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Found 46 results

  1. chitchatboy

    This is why power is nothing without control

    We always hear the phrase "power is nothing without control" In this latest blog post, we now can show you exactly what that phrase means. Shared furiously among many Whatapp chats is a video of a recent accident involving a Nissan R35 GT-R losing control in one of the tunnels of the CTE. The matt silver GT-R which does not look stock at all, should be producing quite a bit more than the stock 480bhp (an remap will easily bring the power figures near 600bhp). It can be seen barreling along the tunnel on 11 July 2020 at quite a high speed before losing it all and smashing into the rear of a Mercedes-Benz CLS350. What did you think made the driver lose control of his AWD GT-R? Could it be a case of malfunction on the car that caused the car to go bonkers? Let us in the comment box!
  2. Could this be another case of street racing spotted on our roads during the Circuit Breaker period? Spotted on Reckless Driver SG's facebook page, a video has been posted showing the camera car driving slowly on the middle land before a small group of cars went past it at a higher speed. Yes. this is milder than the incident on the KPE that had the drivers in the video arrested, with only three cars shown in the short 40-plus-second clip. In fact, we reckon the 'tiong chias' were doing approximately 120-140km/h while the camera car was doing 70-80km/h. The cars, likely a Ford Focus, a Honda FD Civic and a Honda Integra were caught on camera at around 11:20pm on the 25th of May heading towards AYE Jurong inside the CTE tunnel. 1.mp4 On another note, we were surprised to find most of the comments attacking the video owner, saying that the camera car was road-hogging. Do you agree? Let us know!
  3. Waze Beacons Now In Malaysia; To Help Drivers Navigate In Tunnels and Underground Roads source: https://www.lowyat.net/2020/206996/waze-beacons-malaysia-tun-razak-exchange/ Waze today has revealed that the first deployment of the Waze Beacons in Southeast Asia will take place right here in Malaysia. Specifically, the Bluetooth-based devices will be installed within the basement roads of the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) leading to the car parks in the area. In the joint announcement made by Waze and TRX City, the Waze Beacons will also point out to the connecting roads and highways surrounding the area. This should be useful to drivers in Kuala Lumpur since TRX is a major development area at the edge of Jalan Tun Razak, Jalan Bukit Bintang, and Jalan Sultan Ismail. Not only that, TRX is also within the vicinity of Bulatan Kampung Pandan as well as the entrance to Maju Expressway (MEX) and SMART Tunnel. Not only that, the area can also be accessed via the upcoming Setiawangsa-Pantai Expressway too. Despite being called Waze Beacons, these devices are not property of Waze but instead, they are installed and owned by TRX City itself. Furthermore, the usages of these devices is not exclusive to Waze alone as other navigation services are able to utilize Waze Beacons as well. As the implementation at TRX is deemed as a pilot test for Waze Beacons in Malaysia, do expect them to be available in more areas soon. Hence, do keep a look for the above notification in your Waze app which signifies the presence of Waze Beacons nearby.
  4. Ysc3

    Carpal tunnel syndrome

    anyone underwent treatment for CTS before ? what do the doctors do ?
  5. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/new-sentosa-gateway-tunnel-to-open-on-apr-27/3647248.html After 8yrs finally done, but why only one way??
  6. Does anyone notice the lights on the CTE tunnel is kinda dim than usual?? Been observing it for the past week during the night, only this certain section of the tunnel is dim. Thought they were carrying out maintenance work, but after nearly a week, remains dim than usual. Izzit recession... so trying to save power??
  7. Nightsky

    KPE Tunnel racing!

    Anyone seen this video? [dizzy] Credits to youtube video poster
  8. Hi all, I encountered a man in blue, wearing a yellow reflective jacket, with a DSLR looking camera in the tunnel, facing oncoming traffic. Is this a mobile speed camera being held by a TP or policeman? It was after the normal fixed mounted camera in the KPE tunnel. Are they allowed to catch people in there like that? Or is it a surveyor? He was alone.
  9. Just found it wondering into woodsville tunnel, stopped the car to pick it up and just sent to SPCA. Has a red collar with bell, looks very well taken care of so I'm sure it is lost, owner must be very worried. Can't see boy or gal, coat too thick. But very tame and quiet in the car. Please spread via social media, I'm not savvy that way, thanks.
  10. Good idea, can avoid cycling under the noon sun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUxyiT8GAxI
  11. And I am here surfing mcf in the massive jam.
  12. This moring a Car Fire in KPE Tunnel, and the tunnel was wreathed in mist, sprinker was triggered http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAAkU9_fkWs&feature=youtu.be
  13. Hi people, I am requesting for witnesses or video clips if you happen to witness my car accident with a company truck on 10th march 2014 along airport road towards kpe tunnel. I was driving along my lane when he hits me from the right side. Now the company is not reporting to the insurance and I am unable to repair my car. Please help if you have the info. Thanks.
  14. At about 8.45am, I was driving inside the CTE tunnel towards SLE when I thought how come the traffic was slow. Then I saw a van hogging in the middle lane, then switched to fast lane. Immediately after the tunnel, this van switched on hazard lights and purposely pulled brake and trying to stop a sport car behind him (can't tell if it's a Z4 or MX5). Then the van driver got off the vehicle. Damn, out of no where stop in the fast lane, very inconsiderate. Anyway, anyone sees what heppen next?
  15. Yattokame

