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Found 90 results

  1. A round of applause for this true motorcyclist vigilante. We need more of such road users in Singapore to bring bad drivers to justice. In a recent SGRV Facebook video post, a cyclist can be seen cycling along Bukit Timah Road sometime at night when out of nowhere, a white Toyota Hiace van knocks the cyclist down. Seeing this, the motorcyclist kicked his bike into action and chased the van down to block its path. After which, he even called in the Police. According to the screenshot of the Police report in the video, the van driver claimed that he noticed that he had hit something but 'did not saw anything'. Seeing how the van driver failed his breathalyser test that was conducted after the incident, its no wonder he didn't see anything. He was arrested on the spot by the Police. Here's the full video. Netizens singing praises for the motorcyclist (well most of them).
  2. StreetFight3r

    Drink Driving Friends

    Case 1: A's car is down at the workshop n so he started telling us tat he wants his car bk as it is very inconvenient to go drink without his car.... Note: Not the first time he has been telling us tis. Case 2: B went drinking (and driving), then came to meet us for a gathering.... He tells us he is quite seh aldy, cannot join us for long.. Both are friends. Both are like 19, 20 yo.. We have tried telling em abt the consequences aldy but they dun seems to care. What wud u do if u have friends who drink n drive? My stand is if u want to kill urself ok but dun take away the lives of the innocent...
  3. Drink-driving is never good and this is just another one of many unnecessary accidents that are caused by driving after being intoxicated with alcohol. As seen on ROADS.sg, this BMW 2 Series Grand Tourer lost control of his car and crashed into the sidewalk along Serangoon Road and Rowell Road junction on 29 Dec 2020 at 17.06 pm. Unfortunately a couple of pedestrians were hurt but we don't know the exact details. Thankfully, the accident did not take anyone's life. Naturally, netizens showed the BMW driver no mercy... Watch the full video here! We especially like the fast manoeuvre the man in the dark blue polo had to pull to get away from the crash!
  4. Now we bet the the driver of this truck will be regretting really hard about driving after having some drinks. Spotted on Beh Chia Lor's Facebook page and some of our Whatsapp group chats, is this video of a trailer truck crashing into an HDB block at Block 152 Yung Ho Road. It happened on 16 Nov 2020. Thankfully, the tree that the truck knocked down managed to stop it from crashing into one of the first level HDB unit. Rest In Peace, tree... The truck driver has since been arrested for drunk driving. Netizens' comments were naturally not kind to the truck driver... 34c5433d-4976-4664-8e03-ca6af42dface.MP4
  5. BANGKOK (AP) - Thai police are pressing drunk driving charges against the Red Bull energy drink heir accused of killing a police officer while speeding in his Ferrari and fleeing the scene. Police say tests taken in the hours after Monday's crash showed 27-year-old Vorayuth Yoovidhaya's blood alcohol content was at 0.063, exceeding the legal limit of 0.05. Police said on Thursday that the findings could result in a stiffer penalty for Vorayuth, who was originally charged with causing death by reckless driving. Police say Vorayuth has admitted to driving the Ferrari that struck and killed the officer but says the officer swerved in front of his vehicle. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...riving-20120906
  6. This morning i was running in the park and saw a jogger letting his dog drink from the water fountain. Then came a jogger shouting "u stupid or what! that water fountain is meant for humans not dogs!" it kind of get me thinking, the poor dog is thirsty after a run and i will always wipe off before i drink...why the fuss? whats your thoughts?
  7. With what seems like more drunk driving cases, someone suggested this measure. Do you agree with it? maybe, if those lie to say not driving but caught driving, double the punishment to the driver,passengers only. EXTRACTED FROM THE NEWSPAPER.
  8. Porker

