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Found 53 results

  1. no longer listed on sgcarmart's new cars. no more information available. closed down? good riddance! next up: hafei...?
  2. 37 flights delayed, one runway closed for 10 hours, due to unauthorised drones around Changi Airport Sources: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/37-flights-delayed-one-runway-closed-for-10-hours-due-to-unauthorised-drones SINGAPORE - Some 37 flights were delayed and one of Changi Airport's two runways was closed for 10 hours, after unauthorised drones were spotted flying in the vicinity of the airport on Tuesday (June 18) and Wednesday, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) said on Wednesday evening. "To ensure the safety of aircraft operations and passengers, the operations of one runway were suspended for short periods of time between 11pm on June 18 and 9am on June 19," said the authority in a statement to the media. The CAAS noted that Changi Airport continued to operate with one runway while operations on the other runway were suspended. The agency added that about 37 scheduled departure and arrival flights were delayed as a result, with one arrival flight being diverted to Kuala Lumpur. A multi-agency team that includes the CAAS, Changi Airport Group, the Singapore Armed Forces and the police has been activated for search and locate operations. Investigations are ongoing, said the authority. "The authorities take a serious view of errant operations of unmanned aircraft which may pose threats to aviation or endanger the personal safety of others, and will not hesitate to take enforcement action against those who contravene regulations," said the CAAS. Under the Unmanned Aircraft (Public Safety and Security) Act, the flying of drones within 5km of airports or military airbases, or at altitudes above 200ft (61m), without a permit is an offence. Those found guilty of violating these regulations face a fine of up to $20,000 or up to 12 months in jail, or both penalties. Drones have disrupted civil aviation elsewhere. In December last year, unauthorised drone activity disrupted flights at London's Gatwick Airport for three days, affecting about 140,000 passengers and 1,000 flights. In January, Senior Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin Min said in Parliament that there had been eight reports of unauthorised drones flying within 5km of Changi Airport over the past three years, though none of these cases involved intrusions into the airport.
  3. It's with a heavy heart we hear the inevitable news that what we've come to know as 'KLP Carpark" will close permanently from Monday. The carpark has been a haven for petrol heads for as long as I can remember and it's a real pity that location will never be uttered again. Very very sad day for some of the car enthusiast Singapore who has fond memories there.
  4. SINGAPORE - A section of Orchard Road will be turned into a no-car zone and become a walker's paradise.The 660m stretch from shopping centres ION Orchard to Ngee Ann City, or between Scotts/Paterson and Bideford junctions, will be closed to all vehicles on the first Saturday of every month from October.- As part of a six-month trial, shoppers can roam the street without worrying about honking drivers, who will be shut off from the stretch between 6pm and 11pm. The Orchard Road Business Association (Orba) hopes that such a move will draw more shoppers to the shopping belt and revitalise the area, which is facing stiff competition from new shopping haunts like Marina Bay as well as suburban malls. Shutting sections of road happens routinely on certain weekends in most major shopping cities, including London and Tokyo. And in Beijing, the Wang Fu Jing shopping street is permanently closed to traffic. This also happens every year in Orchard Road, for big events such as the Christmas celebrations on Dec 25 and the annual Fashion Steps Out show. For the new Pedestrian Night, organisers have been roped in to turn the street into a hive of activity.For the inaugural street event on Oct 4, for instance, there will be a mass tennis clinic. Dubbed Tennis Pops Up@Orchard Road, revellers can play street tennis, watch live exhibition matches and music performances. The event is held together with the Women's Tennis Association finals, which will be staged here next month.Other events like a mass yoga session and a Christmas carnival have been planned till the end of the year. The once-a-month street events are partially funded by the Singapore Tourism Board andOrba. Mrs May Sng, Orba's chairman, said Orchard Road "will no longer just be a shopping belt but a vibrant lifestyle destination with an array of exciting activities for all to enjoy".
  5. been trying to call in since 11am, still haven't get in.
  6. A stretch of Penang Lane, just a stone’s throw from the Istana, was temporarily closed on Friday afternoon (3 November) after a suspicious grenade-shaped item was reported in the vicinity. Police said that the item was actually a toy resembling a hand grenade. Yahoo News Singapore understands that the item in question was found on a patch of grass along Penang Road. Authorities were alerted to the item by a member of the public at about 2pm. Police sent out an alert via social media at around 4pm, advising members of the public to avoid the area and not to speculate on the matter. More at https://sg.yahoo.com/news/false-alarm-penang-lane-closed-suspicious-item-found-101440671.html
  7. Has anyone visited Soon Huat Tyres recently? Noticed that its website has been down for the past few weeks. Wonder if it's still in business.
  8. And I am here surfing mcf in the massive jam.
  9. Caught in a jam as section of Yio Chu Kang Road after AMK Street 64 closed to all traffic this morning from 6.30am onward !!!! Announced over radio but did not informed what was the cause of the closure. Any bros here know what happen....
  10. http://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/singapore-zoo-penguin-enclosure-temporary-closed
  11. Jman888