    Car turtled at CTE tunnel entrance

    Upper cross street entrance, towards SLE Looks like a mit i or sub r1/2. Hope the driver is okay.
  16. As a kid, had you ever watched the movie 'Back to the Future'? Well, I had, which is why I am familiar with such a thing as a time travel machine (Delorean, if you remember), well, fictionally, of course. Yes, as they say, there's no way to turn back time no matter what you do. Wait, is that really true, if at all? Judging from recent happenings, that may be wrong. As a matter of fact, the Chinese may have actually found a way to go back through time. Just recently, a tunnel situated at northern Guizhou area - at the Zunyi's Honghuagang District, to be more exact - was found to have some kind of strange phenomenon. In total, the tunnel measures over 400 metres in length and when you get out at the other end, you'll see that your mobile phone clock has been set backwards by an hour. No, this is neither a lie nor a prank. To confirm this, a news reporter even decided to try out the tunnel himself. The result was that in eight out of 10 times, the reporter's cell phone clock was set aback by a whole hour. Now, don't worry too much. Should you decide to try and pass the 'time tunnel' - as the locals have been calling it for some time now, the clock on your mobile phone will show the normal time again if you have reached at least a kilometre away from that particular car tunnel. Unfortunately, for the time being, there has yet to be a definite explanation why such a phenomenon can take place, leaving most of us clueless of what actually lies underneath the tunnel or, perhaps, around it. Well, I'm wondering, if it has the ability to screw up the mobile phone clock, I think there's no guarantee it can't screw up the car's computer, too, especially if it's an electric car which, as its name implies, relies heavily on electrical components. So, would you like to try time traveling in this tunnel in China? As for me, you ask? Well, I'm out of words
  17. Accident on lane 2 and 3 involving 2 Toyota Crown taxis, 1 Toyota Hiace van and a motorcycle. 2 ambulances at the scene. One of the taxis on lane 3 had its front severely damaged. The other taxi on lane 2 has its rear left side damaged. The van on lane 3 has its rear damaged and saw the motorcycle stuck below the van. Seems a pretty bad accident. Only lane 1 is passable.
  18. As topic, as bro know? Like at kpe where the limit is 70km/hr?
  19. http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...123-385291.html he driving skills the road is 3 lane and he can bang both sides
  20. Just curious.. Dont know why they close it till 5 am.. Bukit Timah exit all jam up..
  21. Scion

    Tunnel of Love

    this is in Ukraine... wow it's like fantasy... Strolling hand-in-hand with someone special, these young lovers must be in one of the world's most romantic spots. India may have the Taj Mahal, and Paris is the city of love, but the Ukraine has this incredible, ethereal Tunnel of Love. There is one thing though, it's also a train line. And when it's choo-choo time, the tunnel does get rather noisy. Rather unromantically, the tunnel is actually a three kilometre section of private railway that serves a fibreboard factory near the town of Klevan, in the east of the country. It runs around three times a day delivering wood to the factory. However, in spring the beautiful avenue of trees is witness to a very different journey - into love. For it is a favoured spot for young romantics to stroll with that special someone. The magic happens when the trees that line the rails burst into life and create a leafy enclosed arch over the track. It is said that couples can come here to make a wish and if they are sincere in their love it will come true.
  22. 8oo8

    Enter the tunnel safely

    Just for fun.... very creative tunnel to go in..............
  23. wow what happen in the CTE tunnel right now, all the lanes are block and closed. anybody can share? 24/04 10:16 Accident on CTE Tunnel towards AYE after Bt Timah Rd Exit with congestion till Braddell Rd/Lor Chuan Exit. Avoid lanes 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  24. How good does it this sound? That is of course a rhetorical question. Different rules must apply in China, as, if I did that in the UK I'd have plod knocking on my door in double-quick time! In particular it is noticeable how fast the gear changes are. They are much, much faster than a standard 599, which in itself isn't bad for a single clutch gearbox. via: autoviva
  25. Finally after so many years of road work and jams, it's finally opening.. Personally use this stretch of road often, hopefully will relief some of the traffic. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/new-woodsville-tu...january-28.html