    Drink Coffee

    How many of you are coffee drinkers here? I personally prefer chinese tea. Hence I like to keep quiet
  9. home drink alone to enjoy or coffee shop or bar or
  10. Coca-Cola announces its first-ever alcoholic drink 3:50 PM ET Wed, 7 March 2018 | 01:22 Coca-Cola is launching the first alcoholic drink in its history with a canned liquor product in Japan. The drinks giant will experiment with a canned beverage called Chu-Hi, made up of distilled Japanese drink shochu, sparkling water and flavoring. "This is unique in our history. Coca-Cola has always focused entirely on non-alcoholic beverages, and this is a modest experiment for a specific slice of our market," said Jorge Garduno, president of Coca-Cola's Japan business unit, in a post on the company's website. Japan is a fiercely competitive market, Garduno added, with Coca-Cola launching 100 products a year in the country. "Experimentation is almost like a day-to-day ritual here. You can't fall behind the rapid product cycle in Japan," he said. The company's sodas only made up about 25 percent of product sales by volume in Japan in 2016, while tea made up 27 percent of Japan's overall beverage consumption in the same year. Coca-Cola also owns Georgia Coffee in Japan, which it claims is the world's highest-grossing canned coffee drink, making more than $1 billion in annual sales. The country has a Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) government certification, in light of its ageing population and fiber-fortified drink Coca-Cola Plus was FOSHU-approved in 2017. Having certain drinks at particular times of day is more of an entrenched ritual in Japan than in other part of the world, said Khalil Younes, EVP of marketing and new businesses for Coca-Cola Japan, in a blog post. People might drink green tea with sushi, but opt for oolong tea with fattier Chinese food, for example. Because of the nature of the Japanese drinks market, it's unlikely Chu-Hi drinks will launch in other countries, Garduno said. "While many markets are becoming more like Japan, I think the culture here is still very unique and special, so many products that are born here will stay here." <iframe src="https://player.cnbc.com/p/gZWlPC/cnbc_global?playertype=synd&byGuid=7000003881&size=530_298" width="530" height="298" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullScreen="true" bgcolor="#131313"></iframe><p><a href="https://www.cnbc.com/video/2018/03/07/coca-cola-announces-its-first-ever-alcoholic-drink.html?__source=cnbcembedplayer">Coca-Cola announces its first-ever alcoholic drink</a> from <a href="//www.cnbc.com/?__source=cnbcembedplayer">CNBC</a>.</p> https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/07/coca-cola-announces-its-first-ever-alcoholic-drink.html
  11. BabyBlade

    I Drink Beer on Days that End in Y

    HAPPY HOUR MUG SHOTS! Shuffle Bar @ Clarke Quay.
  12. SINGAPORE: A serial prank caller who repeatedly made nuisance calls to the police – despite being jailed for the same offence previously – was sentenced to three years' jail on Thursday (Sep 6). Gurcharan Singh, a 61-year-old cleaner, usually made the 999 calls after drinking alcohol, the court heard. The latest incidents occurred over two days in June this year, with Singh making two calls on the first day and 15 on the second. On Jun 10, Singh called the police using a public phone at a void deck in Chai Chee. As the operator could not hear what he was saying, he asked him to call back with another phone. Singh then told the operator: "You are stupid." When asked what emergency he was calling about, Singh spoke incoherently about immigration and corruption. He also said: "I put one dynamite to the immigration house." He knew this message to be false, Deputy Public Prosecutor Daphne Lim said. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/prank-call-police-jail-singapore-10689402
  13. From The New Paper : Man in road accident passes breathalyser test but insurance company refuses to pay out - See more at: http://www.tnp.sg/news/drink-and-drive-no-insurance-cover-even-if-youre-under-limit By: ZUL OTHMAN and LINETTE HENG By his own admission, he drank a few beers about three hours before his Mitsubishi Lancer was involved in an accident at the junction of Grange Road and Tanglin Road on Jan 29. Mr Wayne Poh was given a breathalyser test by the Traffic Police and cleared when the test showed that he was just below the legal limit of 35mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath. But the 29-year-old finance manager is now locked in dispute with his motor insurer DirectAsia.com, which won't honour his claim over the accident because he had drunk alcohol before the accident.
  14. Some love gin mixed with tonic, other love gin with lime or coke or very diet coke. What is the best brand of gin you have tried. Personally I love gin with soda or sprite and crushed ice.
  15. Little_black_dot

    Drink driving

    Its known tt the legal limit is 35 micro-grams of alcohol to 100ml of breath. What would the chances of someone with 40mg of alcohol to be let off with just a fine? It's known that the charge will be $2k plus 1yr suspension. Any chances of appeal in court? Or anyone with similiar experiences to share?
  16. Four 19 to 20 year old students went clubbing at Clarke Quay yesterday. Male student drove 3 girls home after clubbing early this morning. Male student lose control of car, car spun 180 degrees and crashed into a tree at Old Tampines Road. The 2 girls seated at the back died. Male student and the front passenger suffered injuries. http://news.omy.sg/News/Local-News/Qi-Che-Zhuang-Shu-2Nu-Sheng-Duan-Hun-247581#sthash.3LCoBPU9.dpuf
  17. a 43 married man!! wanbao reported that the female lecturer is a Japanese
  18. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/video/drunk-driver-caught-trying-drive-150507672.html Police in China caught a drunk driver who was attempting to escape after he tried and failed to drive his car onto the sidewalk.
  19. SINGAPORE - Food and beverage outlets at Changi Airport's Terminal 3 (T3) had to halt sales of drinks and soup on Thursday due to issues with the tap water. F&B operators found light brown water flowing out of their taps at about 3pm, and it only started to run clear after 5pm, Lianhe Zaobao reported. But most did not resume sale of drinks and soup even then. The issue had still not been fully resolved by 11pm on Thursday, Zaobao said. This is believed to be the first time there has been an issue with the water supply at the terminal. The airport advised operators and visitors not to drink the water, use it to prepare food, or for cleaning. Changi Airport Group (CAG) distributed bottled water to affected food outlets, employees and airport visitors. F&B operators also turned on their taps so that the brownish water could flow out, as instructed by the authorities. One cafe had put up a sign which read "No Tea, Coffee". Staff at the cafe said they were serving only toast, but the airport had provided bottled water for patrons. There were also signs in T3's toilets reminding visitors not to drink the tap water. Cleaners told visitors to drink the bottled water provided by the airport, which were placed by the sinks. National water agency PUB received a request from CAG at about 7pm on Thursday to provide a temporary water supply, and to check T3's water quality. PUB sent a water wagon to the terminal, and is assisting CAG with water quality tests. Meanwhile, the quality of incoming water supply from the PUB mains was found to be satisfactory. A spokesman from CAG said they will confirm if the water is potable after clear water supply is resumed. - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/brownish-tap-water-changi-airport-terminal-3-fb-outlets-#xtor=CS1-10
  20. Piyopico

    Accuracy of TP breath analyser

    Was stopped last night and requested to give my name and nric and speak into a hand held device by a policeman. I passed but I did drink one pint but stopped a few hours before heading back. The device measure alcohol via what is detected from my mouth. I guess if they detect alcohol then I will be requested to blow into their device. I was lucky I stopped drinking hours back but if I had taken a last mouth or two before heading off I would probably fail? DRINK DRIVING: a) if the driver is found with more than the legal limit of 35 microgrammes (ug) of alcohol per 100 ml of breath, or b) more than 80millimigrammes (mg) of alcohol per 100ml of blood Even when the alcohol level is under the legal limit, the driver can still be charged with drink driving if he gets into an accident, as he is deemed to be unable to proper control of the vehicle I guess a person can drink lots and get away as long as he ensures his breathe is in the low alocohol range. I will not do any one for the road thingy anymore. Me bad. Will not drink even a sip next time if I drive.
  21. So_nice

    Chicken pox - eat what?

    Down wif CP at the moment...already went to see a GP yesterday and on mc now. Is there any food to take to aid the recovery? Opened to tcm methods too. Also any specific food to avoid? TIA
  22. A video from my facebook feed...do you think drink driving? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152506405891998
  23. Edmemail

    The Coast Bistro & Bar

    The Coast Bistro & Bar Established by 9 executives who share the same passion and love for racing cars, and the affection for great food and drinks, the 9 Man Group Pte Ltd was formed. Created based on an idea of having a place that is cozy, comfortable and welcoming for everyone, each of them has his unique traits and expertise that will best provide the utmost satisfaction to customers. The Coast Bistro & Bar serves not only local delights but also a range of food styles. From American and Italian to breakfast and brunch, customers are bound to be filled with gratification. What’s more impressive is you have the luxury to dress in casual entire, further enhancing your dining experience in a comfortable and fuss-free manner. Foodies can find out more about The Coast Bistro & Bar at https://www.facebook.com/thecoastbistroandbar or can head straight to the restaurant at 902, East Coast Parkway, Playground @ Big Splash Block B, #01-05 Singapore, S(449874) Tel: 64409090 http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=lifestyle&section=styledetail&pid=3
  24. http://youtu.be/D1HBsRq2veQ 1540 drivers nabbed for drink driving in 6 months is quite a lot man.
  25. Darryn

    Drink Driving Again!

    Inebriated man arrested over fatal hit-and-run 12:04 PM Aug 10, 2011SINGAPORE - Police have arrested a 39-year-old man believed to have been involved in a fatal hit-and-run accident on Monday. The accident, in which a 25-year-old woman sustained multiple injuries and died, occurred at 11.20pm along the PIE towards Tuas after Changi South Ave 3. Police said the woman and her male friend were standing beside their scooter, which had broken down, when a van slammed into her. Based on the registration number provided by her friend, police tracked down the van driver and arrested him at his home within four hours of the accident. A breathalyser test showed that his breath contained 47 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres. The legally prescribed limit is 35 microgrammes per 100 millilitres of breath. Police said motorists who are involved in accidents where anyone is injured should never leave the accident scene, and instead must stop and offer help. Failure to do so is an offence and if convicted, the offender can be fined up to S$3,000 and can be jailed for up to a year. I must say his prosecution will be interesting!! How to prove what happened in the intervening 4 hours and that he was drunk at the time of the accident?