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Found 197 results

  1. StreetFight3r

    Lawyer beating staff caught on cctv

    https://www.facebook.com/sureboh.sg/videos/1024705381251949/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MofTxw5tsYo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MWeS9sAf2E Lawyer Samuel Seow beating staff caught on tape. Endgame for this lawyer?
  2. SINGAPORE — Drivers in Malaysia-registered cars are flouting Singapore's laws by providing point-to-point transport services for tourists here. Under the law, all cars without a Public Service Vehicle Licence — including Malaysia-registered private cars — cannot be used to provide taxi or chauffeured private-hire car services in Singapore. Singapore drivers offering chauffeured services told TODAY that the problem has been around a long time, but some of them have noticed that more Malaysia-registered cars are muscling in on the Singapore market in the past few months. They are typically seen picking up tourists from Changi Airport Terminals 2 and 4, and ferrying them to hotels in the city-centre. They have also been observed shuttling tourists to and from major tourist attractions here, such as Sentosa resort island, Gardens by the Bay and the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, the drivers said. When TODAY contacted Malaysia-based transport companies to enquire about rates for a trip from Changi Airport to a hotel in downtown Singapore, at least five companies — Big World Transport, Ben Travel, 168 Go Heng, Ace Transport and HBC Transport Agency — offered the service. The cost of a one-way trip for four riders on a seven-seat Malaysia-registered vehicle ranged between S$50 and S$80, they said. One company, 168 Go Heng, said that it would cost S$90 if riders took a Singapore-registered vehicle, which will be S$40 more than a Malaysia-registered one. By and large, payment is collected after services are rendered, although one firm asked for payment via "banking". These firms tout their services on social-networking platforms such as Facebook, and mobile applications such as Carousell or their own websites. Many list mobile-phone numbers, so customers may book their services through messaging apps WhatsApp or WeChat, or via SMS (short message service). They advertise round-the-clock trips to and from Changi Airport and major tourist attractions such as Universal Studios Singapore and Resorts World Sentosa, as well as journeys between Singapore and Malaysia. When told of the concern that such a service was illegal, a representative of Ben Travel said: "If you are scared, you can book a Singapore car. Never mind." Responding to the same concern, a representative from HBC Transport Agency showed TODAY proof of the company's Malaysian business registration, adding: "We are a registered company." When this reporter identified himself and sought official comments, the Ben Travel representative said that his company was registered as a travel firm and has not encountered any problems at Singapore Customs after the necessary company documentation is presented. "(We do) not go to the Singapore taxi stands (to) take the customer. I just take the customers (through) all the bookings (received by) my travel company… (for) transport," he added. The HBC Transport Agency representative said that its drivers pick up customers daily and have not faced "any problem". It would be a problem if Malaysian drivers competed with Singapore taxi drivers for riders, he added. Addressing this issue, a Land Transport Authority (LTA) spokesperson told Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao last week that all vehicles without a Public Service Vehicle Licence, including Malaysia-registered private cars, are not allowed to provide taxi or chauffeured private-hire car services in Singapore. Between January 2016 and June 2018, the authority took action against 20 Malaysia-registered vehicles which flouted the rules. TODAY has also reached out to the LTA for comment. SINGAPORE DRIVERS UP IN ARMS AS BUSINESS SUFFERS Drivers providing chauffeured services here are vexed with the growing presence of Malaysia-registered cars which they see as a threat to their rice bowl, saying their business has been hit by up to half since as early as a year ago. Some among them also felt that they were undercut by their counterparts from across the Causeway, with the Malaysian drivers offering services at as much as half the rates they offer. A driver, who wanted to be known only as Mr Lim, 50, said that these Malaysian drivers are unfamiliar with the roads here, as he has been stopped by them on several occasions, requesting directions to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, for instance. They also do not hold a vehicle Certificate of Entitlement, nor do they fork out road tax or provide passenger insurance in the event of an accident. "A major concern is they will spoil the image of Singapore, because should any accident happen, the tourists will not be able to claim the personal insurance (since the services) are not legal," he added. Mr Lim reported this matter to the LTA last