    didn't hear about this and so fast close down liao? i think few of the makansutra concepts not doing well.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S82oEZ0URIg What do you get when you add a group of drunken guys, a cheese factory, and a commercial size vat of milk? Grounds for a lawsuit or stinky cheese, depending on how long you churn it. According to the LA Times, a Russian consumer oversight agency reported that Trade House Cheese, a Siberian dairy plant about 1,600 miles east of Moscow, was temporarily shuttered Friday after it was found some of the employees had bathed in the milk. Source: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/daily-buzz/russian-dairy-plant-closed-employees-caught-bathing-milk-170002582.html -------------------------------------- in soviet russia..milk drinks you
  13. Several roads between Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple at Serangoon Road and Sri Mariamman Temple at South Bridge Road will be closed to vehicular traffic on October 20 and October 21. The closure is to facilitate the Firewalking Ceremony organised by the Hindu Endowment Board. The ceremony includes a procession between the two temples. From 3pm on Sunday to 7am on Monday, the extreme right lane of these roads will be closed to vehicles: -Serangoon Road between Selegie Road and Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple -Selegie Road in the direction of Serangoon Road between Prinsep Street and Serangoon Road -Prinsep Street in the direction of Selegie Road between Bras Basah Road and Selegie Road -Bras Basah Road between Prinsep Street and North Bridge Road -North Bridge Road between Bras Basah Road and South Bridge Road -South Bridge Road between North Bridge Road and Upper Pickering Street The two right lanes of South Bridge Road between Upper Pickering Street and Temple Street will also be closed during the same time. Temple Street will be closed from 2pm on October 20 to 7am the following day. From 3pm on October 20 to 7am on October 21, Mosque Street will become a two-way road to allow access in and out from New Bridge Road. During the affected period, access to the closed roads or lanes will only be given to police and emergency vehicles. Traffic Police warn that parking restrictions along the peripheral roads will be strictly enforced, and vehicles found parking and causing obstruction will be towed away. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/several-roads-to-be/850764.html
  14. Picnic06-Biante15

    Dunearn Road Closed

    Heard from radio to avoid Dunearn Road near to Goldhill Ave. The stretch of road was closed since early this morning. Didn't report why the road closure. Anyone know the reason ? Going to nearby Barker Road vicinity later and do not want to caugh in a jam....
  15. Goodspeed

    Nushine closed?!?

    Anyone knows whether Nushine have closed down for good? Anyone can advice? I called a few times no one pick up.... Heard the whole shops is closed down. spend a bomb for the package only went for 2 times..
  16. donchew76

    Has 3mendouz Shine Closed Down?

    Hi, I went to 3mendouz at Wcega Plaza few weeks back but realised it has been taken up by another company. Anyone knows where it has moved to or if it has closed down? I couldn't find its website too. Thanks!
  17. Just curious.. Dont know why they close it till 5 am.. Bukit Timah exit all jam up..
  18. Darryn

    KPE Closed?

