that fellow or not. I think he/she damn sway cos after turn there is another red light and the patrol car just stopped beside and gesturing to the driver to stop by the roadside. So dun think that these neighbourhood police partrol cars will not catch you if you break any traffic rules, so pls look left right behind in front above below and far far all directions 1st before you want to break any rules
  11. Picnic06-Biante15

    Scotland To Break Away From UK ?

    If the great USSR could breaks down, I don't see how United Kindom can hold any longer .... Yahoo news: Scramble to 'save' UK after Scotland referendum shock Supporters of the United Kingdom fought back to stop Scotland voting for independence in next week's referendum after polls showed a surge in support for the split on Tuesday. The pound slumped to a 10-month low on fears of a break-up of the 300-year-old union following a shock weekend poll that put the "Yes" campaign two points ahead. The collapse of the pro-union side's long-held lead was confirmed on Tuesday when a second poll but the two camps neck and neck. Senior politicians from the opposition Labour party hit the campaign trail amid signs that growing support among their voters for independence is driving the narrowing of the polls. In a speech urging Scots to vote to stay in the union, former Labour prime minister Gordon Brown set out a timetable for granting the Scottish parliament more powers if independence is rejected. "A 'No' vote on September 18 will not be an end point, but the starting gun for action on September 19, when straight away we will kick off a plan to deliver the enhanced devolution that we want," Brown said. Brown said draft laws to grant further powers over taxation and spending, which are broadly backed by the three main parties in Westminster, would be ready by January. But the pro-independence campaign said the promises could not be guaranteed by the opposition party and contained nothing new. First Minister Alex Salmond, the leader of the pro-independence Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), warned of "panic" in the unionist camp. His deputy, Nicola Sturgeon, said on Monday that the pro-independence campaign was still "the underdog in the referendum, but there's no doubt the momentum is towards 'Yes'." The Tuesday poll by TNS Scotland showed the "Yes" side on 38 percent and the "No" side on 39 percent -- a stark change from the research agency's August poll that gave the pro-union side a 13-point lead. "This poll reveals a remarkable shift in voting intentions," said TNS Scotland head Tom Costley. "It is too close to call and both sides will now be energised to make the most of the last few days of the campaign and try and persuade the undecided voters of the merits of their respective campaigns." - 'Days to save UK' - The polls have shaken up a campaign that until just a few weeks ago looked almost certain to end in defeat for the independence campaign. The weekend poll by YouGov in The Sunday Times newspaper gave the "Yes" camp 51 percent support compared to the "No" camp's 49 percent, excluding undecided voters. The two-point gap is still within the margin of error but Peter Kellner, the president of the YouGov pollsters which carried out the survey, said it was a major development. "The 'Yes' campaign has not just invaded 'No' territory; it has launched a blitzkrieg," he wrote in a blog posting. The latest figures sent the pound tumbling over continued uncertainty about the effect that independence would have on the British economy. for more of the stories, link : https://sg.news.yahoo.com/scramble-save-uk-scotland-referendum-shock-102757048.html The voting is next week.... Was wondering why the English Pound keep droping against US dollar...
  12. lately seem to hear more about car-break ins in JB... bro's car was broken into and wallet gone from the glove compartment... robber did not take passports and other stuff which were in the glove compartment... no sign of forced entry... just glove compartment was opened and messed up... this happened in no more tyhan 3-4mins... he's a pretty careful guy... i've eaten at Sentosa uncountable times over the years since i was riding... i've seen snatch thieves in action and i was almost a victim myself before... i have dozen frds who have their car been broken into before in MY... but i have never withness a car break-in without forced entry... so wanna find out abit more... later at the car wash, saw another car but window was smashed... so guy my bro was lucky already... now all the stories i've heard of imobilizers getting the code copied is probably really done very well... question is, to duplicate a regular car alarm (i can do it myself)... is just the turning of the ignition key a couple of times to reset it... but to copy the alarm code when an owner opens his door, how true is this ah?... any experts with knowledge to share?...
  13. Hiphiphoray