month. A fellow driver, who identified himself only as Mr Kelvin, 32, said: "We (Singapore drivers) have the Private Hire Car Driver's Vocational Licence and the Taxi Driver's Vocational Licence. We're allowed to do such jobs from all the apps… (and provide) all the details they need — car licence, licence-plate number, insurance — but these Malaysian drivers really (don't have to do anything)," he said. The Singapore authorities should compel Malaysian drivers wishing to provide chauffeured services in Singapore to register a business here, Mr Kelvin added. Source: https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/malaysian-transport-firms-providing-illegal-services-here-make-singapore-drivers-see-red So this is the reason why I’ve been seeing more and more msian car on our road.
  3. Please be honest and share. Reading books or watching BBC not counted.
  4. Was having a kopitiam discussion and someone express that a more laychay loop hole for subletting is not explore. That is to rent the fate first n then do paperwork of adding more people into the flat via the hdb updates for people staying there. Then the main tanant move out n collect rental income for the room. Is it a must for the main tanant to still stay there if the original tanant can move out and collect more rental from subletting the rooms out?
  5. May 23, 2008 Man charged with molesting maid By Elena Chong A MAN was charged on Friday with three counts of molesting his Indonesian maid and also insulting her modesty. Saharom Jailani, 33, a driver, is said to have kissed the 23-year-old on the cheeks, licked her neck and fondled her breasts one Sunday last October. He was also accused of molesting her around mid-November. He allegedly intruded into her privacy by entering the toilet when she was inside on Dec 9. The next day, he allegedly outraged her modesty. All the alleged offences took place in a Jurong West flat. Bail of $15,000 was set. Saharom will appear in court on next Friday. If convicted, he faces a jail term of up to three years or fine or caning of any two such punishments for each charge of outraging of modesty. The maximum penalty for insulting modesty is a jail term of up to one year or fine or both. http://www.straitstimes.com/Latest%2BNews/...ory_240256.html sibeh happening... but hor, SMLJ driver. can afford to keep a maid somemore.
  6. About 30 students in an all-boys school were caught having upskirt photos and videos of six of their female teachers on their smartphones, this month. Their principal told The New Paper (TNP) on Friday (Oct 28) that the school administered public caning to seven students who had taken these images of their teachers. TNP was informed about the incident by a member of the public. We are not naming the school to protect the teachers involved. The school's principal said they first received information about the photos and videos on Oct 5. He said he launched an investigation that day to round up the culprits. Most of the 30 students were in Sec 2 and 3, and a handful in Sec 1. Said the principal: "It's not acceptable behaviour for young men. "As men, they are supposed to protect the ladies, not take advantage of them. To do something like this is so very wrong." Read the full report in The New Paper on Saturday (Oct 29). wah which school is this!
  7. Ok my fast and furious story goes like this. Was waiting first in line at a traffic light on orchard boulevard. (road behind taka and wisma) This heavily modded and decalled evo 8 GSR rolled up beside me. And he revved letting out a lousd PSSST~ haha I retaliated with a loud Vroom~ from my 2.0 NA engine. The light turns Green, we both floored it and my pathetic stock shot ahead of the EVO and I celebrated my first street challenge victory with a TCed car! Flawless victory u say? Ok i was just kidding about that EVO 8 GSR. Actually I was caught speeding by 2 TP officers who clocked me at 68km/h on that 50km/h limit road. Oh boy was I in trouble for going at such a FAST AND RECKLESS SPEED. I could have killed someone going at such a high speed and I bet even my grandma would have suffered a heart attack had she been sitting by my side. Com'on officer, its 1am, the row of lights was on green and hey its a 5 lane straight road. He even asked me where was i rushing to? WAT RUSHING SOMEWHERE at 68km/h? I'll be at 120 if I was rushing! 170 fine. 8 demerits. What can i say. If u are suay you are suay. As long as anyone was above 60 on that road tt fateful night, I think you would have suffered the same fate. Was very traumatized by this incident. Had been faithfully crawling around singapore and craning my neck at every corner and behind every bush to make sure I wasn't going to be featured on "GOTCHA at 68KM/h!" again. One day, this paranoid driver may just fall asleep at the wheel and crash into a bunch of officers manning a roadblock. Cos there is a sticker at the back of his car stating "60km/h" Let this be a warning to all those Speedsters out there! 68 is way too fast! And on a sidenote, only my foggies was on and it was a clear night. The officer did not say a word! Hooray for FOGGIES!
  8. Rollagt

