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Found 13 results

  1. TVT

    Lazada good deals lobang!

    Bros/sis Anyone buy things from Lazada before? If yes, how do you find their services ? One thing good is that they can even accept "cash on delivery", for selected items....
  2. pls do not judge ... i am just asking what your employers are/would be doing as i do not want mine to get into trouble also. in the last Q&A, MTI and MOM said they will be telling some essential services providers(ESP) to further reduce active head count even though they are ESP. let's say your coy has 100 staff and are told to reduce active head count by 50%, what are the criteria that you would use to decide which staff goes home for the time being ? and do you still continue to pay those who are told to stop work ? would it be unfair to those who have to continue going to work at the workplace. we are 3PL - meaning we provide manpower who does physical work .... not possible to WFH ... eg, how to deliver goods if WFH ? I uderstand that the govt has the wgae support program to help defray the cost of salary for the coy. But again, will the working staff feel its unfair if their colleagues are paid to SAH ? I doubt we will be allowed to "rotate" who works and who SAH ? I don't need to know what is morally right but need to know what is legally right. * i am still waiting to see if we receive the reduction instruction from MTI.
  3. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/the-dollars-and-sense-of-pegging-fines-to-an-offenders-income Peg the fine according to the income? My answer ? No! What about you ?
  4. A National Environment Agency (NEA) official has raised the possibility that Singapore residents may in future be asked to "pay as you throw", as part of efforts to monitor and limit rubbish dumped by households. This could involve bin chutes that use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to track how much waste any one household produces, he said at a major sustainability conference on Tuesday. "We are working on a trial to track the number of times a household opens a rubbish chute hatch, with each opening accepting only a fixed volume of waste," said Mr Cheang Kok Chung, director of the NEA's department for environmental protection policy and international relations. "(There is a) glaring lack of a 'pay as you throw' element in the (waste disposal) fee," Mr Cheang said, adding that Singapore's ubiquitous rubbish chutes made it very difficult to implement a "pay as you throw" system using prepaid waste bags. He was speaking at a presentation during the 2019 Sustainable Innovation Expo in Nairobi, Kenya. The Expo is being held on the sidelines of the fourth United Nations Environment Assembly meeting. Each HDB household currently pays $8.25 a month for waste regardless of the amount thrown away. With this new scheme, some might end up paying less. Said Mr Cheang: "Hopefully (the trial) works and the next time we can report that we are a bit closer to the 'user-pay principle' tax." If there are monitoring systems like RFID tags, people might be motivated to throw less rubbish indiscriminately, which would mean less rubbish landing up in Semakau, Singapore's only landfill. According to the latest figures, about 200,000 tonnes of solid waste and all incineration ash are sent to the landfill annually. At this rate, Semakau will be filled to the brim by 2035. It was envisaged earlier that the landfill, when it first opened in 1999, would last until 2046. Singapore currently has the technology to use RFID tags on bins. According to reports in 2016, recycling collection crews could scan RFID tags on recycling bins upon collection for recyclables to be tracked in a system. It is not impossible to implement such a project. The "pay as you throw" principle has worked in other countries. In South Korea, for example, households can buy designated bags to dispose of their trash, or take it to centralised RFID food waste and rubbish bins. There, the trash will be weighed and the household billed accordingly. The NEA told The Straits Times yesterday that there are currently no plans to introduce pay-as-you-throw RFID waste disposal systems in Singapore. "Building on lessons from past trials and other countries' experience, the National Environment Agency is constantly exploring ways to incentivise households to reduce the amount of waste disposed of," an NEA spokesman said. "There is no current plan to implement a pay-as-you-throw RFID waste disposal system," the spokesman added.
  5. Will station myself outside ministries instead of commercial buildings to sell my tisu liao Excerpts below. Click on the link for full article as it's difficult to post from my 4" phone. https://www.straitstimes.com/politics/political-office-holders-received-average-performance-bonus-of-4-months-salary-in-last-five Lao Goh said again, Ministers are not paid enough
  6. Little_prince

    New bond payment for Indo Maids

    I just received MOM letter advising me of this. now headache dunno what to do. any thoughts guys?
  7. Kudos to the young man and paying it forward! Inspiring Surgeon who saved life of a young chap, inspired to be a doctor, and starts to work in the same hospital that treated him
  8. Ahgong

    ECoupons? anyone?

    http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/seeing-the-last-of-parking-coupons interesting project. if they offer more payment methods besides paypal and credit card, i definitely will use it! looking forward to their app release to see what it can and cannot do.
  9. SIA ordered to pay customer S$735 for downgrading ticket class An Indian consumer protection council has ordered the airline to compensate the customer for causing him “mental agony and hardship” by downgrading him from business to economy class without prior notification. File photo of a Singapore Airlines plane. (Photo: AFP/Miguel Medina) SINGAPORE: Singapore Airlines (SIA) has been ordered by an Indian consumer protection council to compensate a businessman 35,000 rupees (S$735) for downgrading his ticket from business class to economy without prior notice. According to a report in New Indian Express, the businessman, Mr GVK Reddy, had flown on flight SQ528 from Singapore to Chennai on Apr 19, 2011. However, he was told at the check-in counter that his business-class seat had been downgraded to economy class. As compensation, the airline gave him a S$600 voucher – the difference in the classes’ ticket price. Mr Reddy protested but had no choice but to take the seat offered by the airline, the report said. He later filed a legal notice with the airline seeking compensation of more than S$104,000 for costs including damages, deficiency of service, and causing him mental agony and pain. In a written reply, SIA argued that Mr Reddy was the last person to make a booking for a business class seat and was also the last to arrive for check-in, by which time, the business-class tickets were overbooked. The ticket conditions also make it clear to passengers that they may not be able to travel in their chosen class due to overbooking, the report quoted the airline as saying. The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum of South Chennai noted that the downgrade, without prior notification, “clearly amounted to a deficiency in service”, the report said. It ordered SIA to pay the customer 30,000 rupees (S$630) as compensation for mental agony and hardship, and to pay 5,000 rupees (S$105) for the cost of the proceedings within six weeks, the report said. wow want to seek 104k...hahahhha..laugh die me!!! mental agony and hardship...WTF
  10. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=459303&DL=1000
  11. [extract] 2011 was a record year for the VW Group, posting 8.36 million sales worldwide. The man at the helm, Martin Winterkorn, naturally gets rewarded handsomely as VW nearly doubled the pay for its chief executive. Winterkorn earned
  12. SYF77

    Time to join Nissan

    According to Bloomberg, Nissan is the place to be a director for a Japanese automaker. According to a new article, Nissan Motor Company hands its directors close to four times the amount of pay as its rival Toyota and three times as much as what Honda directors bring home. Averaged among all of Nissan's directors, the heads of the company make around US$1.5 million per year, compared to around US$411,150 for Toyota's gurus and US$529,561 for Honda's head honchos. Keep in mind those numbers are based on current conversion rates. So what gives? For one, Nissan is shacked up with Renault at the moment, giving the company a bit of an international flavor and the pay scales that comes along with that association. However, a bigger factor may be that Toyota and Honda compensate their heads of state in other ways. Toyota, for example, hands out stock options worth around $171,000 in addition to base salary in order to help make up some of the gap. Despite the massive amounts of cash heading to Nissan's directors, the company can't quite keep up the pace in either profits or sales with its main domestic rivals. The company fell dead last among the big Japanese three in sales for the past year.