    Q & A on Break Even Volume

    Arrrr.....calling all business guru. Can help see if this break even volume answer is correct bor. Gum sia many many. Q14 Q & A.pdf
  14. OK I have been receiving so many PM regarding what is said in the title, I will explain and make this sticky. Upon receiving your new Aveo, you will be entitled 3 free servicing. Please note that the servicing labor is free but the engine oil is not. SA will supply the oil and you have to pay for it. The 3 free servicing mileage are 1k km, 5k km, 10k km. You will forfeit the free servicing if you don't return at the specified intervals. SA will use Mobil Super S 15W50 for all the servicing. It costs $51.50/4L. I do not know what the factory fill is but it does not matter. Some have asked if they can use synthetic oil for all the servicing. You can actually but because synthetic oil is usually very expensive and draining it too early is terrible waste of money and oil. That being said, I don't think Mobil Super S is that great either. At that price for 4L and it is a blended oil! Blended meaning it is semi-synthetic, a mixture of mineral oil and synthetic oil. So what oil should you use? I would recommend any oil that is cheap at up to the 40wt grade. When I say 40wt, I mean any oil that is 0W40, 5W40, 10W40 or 15W40. As long as it is cheap because of the short change intervals encountered. For those who missed the boat, cxxxxxe Triple R Fully Synthetic 5W40 at the offer price of $29.90 is unbeatable. That is why I keep encouraging you all to get it when Carrefour puts it on the discount shelf. It is 5L per bottle and if you do your math right, you can buy enough for oil changes until 20k km. Aveo uses 4qt of oil not 4L. That is around 3.75L per change. Another good candidate is Castrol GTX 15W40. At $32/4L bottle, better than Super S and reputedly have more detergents. Another 15W40 that should not be overlooked if you frequently go to JB to get petrol is Caltex Delo 400 15W40. I know it is used for diesel engines but it also can be used for petrol engines. At MYR60/5L bottle, it is the cheapest you can get but it is the thickest of all the candidates here. The losses in the fuel economy department is very high but it will keep your engine very clean and have loads of antiwear additives. Next is Conoco Hydroclear Super All-Season Gold 10W40 at $30/4L bottle. You can get this from Yung Soon Auto Supply at Upper Weld Road near to where Song Yi is (Song Yi is very important when you drive a Chevy). This oil is uses a hydrocracked base. Very highly refined stuff instead of the neither here nor there sh1t called Super S. Royal Purple is another candidate. At $38 for 4qt, it is cheap and it is synthetic though I would say a bit wasteful to use it. Makes sure it is either the 10W40 or 15W40. Both are available. 0W40 oil is 100% fully synthetic and the only famous one is Mobil 1 Gold with Supersyn. If you are that rich to drain out this oil with less than 15k km intervals, you shouldn't be driving an Aveo. BP Visco 7000 is the other one and it costs about the same as the Mobil 1 Gold. You can't get it cheaper than $51.50. Finally how long for the break-in process. Don't mean to scare you but it takes as long as 25k km. You cannot rush it and neither will it be prolonged. Just drive normally as you normally do. No need to drive like a slow turtle and driving fast like a race driver will not speed it up. Finally, after the break-in with all these cheap oil what oil should I use at the 30k km servicing? Any 30wt oil will do. Just look for 0W30, 5W30 or 10W30. You will then start to enjoy the fruits of a more rev happy engine and in many cases with speed discipline, better fuel economy. Now if you cannot take all these losses in the fuel economy department, go get 5W30 or 10W30 and start using immediately and don't bother with changes in oil grade to confuse yourself. Unfortunately, the cheap oil with these grades can only be found across the Causeway. For 5W30, there is Conoco Hydroclear Super All-Season Diamond 5W30. You can find them at Projet stations for MYR79. If you know of friends or workshops in Malaysia that service Peroduas, you will find Castrol M-TEC 10W30 that is specifically formulated for them. They can be found with rock bottom bargain prices. However, Castrol has stopped producing M-TEC and instead. Perodua Genuine Oils (PGO) has taken over. http://www.autotrade.com.my/emzine/review/...d=RT.ATC.CAR.PV See if you can buy PGO oils from our local Perodua stealership. These are not synthetic oil but the Conoco one is very highly refined. After the break-period, you can get more expensive synthetic 30wt oil like Royal Purple (actually still cheap) or Castrol SLX-A3 0W30. All this advice does not just apply to Aveos. Optras and Vivants can take this course of action as well.
  15. Where is the love? Down-and-out Hong Kong celebrity couple Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung are set for a custody battle over their two kids in July. According to sina.com, Nicholas will go all out to challenge a pre-nup he signed with his now estranged wife - which accords her full custody of their two boys - Lucas, 4 and Quintus, 1, before they reach 18. Their mutual agreement also states that they are financially independent couple. But he will give her part of his earnings as spousal support. 'He doesn't care so much about the money part,' a source in Tse camp tells the Chinese news portal. 'He's willing to pay her off to get the kids back.' And if Cecilia chooses to play hard ball - which she will, the insider claims Nicholas has got enough proofs (including photographic evidence) of her inability to care for their children. 'He doesn't want to be nasty,' adds the source. "He respects the fact that she is the mother of his kids. But he wants them to be raised by his mum - Deborah Li -.' -- THE STAR/ANN http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/L...ory_686765.html
  16. Shops that sell and display items like souvenirs and glasswares usually has a notice saying you are liable to buy items that you break. I recall reading an article somewhere that says that such notices are not legally binding. I think it is becasue you did not agreed to it and hence there is no contract agreement or something like that. If you break a display item in a shop in Singapore, you are only liable to pay for the cost of replacing that item. I think this means the item cost price for the retailer and is usually lower than the retail price. Even then, it must be proven to be your own negligence and not the shops's (e.g. the item was placed hazardously and can easily dop). Can anyone verify if this is true? Lets share your experiences. I have 2. When I was 17 and ignorant, I accidentally dropped and broke a clock in a small souvenir shop. The clock was not hung securely and my mere initial contact caused it to drop. The shop owner made me pay for the full retail price. I did not have the cash (about $20) and he even withheld my nric while i went to the atm. I ended up "buying" the damaged clock. Recently, I accidentally dropped a thermal food container at a big departmental store. The lid was not closed properly and I lifted it using the handle on the lid. It is that type that has glass interior and it shattered as it dropped on the floor, basically totalled. The surrounding staff kept saying i must pay for it, etc etc. Subsequently, a staff said it is ok, they will return to their supplier and I need not pay.
  17. Alfranc