    Caught by TP for jaywalking

    Hi all, Sigh. I am caught jaywalking when the lights are not in pedestrain favour. Location is traffic light junction infront of Lot1. A TP gestured me to come over and explain that I had violate the law and took down my NRIC and name. I told him I am seriously late and hope he can close one eye..he say cannot. Its my 1st offence but unsure what penalty I will expect. S$50 summon ? Or warning ? Really hope its "Just for Laughs" shooting an episode..and not the real TP.
  9. More drivers have been caught by the Traffic Police for not putting on seat belts or appropriate restraints for children travelling in vehicles. The number has doubled in the first half of this year, compared to the same period last year. This follows changes to seat belt rules in the beginning of the year. Since January, anyone below the height of 1.35 metres needs to be properly secured - either with seat belts, child restraints or booster seat cushions - when travelling in a car. Previously, the seat belt rule applies to children aged eight and below. Police say in the first half of the year, 490 drivers were caught for failing to belt up their young passengers, compared to 220 in the same period last year. Parents say they find it challenging to belt up their children. "You need to offer some incentives, sweets and all sorts of funny things, all the distractions. It actually has its practical issues." "The kids find it uncomfortable but we try to force it onto them. Otherwise, we just don't move off because it is important for them, for their safety." "Of course as a parent, we just need to tell them that this is for their safety. If I'm struggling, if they refuse to put the seat belt on, I just use force to buckle them up. After that, they just cry a little, then it's ok." One psychologist says it's understandable that kids do not like to be restrained, but parents need to think safety first and not give in to their children. Dr Qu Li, Assistant Professor, Division of Psychology, Nanyang Technological University, said: "Parents need to know more about how to deal with the situation and more about safety issues. For example, in Singapore, once in a while, we will see parents putting young children at the front passenger seat, which is not safe at all. Some parents may think this seat is safe, there is an air bag to protect the children. For younger children who are so short, when the air bags blow open, it will completely cover their face. They can't breath. They will die." She said adults need to get creative when teaching kids the importance of belting up. Dr Qu said: "If we just say, bring a textbook, this is rule number 1, number 2, number 3, children of course won't follow it. But if we say, "let's play a game, you're the driver, I'm the passenger, and what we will do." Children can learn very fast. Also I think what they learn during the pre-school years, they will remember. That will also help when they grow up and become teenagers." Police stressed the importance of drivers taking responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their young passengers. Those who flout the seat-belt rules will be fined $120, and given three demerit points. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1225638/1/.html
  10. Fast forward to 0:21. Lucky there was no one in the vicinity. Poor car under tree kena big time.
  11. Amazing Car Crash Compilation | Car Accidents Caught On Dashcam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1jsXj4Zeh8&list=PL03HdcZ6E4JmPKSUV16D8GkqEUWnAXefm
  12. Dear Sifus, kindly help, afraid was caught picking up my daughter just 45 min ago (around 1810hrs) at Tanah Merah MRT 2 taxis there waiting, stop behind the second taxi to pick up my daughter who is already waiting LTA officer nearby taking camera photos (seems like taking photos of the taxi and my car) Did not block any vehicles for that few seconds and did not cross over the bus lane earlier (confirm dotted bus lane when I filtered from 2nd lane to left most lane) Have I committed any offence? If offence, can I appeal that I am not aware not supposed to use taxi stand to pick up anyone (sincerely don't know or perhaps did not pay attention to my highway code yrs ago). search this forum, no clues. additional questions - how abt bus stop? can drop off (if no bus lane)?
  13. Anyone got caught b4? *touchwood* my friend got pulled over during the weekend for having a snail. haha.. does he need to find a stock exhaust to put back? or just any exhaust that passes emission(sound/co2)? pls advise..
  14. A column from STOMP http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singapor...nt.jsp?id=15806 If kena a situation like this, can one file for mata's help or civil suit again??? Let's not take into consideration on whether this stomper whom had submitted the pics had 'Hiong Hiong' cutted into other's lane or whatsoever ...
  15. US found out VW had been cheating in their EPA pollution test using a special ECU s/w setting in their diesel TDI engines. During test, TDI will auto set to "test mode" and run in low emission alogothim. Once out of the test setting (on dynamo) and on the road, the engine will revert to normal operating mode with over 40x the emission legal limit in US. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-09-19/volkswagen-emissions-cheating-found-by-curious-clean-air-group. VW stock dropped nearly 20% over 30% on NYSE on Mon when this was published early this week.
  16. A British Airways plane bound for London with 170 people on board has burst into flames on the tarmac at Las Vegas Airport. The Boeing 777-200 was preparing to take off shortly after 4pm (local time) on Tuesday when its left engine caught fire, sending thick black smoke billowing into the sky. The 157 passengers and 13 crew were evacuated using emergency slides as around 50 firefighters tackled the blaze, while 13 people were treated in hospital for minor injuries and have now been released from hospital. In audio recordings, the jet's pilot, who has been praised for his handling of the emergency, is heard calmly asking for fire crews before telling air traffic control: "We are evacuating on the runway. We have a fire, I repeat, we are evacuating." http://news.sky.com/story/1549179/catastrophic-engine-failure-causes-ba-jet-fire
  17. hi all, need some advice here went to car dealer, bought a 2nd hand golf, exchanged hands (signed documents, payment all settled) today morning approx 1130am. our civic sold to them as a trade in. at about 1230pm, dealer called and say the civic caught fire while he was driving on the road OMG he took photos to show us, luckily no one injured. on our side, we definitely didnt sell them the car cause we know got problem and going to catch fire.. but i think they feel like we cheated them . (they are a reputable company, and we have good relations before this incident). we still want to keep the good relations but not sure how we can settle this so now the question is.... who will bear the costs of this "lemon" car? will insurance do payout for such case? will it be on our side or their company side?? thanks in advance all
  18. Mllcg

    Car caught fire

    STOMPer Leung says this car caught fire at a carpark at Woodlands Avenue 6 early this morning. The STOMPer wrote: "This incident happened at block 679, Woodlands Avenue 6, This morning at 5.53am. "My cousin spotted a small flame through the air in-take of the car bonnet. As we got worried, I dialled the emergency hotline. "As we were waiting for the arrival of the SCDF, the fire grew from a small flame to a big fire, engulfing the front bonnet in minutes. "There was a strong smell of burning rubber. "One fire engine arrived at the scene first, then a red rhino." http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...ds_carpark.html
  19. GVGT: http://multimedia.asiaone.com/Multimedia/N...1207-11636.html http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/...207-251430.html
  20. The number of illegal parking and road obstruction summons issued to its taxi drivers has significantly increased, the National Taxi Association (NTA) said in a media release on Friday (Apr 17). It said the number rose from a "negligible" figure during the period of June 2013 to March 2014 to 280 in the same period ending March this year. These summons were issued to taxi drivers who dropped off or picked up commuters in areas installed with the Land Transport Authority's (LTA) Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras. NTA added that the spike was especially evident in mature estates, where facilities such as markets, polyclinics and shops are often located near areas where the cameras are installed. In these areas, taxi drivers and commuters continue to pick up, hail, drop off and alight in these areas out of convenience. Taxi drivers who are caught on camera can receive summons of up to S$130 and three demerit points. Said NTA: "This could lead to the suspension of taxi drivers’ licenses, which will affect the income and livelihood of taxi drivers." TISSUE PACKETS TO FEATURE GUIDELINES FOR COMMUTERS NTA revealed it plans to tackle this rise in summons with a series of campaigns promoting awareness among taxi drivers and commuters on road safety practices - starting with the distribution of 10,000 packets of tissue paper printed with guidelines on how to safely hail or alight a taxi. NTA Executive Advisor Ang Hin Kee, who will participate in giving out the collaterals to members of the public along Rochor Road outside Fu Lu Shou Complex, said taxi drivers have informed him that they get caught for waiting at areas with cameras because passengers often identify these as pick-up points when booking a taxi, and when they choose a cashless mode of payment, which takes a longer time. Drivers have also given Mr Ang feedback that there are passengers who insist on dropping off at no-stopping zones to avoid the long queues at taxi stands. “I think it is important that both taxi drivers and commuters are aware of such implications, so that neither taxi drivers nor commuters are affected by the new implementation,” said Mr Ang. SMRT taxi driver Colin Neo feels that the campaign will be useful: “Many of us try our best to pick up or drop off our passengers at locations that are of convenience to (them). But when we are not able to, not all commuters understand the reasons. "While we try to explain to them why we cannot pick up or drop off passengers at various locations, such as CCTV camera-controlled areas, it will definitely be very helpful if people are aware of these regulations.This way, commuters understand the road safety regulations, and we are happy to provide a good service.” NTA says it plans to distribute the collaterals to other areas with the CCTV cameras installed, through taxi leaders and other taxi drivers. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/more-taxi-drivers-caught/1790468.html
  21. Any one ever appeal against the notice before? ha ha
  22. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/video/drunk-driver-caught-trying-drive-150507672.html Police in China caught a drunk driver who was attempting to escape after he tried and failed to drive his car onto the sidewalk.
  23. Please drive with care when there are childrens infront, I'm speechless to view this video Lower down your volume control at the video ending part. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lkn_03YTQA
  24. Mustank

    Bike Forum Sniper Kena Caught

    Damm sianz day Let us have a minute of silence for fallen bro http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/dont-take-upskirt-expect-get-away-kudos-girl-gpgt-4831033-5.html
  25. Looks like we Changi Village will have a massive jam from today to 28th Sept 2014. Bloody Sinktel is having pipe laying road works at the left turn and vehicles can only use the right lane to exit the area. The right lane will be block if any vehicles want to turn right as it's a busy junction, vehicles will be safe to proceed only with right arrow. Was stuck at the area for a good 25mins. Why can't they close the right turn as the U-Turn already is not that far. Good luck to those working at Changi Airfreight, Alps & our Army boys.