    Heard that the KPE towards ECP was closed for a bit this morning - just after the Tampines road exit. Anyone got pix or gossip as to why?
  19. Yamapi

    TPE closed

    TPE towards PIE closed closed after Jalan Kayu exit.
  20. Read this thread for what this case was about: http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...3&hl=karma* Just received a letter from tP today. Findings are as such THE DRIVER/RIDER OF JKBXXXX WAS GIVEN A STERN WARNING FOR CARELESS DRIVING UNDER RULE 29 OF THE ROAD TRAFFIC RULES Poor mudder farker kena surgery, kena bike hammer and still get warning......bless him! Well, that is closure to my case and guess I can repair the bumper....
  21. A section of Tampines Expressway (TPE) between Jalan Kayu and Punggol Way will be closed to traffic on Saturday from 12.01am to 5am for road widening works. The Housing and Development Board said on Wednesday that during the temporary closure, a beam for widening of the existing TPE bridge will be launched. Motorists heading towards Tampines travelling on TPE (KPE) should use alternative routes along Jalan Kayu, Sengkang West Way, Sengkang East Road, and TPE (KPE). Blinking lights, barricades and diversion signs will also be put up to guide motorists. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1222754/1/.html
  22. Ahtong

    Am I too closed minded?

    Maybe it's a character flaw of mine. Till this day, I don't believe people are nice enough to train you to make money with no strings attached. I also don't believe people can think up of sure-get-rich investment ideas that even Warren Buffet missed (and they are OK to share with me) Sometimes I ask about the business model but the explanation to me is like no-head-no-tail. Maybe I am too dumb that's why I cannot understand. Then they throw me this book to read but although the author is some super successful business guru, I have never heard of him before. I must also be falling behind in my education because while I only have 1 degree, some ah beng ah seng entrepreneur can have PHDs or a half dozen qualifications. No wonder others are getting rich while I am still so poor.
  23. Opened for 2 years only and need a revamp. Really GG to them. I wonder when the 2 Centrals will also be revamped. Illuma mall in Bugis will be closed from this month for an eight-month-long revamp. The mall is now being described as a "ghost town" by people who wander in. When reporters spent one hour at the mall, only 25 customers were seen in the ten-storey building. One of them, Ms Lin (22, student) said, "It's so deserted here it's like a ghost town." Another person in the mall, Lin De Cai (15, student) said, "I'm here to eat but I didn't know the place I wanted to go to has already closed down." The Illuma mall at Bugis opened in 2009 to much fanfare with movie theatres, theme restaurants and unusual retail stores packing its new-age designer interior. About 70% of its tenants have since moved out, in time for its upcoming $38 million revamp. Plans are in the works to combine the mall with the nearby Bugis Village. Works are expected to take about eight months and are estimated to be completed in the second quarter of 2012. Another customer at the mall, Ms Lu (26, student) said, "I've always liked this mall. I hope it'll be nicer after the renovations." Source: Shin Min Daily News, 18 November 2011. Click here for the Chinese report.
  24. Greatbirdlegend

    Over 600 private schools have closed

    The cleanup is great news. If only the poor people who got ripped off could claw back some of their monies. ----- Jul 7, 2011 Over 600 private schools have closed Stringent regulations lead to industry shakeup, but student numbers are up By Leow Si Wan THE number of private schools here is about a third of what it once was, following an industry shake-up triggered by more stringent quality standards required by the Private Education Act. Only 328 schools remain, down from the estimated 1,000 in December 2009. Student enrolment, however, has gone up, as the more established schools have expanded over the last couple of years. Private-school enrolment stood at 120,000 before December 2009 and 146,000 as at last month. These updates came from the Council for Private Education (CPE), set up nearly two years ago to clean up the private education sector, which had been hit by a spate of sudden closures of schools. Students were stranded midway through their studies, with thousands of dollars in fees locked up with the schools. Private schools have been given the last 18 months - until last month - to shape up in order to be registered to operate under the more demanding requirements. The 328 schools now still running are those which made the cut by, for example, having independent examination boards, transparent finances and adequately qualified teachers.