    Spot the different.. Full Gloss.. Clean Shaven.. pek pek & kuku White Godness.. Fully Satisfied With DG ProductS!!
  18. Vhtfhwlego

    Jail break iphone 4s

    Anyone knows how to do it? Yesterday I did the cydia thingy, cant seem to work.... got the apps but cannot download other apps... Always ask me to Q?
  19. What would happen if a couple has applied and paid deposit and cpf deducted for DBSS flat and now they wont be getting ROM. What will be the penalty for this couple? I heard it will be totally no refund?? Can the family members like bro buy the flat w the sis who applied the unit with the ex?
  20. FaezClutchless

    How the name "station wagon" came about

    Many people know what a station wagon is. Basically, it is a sedan car with its roof extended towards the rear and the rear boot is usually replaced with a lifting tail door. The station wagon comes in two distinct design; a four door (the most common design that we get to see) and a two door which is also known as a shooting brake. Many automakers give unique names for their station wagon versions. For example, Volkswagen names their station wagons as Variants. Other than that, we have heard of other version names for station wagons such as estate, carryall, touring, sportwagon and etc. But the most common names used are the station wagon, estate and shooting brake. If you are wondering how these 3 names come about, then read on. Back in the early era of the automotive industry, the first station wagons people got to see were the wooden-bodied Ford Model Ts and at that time there were known as
  21. Lai lai, poll
  22. LOL. this product that autoback selling is a joke. i bought it,tried it and ask my friend for her comment. guess what? she just lift the steering adjustment lever and get rid of the steering lock in seconds. :wacko: