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Found 7 results

  1. A pragmatic approach to resolve disputes arises from food ordering among couples, or will it cause more argument when the food is not to the partner's liking? Hahahaha Reminds me of the Anything & Whatever soft drink introduced here in the early 2000s.
  2. Hi people, Do you guys have any recommendations for restaurants that is Cheap and good for current 5 pax eating? I can't eat HC as a family of 4 so eating out at resturants. My two goto place are Buddy hoagies at AMK So good Char chan Ting at Sinming. This one is really cheap and good. NO service charge, $6.50 for char siew rice, almost food court pricing.
  3. Difficulty hiring even when offer is $18 per hour I wonder how much of that offer goes to the employment agency
  4. Time for Part 5. And no better person than me to kickstart it. Maggie Goreng, RK House at Serangoon Garden Mee Goreng and Maggie Goreng at Ubi Expensive Nasi Lemak at Punggol but I always like their chix wings Zion Riverside Food Center, Char Kway Teow and Oyster Omelette And my favorite ramen in Singapore! Santouka! Their pork cheeks fantastic! Time to check in for those who wanna be on page 1. No idea why the frenzy to be on page 1 but not judging ya all. Haha.
  5. Got people eat puffer fish, but must be correctly prepared! http://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=11348235&ref=NZH_Tw Eleven members of the same family are in hospital after unwittingly cooking and eating a poisonous pufferfish for dinner. The Souza family, from Rio de Janerio, were given the fish by a family friend who had recently returned from a sea fishing expedition off Dubque de Caxias, on the Brazilian coast. Unbeknownst to anyone, the present was a deadly pufferfish - which contains a toxin 1,200 times more lethal than cyanide, a drop of which can kill in 24 hours. Only seconds after taking their first bite members of the family began to vomit, before losing feeling in their face, arms and legs. Most of the victims, including children aged three to five, were paralysed before they could even reach a car to transport them to hospital. "My brother-in-law was the same. He didn't even make it out the door. We had to carry them out and rush them to hospital in a car," she said, explaining they had invited the entire family round because the fish looked so "tasty". Grandmother Maria do Carmo said: "We had no idea it was a pufferfish. They're all in a critical condition. My grandson, my daughter, and my son-in-law, they are all in hospital. We're praying for a miracle. "We put the fish on the table in the yard outside and everyone dived in. They were all saying how delicious it was. I didn't eat it because I was waiting until everyone had tried it." Pufferfish, or 'Fugu', is a delicacy in Japan. It is strictly controlled and only chefs who have qualified after three years training can prepare a meal featuring the fish. Statistics from the Tokyo Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health indicate 20 to 44 incidents of 'fugu' poisoning every year between 1996 and 2006 in Japan - however a single incident can hide multiple casualties. There is no known cure for the poison, which paralyses the body while leaving the victim, who gradually suffocates, awake. Victims are hospitalised and their stomachs emptied before being fed activated charcoal to bind the toxin. They are also put on life support until the poison wears off.
  6. The Coast Bistro & Bar Established by 9 executives who share the same passion and love for racing cars, and the affection for great food and drinks, the 9 Man Group Pte Ltd was formed. Created based on an idea of having a place that is cozy, comfortable and welcoming for everyone, each of them has his unique traits and expertise that will best provide the utmost satisfaction to customers. The Coast Bistro & Bar serves not only local delights but also a range of food styles. From American and Italian to breakfast and brunch, customers are bound to be filled with gratification. What’s more impressive is you have the luxury to dress in casual entire, further enhancing your dining experience in a comfortable and fuss-free manner. Foodies can find out more about The Coast Bistro & Bar at https://www.facebook.com/thecoastbistroandbar or can head straight to the restaurant at 902, East Coast Parkway, Playground @ Big Splash Block B, #01-05 Singapore, S(449874) Tel: 64409090 http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=lifestyle&section=styledetail&pid=3
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